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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Magic Thursday: The Magic of Publication

Magic Thursday seems an apt title for us authors. You see, every day
is magic when we are blessed to sit down and write words, and create our own unique story and characters. Not that I’m saying it’s easy! For most of us it’s taken a whole lot of slog to get to publication – and most of us would agree – that slog is what made us better writers. After all, practice makes perfect. (Though perfection may be in the eye of the beholder IE: the reader).

I reckon I had at least five years as an ‘apprentice’ writer (though I’d written on and off over a number of years beforehand), and in all that time I dreamed about how amazing it would be to be published, for people to pay for more stories. And then that dream came true, first with Ellora’s Cave and soon after with Harlequin Nocturne Bites. I’ve since also been published with Momentum and Soul Mate Publishing, and will probably put my eggs into other baskets too.

But back to the magic. It’s not ALL about someone buying our story, though that could be the pinnacle, there’s plenty of other magic along the way…

Magical Moment number 1: The contest win and/or finals

Your eyes drop out of your head when you see the results. This is PROOF you’re good, more than good! That you’re no longer a lone fish in a big sea, you’re in the publishing net, about to be scooped up.

Magical Moment number 2: The request

Whether from a writing contest or from the good old slush pile – the net has been overturned and emptied into a pool of other hopefuls. Your chances of publication have just been multiplied many times over.

Magical Moment number 3: The acceptance

Wow. Deep breaths. Take a moment to let it sink in, that this is in fact reality. But must keep quiet, wait for the contract before screaming WAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Magical Moment 4: The contract.

It’s sinking in now, panic is mixed with excitement. Feck. What are you doing? You’re a nobody, a nothing? Who in their right mind would want to buy your story???? Wait, you’re an author now!!! WAAAAAAAHOOOOOO!! (again)

Magical Moment number 5: The edits

Okay, so this is not everyone’s magic moment. BUT is does generally turn a really good story into a great one. YAY!! A few more weeks of buffing and spit-polishing and hair-pulling, and it’ll be all worth it in the end. Promise.

Magical Moment number 6: The Cover

Holy cow!! That cover is YOURS!!! You LOVE it! It encapsulates the story perfectly. The way the model’s eyes look dreamingly into the hero’s, his hand on her waist and that de-thorned rose snagged in her teeth. SIGH. Best. Moment. Ever. (sorry guys with the bad covers, can’t put that one in my magic post *g*)

Magical Moment number 7: The book

Hardcover or E-book, you can barely stand to believe this baby is yours and that it’s out in the world, where others can read it. Dang-diggedy it’s going to be a best seller for sure!!!! (and it will be…soon)

Magical Moment number 8: The reviews

A five star review just hit cyber space and you’re all over it like flies on masticated gum. WOOT it’s a miracle. But of course you knew it was worthy of five stars. Your eyes skim over the 1 star reviews – they’re barely worth the time of day – and good on you! I agree!

Magical Moment number 9: The cheque

WOW! Your first cheque. It’s real now. It’s almost OTT surreal. You can afford a pizza.  A couple of beers. Or if you’ve worked really hard you can go out and celebrate!!! But wait. You need to write. You’ve got deadlines. A backlist to build so you can make real money. 

Ahhhh. The magic of it all…

 Believe is Mel's latest book (co-written with Kylie Sheaffe) and has plenty of (supernatural?) magic all on it's own.

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  1. Great stuff, Mel. Yep, writer's lives are full of magic. We just need to remember them in the moments when we think our work isn't any good :)