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Tuesday 19 September 2023

DarkSider News: September 2023 - Part 2!


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . 
The man who never reads lives only one.”
George R.R. Martin


Fiction & Friction
Adelaide Convention Centre
30 September 2023

will feature the following DarkSiders:

Helen Walton
Keri Arthur
Khloe Wren
Lilliana Rose
Maggie Rose

Tickets - only a few tickets left

RAVE - Readers & Author Event
Las Vegas, USA
10 November

Claire Boston / Claire Leggett 
(You can now pre-order books)

Khloe Wren

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A Relic of Magic & Frankincense
Book 3, Three Gifts Trilogy
HM Hodgson
Released: 16 September

Two years undercover. One relic. No distractions. Templar Knight Cynane Montbard is on a mission, and nothing – not love gurus, hellbeasts, or even the sexiest daemon this side of hell – will stand in her way.

Rohan the Red, the deadliest daemon earthside, has been tasked with preserving the balance between hell and earth. But one mesmerizing, stubborn, kick-ass High Priestess is in his way.

Cyn has a strict no-daemon romance policy, especially for rogues like Rohan. Yet, they must join forces to succeed. And as their chemistry intensifies, secrets unravel and true identities emerge. But when the power of the relic of frankincense is revealed, their biggest risk won’t be love—it will be death for every soul in the human world.

Author note: This book is a steamy romance full of magical battle scenes where the body count is high, and with plenty of steam between the sheets (and out). Definitely one for 18+ readers!

Techwitch Boxed Set
Books 1-3, Techwitch
M.J. Scott
Released: 22 August

Grab this boxset of the first three books of the TechWitch series exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

Wicked Games (Book 1)

My mother was a wicked witch. Her spells brought nothing but trouble. Since her death, with no power of my own, I’ve stayed far away from magic . . .

Maggie Lachlan thinks she’s just a really good computer geek. Until a job with the gorgeous owner of the world's biggest virtual reality company breaks a spell she didn't know she was under and shoves her back into the world of magic. Now she's fighting unwanted chemistry, unwanted powers, and the all too real demons from her past…

Wicked Words (Book 2)

Some people might be happy to find out they're a witch. In my case, magic came with a demon who wanted my power back under its control. I took out the demon but the price I paid was heartbreaking. Now all I want is to leave magic far behind…

Maggie Lachlan is the TechWitch. A computer whisperer, who brings recalcitrant systems to their knees with a single keystroke. But now she knows she is more than a geek, she’s a witch too, a revelation that cost her the man she loved and the life of her best friend. But when her ex, virtual reality billionaire Damon Riley, needs help with a magical threat, she'll need every ounce of her tech mojo and her magic. Trouble is, she seems to have lost both. With a curse to break and a demon’s revenge to escape, Maggie needs to find her power to save the day and Damon.

Wicked Nights (Book 3)

They say magic has a price. They’re right. Sure, I’m a witch. I’ve even defeated a demon or two. But embracing my magic hasn't made my life easier…

Maggie Lachlan has become a TechWitch in all senses of the word. No longer just a super geek, now she's learning to master the magic she never wanted with the help of her newfound witch friends and trying to find her happy place. But with gamers and witches converging on San Francisco for Damon’s high stake virtual reality contest, old powers start to take notice. And Maggie’s past isn’t done with her yet. And when darkness, money, and technology collide, magic might be the only thing that gets her through the night…

This box set bundle features the first three books of the TechWitch series. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Killer's Kiss
Book 10, Lizzie Grace
Keri Arthur
Released: 28 August in audio format

You can’t run from the past forever…

Lizzie Grace has finally returned to Canberra, the city where she grew up and a place that holds so many bad memories. Not only does she have to testify at her father’s trial, but also deal with her ex’s will and relatives unhappy that she’s inherited a good chunk of his assets.

Yet Canberra holds more than just memories of an unwanted marriage. It’s where her sister was murdered, and the man responsible was never caught.

Witches are once again being ritualistically sacrificed, and it holds terrible echoes of those past deaths.

