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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Magic Thursday: Romancing the Mud

On the 27th of October Nicola E Sheridan and Shona Husk completed their first Tough Mudder. Here are our top three reasons to undertake such a massive challenge (20km with 20 obstacles including 9’ high walls and things with lots of mud and muddy water).

1. Training: If you ever needed incentive to get fit this is it. 20km is nothing to sneeze at, nor are the obstacles (scared of heights? this event will cure it or leave you a bumbling mess). Even if you plan to walk Tough Mudder getting your stamina up will help defeat writer’s butt. Not only will your training regime make you fitter than ever before, the actual event will tests your strength, endurance, determination and sheer guts all in one gruelling day. It was, quite simply an awesome experience.

2. Teamwork: Outside of romance writers (who, lets face it are the best!) Mudders are really helpful people. It is like one big team event. Really? We hear you ask... Really! Right from the get-go you get a pep-talk on helping all the other Mudders out there on the course - we can vouch for them too. With every stack we had there were always half a dozen people to help and say 'Shit! Are you OK?' while we laughed at each other - in wonderful camaraderie - of course.

3. Manspiration: While plenty of people do the Tough Mudder event, plenty of super fit guys do it. Many with their shirts off. It was marvellous and proved a great distraction while running ;). Not only were they gorgeous, every guy we met along the way was also very helpful... Who says chivalry is dead? Not us, not now! The guys were willing, dare I say eager to help us over obstacles, giving us numerous leg up and powerful pushes to get us over the walls. This was so important, particularly in hauling us over the lip of the ¼ pipe also known as Everest (literally run at the curve as fast as you can and hope you get high enough that someone will grab your hand and help you get over the top). Shona did it first time, but Nicola took six attempts before success. We can assure that the moment that random, gorgeous, muscular Adonis caught her hand and hauled her to safety... we experienced manspiration like never before!

Thank you gorgeous man, whoever you are....

Speaking of thanks and manspiration, we'd like to give special mention to The Lussy Pickers for not only having an awesome team name which gave us a giggle (also extra motivation to keep up with them - what woman doesn’t want to hear that from a man?) but also for holding down the base of the rope netting making it easier for people to climb up. True heroes.

So, Perth based romance writers get training and we’ll see you in the mud in year!

Nicola and Shona

1 comment:

  1. I've been in deadline hell, but finally got here to say - Well done girls. I'm always in awe of people who can do these physical challenges. And yay for the true heroes.