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Tuesday 20 February 2024

DarkSider News: February 2024 - Part 2!


"I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in."
~ Robert Louis Stevenson


A Romantic Rendezvous
Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA)
Various locations

will feature the following DarkSiders:

Donna Maree Hanson / Dani Kristoff
Hellucy Howe
Leisl Leighton
M.J. Scott / Melanie Scott
M.L. Tompsett
Samantha Marshall

Anna Hackett
D.D. Line
Lana Pecherczyk

Washington DC, USA
25-28 April

will feature DarkSider:
Lana Pecherczyk

Trope Actually
Romance Writers of Australia
Stamford Grand, Adelaide
16-18 August

will feature DarkSider:
Anna Hackett

Indie Evolution
Anna Hackett

Level Up your Indie Author Business

Bestselling indie author, Anna Hackett, will share her roadmap to success and building a sustainable author business. This includes optimizing your books, marketing strategies, and how to level up and advance your career.

Do the basics well: website, newsletter, regular releases, reader engagement, marketing.
Optimise your books: editing, covers, series, genre and tropes.
Level up to find your audience: ARC teams, collaboration, promotion, audiobooks and translations.

Early Bird tickets until 20 May.


Daughter of Shadow
Book 1, Daugther of Shadow
LJ Swallow
Released: 20 February in audio format
Narrated by: Will M. Watt, Ella Lynch
Length: 5 hrs and 56 mins

A sorceress with dark magic who's a threat to the kingdom. Three powerful men from the royal courts, sworn to protect her. And a pet dragon with a secret.

The dragons are dead, the Ebon Queen has destroyed the elven realms, and the courts are at war. The queen's dark magic grows in strength, and the kingdom is losing the battle against her. Three men are sent from the Silvercrest Court stronghold to seek others to aid their cause.

Leander, an eminent and domineering High Lord.

Rohan, a fierce and seductive Knight of the Realm.

Galen, a deceptively gentle and passionate High Elf.

Their task: recruit the most potent magic users from the shire towns and train them to join the crusade against the Ebon Queen.

They never expected to find a daughter of shadow.

Calla's time working at the apothecary ends abruptly. On the day the town tests her magic skills, Calla's shadowmancy is revealed—a school of magic banned throughout the kingdom. A shocked Calla faces a death sentence, but a mysterious man smuggles her from town.

With no other choice, Calla must journey to the stronghold with the three strange men. As they fight their way through enemy territory, the men discover that Calla's power is more dangerous than they realized—and so is the bond this creates between them all.

Meanwhile, the Ebon Queen continues to ravage the human and elven lands as her shadow and decay move through the kingdom. And she's looking for Calla.

Daughter of Shadow is the first in a slow burn and slow build why-choose romantic fantasy series featuring a strong magical heroine and fiercely protective men who will give everything to protect the woman they love. Perfect for lovers of unique fantasy worlds filled with elves, humans, and dragons.

For Dear Life
Book 3, Thornwood Academy
LJ Swallow
Released: February in audio format
Narrated by: Steve Campbell, Shakira Shute
Length: 10 hrs and 3 mins

I expected the guys to assist me in solving the Thornwood Academy murders, not add a new victim to the body count.

Following events at the lodge and my unfortunate encounter with the fence post, I've no choice but to turn to my father for help. Of course, my blood-covered entourage of guys don't exactly receive a warm welcome, but at least Grayson walks away in one piece.

With suspects galore, I can't stay on the edge if I want to find the truth, so I'm forced to insert myself further into the Thornwood Academy social scene. But even a seemingly harmless date in town turns into chaos, wild accusations, and a trip to the hospital. As if that's not enough, I stumble on my roommate's secret, which leads to painful compromises.

The closer I grow to Rowan, Grayson, and Leif, the more our lives entangle. After spending my life avoiding a world I don't understand, I'm grappling with unhelpful feelings for my bonded witch and his powerful magic, the vampire whose blood entices me, and the half-shifter who gifts me strange things. Not to mention attempting to control my dark and deadly side, which presents its own problems.

I can't decide what's more challenging—clearing my name of murder charges or understanding this strange new version of myself emerging. And I don't mean the throat-ripping one.

With two dead and at least one undead, time's running out before the killers' next target dies. My enemies might play their strongest hand when I'm least expecting, but they won't beat a Blackwood. At the end of the day, I'll wear the crown.