As the murders draw closer to home, Lizzie finds herself in a race to hunt down the wraith of a man after the ultimate revenge…the soul of the woman who once escaped him.


discount code on site

Scarred Perfection: 
Beautiful All Along Suspenseful 
Reverse Harem Shifter Romance
Khloe Wren
Released: 12 September

Nothing is more sacred or precious to a wedge-tailed eagle shifter than his mate and a successfully forged mating bond… which is why all Hell breaks loose when the Gibson twins’ mate, Abigail, is kidnapped!

Kane and Jeremy have always abided by the rules of their kind, but nothing will stop them from rescuing the woman they love; and sealing their bond.

But when Abigail’s torturous ordeal leaves her painfully scarred, she can scarcely accept herself, let alone the affections of the beautiful twins who yearn to claim her.

With their bond hanging in the balance, can the twins heal the damage done? And prove to Abigail that love truly conquers all?

Spread your wings and take to the skies with Kane, Jeremy, and Abigail in this touching and delicious romance, today!

Non Spec-Fic

Dark Angel
Book 1, Special Agent Beth Katz
D.K. Hood
Released: 12 September

In the dark pine forest surrounding the quiet town of Rattlesnake Creek, the body of a young girl lies on the ground. Her angelic blonde hair spills over her shoulders and her unblinking eyes stare up toward the sky…

It was Beth Katz’s serial killer father who made her like she is: a successful FBI agent and an unstoppable vigilante dedicated to hunting down murderers who have evaded capture. Beth will push herself to the limits to deliver justice. Even if it means killing those who deserve to die.

When the body of missing schoolgirl Brooklyn Daniels is discovered in a secluded patch of woodland on the outskirts of town, Beth and her partner Dax Styles race to the scene. Brooklyn and her best friend left home to pick wildflowers a week ago and vanished without trace.

Taking in Brooklyn’s body carefully laid on a blanket and the dress neatly folded next to her, Beth suddenly freezes. She’s seen this before: in the files of a cold case. The perpetrator takes two girls—one vanishes, the other is killed and left with her clothes beside her. Now Beth knows she has a twisted serial killer on her hands, she’ll stop at nothing to catch him. Even if it means going against Dax’s orders…

Desperate to find the other missing girl, Beth’s heart pounds as she puts herself up as bait and walks into the secluded forest, knowing evil is lurking nearby. With Dax watching her every move, Beth prays the gamble pays off. Can she outsmart the murderer, or did she just walk into a trap? And when Beth finally comes face to face with the killer, will she hand him over or serve justice of her very own?

Shadow Angel
Book 2, Special Agent Beth Katz
D.K. Hood
Released: 12 September

In a dark cabin, a young woman sits totally still. Long dark hair hangs over her shoulders and heavy makeup adorns her pale face. Cherry red lips offer a hint of a smile, but she won’t ever smile again. Her body is already cold to the touch

When black crows are spotted circling over an abandoned cabin in the woods near Rattlesnake Creek, FBI agent Beth Katz and her maverick partner Dax Styles fear something is very wrong. Beth has been hunting serial killers for years, and as she races to the forest she vows to serve her own form of justice, whatever the cost…

Cassie Durham’s friends reported her missing when she didn’t return home from a local bar a few days ago. Now, Cassie sits in darkness, her last breath taken days before. Beth notices the rouged cheeks and bright blue eyeshadow are nothing like the pictures she’s seen of Cassie alive. Did someone add the heavy makeup and pose her like this after death?

When another woman vanishes from a night out, Beth is convinced a twisted killer is in town. A clue on the dark web leads her to a local late-night hangout. Going undercover, she learns that when both girls vanished they were being watched by someone at the back of the crowded room.

Noticing a man following her every move, Beth knows she has one chance to capture him. With a knife in her pocket and hellbent on saving another innocent life, Beth is already sure she’s going to be the killer tonight. Otherwise she will become his next victim…

Book 1, Fury Brothers
Anna Hackett
Released: 7 September

I’m not looking for a hero, and definitely not a fake relationship with my new boss, nightclub owner Dante Fury—over six feet of dark, hot, and dangerous.

But he isn’t taking no for an answer.

