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Darklight On ... Janni Nell

Todays's Darklight On is ... Janni Nell

Welcome, Janni

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre?

As a kid, I loved fairy tales. The Allegra Fairweather books had a lot of fairy tale elements so I guess you could say I never grew up. LOL. In recent times, I’ve been moving more toward the mystery genre, although paranormal elements still creep in.

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

A pantser who is slowly learning to plot. Plotting cuts rewriting and saves so much time. 

Do you have a favourite of your characters?

My favourite character is usually the one I’m spending most time with, so at the moment it’s Natasha Bolde, the heroine of the Bolde & Baulsey series. Tash has been very sceptical of the existence of the paranormal, but in Dead Monk Walking she has to put aside her long-held beliefs and accept that there really are things that go bump in the night.

What are you currently working on? 

The second Bolde & Baulsey mystery. I’m having a ball with this series.

What is your favourite part of the process of writing? 

I really like the editing process. Getting notes from my editor helps so much. I’d be lost without her.

What can we expect from Janni Nell in the future? 

In the short term more Bolde & Baulsey. I’m aiming to get two more books done before I even think of working on anything else.

Who are your favourite authors?

I really love Jennifer Ashley’s Regency Mysteries featuring Captain Lacey. Tracey Chevalier’s books are always interesting. Lynda Renham’s books are such fun. 

What are you currently reading?

One of Marcelle Dube’s Mendenhall Mysteries, which is another series I’m enjoying.

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series?

All the obvious ones: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Terminator. My favourite TV series is Nowhere Man.

Do you have advice for emerging writers? 

It’s a total crapshoot. Honestly, nobody knows which books will resonate with readers. So, do your best work, throw the dice and keep your fingers crossed.


Thanks, Janni Nell!

Dead Monk Walking

Vacations are a bitch. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’m Natasha Bolde, and honestly I’m no one special. Okay, I’ve solved a few mysteries, but I’ve always worked with my best friend and mentor. Clover passed recently, and now I’m taking what should’ve been her trip of a lifetime to Cornwall, Britain. It’s just like Clover to choose a place chock-full of mysteries. Why is the amnesiac woman digging in the fields? Is the local psychic medium genuine or a clever fake? And who exactly is the ghost hunter hunting? 

I’m determined to find the answers even if it kills me.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Darklight On ...Bernadette Rowley

Today's Darklight On is... Bernadette Rowley

Welcome, Bernadette

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre?

I’ve read fantasy fiction since early high school when I discovered Tolkien and Terry Brooks. I loved the epic nature of the stories and that many were series. It was the ultimate escapism. When I started writing for adults, I began with space opera and quickly moved into fantasy romance because it was more what I knew. I’d lived in those worlds (high fantasy) for decades.

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

I was a pantser in the beginning because I had no idea about structure. As I developed my writing process, I started to plot more because I got less lost that way. I start with a romance outline and then brainstorm a synopsis. Then I get started on the story after I get to know my characters and their motivations. So I’m somewhere in between, I guess.

Do you have a favourite character?

That’s a tough question. I love them all but two women stand out. My first published heroine, Princess Alecia, is one strong lady. Her story begins in Princess Avenger and continues in Princess in Exile, my latest book. You won’t believe what she gets up to. My second favourite is Lady Benae from The Lady’s Choice. Benae loves horses and can speak to her horse, Flaire, mind to mind. She can also heal by laying her hands on a person. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

What are you currently working on?

Besides working on marketing my books, I have a new story in my Wildecoast series finished, entitled The Lady and the Pirate. I love that story and can’t wait to let it loose on the world. I also intend to write another in the series which continues the story of The Elf King’s Lady and we learn what hero Kain decides to do about his mixed heritage. That story features an elven heroine!

What is your favourite part of the process of writing?

I really enjoy the setup, writing the synopsis and getting to know my characters. To be honest, drafting the story is really difficult for me at times but when it’s done, I LOVE the editing process.

Who are your favourite authors?