Mystery, secrets, and betrayals abound as I navigate a world filled with danger and shadows while trying to keep those I care about safe. Who knew Thornwood Academy would offer me so much more than my dark heart could ever hope for?

For Dear Life is the third book in a new YA supernatural academy series from LJ Swallow. The Thornwood Academy series is a murder mystery set at a magic school where humans mix with vampires and witches. This slow burn paranormal romance features a girl who's smart, sarcastic, and slightly unhinged, plus the three guys she'd like to keep alive.

Books 1 and 2 must be listened to first.

Non Spec-Fic

You Belong To Me
Book 3, Cloudy Bay
Melanie Scott
Released: 20 February

Welcome to the small town of Cloud Bay where the weather is great, the music is fire, and love is complicated…

She’s never forgotten him but he’s a for-one-night-only kind of guy.

Leah Santelli grew up knowing it was dumb to have a crush on her best friend’s brother. Zach Harper inherited his rock-star dad’s looks, his musical talent, and his habit of breaking hearts. He was always going to leave Cloud Bay far behind him. So she never let him know until she lost her mind on her eighteenth birthday and asked him for just one night. One of the best nights of her life. Except the part where he still left in the morning. But she picked up the pieces of her heart and did her best to forget it ever happened. Now Zach is back in Cloud Bay to record a solo album. Producing it is exactly what Leah needs to make her mark on the music world. If she can keep herself from falling for him all over again.

Zach came home to Cloud Bay to mend fences with his sisters and make the album he needs to level up his career. He didn’t expect to find Leah all grown up, more beautiful than ever, and determined to keep him at a distance. Until long hours in the studio rekindle their spark and suddenly they’re making more than just great music. Zach starts to realise that Leah might be all he wants. But real life isn’t as simple as a love song and it’s going to take more than his rock’n’roll moves to convince Leah to trust him with her heart again…

Previously published as No Place Like You by Emma Douglas.

Desert Kings Alliance Box Set 2
Mel Teshco
Book 5-8, Desert Kings Alliance
Released: 10 February

Meet four powerful sheikhs and the women who tame them. From palaces in desert landscapes and city centers, be transported to foreign places and fall in love right alongside our heroes and heroines.

Book 5 - The Sheikh’s Defiant Princess
She desires the man of her dreams. Can she resist the attention of another?

Book 6 - The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée
She’s an outcast. He’s a newly appointed sheikh. It can’t possibly work—can it?

Book7 - The Sheikh’s Royal Widow
He’s running from the past. She’s afraid to face the future. Can they create a perfect today?

Book 8 -  The Sheikh’s Temporary Girlfriend
She’ll do anything for her family. He’ll do everything to claim her.

The Hero She Needs
Book 1, Unbroken Heroes
Anna Hackett
Released: 25 January in audio format
Narrated by: Aaron Shedlock, Ava Erickson
Length: 4 hrs and 44 mins

The last thing he expects to catch in his river is a billionaire heiress.

Loner Boone Hendrix left the military with ghosts that haunt him. He lives with his dog Atlas on a farm in Vermont. Alone. Just the way he likes it. Until he rescues a half-drowned, beautiful brunette from his river.

Gemma Newhouse is the daughter of the richest man in America, and from the abrasions on her wrists and her drugged state, she’s on the run from someone dangerous. She’s nothing like Boone expected—sweet, smart, and likes baking—and she ignites a fierce need inside him.

Being a member of a covert Ghost Ops team taught him deadly skills, and he’ll use them all to keep her safe.

Gemma can’t remember the last twenty-four hours. All she knows is that someone abducted her. Someone dangerous. Her only goal is survival and she’s used to taking care of herself. She’s a constant disappointment to her driven, successful parents. She doesn’t want a brilliant career, all she wants is to bake and make people smile.

Finding herself in Boone’s strong arms wasn’t on her plan. Nor was his rugged face, hard body, and gold-brown eyes. She sees how much he’s cut himself off from life, how he believes he’s broken.

Thrust together, she realizes this quiet hero will do anything to protect her. Despite the danger around them, they can’t resist their growing attraction, but her captors are hunting her…

And Boone is the only thing standing in their way.


Book 4, Alien Fugitives
Mel Teshco
Expected Release: 30 March

Can two lost souls complete one another?

