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Tuesday 15 November 2022

DarkSider News: November 2022 - Part 2!


Winter is holding on here DownUnder but at least we have sunny news to share.


Book Fair Australia

Mila Young, Lilliana Rose and HM Hodgson will be attending Book Fair Australia in Sydney on 26-27 November 2022.  Tickets on sale now.

RARE23 London

Mila Young
will be appearing at RARE on 8 July 2023. Ticket sales have already sold out. 


Amukkan's Prize
Marie Dry
Book 3, Tunrian Cyborgs
Release: 7 November

Did she run from one monster into the arms of a bigger monster?

On the run to keep her four-year-old daughter safe from her monstrous ex, Marysol is determined to never again marry, never trust again, never love again. The last thing she expected was to be kidnapped by a cyborg who claims to be the cook on the spaceship.

But something must be seriously wrong with her because the more she gets to know Amukkan, the more she sees a lonely man instead of a dangerous cyborg. But would this handsome gentle giant who loves to cook, turn into the sort of monster her ex did once he knew he had her?

Could he be something more sinister than a cook?

Fae's Song
Helen Walton
Book 1, Summer Court
Released: 3 November

The fate of the Fae begins…

Songstress, Niamh, has an unusual Fae power—an influence in her voice. Singing at the prince’s two hundredth birthday celebrations should be a grand moment, but not luring the prince into believing she’s his mate is all she’s concerned about. For every man succumbs to the magic of her voice and the prince is the one man she wants but can never have. For what can a lowly earth-living Fae offer the prince of the Summer Court?

When the King and Queen of the Fae insist Prince Fintan select a mate on his birthday, he’s reluctant to settle for a chosen mate, but then he stumbles upon his fated mate. He never thought he’d need to woo her, but if that’s what it takes to convince Niamh they’re fated mates, then he’ll do anything in his considerable power to make her his.

But as the secret in Niamh’s power is revealed, will Fintan still believe they are fated mates? Or will her secret be their undoing? And those of the Fae?

Alpha Male Anthology
contains Luna Hunted by
Helen Walton
Released: 8 November

Paranormal romance lovers will devour these thirteen novellas featuring alpha male shifters and the women they're determined to claim. Our handpicked stories are full of heat, passion, and romances to remember. Fourteen authors, including some of your favorite Evernight bestsellers, are proud to present Alpha Male.


Fray by Raven Hush

Unlikely Mates by Jade Marshall

Luna Hunted by Helen Walton

Dragons Don't Share by Lily Harlem

Return of the Alpha by Beth D. Carter

Claimed by the Alpha by Lila Fox

Love at First Scent by Sarah Marsh

His Curvy Mate by Sam Crescent & Stacey Espino

Forsaken Omega by Winter Sloane

Belonging by Rose Wulf

Wild Hearts by Faedra Rose

The Alpha's Private Dancer by Cooper McKenzie

Just His Luck by Kait Gamble

A Relic of Magic and Gold
HM Hodgson
Book 1, Three Gifts Trilogy
Released: 8 November

When you’re a witch on the run, do you trust your heart or your magic to lead you in the right direction?

Fiercely independent Evangeline has spent ten years studying witchkind’s most complex and potent spells. Now she’s finally starting her life as a spellcaster protecting dangerous relics.

But when a powerful relic goes missing and Eve is accused of the theft, she has no choice but to ask the sexy, way-too-smooth Private Investigator Raph Smith for help, or risk ending up in a Knights Templar dungeon.

Raph Smith always gets his missing person—even though the reason why is a closely guarded secret—so finding a lost trinket box should be easy money. But the relic has a deadly secret too … and those who know the truth will do anything to find the artifact, including killing anyone who stands in their way.

With the Knights Templar, an international crime family, Daemons from the Underworld, and Eve’s own coven on their heels, Eve and Raph are forced to work closely together. But as the sheets heat up, and with their hearts and heads on the line, can Eve and Raph really trust each other?