I love all the old school fantasy authors like Feist and Eddings and my favourite series is the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. On the romance front, I love Marie Force, Sophia James, Sarah Maybury and Madeline Ash

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading David Gemmell’s Waylander II and Leisa Rayven’s Bad Romeo and can highly recommended both authors. 

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series?

I really love the Twilight movies as I did the books. I could watch those over and over again. And I’m really looking forward to seeing The Wheel of Time series translated onto the screen. 

Do you have advice for emerging writers? 

I would have to say ‘write every day and write what you know’, write what you have read so much of that you don’t even have to think about the setting or the genre. You just know what has to happen next. 

Get it down because you can’t edit it if it’s not written first. And don’t listen to that voice that says it’s crap- we all hear that voice!


Thanks, Bernadette

Princess in Exile

Princess Alecia and shapeshifter Vard flee Brightcastle, pursued by mercenaries, with Vard battling transformation into his least controllable form- the bear. They travel to a lost city, hoping a sorcerer there may help Vard master his gift. The lovers soon discover he has his own devious agenda. Will Vard and Alecia escape? Can their love survive Alecia’s fear of Vard’s animal forms? What secret does the princess hold with the power to destroy Vard’s trust? 

The answers to all this and more are contained in the pages of Princess in Exile, the dark sequel to Princess Avenger.

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Darklight On ... Marie Dry

Today's Darklight On is ... Marie Dry

Welcome, Marie

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre? 

I loved movies about aliens and strange worlds and creatures ever since I was a child. When speculative fiction became popular in the romance genre I was in heaven. I actually wrote a vampire romance long before editors would even look at it. 

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

I’m a pantser through and through. Plotting a story just doesn’t work for me. I do a lot of work on my characters but that’s about it. I go in blind and see what jumps out at me. Afterward I go back and do a kind of plotting, ensuring everything on the page is as clear as it is in my mind.

Do you have a favourite of your characters?

No, though my aliens will always be special to me because they were published first. Normally the character I work on is my favourite.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m editing my story about a very arrogant dragon, it is titled I am dragon. I am also editing Sabrina and the Gargoyle. A gargoyle story set in Cape Town.

What is your favourite part of the process of writing? 

I love every part. That first spark of an idea. The rough draft. The struggle during edits to make the story work. The editing with the publisher. Though if I HAD to choose I would say the editing. I love when I start to add nuances and I see the story come alive with every bit of improvement I make.

What can we expect from Marie Dry in the future?

Many stories I can’t wait to share. More Alien books, a dragon book and a cyborg book. After Alien Betrayed I will hand in Sabrina and the Gargoyle. I also have some contemporaries that I enjoyed working on.

Who are your favourite authors?

Jayne Anne Krentz and all her alter egos, G.A. Aiken, Georgette Heyer, Nalini Singh, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Cassandra L. Shaw, R. Lee Smith, Douglas Porch, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Kresley Cole, Laurann Dohner, Rachael Thomas.

What are you currently reading?

I am reading Hero with a thousand faces by Joseph Campbell and also The War of Art.

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series?

Stargate Atlantis is my all time favourite. If I want to watch something and I’m not sure what I feel like I put Stargate Atlantis on.

Do you have advice for emerging writers? 

Write every day and write what you enjoy. Even if it is just a paragraph be consistent and write every day and soon you will have a manuscript. 


Thanks, Marie Dry!

Alien Mine

In a bleak future where government systems are breaking down and lawless bands of men terrorize the country, botanist Natalie Hanson fears for her life and hides in a cave in the Rocky Mountains. When she is captured by human raiders, a fierce alien appears and slays her attackers. Natalie is now held captive in her own cave by the sexy and striking alien commander, Zacar, who informs her that she will be his breeder. Natalie soon realizes that these aliens worship strength. So what will happen when Zacar finds out she has severe asthma?

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Real Life Paranormal with Kim Cleary

Guided Home?