Damaris Trant has never been alone…until now. Not only is he stuck on planet Earth, his six Strazanian comrades—rares with special powers just like him—are scattered around the city of New Faxian like confetti to avoid an enemy that has already wiped out the rest of their species. Damaris doesn’t even know if his comrades are still alive since landing on Earth.
Despite his purple scale coloring making him a lower caste, his rare powers, which had elevated his standing on his planet Strazan, are now erratic at best. Add to that the memories of his deceased family, and he’s rendered even more powerless.
Then he meets Callie, and his already topsy-turvy life is turned upside down. She’s an addict who sees things differently. That she doesn’t find Damaris abnormal is beyond appealing to his peace of mind. If only she didn’t also see him as just another man without a conscience.

After Callie Trueberry lost her family to a house fire, she fell into a dysfunctional world of her own making. Chemicals and alcohol might decay her mind, but at least she’s no longer half-mad with grief. Then she stumbles into Damaris and wishes she was the woman she used to be, a woman who would have turned his head and perhaps even won his heart. He is everything she’s ever wanted in a man, their shared grief binding them closer still. But will he stand by her side as she cleans her body and her mind while enemies are hunting him down, or will he be lost to her forever?

Live to Tell
Book 5, Thornwood Academy
LJ Swallow
Expected Release: 28 August

Thornwood Academy’s darkling detective is back for more as she continues to investigate the truth behind Madison's death and pursues those plotting against the supernatural council.

Dance With Death is the fifth book in a new YA supernatural academy series from LJ Swallow,author of the Nightworld Academy books.

The Thornwood Academy series features a girl who isn't afraid to use her dark side, a magic school where humans mix with vampires and witches, and the three guys who she’d like to stay alive.

Other books in the series must be read first.

More details soon.
Release date will be moved forward.

Winterfall Destiny
Book 10, Nightworld Academy
LJ Swallow
Expected Release: 13 May

Winterfall Destiny is the fourth book in the Nightworld Academy: Winterfall series. Other books in the series must be read first.

The Winterfall series is a 'life after academy' series featuring all the characters from the original Nightworld Academy series.

More details soon!

Release date expected to be brought forward.

Castle of Nevers and Nightmares
Book 1, Fae Devils
Lana Pecherczyk
Expected Release: 26 February

The first book in the Fae Guardians Standalone Spin-Off series, Fae Devils (Season of the Sluagh).

When winter comes to the Court of Dreams, the war against the Subterranean of Nightmares freezes. To celebrate, the faerie queen holds a tournament where mortals compete for the prize of a dream come true. For outsider Willow Nightstalk, it’s the only way to break the curse making her as ugly as she feels.

But the deadly tournament has a darker purpose—to flush out flawed mortal blights on the perfectly pretty fae society… and to kill them. Any left alive are conscripted when war returns in spring. When the coveted prize can give you anything your heart desires, allies are likelier to stab you in your sleep than save you.

Surviving means securing the highly contested patronage of the powerful fae nobility. But when the notoriously recluse House of Shadow is the only option left, the odds are stacked against her. Especially since it’s led by the six beautiful fae boogeymen who rejected her, robbed her of magic, and ruined her life. She would rather let terrors drag her to the beneath.

But then the unthinkable happens.

For the first time in years, the House of Shadow chooses a protégé. Her. 

Forced to live in their rundown castle, Willow starts uncovering secrets about the war, the oppressive queen, and the tragedy behind the Six’s forbidden obsession that left her broken. Soon, she doesn’t know who to trust, blame, or befriend. What’s worse is that sabotage is in the air, and bodies start dropping like flies. Safety means choosing between trusting her eyes or her battered heart. But if she chooses wrong, no dreams will come true—she’ll be dead. 

Nothing is as it seems in the Court of Dreams, least of all the Nightmares. 

Castle of Nevers and Nightmares is a slow-burn, spicy “why choose” dystopian-fantasy romance novel where the underdog heroine finds her inner power, the tension is hot, and the world-building is full of intrigue. It’s the first in the Fae Devils series, a Fae Guardians spinoff. Reading the Fae Guardians is unnecessary to enjoy this story, but it can enhance your reading experience as these characters have a past. It is recommended for mature readers due to language, violence, horror, and explicit sexual and dark situations. 