Because what started out as reclaiming Eve’s livelihood, has become a fight to save her life. And the rest of humankind.

Relics and Legends – where witchcraft is a business and legends aren’t consigned to history.

Anna Hackett
Book 4, Galactic Kings
Released: 8 November 

Are you ready to head back to the Sarkany System?

Three powerful warrior kings, all brothers, are united in the fight against their power-hungry father, Zavir. They’ll do everything to protect their planets, their people, and the women from Earth they’ve fallen in love with.

I am so thrilled to share the final Galactic Kings book with you soon. Conqueror is the story of dark, intense Conqueror Graylan Sarkany, the ruler of the planet of Taln.

It’s time for the final showdown with Rhain, Brodin, and Graylan’s power-hungry father, Zavir. Graylan’s only focus is protecting his people and defeating his father, until he meets a tough, feisty survivor from Earth…

Evie Mason has survived two years in alien captivity. She’s free, but she can’t return to Earth and her captors have changed her…left her with a volatile power she isn’t sure she can control.

On top of the fear and nightmares, one man ignites a desire she’s not felt in so long–one dangerous, powerful alien conqueror.

Mila Young and C.R. Jane
Book 6, The Devil's Gate MC
(multiple author universe)
Released: 6 November in audio format

They saved me…only to sacrifice me…

To him.

They call it the Rapture, when the vampire king comes.

And this time, he’s come for me.

Just as he’s come every 10 years for so long, no one can even remember when it all began.

He’s the villain in my story; I see that right away.

But when his teeth sink into my skin…something happens.

Something that isn’t supposed to.

Instead of draining me like all the others…

He changes me.

Makes me like him.

Now I’m trapped in his kingdom of monsters.

Completely unrecognizable from the girl I once was.

He and his lost boys have changed the rules of the game.

But the more time that passes, the more I realize…I still want to play.

Rapture is a stand-alone reverse harem novel that can be listened to independently from the rest of the shared world. Rapture is a dark, reverse harem reimagining of Peter Pan with morally grey love interests and paranormal MC vibes. This is a complete stand-alone set in the MC Syndicates shared world and is intended for mature audiences.

MC Syndicates is a shared universe, crafted by a set of USA Today and international best-selling authors, that features an array of paranormal species, savage, dominant men, and strong heroines. These stories are all set in the same world and can be listened to in any order.

| Amazon | Audible

Non spec-fic

Holiday Kisses
contains stories by
D.D. Line  and Carolyn Wren
Released: 4 November

‘Tis the season to fall in love in this heartwarming collection of Christmas romance stories.

It’s Christmas…a time for kisses under the mistletoe, tree decorating, fruit mince pies, fairy lights and snow in abundance. This holiday season celebrates the joy of romance with some Holiday Kisses.

Filled with love, romance, and a whole lot of heart. From a Christmas gift exchange program, Manhattan wedding, fireman’s calendar photography shoot, train trip to Edinburgh, Irish castle, holiday job, Christmas wedding photo shoot, missent text, plum pudding catastrophe, and a mischievous donkey named Colin. All with a kiss or two.

Families reunite, new friends are made, and old flames take a second chance at happiness. Escape between the pages and get swept away into these holiday stories celebrating the spirit of the Christmas season!

Light the fire, grab some hot chocolate and settle in for the night and dive into these Christmassy romances. With ten stories from Australian authors, you’re sure to find something to pull at the heartstrings while rediscovering the joys of Christmas.

Secrets of River Cottage
Annie Seaton
Book 5, Bindarra Creek Mystery
(multiple author series)
Released:14 November

Forced to move from the safe haven of her in-law’s farmhouse, single mum, Cathy Kendall is horrified she must return to the renovated River Cottage – a house that holds secrets and sad memories. When builders discover bones beneath the old house and the site is declared a crime scene, speculation and gossip engulf Bindarra Creek.

Landscaper, Grant Cummings has returned to his hometown to seek justice and it suits him to keep a close eye on Cathy. As the investigation progresses, attraction flares between them.