When I'm looking for something new to read, I often seem to gravitate to stories with ghosts, or at least something supernatural, in them. This post could be subtitled "Do you really need a ghost in every story you write?"And the answer is, of course, the same one I give when asked if every good story needs a dragon ... possibly not. But aren't stories with ghosts and dragons often more fun!
Have you lain awake at night and felt someone or something watching you? Walked into an empty room and seen flickers of black spots at the corners of your eyes? Felt an unexplained coldness cut to your core? There could be a perfectly sane scientific explanation. In fact various friends give me scientific explanations constantly! But could you have experienced something we don't really understand? Could something supernatural be stretching out to reach you?
Do ghosts really exist?
I think they might.
My grandfather died when I was four years old. My parents thought me too young to go to his funeral and he was whisked away by adults who spoke in whispers and pushed me out of the bedroom in which he died. But I never forgot him, he taught me to read and cuddled me while I read haltingly from my Children's Bible almost every evening.
Shortly after I started proper school, I must have been six or seven years old, I fought with my mother and ran away from home. It wasn't a well-planned escape, I had no money and only the shorts and T-shirt I was wearing.

At dusk I became disoriented and realised I was lost. I pressed myself into a smelly doorway and slumped to my knees. How would I ever get home? And what would my mother do to me when I did?
It felt hopeless. I had no idea which way to walk. Adults sped by, several older ladies tutted at me, as if unaccompanied children had no place in the street under the setting sun. But as I sat in that doorway I heard my grandfather's voice calling me.

 I followed the sound to the end of the alleyway, then along the street and across the road. At the busy intersection I didn't know what to do, until an elderly man crossed the road and turned into another street. As he disappeared around the corner, he lifted his cap and turned to smile at me. I sped after my grandfather; of course he wasn't at the corner when I got there. But the road to my house was.
Had Grandpa come to help me get home? My mother didn't believe me, and boy was I in trouble for both running away and lying.
I remember her anger.
"How can you have seen him," she said.
I'll never forget her flushed face just inches from mine.
"I've never seen him. Not once. And God knows I've begged to hear from him." Tears welled in her eyes.
I didn't know what to do. It was a relief when I was sent to my room without any dinner.
At the time, I was so sure Grandpa had helped me. I don't know how I would have got home otherwise. I didn't realise until I was much older that my mom wasn't angry with me. She was desperately upset that she'd not seen her dad, and I thought I had.
I wish I'd been old enough to share the experience with her rather than flee from her distress.
How about you? Do you believe in ghosts?

~ ~ ~

 You can find and follow Kim Cleary on these sites:

Kim Cleary is the award-winning author of Path Unchosen, the first title in the Daughter of Ravenswood series, which earned a bronze IPPY award in 2015. She grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom, studied medieval history and psychology at Adelaide University in Southern Australia, and has worked all over Australia and in London.

Forced to leave a successful career in marketing after multiple sclerosis damaged her hands and prevented her from typing, Kim learned how to write using voice software.

A self-described chocoholic, Kim loves writing, gardening, cooking, playing with her dogs, and spending time with friends. She lives with her husband and two dogs, an adorable Cocker Spaniel and a mischievous Moodle, in Melbourne, Australia.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Darklight On ... Sue-Ellen Pashley

Today's Darklight On is ... Sue-Ellen Pashley

Welcome, Sue-Ellen

Breadcrumbing. I love it! It’s a great tool to have as a writer. Just to give little morsels of information that peak the reader’s interest, get them wondering what the hell’s happened to the character or will the questions throughout the story be finally answered. Hopefully good breadcrumbing will keep a reader turning the pages to find out. I know that’s what I love in a good book – an avoidance of information dumps that tell me exactly where I’m going and instead, hints that lead me down an overgrown path which means I can only see a little ahead of me.

Good breadcrumbing can definitely add suspension to the writing rather than killing it. But it also needs to happen at a good pace. Too often and the reader may as well give up now – you’ve shared everything, why would they continue? Not often enough and they’re going to get bored. Breadcrumbing needs to be as well paced as the writing. And as you get towards the end, it can change pace, happening more often, faster, faster, creating tension...bring it on! 