The plan was to run, live under the radar, survive. My life’s been destroyed by some very bad people and everything I know is gone—career, friends, family. I thought I could hide as a bartender at New Orleans’ hottest new club, Ember.

I can’t trust anyone, but after I’m attacked, Dante is determined to play protector by claiming me as his. No one would dare touch the woman of one of the Fury brothers. Suddenly, I’m living at his place, and he’s touching me, kissing me, taking care of me…

Dante makes it very hard to remember this relationship isn’t real. He makes my heart race, but he’s way out of my league, and he’s protecting his own broken pieces.

Nothing this fake should feel this right.

The bad guys won’t give up, but I’m starting to think the biggest danger to me is Dante Fury.

Special Edition paperback

Book 6, Sentinel Security
Anna Hackett
Released: 7 September

She’s the genius hacker known as Hex.

He’s a ghost—the deep-cover spy known only as Shade.

They generate a dangerous level of white-hot sparks, but he needs her help on a deadly mission.

Jet “Hex” Adler loves being a goddess of all thing tech. She provides her team at Sentinel Security with intel and comms, and she’s good at it. No, brilliant. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to be stuck in the office while her guys are in the field, but computers, tech, and drones are her thing. If only she had the same luck with men.

And that does not include a certain hot, cocky, annoying spy.

Cain aka Shade is dedicated to his country. He does the hard, dangerous work so others don’t have to. He came from nothing, he’s alone, unattached. A man like him has nothing to lose. For Cain, life is always about the mission. It can never be about a certain small, smart, feisty hacker.

But now he needs Jet for an important assignment to stop high-tech drone schematics falling into enemy hands.

Of course, Jet will do anything to help save the world…okay, not the entire world, but a lot of innocent lives. Even if it means going undercover with the man who knows how to push every one of her buttons. But as they work together, dodging danger and bad guys, their scorching attraction explodes…and Cain will realize that for the first time in his life, someone is more important to him than his mission.


The Rebel's Prize
Book 3, Daughter of the Ravens
M.J. Scott
Expected Release: 17 October

Hunting traitors is easier than facing the man she never meant to love…

 In the wake of treachery and broken bonds, Chloe de Roche has fled Illvya and a marriage that was never supposed to be real, to hunt the rebel mages trying to topple the empire. Bringing them to justice is the only way to clear her name and salvage something of the life she’s been fighting for. But leaving Lucien behind might be even harder than finding the truth about the treachery buried in the heart of the empire…

Faced with Chloe’s desertion, magic that undermines his ability to know the truth, and a threat to the emperor he is sworn to serve, Lucien de Roche is reeling. But even though his hopes that Chloe might grow to love him have been shattered, he can’t turn his back on his wife. Bound by vows and honor, he has no choice but to follow her, even if she might break his heart…

Defeating those who seek to tear their world apart will not only take all their powers but an admission that they are stronger together than apart. But are they willing to risk their lives—and their hearts—to save an empire?

The Rebel’s Prize is the third and final book in the Daughter of Ravens series, a romantic historical fantasy series from set in the same world as the Four Arts series. This series has old friends turned enemies (and then enemies to lovers), a heroine looking for a second chance, a smitten hero, political intrigue, royal witches, inconvenient marriages, sexy times and more. Enjoy!

Wicked Ways
Book 5, Techwitch
M.J. Scott
Expected Release: 28 May 2024

An exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the magical world, it’s that you never know what’s coming next. Monsters lurk in the dark, and even in the light, danger is never far away. And when you get caught between old troubles and new loyalties, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a way out…

Wicked Ways is the fifth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Author's note: For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Killer's Kiss
Book 11, Lizzie Grace
Keri Arthur
Expected Release: 31 October

An ancient vampire has returned to Castle Rock, and with her comes an even older evil intent on revenge…

Links for Kobo and Google play will appear once the book has been completed and fully edited.

Shield of Fire
Book 4, Relic Hunters
Keri Arthur
Expected Release: 19 March 2024

A new relic, a new threat...

This book is currently available for pre-order on Apple, Amazon, and Nook. Kobo & Google Play will be added once the proofreading has been finished.