But when a series of suspicious events threaten Cathy’s life, should she share her suspicions with Grant?

Or is his mysterious past a warning that trusting him could prove deadly?

Welcome to the latest Bindarra Creek romances. You will love re-visiting this quaint country town and its quirky community as compelling characters search for love and happiness. Don't miss out on these seven mystery romances by best-selling Australian authors.

East of Alice
Annie Seaton
Released: 15 November

A gem-fossicking discovery echoes through time and leads to a dangerous journey through the red dust outback. A gripping mystery from Australian author Annie Seaton.

The last thing advertising art director Lucy Bellamy wants is to go home to the Outback, but duty to family calls. At least there's one bonus—her first love, sexy cowboy neighbor, Garth Mackenzie, is there and the attraction between them is still explosive. But Lucy has no intention of getting stuck in this two-bit town and she counts down the days until she can go back to her real life.

After an engineering degree and working in the mines of Western Australia, Garth has returned to the Outback and is home to stay. His goal is to settle down, start a family, and work his beloved land with the girl he's always loved. But if it comes to Lucy choosing between the glamour of the city or making a home with him in the Outback—he'd lose, hands down.

Her Outback Cowboy
Annie Seaton
Released: 8 November in audio format

The last thing advertising art director Lucy Bellamy wants is to go home to the Outback, but duty to family calls. At least there's one bonus—her first love, sexy cowboy neighbor, Garth Mackenzie, is there and the attraction between them is still explosive. But Lucy has no intention of getting stuck in this two-bit town and she counts down the days until she can go back to her real life.

After an engineering degree and working in the mines of Western Australia, Garth has returned to the Outback and is home to stay. His goal is to settle down, start a family, and work his beloved land with the girl he's always loved. But if it comes to Lucy choosing between the glamour of the city or making a home with him in the Outback—he'd lose, hands down.

Taken By The Sheikh
collection by
Mel Teshco, Christina Phillips and Cathleen Ross
Released: 19 October in paperback format

Three Desert Sheikhs: Three Captive Brides.

Bound by duty to honor their father’s dying wish, three royal brothers must marry their destined brides… by whatever means necessary…

Hostage to the Sheikh ~ Mel Teshco
Sheikh Shahzad Salah al Din doesn’t have time for hearts and flowers, not when his parents’ bodies are barely even cold in their graves and his country, Omana, is on the brink of revolt. He has to secure peace by honoring a long ago arrangement to make English rose, Lexi Galvin, his wife. The trouble is strong-willed Lexi isn’t aware of her royal Arab lineage let alone her destiny. There is only one way Shahzad can guarantee she will be his queen … and he isn’t above using force to get it.

The Sheikh’s Mistaken Bride ~ Christina Phillips
In order to secure a powerful alliance for his country, Khalid has no choice but to marry a neighboring princess. It’s not what he wants, but duty must come before pleasure. Yet when he meets the beautiful Sanura he changes his mind… only to discover the virgin in his bed is not his destined bride.

Sold to the Sheikh ~ Cathleen Ross
He’d paid a fortune for his bride and he was determined to collect, whether she liked it or not.

Rafi Salah al Din doesn’t trust easily. In charge of security for his country Omana, he devotes his life to duty. With his parents murdered it is his duty to stabilize his country by finding his parents’ assassin, marry and produce a son to ensure the Salah al Din line lives on. So why does the wife he bought disagree?

Anna Hackett
Book 1, Sentinel Security
Released: 4 November in audio format

He’s her best friend’s older brother.

The hot, tough former Navy SEAL.

The man she’s had a crush on her entire life and now the man pretending to be her lover to keep her safe.

CEO Lainie Madden has her hands full. In charge of a growing tech company, her work and her employees are her life. She’s sworn off love, because the sad reality is that she stinks at choosing men who aren’t self-absorbed cheaters. But when she starts receiving disturbing death threats and her company’s website gets hit with relentless cyber-attacks, she’s in over her head.