So one of the things I loved about writing Streamer was being able to do this to a character as well. Rhi, the story’s central character, doesn’t know anything about herself apart from what she can see in a mirror. She doesn’t know her name or if she has family or why she keeps suddenly disappearing only to reappear in a new location. And she definitely doesn’t know who the cute guy asleep in the bed is when she suddenly appears in his apartment (that was a fun scene to write!)

So not only was I breadcrumbing to the readers but also to Rhi…feeding her little bits of information to keep her searching, keep her going, even when it got hard and it would have been easier for her to give into the grief of knowing nothing. 

It was an interesting journey.


How can you disappear, only to appear in a new location, and not know how it happens? 

How can you have any sort of life if you can’t control when this happens? 

And how can you find the answers when you don’t even know your own name? 

For twenty year old Rhiannon Clarke, the last three days are all she can remember. And they have just been a series of flicking in and out of different locations with only vague memories to guide her. But as she slowly starts to build a picture of her life, the questions are getting harder. Why is this happening to her? Why does the thought of her brother fill her with unease? Why does her father’s name make her break into a cold sweat? 

And who is the mysterious man in the bed?


Thanks, Sue-Ellen

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Dark Light On ... Kim Cleary

Today's Darklight On is ... Kim Cleary

Welcome, Kim

Thank you for having me on Darklight On! I’m delighted to be here. Last week I launched Truth Unveiled, the second novel in my Daughter of Ravenswood series and my head is spinning!

I'm often asked where I get my ideas. Usually in the form of a quizzical gaze and a question such as: did you get all that stuff out of your head?

The answer is yes, and no. My head is often bursting with ideas, but often half formed and vaguely understood ones.

While writing, and rewriting, the Daughter of Ravenswood series, I Googled, researched, and pinned a host of interesting material. I spent time (probably longer than I should have) with Ravens, necromancy, oak trees, and the tools of a witches trade, the making of whiskey, gorgeous ruby gems, body decomposition and quite a few other odd things. Google and Pinterest can be very entertaining as well as informative!

When I first started writing the Daughter of Ravenswood series, I didn't know if it would be set in a totally made up world, or a future version of our own world. Both sounded intriguing, both provided significant writing challenges.

I'm not quite enough of a nerd to enjoy creating a whole new world. But if I stuck to my own experience and knowledge, I'd have a very boring book — which is not what any writer is aiming for! 

Using this world, with which readers are so familiar, would require a lot of research. As I have chronic fatigue, adding time to writing preparation is something I try and avoid. Like most people I can get lost in Google search, lose hours at a time in Pinterest, and it's best not to mention what happens when I get caught up in an interesting book of the paper variety (whoever invented toasted sandwiches and chips for dinner deserves a big kiss).

After a few half-hearted attempts to build a new world for my story, I decided to stick with our own well known world, but after such a catastrophe it was dramatically changed from today. The setting is vaguely Welsh, certainly northern hemisphere. The impacts of a deadly plague, a few wandering undead and climate change (to name a few!) have significantly affected the way people live. But the reader doesn't need to know all of this detail, just pieces that are relevant to the story.

A key element in this world is magic. Magic and paganism have come to the fore and filled a gap left by the loss of old religions, centralised government and technology. For our heroine, the most important thing is that while witches are relatively commonplace. Witches who can raise the dead, necromancers like herself, are not.

Ghosts feature in this series, and I think will in all my writing. I have my own experiences with ghosts, which I share on my blog, and I love reading and writing about paranormal encounters of all kinds.

Anyway, that’s enough about me! I’d love to hear from you about how you write, and how you incorporate your own experiences into your writing.

Thanks again for having me on Darklight On.


“Betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust for ever, Meagan faces the most powerful necromancer who ever lived, alone.”

Truth Unveiled

Meagan Greystone, a new necromancer who grew up orphaned and homeless, has finally discovered a community where she belongs. But as she settles in at Ravenswood Manor, her ancestral home, a strange voice in her head unravels her newfound peace. 