The Sinner and the Priest
Book 3, Sinner Sisterhood
Lana Pecherczyk
Expected Release: 27 June

The Sinner and the Priest is the third book in the Sinnerhood Sisterhood series.

Cassie Laelyn
Book 3, Small Town Packs
Expected Release: 12 March

Dive into the world of small towns and swoony shifters with this action-packed, heart-melting prequel to the Small Town Packs series!

Destiny. Adventure. A second chance worth fighting for.

When Ivy Morgan embarked on an epic road trip, the last thing she expected was to stumble into her supposed fated mate. Liam Cole. The guy with a wolfish smirk who takes protection to a whole new level. Also, the guy who watched her leave four months ago. But when a vicious storm catches them unaware, their reunion takes a dangerous turn.

Stranded together, Ivy must now choose between the freedom she craves and trusting the only man who’s ever held her heart.

But what if that trust costs her everything?

Fall in love with small towns, swoony shifters, and unbreakable bonds in these interconnected paranormal romances. These bad boys are packed with steamy romancey goodness and swoony heroes!! Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with a guaranteed HEA... absolutely NO cliffhangers!!

The Shattered Court
M.J. Scott
Book 1, The Four Arts
Expected Re-release: 28 March

For a royal witch, magic always means marriage…whether she likes it or not

Lady Sophia Kendall has always known three things. That she's thirty-second in line to the throne of Anglion. That when she turns twenty-one, she'll find out if she's a royal witch. And that, if she is a witch, she'll be married off immediately to whichever lord the king chooses. Now she's about to turn twenty-one and fulfill all the expectations that the Anglion court has for her.

But when the palace is attacked just before her birthday, Sophie is spirited away from the city by Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a royal guard determined to keep her safe. Being alone with a man she hardly knows is dangerous, especially so close to her birthday. And when Sophia discovers she does indeed have magic—strong magic—she and Cameron accidentally forge a bond that breaks every tradition Anglion holds dear. When they return to the palace, the aftermath of the attack has stirred up the worst kind of court politics and their unexpected union and Sophie's magic brings her to the deadly attention of those seeking to control the court and those who seeking to destroy it…and her. To survive, Sophia will have to see beyond the lies she's been taught and embrace the power nobody wants her to have…

The Shattered Court is the first book in the Four Arts trilogy, a complete historical fantasy romance series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. Perfect if you love fantasies with royal turmoil, witches, gaslamp vibes, marriages of convenience, protective heroes, sexy times and political intrigues. Enjoy!

Wicked Ways
Book 5, Techwitch
M.J. Scott
Expected Release: 28 May 2024

An exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the magical world, it’s that you never know what’s coming next. Monsters lurk in the dark, and even in the light, danger is never far away. And when you get caught between old troubles and new loyalties, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a way out…

Wicked Ways is the fifth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Author's note: For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Shadow Kin
M.J. Scott
Book 1, The Half-Light City
Expected Re-release: 30 July

Dive into this darkly intense and steamy romantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott…

In a city of magic and ancient enmities where the Fae and the human mages stand against the Night World of Blood Lords and Beast Kind, I am the Night World’s most feared weapon. A wraith who can walk unseen in the night. The perfect assassin.

Rejected as soulless by my Fae mother, I was taken by a Blood Lord and raised to be his deadliest blade. He turned me into a weapon honed for one purpose, keeping me chained to the shadows by a need only he can fulfil.

Now my master is growing bolder. He wants to bring down the treaty that holds the city together. So he orders me to kill a human man. Simon DuCaine. But he doesn't tell me that Simon DuCaine, a man who wields the very light that leaves me powerless. Leaving me his captive. In his place, most men would kill me, but Simon is a man sworn to peace and he sees something in me no one else ever has.

But to take a chance at freedom, to leave the darkness and believe that the sun could love a shadow, I have to trust him as I’ve never trusted anyone. And hope that his actions don’t tip the city into war…

Shadow Kin is the first book in the Half-Light series, a dark and steamy romantic fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. It's an intense enemies-to-lovers romance between a vampire lord's chief assassin and a human sunmage in a dangerously intriguing world. If you love worlds with vampires, shapeshifters, Fae and human magic, intrigue and action, a la Sarah J Maas, then this is your next binge-worthy series!