What she never expected was her best friend’s bossy, rugged brother to steamroll in to play her fake boyfriend and very real protector.

Former SEAL and CIA agent Nick “Wolf” Garrick is second in command at Sentinel Security. He’s spent most of his life fighting and protecting others, proving he’s nothing like the ex-con who fathered him. He’s also spent years ignoring his scorching attraction to his little sister’s best friend. Lainie is sweet, fresh, smart…and off limits.

But when he finds out she’s in danger, it flips a switch inside him. Whatever the risk, whatever it takes, even pretending that they’re lovers, he’ll protect Lainie and take down the person hunting her.

The more time Lainie and Nick spend together, the more the lines blur. As danger swirls around them, their pretend relationship starts to feel very real. But Nick doesn’t do relationships and Lainie doesn’t want to get hurt again…

Wanted: Mistletoe
anthology contains Christmas Ribbon by
Lilliana Rose
Released: 1 November

Dear Santa,
Before I explain, how much have the elves told you?

Who's ready for a little naughty & nice? With some mistletoe and holiday cheer, anything can--and does--happen during Christmas.

Your favorite contemporary authors have gathered around the Wintery hearth to bring you scintillating holiday romances. These sexy stories will deck your halls with filthy balls. If you’re not on the naughty list yet, you will be after indulging in these steamy reads. Whether you’re naughty or nice or you’re on Santa’s watchlist, these romances will put you in a celebratory mood and warm your heart.

Get this steamy holiday collection today.


Marie Dry
Book 1, Zygrin Scars
Expected release: 30 November 

In a bid to get the Zyrgin invaders off their planet, Amira had handed one of their warriors a cup of drugged wine. At the time she didn't know her evil cousins would torture him. Didn't think it would cost him his career as a conquest warrior.

Monster's Obsession
Mila Young and C.R. Jane
Book 2, Monster and Me
Expected Release: 28 November

Book 2 of the Monster & Me Duet

Blurb coming soon...

Hell or Highwater
Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks
Book 8, Sin Demons
Expected Release: 31 August 2023 
(date expected to be moved up)

There's a baby on the way for Aria and her four demon lovers... so how about a tropical getaway before all hell breaks loose?

What could go wrong?

Fae's Wolf
Helen Walton
Book 2, Fated Mates of the Fae Royals, Summer Court
Expected Release: 3 January 2023

Two hearts, one fate… their love forbidden by all.

Fae princess Saoirse has one mission. Save the Summer Court’s dwindling Spring of Life. For if the spring ceases, so does their immortality. After the atrocities of the Trappers, the Fae King, her father, sealed the veil separating Earth and the Summer Court. Unbeknownst to him, her royal powers work on the lock and she passes between the two realms, searching for a cure.

That, and to avoid other Fae while she’s in heat.

After battling wildfires, wolf shifter, Arrow returns to his small hometown. He never expected to scent his fated mate, and a rare Fae at that. One whiff of her scent, one look into her eyes, one touch of her body, and he’s overwhelmed by the urge to mark her. Claim her.

Claiming Saoirse as his mate doesn’t mean she’ll accept him or his wolf. Nor does it mean his pack will accept her.

As a fire consumes all in its path, Saoirse faces revealing her secret powers to save the wolf shifters and risking the wrath of the Fae King. Will this convince the shifters and the Fae to work together? Or will the two realms forbid their mating forever?

Mel Teshco
Book 1, Alien Fugitives
Expected Release: 31 January 2023

She’s afraid to love again. He’s afraid to lose again.

Jack Ashton appears from out of nowhere, saving Brynn like a knight in shining armor from her terrifying ex. Though her heady attraction to Jack opens up her heart again, she discovers her knight comes with scales and a fin. She should be terrified, but there is something about him that draws her in and makes her feel safe.

