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Friday, 15 November 2013

What We Are Reading: November

This month in WWAR we have YA, paranormal, historical and steampunk.

Eleni Konstantine

Gather the Bones by Alison Stuart
I absolutely loved this book. Beautiful language, beautiful plot of people dealing with the after-math of World War I.

Widow Helen Marrow and her daughter, Alice visits her late husband's home. There she meets her mother-in-law and her husband's cousin, Paul. Paul had been with Charlie when he had died but he has no recollection of it. This mystery and the mystery of Paul's great-grandmother interweave in the story where two lost souls meet. It also has a slight paranormal twist.

A real page-turner dealing with love, loss, and duty.

You'll love this book.

Boyfriend in A Bottle by Shona Husk

What would you do if you found a man tied to your bed? A man that had appeared out of nowhere? Well this is what Josie faces on the night of her birthday where a crazy stunt with her friends brings her unexpected results. Enter Kede. A man who is not all that he appears - yes, he's gorgeous, but there's more to him. A lovely tale of two people falling in lust and then love. This will spice up your reading! Enchanting and face paced read.

Kylie Griffin

My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster - The stand out quality of this story was the emotional punch. Mercury/Rosalind and Lynch are characters with multiple layers and the depths to their personalities. 

Their romance is an enemies to lovers struggle and it was painful yet a pure pleasure to watch them overcome their mistrust and fears and scars. They both have tormented pasts and their actions have been dictated by those events for a very long time, and made them who they are today. I loved seeing each of them grow and develop.

Mel Teshco

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
It was one of the best YA books I've read this year, a page turner that kept me up until I'd finished the book. The heroine is drugged, kidnapped from an airport, and taken by a young man to live with him in the desolate outback. And somewhere along the way you can't help but fall in love with the hero (Ty) despite the fact he has been watching Gemma for years and planning her abduction. I cannot recommend this book enough. LOVED it!

happy reading!

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  1. Have Bec's book on my TBR pile, Kylie. Mel, high praise, so will have to check it out.