Author's note: This series is complete but in the process of being re-released (all books will be available again by the end of October 2024). For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Non Spec-Fic

The Devil in Denim
Book 1, New York Saints
Melanie Scott
Expected Release: 19 March

He’s not just a curveball, he’s her worst nightmare

Maggie Jameson grew up living and breathing baseball. After all, her dad owns the New York Saints and raised her to think she’d take his place running them one day. The Saints aren’t just a team, they’re her family. Until her dad sells out to Alex Winters and his two best friends. And just like that, a gorgeous billionaire who has no business setting foot on her ballpark is calling the shots, and she’s standing on the sidelines. She’s calling foul and declaring him her enemy.

He loves the game, but he can’t win without her

 Alex is known for always closing the deal but he knows saving the Saints won’t be easy. Especially when he realises that he needs Maggie on side if he’s going to win over the players and get the job done. Maggie is smart and beautiful, knows the Saints inside out, and he can’t quite get her out of his head. Pity she’s made it clear she’d rather strike him out than ever cooperate with him. And he’d be crazy to try to steal the heart of a woman who hates him, right? Or is sinning with Saint Maggie the key to winning the whole game?

The Devil in Denim is the first book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

Angel in Armani
Book 2, New York Saints
Melanie Scott
Expected Release: 16 April

She’s on her last strike and he’s the wrong guy to save her

Sara Charles knows the odds are against her. Her dad is injured, Charles Air is down to just one helicopter, and there’s only her to save her family. So when part-owner of the New York Saints, billionaire surgeon Lucas Angelo books a flight, she’s determined to make a good impression. He’s distractingly gorgeous, but absolutely out of her league even if she didn’t have to keep things professional. But when a storm turns their flight to a disaster and they wind up in the last motel room in town, she figures he’ll never hire her again anyway, so she takes a chance on just one night with the hottest man she’s ever met.

He’s always in control but she’s the fastball he never saw coming

Lucas Angelo doesn’t make rash decisions. A surgeon needs a cool head, and he always keeps his. Until Sara Charles seduces him and then vanishes in the morning. He should be furious and even if he wasn’t, he has no time for romance between the Saints’ spring training schedule and his own practice. But he just can’t forget that night. When he hunts her down to offer her a job as his personal pilot, she’s understandably wary but takes the job on the condition it’s strictly business. But he knows what he wants and, when it comes to the business of winning her heart, he knows how to pitch a perfect game. 

Angel in Armani is the second book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

Lawless in Leather
Book 3, New York Saints
Melanie Scott
Expected Release: 11 May

She might not know baseball, but she knows trouble when she sees it

Raina Easton has sworn off bad boys. These days she’s focused on keeping her burlesque club afloat, which is why she’s taken a job coaching the New York Saints new dance squad, the Fallen Angels. The cash from that gig will help her buy her club outright and secure her future. But then she meets tall, dark, and grumpy, Malachi Coulter, part-owner of the Saints, and now their head of security. He’s got bad idea written all over him and even though he’s ridiculously attractive, Raina is determined to keep her head.

He won’t let anyone steal his heart, but her moves are hard to resist

These days Malachi is playing the smart game. Manage the risks, keep everyone safe, and don’t let anyone in. His life is just how he likes it—under control. But when Raina bounces into the Saints, all slinky moves, smart mouth, and smoking body, he’s not sure what’s hit him. She’s exactly the kind of woman he doesn’t need. She’s playing at being sensible, but he knows she has a wild streak buried deep. One that matches his own. He knows he shouldn’t let her in, but she’s all he can think about. But if he thinks she’s worth risking it all for, he’s going to have to break all the rules to win her heart.

Lawless In Leather is the third book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

Playing Hard
Book 4, New York Saints
Melanie Scott
Expected Release: 11 June

She’s playing it smart and he’d be a bad, bad idea

Amelia Graham has always been the MVP of good girls. Keeping her head down and playing safe have gotten her all the way to Wall Street and the security she craves. There’s no room in her game-plan for bad boys. And New York Saints first baseman Oliver Shields is way too smooth to be anything but bad. His face might be hot enough to melt unwary hearts, but she knows enough about athletes to know they’re usually players in more ways than one.