Jack hid his identity so well from the dronians—an alien enemy intent on hunting him and the last of his species down—he managed to brainwash himself in the process, forgetting his name and the real him while living and working on Earth. But when his memories come flooding back and he becomes protector of a human woman, he realizes life on Earth isn’t going to be any easier than what it had been on his own world, especially with a vulnerable human in his care.

Lying low and not drawing attention was his one and only goal. But when he falls for Brynn and dronians threaten her life, he knows he can’t lose another loved one again. He’ll do whatever he must to keep her alive and safe, even if he has to draw on every one of his unstable alien powers to do so.


Mel Teshco
Book 2, Alien Fugitives
Expected Release: 10 May 2023

He’s a bounty hunter sent to Earth to capture her. She’ll fight tooth and nail for her freedom.

Sienna Moore is a revered rare—a Strazan native with unique powers—burdened with grief and guilt after her species died in battle against vicious Dronians while she and six other rares escaped to Earth. Sienna takes up residence in the carriage of an ever-moving train, where she uses her mind powers to conceal her true identity. But nothing can stop the Dronians from closing in on her and the last few rares.
Gray Bastine has tracked down Sienna with the goal to capture her before the Dronians find and kill her. With his own planet in danger of becoming the Dronians next world to destroy and conquer he will force Sienna to uncover everything there is to know about their common enemy. Except Sienna isn’t so easy to acquire and the longer it takes to claim her the more he realizes their attraction is making this a mission impossible.


Mel Teshco
Book 3, Alien Fugitives
Expected Release: 1 July 2023

She’s fed up with her mundane life. He yearns to escape the danger that surrounds him.

Jasper Finch wants to leave the Earth city of New Faxian behind where he and six other rares—the last surviving Strazans with extraordinary powers—are forced to live thanks to the freshwater river cutting through the city. Water nourishes his species and stabilizes their powers, which are volatile on Earth. A pity his relentless enemy is tracking him down. Then he meets an intriguing woman, and leaving becomes the furthest thing on his mind.
Suzy Grant is over her career as a car saleswoman, but then it’s fair to say she’s over everything and everyone…until a young man with afro hair and a ripped body walks into the car yard. That she is too old for him is as painfully obvious as his reluctance to buy a car. So why is he so reluctant to leave? But getting to know the real him comes at a price. He isn’t what he seems…and he has pitiless alien enemies that make her reconsider the serenity of her humdrum life.


Non Spec-Fic

Guarded Hearts
contains stories by
HM Hodgson and S.E. Gilchrist
Expected Release: 18 November

Guarded Hearts anthology presents 17 passionate protector romances and captivatingly hot romantic suspense novellas.

Military heros, undercover operatives, guns for hire, private security and first responders are the order of the day. This collection is action-packed with heroic men and the brave women who stand with them - then win them over.

Holding out for a hero? Here they are!

The Sheikh's Secret Mistress
Mel Teshco
Book 5, Desert Kings Alliance
Expected Release: 30 December

She desires the man of her dreams. Can she resist the attention of another?

Sheikha Aisha Al Wahed might be the sister to Sheikh Hamid—one of the most renowned and unconventional Sheikhs on the planet—but it doesn’t mean she is cut from the same cloth. She wants what almost every girl wants: to marry the love of her life. That she’s had a crush on Tabari Usamah for so long makes her more determined for him notice her. So why is Dhamar, one of her brother’s many friends, distracting her beyond all reason?
Sheikh Dhamar Qadir desires one thing—Aisha Al Wahed. A pity she is besotted with another man not worthy of her affection. But Dhamar won’t give up, he’ll do whatever is necessary to make her fall in love with him, and he’s not above using every tool in his arsenal to make that happen, including removing Tabari from the picture and sending him away. But will his interference cost him the love and respect of the one woman he wants above all else?

The Sheikh's Fake Fiancee
Mel Teshco
Book 6, Desert Kings Alliance
Expected Release: 31 March 2023

She’s an outcast. He’s a newly appointed sheikh. It can’t possibly work—can it?