Dark Moon Secrets
Book 1, Witch Moon
Lilliana Rose
Expected Release: 16 November

Chosen for a life she doesn’t want, Tanjie is been thrown into a magical world she never knew existed. She’s got powers that need to be controlled before she hurts someone.

Managing a store which is a cover for those who aren’t human. She’s the hope for the future.

Tanjie must learn quickly otherwise her mistakes will cost her life.

Claiming the Fae Crown
Monster Brides
Lilliana Rose
 Multi author series
Expected Release: 15 November

Elfyda must end a war against the fae enemy.

Elfyda isn’t about to stay in the castle and be betrothed to a fae male. Escaping during her brother’s coronation, she goes to the human realm ready for adventure. She finds so much more, especially with Ryker. Elfyda has the freedom she always wanted, and a life she can live as her own.

When fae guards find her, to take her home, she can’t refuse them. War has broken out, the Formorians have come to destroy the fae. As the last remaining princess of the royal bloodline which is strong in the fae magic, she is their only hope.

Problem is, she’s married to Ryker, and as human he will never be accepted. If Ryker comes back with her he could be killed.

Can Elfyda find a way for Ryker to be accepted and claim the fae crown?

Non spec-fic

The Glitter or the Gold
Bindarra Creek Small Town Christmas
multi-autghor series
Suzanne Gilchrist
Expected Release: 1 December

Will she choose the glitter or the gold?

Disillusioned with life and love, Billie Miller flees to the small country town of Bindarra Creek for a fresh start. Her only focus now is to re-connect with her elderly parents who she hasn’t seen for several years. No way has she any interest in a certain American whose easy charm reminds her too much of her ex. At least, that’s what she tells herself.

One glance and Kirk Wellington falls hard for a prickly blonde and a community that feels like home. His ambition of making it big in Hollywood vanishes, instead he creates plans for a different life. Step one - sweet talk Billie into participating in the Christmas play, where he’ll have the opportunity to showcase his many talents. Step two - convince her he’s worthy of her love.

But just as their relationship blossoms, her ex arrives in town begging for forgiveness, and Billie’s heart is torn.
Who will she choose – the man she’s known for years or a charismatic stranger

Welcome to the latest best-selling Bindarra Creek small-town romance series where each book features a standalone love story and can be read in any order. You will love re-visiting this quaint country town and its quirky community of compelling characters as they search for love and happiness.

Her Hot Neighbor
Maggie Rose
Expected Release: 21 September

A year in Australia working as a doctor sounds like a great idea to Autumn.

She can escape the cold English weather, her ex-husband and a stalker. A year to get her life back together and not have any romantic involvements.

‘Love them and leave them wanting’ is Ryan’s motto. That is until he sees Doctor Autumn Blake. This lady just might get through that tough layer he has built around himself. Can the sexual chemistry they feel be just that, or could it be more?

Is one year long enough for these two people to forget their pasts and grab onto a chance of love or will they lose it forever.

This book was previously published as Cocky Carpenter by me writing as Maggie Mundy.

Where Hidden Souls Lie
Book 20, Detectives Kane and Alton
D.K. Hood
Expected Release: 11 October

As she opens her eyes and takes in the dark, damp earth, her heart races. She tries to move but the rope binding her feet cuts tight—she’s trapped underground. Heavy footsteps pace above. A tear falls down her cheek as she stifles a scream. He’s walking away. He’s left her for dead…

When a shallow grave is discovered in the dark pine forest surrounding Black Rock Falls, Sheriff Jenna Alton rushes to investigate. After unearthing the old bones, Jenna scours the area for clues: and her heart beats wildly when she bumps into a teenage girl, breathless and covered in dirt. Wanda Beauchamp tells Jenna she was kidnapped from her foster home and buried alive. Could the kidnapper be linked to the shallow grave?

Taking in Wanda’s thin frame, Jenna knows the poor girl is close to death. She’ll do everything she can to save her, but they’re miles from anywhere and night is falling fast. When Wanda falls, the kidnapper makes his move and Jenna is powerless to stop him taking the young girl’s life. Escaping the same fate, she is wracked with guilt and vows to catch the ruthless killer and bring him to justice.

