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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Bite Of... A Warlord's Lady

This morning it is my pleasure to welcome myself - Nicola E. Sheridan, with a snippet of my newest release 'A Warlord's Lady'.

Can you in less than five words describe A Warlord's Lady?
Warlord, mayhem, mystery, magic, lust.

What inspired you to write it?
There were a two things inspired me to write A Warlord's Lady, initially I wanted to write something with a hero like The Commando from The Biggest Loser, a very powerful man with a secret side. While I was mulling this prospect over, I had a dream about a powerful Asian warlord... I will not elaborate on the details - for decency's sake - but suffice to say, I began writing immediately after that.

And here's the snippet!
[A Warlord's Lady is written in both 1st person (through excerpts from the heroine's own book) and 3rd person for the rest of the story. This is an excerpt from the heroine Sabra's own book 'Memoirs of a Warlord's Love Slave']

My throat felt so tight I thought I might choke. The Warlord had all these women giving themselves to him, and then there was pitiful me. A strange, slightly tubby Chameleon, waltzing into his den hoping for a decadent shag.

 How ridiculous.

So why did I feel so betrayed? He was my kidnapper, not my boyfriend. He was my master, not my partner. How had I got everything so confused?

 It was then he noticed me, or perhaps he’d known I was there all along. His eyes slid from the last woman and locked on me. His eyes met mine and sent spasms of longing screaming through me.

‘Sabra.’ His voice was neutral, calm and soothing. ‘I didn’t expect you.’ Those hooded eyes regarded me coolly.

For a second something squelched in my throat. It was meant to be a witty response but sounded more like a squashed frog, and just as sad.

‘It’s all right,’ he soothed, his tone irritatingly neutral. I could feel my skin roar with colour and the women’s eyes absorb my abnormality with interest.

‘No, it’s not,’ I heard myself sob, before I turned and ran.

If you liked the sound of that, A Warlord's Lady is out now, and if you'd like to find out what else I've been up to, be sure to check out my blog, website, FB and Twitter for the latest updates.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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