Zania Akhtar has only one regret in life: falling for the smooth lies and seduction of an older man, the same man her once best friend and Sheikha of Imbranak imagined herself in love with. Now Zania is scorned by her friends and strangers alike, and with no money and apparently even less values, she has no one to turn to—until Sheikh Kain Al Hadi of Dumak, proposes an idea to her.

Sheikh Kain is in a dilemma. Not only is his beloved widowed mother desperate for him to marry and create heirs to the throne, he can’t keep his eyes off a young and beautiful commoner whose reputation is in absolute tatters. There is only one thing for it—a fake engagement. It will restore Zania’s reputation while getting his mother off his back about marriage and babies. Then once the dust settles, his libido is quenched and her mother realizes her mistake, he and Zania can go their separate ways.

But things don’t always go according to plan.

Covers by Eleni Konstantine's alter ego, HelzKat Designs.

A Clever Christmas
Annie Seaton 
Bindarra Creek Christmas Romance
(multi-author series)
Expected Release: 18 December

Reclusive botanist, Mark Altmann, visits Bindarra Creek to look for the rare native mistletoe, not seen in Australia for many years. According to local lore, the red flowers have been sighted in the Akuna National Park.

Leah Maclean moved home to Bindarra Creek when she left her job at the Sydney Museum. The last person she expected to see in her hometown was workaholic, Mark Altmann, the man she had fallen in love with.

Can the Christmas spirit and the elusive red flower weave magic around them?

Outback Dust: The Drifter
Annie Seaton
Book 7, The Augathella Girls
Expected Release: 31 January 2023

Jacinta Mason, kindergarten teacher at Augathella school, is horrified when she attends the hen’s night at the local pub for Sophie Cartwright, her future sister-in-law. Disillusioned by a failed romance when she was at university, Jacinta is content with her life in her hometown. Meeting Ryder Francesco again leaves her reeling. His new career is a far cry from his past studies in medical research.

Jacinta is the last person Ryder Francesco expected to encounter on the outback tour with the male dance troupe. Circumstances have changed his life drastically since he had to leave her. He is wary of Jacinta’s reaction to him, even though he has never stopped loving this gentle, shy woman.

Jacinta is torn, the hurt from her past tells her to steer clear of Ryder, but her heart wants to dig deeper and find why he really left. He pushes her away, yet every time she pushes back, Ryder finds her harder to resist.

Can they overcome the past and give in to the love that has never died?

Outback Hope: The Farmer
Annie Seaton
Book 8, The Augathella Girls
Expected Release: 28 February 2023

Who knew overhearing a private conversation would change her life forever?

When Kimberley Riordan realises how much trouble her long-time friend, Quinn Calthorpe is in, she knows she must find a way to help him.

But if Quinn discovers her plan, Kimberley knows he will leave Augathella and lose his cattle station. She enlists the help of her sisters, determined to make Quinn fall in love with her, even though she isn’t in love with him.

But Cupid delivers unexpected results, and Kimberley’s plans are destined for a fall.
What will she do when she discovers that Quinn has always been in love with her?


Arakhu's Spy
Marie Dry
Book 5, Tunrian Cyborgs
Expected Release: TBA

She’s a hacker, not a spy, but the cyborg who saved and then captured her, won’t believe her.

Nebuchadnezzar's Triumph
Marie Dry
Book 6, Tunrian Cyborgs
Expected Release: TBA

She was enslaved once, no cyborg was going to capture her heart.


Mutant Unveiled
Mel Teshco
Book 1, Freaks of Nature
is 99c for a limited time

A mutant tortured and barely alive. A woman restrained by a society she no longer trusts.

When Khalisa first sets eyes on the barely conscious mutant, Zielle, she isn’t prepared for the anguish within at seeing firsthand what the scientists in the Dome’s facility are doing to the ‘monsters’ who live outside the air-cleansed compound. But then she’s always rebelled against the rules. Always questioned and defied everything she’s been told since she and her brother, Dwight, were captured and saved from outside, where the chemical fallout would have turned them mutant too.