When another girl is reported missing from a foster home, Jenna and her deputy David Kane know they must act fast to save her. Jenna believes the murderer lives off-grid, and a clue at a local supply store finally leads her to a remote cabin in the woods.

Still haunted by Wanda’s last moments, can Jenna lay a trap to outsmart this twisted killer praying on young girls? Or did she just put herself in unthinkable danger?


The 'Daughter of the Ravens' series now have new covers!

The Exile's Curse
Book 1, Daughter of the Ravens
M.J. Scott

To save her new life, she needs the man who destroyed her old one...

Chloe de Montesse never thought she’d return from exile. Now she has a chance to reclaim the life she fled after her husband was executed for treason. But coming home again isn’t as simple as it sounds. Her magic is rusty, her family want her to wrap her in cotton wool, and Illvyan society views her as a scandal waiting to happen. Worse, her new life keeps throwing her into the path of the man who destroyed her old one.

Lucien de Roche’s magic bares the truth for all to see. He’s used it to serve the empire, but there’s one secret he’s always kept hidden. The fact that he fell in love with his best friend’s wife. And that he’s never quite fallen out again. Now Chloe is back and it’s no secret at all that she loathes him for his part in her husband’s death. A sensible man would forget her…but he’s tired of being sensible. And determined to keep her safe.

When a mission from the emperor takes them both into the wildest heart of the empire, to a country where power and loyalties collide, and old plots simmer back to life, Chloe finds herself dragged back into the past she wants to leave behind. And her only way out might be Lucien. The man she thinks she can never trust. The man she wants to hate. Or hates to want…

The Exile’s Curse is the first book in the Daughter of Ravens series, a new romantic gaslamp fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott, set in the same world as the Four Arts series. This series has old friends turned enemies (and then enemies to lovers), a heroine looking for a second chance, a smitten hero, political intrigue, royal witches, inconvenient marriages, sexy times and more. Enjoy!

Author's note: For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

You don't need to read the Four Arts books first but maybe you'd like to catch up?
Book 1 – The Shattered Court
Book 2 – The Forbidden Heir
Book 3 – The Unbound Queen

Plus Courting The Witch, a prequel novella (previously published in the Warlords, Witches and Wolves Anthology, now including an all new bonus second epilogue).

The Traitor's Game
Book 2, Daughter of the Ravens
M.J. Scott

Magically bound to the man who should be her worst enemy.

Chloe de Montesse dreamed about returning home to a peaceful life. But now she has an inconvenient marriage no one wants to let her end, a diplomatic scandal to navigate, and old troubles swirling around her. As well as trying to determine who might want her dead. And that’s just the beginning…

Lucien de Roche has avoided marriage for years because his heart belonged to a woman he could never have. Now he has her, but he knows he’ll have to let her go again because their marriage is a sham. So he still can’t tell her the truth. But he will do everything in his power to keep her safe…

See Book 3 - The Rebel's Prize - details in the Pre-Order section above.

Of Forge and Flame
Book 1, Dragon Forged
M.J. Scott
Expected Release: TBA

The Step Mother
Sally Rigby and Amanda Ashby
Expected Release: 30 October

She’ll do anything to protect her family…

Libby Curtis never wanted children, until she met Nathan, a gorgeous widower with two young children. Now ten years later she can’t imagine her life without Sam and Sienna – she’d do anything for her precious kids. Anything….

So when a missing teenager is found lying on the side of the road, Libby’s first thoughts are for her own kids. Are they safe? Are they home?

What Libby doesn’t expect is for her children to be involved in the girl’s disappearance. But when she discovers an item in her stepson’s car linked to the victim Libby’s fears increase.

She can’t believe that the sweet boy she’s raised could do something like that. But if not Sam….who?

Libby must discover the truth before her family is ripped apart. But someone is determined to make sure their secrets stay hidden – even if the consequences are deadly…

New Covers for
Hollywood Hearts
Helen Walton

How The Grinch Lusted After Santa
Book 1

An actress secretly in love with her co-star. An actor lusting after his co-star. When they’re both single at the same time, will they finally admit their feelings?