The source of the unsettling communication is Quintus, Meagan’s distant ancestor, known for his brutality and incredible power. When she attempts to enlist her father’s help by raising him from the dead, it’s Quintus who regains a foothold in the land of the living. Now reborn, he vows to obliterate everything Meagan treasures unless she joins him in his quest for power. 

Meagan must overcome the heartbreak of unimaginable betrayal and fight in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation. Will she find the strength she needs to defeat the power of darkness and save the people and home she has grown to cherish?

Author Bio

Kim Cleary is the award-winning author of Path Unchosen, the first title in the Daughter of Ravenswood series, which earned a bronze IPPY award in 2015. She grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom, studied medieval history and psychology at Adelaide University in Southern Australia, and has worked all over Australia and in London. 

Forced to leave a successful career in marketing after multiple sclerosis damaged her hands and prevented her from typing, Kim learned how to write using voice software. 

A self-described chocoholic, Kim loves writing, gardening, cooking, playing with her dogs, and spending time with friends. She lives with her husband and two dogs, an adorable Cocker Spaniel and a mischievous Moodle, in Melbourne, Australia.

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Darklight On ... Shelley Russell Nolan

Today's Darklight On Is ... Shelley Russell Nolan

Welcome, Shelley

The Soulfully Sexy Men of Lost Reaper

From the moment the idea for Lost Reaper came to me, I knew the men who would vie for Tyler’s heart had to be pretty amazing. First I came up with the names, Detective Sam Lockwood and Chris Bradbury, and made notes about who they were and what they looked like.

Sam – handsome, steadfast, honest, his calm and considered manner makes him an oasis of safety in a world that is rapidly spinning out of Tyler’s control. But can she ever tell him the truth about being a reaper?

Chris – gorgeous, wealthy and powerful, he knows what he wants and makes it quite clear that what he wants is Tyler. But is his interest more for her or the power contained in the necklace that makes her a living reaper? 

Two very different men staking claim on Tyler’s heart, both dangerous but for different reasons.

Then, as you do, I got to thinking about who would play them if Lost Reaper were ever to be made into a movie and realised that inspiration was already present in their names.

Sam (Worthington) Lockwood and Chris (Hemsworth) Bradbury.

Who better to portray Tyler’s men than two of the hottest and talented actors in the world? How could any woman not be thrilled to have those two men fighting over her?

Okay, so there is no movie planned (Hey, Hollywood, anybody there want to make a movie?) and my Sam and Chris are different men, and different ages, from the actors I would choose to play them, but I can totally see it. So, as you read Lost Reaper, reading on as both Sam and Chris fight for Tyler's heart, I want you to picture Worthington and Hemsworth playing their roles on the big screen. 

FYI – Nina Dobrev would make a fantastic Tyler. After all those years on The Vampire Diaries, she got a lot of practice being torn between two totally different men. (I was Team Damon)

So, who else thinks Dobrev, Worthington and Hemsworth would make a great love triangle? On-screen only, of course. I would love to hear who you think would be great playing Tyler, Sam and Chris.


The first dead body I ever saw was my own 

For twenty-five year old Tyler Morgan, being murdered was easy. Easy in comparison with working for the Grim Reaper. Jonathon Grimm may have brought her back from the dead in exchange for working as a reaper for her home town, Easton, but she has to find his lost reaper before she can enjoy her second chance at life. 

Only … the lost reaper isn’t actually lost. He has a new body, a new life, and no intention of turning himself in. 

Tyler begins the grisly task of reaping the souls of Easton’s dead while searching for the reaper. He could be anyone – the intriguing detective, Sam Lockwood: the handsome, wealthy Chris Bradbury; or the serial killer stalking the women of Easton. Women who bear an uncanny resemblance to Tyler.

As the killer closes in and Grimm’s deadline draws closer, Tyler discovers she is fighting a much bigger threat than the Grim Reaper and time is running out for everyone.

Buy Links:  Amazon US / Amazon AU / Smashwords / Kobo

About the Author: Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter 


Thanks, Shelley