What she and her brother don’t know is that they are dormant mutants whose powers are yet to be triggered. They are also the last hope of saving a mutant clan, whose leader, Zielle, volunteers to be captured by the evil humans so that he can find and rescue the mutant siblings. But it’s only Khalisa he can free, and on the run from the humans who’d do anything possible to recapture them, he has to convince Khalisa that he’s on her side…and that the sizzling chemistry between them is just an added bonus.

Get a copy

Pentecost Island Box Set 2
Annie Seaton
Books 4-6, Pentecost Island
is $1.49 for a limited time on Amazon Aus.

Pentecost Island...where romance entices and secrets unfold.

Pentecost Island series : Books 4-6 in a boxed set

From best selling author, Annie Seaton, three beautiful stories of female friendships, and the unbreakable bond that sees friends stay together through the ups and downs of life.

Tamsin Jones has invested a lot of time and energy catering at the new eco-resort developed by her friend, Pippa, on Pentecost Island. The dynamics of the work team—and their lifelong friendship has changed with the return of Eliza Pengelly and Phillipe. Tensions are running high and the official opening is imminent, so Tamsin takes a few days off and meets sexy Gabe Brown. But despite succumbing to his charm, Tamsin knows that Gabe is holding a secret. She is determined to discover why he is so interested in her.

Gabe has a task to fulfil, but Tamsin is not what he expected; the closer he gets to completing the task he has been entrusted with, the more he falls for her. It should be easy to ignore this woman and complete the task he’s been set . . . but Gabe has never been so attracted to a woman before.

When he loses Tamsin’s trust, can Gabe redeem himself and save his heart in the process?
Evie sailed into life at Pentecost Island excited to have a place to belong after ten years of living alone on her boat. She uses her skills to landscape Ma Carmichael’s Resort and cements her friendship with the girls on the island.

When Jed Stephenson, her brother’s best friend— who also happens to be her ex-husband— turns up on Pentecost island to convince Evie it is time to go back home to her family, she is faced with a choice that may mean the difference between life and death for someone she once loved.
Can Jed break though the defences of the woman he has never stopped loving?

Cherry Chilcott has always dreamed of being a chef. When she is offered a traineeship at the new resort restaurant on Pentecost Island, her dream is within reach. Tamsin Jones, her boss, is an award-winning chef and Cherry is keen to follow in her footsteps.
When Angus Alexander takes on the job as sous chef at the restaurant, he becomes Cherry’s supervisor. Little does Tamsin know that this pair have a history, and it ended badly—very badly.
Can Cherry ignore the sparks that still ignite between them, and can Angus learn to trust the woman he once loved?

Outback Roads: The Nanny
Annie Seaton
Book 1, The Augathella Girls
is currently FREE on Amazon.

Determined never to trust a man again, Callie Young walks out of her job as a presenter on the weather channel, determined to take the first job that will get her out of the city and away from the Tik Tok video, #wrongforecast, that has kept the world amused. Meeting her new employer, the cranky and bossy owner of Kilcoy Station reinforces her belief that no man can be trusted, but to Callie’s dismay that doesn’t stop the growing attraction to this difficult man.

Braden is unimpressed with the glamorous woman the city employment agency sends in response to his desperate ad for a nanny. She’s never been out of the city, barely knows the difference between a bull and a milking cow, and drives a luxury sedan. But she makes him feel things he’d thought were gone for good. Will his sad past, and a guilty secret, protect his heart and ensure Braden denies his growing feelings for Callie?


Helen Walton

Fae's Song
(Fated Mates of the Fae Royals - Summer Court Book 1) has a release day post over at ARRA.

Helen has an author spotlight over at Catrin Russell's blog.

Alpha Male (featuring Helen's Luna Hunted) has a release day post over at ARRA.

Anna Hackett

The German edition of The Investigator is now available

Annie Seaton

An extract from East of Alice is on the Better Reading website. 


Congratulations to our DarkSiders.

Thanks for joining us. Until next week, be safe and well.

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