Candy Cane doesn’t believe her wish will ever come true. Madly in love with her co-star, she looks forward to spending time with him each year they perform in the Christmas play. When she learns he’s no longer engaged, can she brave her fears and tell him her on-stage kisses are real?

Devin Meyer looks forward to returning to his hometown each Christmas. Being a famous actor isn’t easy but playing the Grinch every year is his favorite role because he gets to spend time with Candy. When his co-star admits her feelings for him, will he seize his chance for a real kiss? And more?

Will their Christmas wishes end in happiness?


Lusting After Valentine
Book 2

A hesitant stand-in actress. A famous actor looking for a real connection. When they’re alone together on Valentine’s Day, will their love scenes spill over into real life?

Hazel Sanchez is scared to act opposite her crush. Lusting after the sexiest man alive is no secret to her sister. When he becomes her sister’s co-star it gets even worse, but when her sister injures herself and asks her to stand in, can she act like a professional and put aside her feelings?

Valentine D Ross doesn’t believe he’ll find true love. As a famous actor, he’s never short of women vying for his attention. When the woman of his dreams becomes his new stand-in co-star, can he convince her of his growing love?

Will Valentine’s Day be the start of their happily ever after?

The Lustful Leprechaun
Book 3

An actress determined to make a name for herself. An actor who never gave up on love. When Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations bring them back together, will they give love a second chance?

Olive Sanchez lost the love of her life. Chasing her dream career came at a huge cost. When she returns home for a holiday, can she avoid the man she once loved, or will she seek him out?

Tate Saint James never gave up on his former girlfriend. Even though she broke up with him when their careers took them in different directions, he always believed they’d end up together. When he sees her in his favorite bar dressed in an enchanting costume, he’s determined they clear the air.

Sparks fly, passion and hurt collide, but will love mend their hearts?

The Lustful Leprechaun is the sizzling third standalone book in the Hollywood Hearts short story series. If you like instalove, holiday romance, and a quick read then you’ll love Helen Walton’s charming romance.

The Lustful Bunny
Book 4

An actress with her first big break. A famous bad boy actor. When they kiss, will it spark love or death?

Natalie Klutz has dreamed of being a famous actress forever. Even if her family doesn’t support her career, she’s determined to make it. When she finally gets a role in a movie, she decides to arrive at the location a few days early so she doesn’t have to hear her family put her down all Easter.

​Conrad Saint James has a bad boy reputation he can’t shake. He can’t help it if women throw themselves at him just because he’s a famous actor. When one woman doesn’t, he wants her more than any woman before her.

​One dance leads them to a kiss that has catastrophic results. And Natalie is left wondering if she just killed the star of the movie.


The Ex Wife
Sally Rigby and Amanda Ashby
On Sale via Chirpbooks until 29 September

My life was perfect until she came along. Norah.

Younger, prettier and about to marry my own ex-husband, they are a walking cliché.

I hate her. I hate them both.

She’s taken everything from me – my husband, my life, my home - but I refuse to allow her to take Cassie, my beautiful daughter. That’s a step too far.

Now I’ve discovered that Norah plans to have a baby of her own and that causes me no end of problems. She could destroy everything and reveal my deepest, darkest secrets.

That can never be allowed to happen.

No matter what it costs…

A brand new psychological thriller that will keep you guessing till the end! Perfect for fans of Sue Watson, Nina Manning, Shalini Boland


TJ Nichols

The Kickstarter project is now live and doing well: Ogres & other Dating Dilemmas. It's a new special edition standalone novel set in the same world as the gay urban fantasy Mytho series + other great rewards. 

TJ also has this great graphic to show the Familiar Mates World.

Anna Hackett

The Detective
 is now available in German.


M.J. Scott

Check out M.J.'s Pinterest Board for her upcoming Dragon Forged series!

D.K. Hood

Books 7 (Break The Silence) & 8 (Her Broken Wings) in the Detectives Kane & Alton series has been published in French


Congratulations to our DarkSiders! 
Happy Reading. Be safe & well. 

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