He lives for the game but she’s changing the rules

Oliver never takes his eyes off the prize. But when he meets Amelia at a party celebrating the Saints finally making the play offs, he can’t help thinking maybe one wild night with her is just what he needs. Pity she’s playing hard to get. But when things go horribly wrong and he’s facing the end of his career, Amelia is the one who unexpectedly steps up to the plate to help him through even though she’s supposed to be focused on winning her dream job. Flirting turns to feelings neither of them are ready to admit, but when faced with goodbye, can they swing for the fences and risk it all for love?

Playing Hard is the fourth book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

Playing Fast
Book 5, New York Saints
Melanie Scott
Expected Release: 9 July

She never worried about her crush on baseball’s bad boy until he landed right in her lap

Eva Harlowe always figured her crush on Finn Castro would never be anything but her deepest fantasy. Until the Saints send him down to the minors after one too many scandals. And given Eva works for the Sarasota Springs Preachers, that means now her job is dealing with the fallen Saint way too up close and personal. Finn might as well have ‘bad decision’ tattooed on his forehead and she knows she has to resist. Which would be easier if meeting the gorgeous Finn face to face didn’t make her want to learn all the wicked things he can teach her.

He’s trying to learn his lesson, but she makes him want to play dirty

Finn knows he’s on his last chance. Three strikes and the Saints have exiled him to see if he can reform his ways. He needs to keep his head down and prove that he deserves a second chance. But Eva would tempt even a true saint and he’s not even close to that. When the two of them strike a bargain for a strictly one season fling, it seems the perfect solution. But hearts don’t always follow the rules and as their clock starts to run out, they either have to face their feelings or lose everything they are.

Playing Fast is the fifth book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!illionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

Mel Teshco
Book 3, Gangsters at War
Expected Release: 25 June

One sadistic madman substituted by another.

That’s what happened when I escaped from the don of the O’Malley mafia only to be captured by Valentino Barone, deadly enforcer of the Agostino mobster family. I didn’t think I could hate anyone more than the don who damaged me, until Valentino takes away my freedom yet again and awakens my darkest desires, ones I never knew existed. Escape seems futile. But I did it once I can do it again—or die trying.

I was sent to find and kill Chantilly Alcott, fugitive lover of the don of a rival mafia who is desperate to find her. Ending her life and sending pieces of her body to the O’Malley family isn’t something that should bother me—it never has before—so why my reluctance to do my job? I will do it, eventually. For now, I hold her captive and tell myself I’ll break her spirit instead of her body.
So why is she slowly breaking me, instead?

Mel Teshco
Book 4, Gangsters at War
Expected Release: 31 August

He’s a merciless killer who gets what he wants. He can have me…for a price

When my widowed stepmother kicked me out on the streets when I was sixteen, I was too proud to ask for help from any of my friends. Hunger left me with no choice but to accept money for sex so that I might survive. Four years later I’m not only surviving, I’m thriving. Asked to attend a private party at the Agostinos, a notorious mafia family who are as ruthless and cruel as they are filthy rich and generous, I can’t say no. Then my gaze meets the cold eyes of Serafino, and I’m lost even before he decides he wants all of me…body, mind and soul.

I’m known as a cold-hearted killer without a conscience, the bad boy of the Agostino mafia. That says a lot considering my brothers can be as ruthless as my father had once been, and he’d been a sick and twisted bastard of the highest order. Nonetheless, I have a reputation to uphold. People are afraid of me for good reason. What would they think though if they discovered the call girl who arrived to service the Agostino brothers is the one woman I want all to myself—a woman I would kill to protect—until I’m left with no choice but to kill her myself.

Mel Teshco
Book 1, Sons of the Sheikh
Expected Release: 31 October

His sting is as lethal as his charm.

Sheikh Aziz Hadi might be a player who knows how to charm the panties off women, but that means very little when the one woman he wants—Zamira Fasih—is also the one woman he can’t have. She’s the daughter of a sheikh from a neighboring country bordering his province. That they’re at war means there is no way he can talk to her, let alone date her. Then he sees her at the markets and he can’t deny the impulse to take what—who—he wants.

Zamira Fasih is not interested in Aziz, at least that’s what she tells herself. He and his family sided with an enemy of her father’s and now her people are paying the ultimate price. The Hadi family are scum, and Aziz is the worst of them. He’s not worthy of her attention, if only she’d stop damn well thinking about him! Then he kidnaps her and expects her to like him—but he’d better think again!
She is promised to another man who will help end the war and the death of her people, and nothing will change her mind. Not even the famous charm Aziz is renowned for.

The above three covers are by Eleni Konstantine's alter ego, HelzKat Designs.

Winning Offer
Book 3, Bachelor Brothers of Sydney
Mel Teshco
Expected Release: 30 February

Will saving her father’s crumbling estate cost her everything?

Liam Black hides a sensitive side. If losing his parents was a tragedy, then finding out his father had been unfaithful to his wife—Liam’s mother—is a tragedy Liam can’t even begin to process. It leaves him questioning everything he’s ever known. If his parents’ happy marriage was a sham, what hope has he got to find a woman to love and settle down with? Not even his two brothers’ happy relationships can convince him otherwise. Then he sees the fearless, gorgeous woman on stage at a once yearly charity auction—a woman he met once and can’t stop thinking about—and despite his cynicism, his heart is lost.

Harper Franks isn’t going to let a little pre-auction nerves get to her now. Not if it means snaring the billionaire sheikh she hopes to attract. She’ll do anything to pay the debts inherited from her father and rebuild his bed and breakfast. What she doesn’t expect is for Liam to outbid the sheikh with a figure that surely not even an infamous Black brother can afford? So why don’t her financial woes seem half as bad when she’s in his arms? She’ll just have to figure out some other way to save her inheritance, because there is no way in hell she’ll add to Liam’s burden with her own problems.


Unbreak My Heart
Book 10, With Love From Kurrajong Crossing
Dakota Harrison
Expected Release: 18 April

It takes more than time to mend a broken heart.

Simon Jameson had once considered himself a lucky man. A job he loved, working alongside his oldest brother. His wife was his heart, and they had a family in the making. Then he lost it all. When his niece is born on Valentine’s Day—his first wedding anniversary without his wife—it’s too much too soon and he has to leave town for the night. Just one night, while his close-knit family celebrates a gift of life that should be celebrated, one that breaks his heart that little bit more.

He never expected to meet her.

Evangeline Adams, the architect behind the new build of his brother’s pub, The Spotted Cow, was a red-headed bombshell of a woman he didn’t see coming.

It’s been months since Evangeline encountered the magnetic, desolate Simon at a bar, but she hasn’t forgotten him. When they meet again at her latest job site, she’s glad he seems happier but keeps her distance. Right up until her manipulative ex-husband unexpectedly returns and Simon steps in to protect her.

Eva can’t afford to fall for an emotionally unavailable man who doesn’t like kids—not when she has a two-year-old son waiting for her at home. And that describes Simon perfectly.

Doesn’t it?


Nightworld Academy: Origins
Book 0, Nightworld Academy
LJ Swallow
Currently free!

Nightworld Academy: Origins is a short prequel to the Nightworld Academy series. This is a glimpse into the world and the characters, including Maeve’s life before the academy, and what’s really happening in the background when she first arrives.

 I saw the future and saved someone’s life. Mine changed forever.

 My once fleeting visions recently sharpened into clear, haunting glimpses of the future. When I saw trouble coming for a classmate, I decided to step in and change events to save his life. As a result, another student ended up in the hospital, and my parents were forced to find a new school to help with my ‘issues’.

The moment I walk into the mysterious academy isolated on the Yorkshire Moors, everything I understand about my life begins to change.

My new friends seem normal—Jamie, serious and studious, his presence both a comfort and a mystery. Then there's Ash, whose easy charm and protective nature make my heart race in a way I can't explain. But among them lurks Andrei, the brooding figure whose mere glance sends shivers down my spine, hinting at secrets darker than I can imagine.

I swear the people and this place are more than they appear, but my friends hold their secrets tight. It’s clear that I'm not just a regular student sent here for help with my ‘issues’, and I'm determined to uncover the truth about why I'm here.

But as I try to uncover their secrets, I'm troubled by whispers of a hidden danger known as the Dominion. And the deeper I delve into the academy and students, the more I realize that the future I need to change might be one of my new friends.

Nightworld Academy series audio
Books 1-6, Nightworld Academy
LJ Swallow
Chirp has currently got a sale on this series!



Anna Hackett

(Book 1, Treasure Hunters Security) is now available in German.

Donna Maree Hanson

Donna has done 
Author Spotlight on the ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) blog. It had been for the lead up to A Romantic Rendezvous. 

Congratulations to our DarkSiders! 
Happy Reading everyone. Be safe & well. 

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