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Sunday, 11 October 2020

DarkSider News for October 2020

Welcome back!

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone and we needed to take a breather. 
Now we're back! There's a whole lotta DarkSider News to catch up with.


Favourite Sci Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance 
Wicked Wings by Keri Arthur

Favourite Romantic Suspense 2019
Shadows Over Wongan Creek by Juanita Kees

Favourite Debut Romance Author 2019 – proudly sponsored by Booktopia
Samantha Marshall

The Speculative Fiction Ruby Award was awarded to Anna Hackett for Heart of Eon

Khloe Wren is one of the 2020 Short Story Challenge Winners for the 1001 Dark Nights Competition.   Her story Outback Prince is about a dingo shifter claiming his mate. The collection of short stories will release in December and be free.


An Unsuitable Lady for a Lord by Cathleen Ross was released in April by Entangled: Scandalous.

Lord Aaron Lyle has one hell of a choice: a bankrupt dukedom, or marriage to some simpering society miss so his spendthrift father can get his hands on her huge dowry. He won’t do it. He has a reputation to maintain, and besides, he’d rather run naked through the streets of London than marry anyone at all. Surely, there must be a third option.

Then Lady Crystal Wilding walks into his life, a bluestocking, full of subversive thoughts, who hates the notion of marriage even more than he does. He is intrigued...and suddenly he has an idea. He invites the totally unsuitable lady home on the pretext of presenting her as a possible match...but in truth, Aaron has something far more pleasurable in mind. For her part, Lady Crystal has her own reasons for going along with his harebrained scheme.

Imagine their shock when his highly proper family loves her and starts planning the wedding. Good lord. Now what?

Available from:
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The Queen by Mel Teshco (Book 7, Dragons of Riddich) was released 15 September.

The dragons have searched the universe to find their one true mate…

Twelve months has been and gone. The Riddich dragons are finally reunited and have brought with them their Earth mates. All too soon they form a plan with their unlikely, newfound friends. They'll land on the icy planet of Tantonic, their mission: to kill the evil Tantonic Queen and her soldiers, and release any surviving prisoners.

But can the heat loving Riddich Dragons survive the cold and outwit the vicious Tantonic Queen who all but wiped out their mighty race? Or will they perish, or worse, be drained of their powers before they've even had a chance to avenge their fallen people?…

Available from:

Sorcery and Sandstorms by Samantha Marshall (Book 2, Weaver's War) was released on 22 June.

A slave. A fire sorcerer. A grumpy cyborg.

When an otherwise perfectly good night for drowning his sorrows is ruined by the fiery destruction of his living room, Flare Veritax is forced to accept not only sobriety, but the spine chilling realisation that his sister Arcana is in mortal danger. Desperate and a little singed, Flare bargains his way aboard Galactic Station as Sorcen’s representative to the mighty Galactic Alliance, the last true bastion of safety in the war against the warg. While he has no interest in politics itself, the Alliance has both information and influence which, if Flare can access it, may be the key to locating his sister.

After surrendering his freedom to save the lives of his loved ones, Fenris languishes in chains on the primitive desert world of Hiraptha. All the while, Arcana’s spirit floats in the custody of the Weaver, her continued survival dependant entirely on the other female’s ability to keep her hidden from the ever-seeking Taelon.

Before Flare can harness the strength of the Alliance, he must prove Sorcen’s loyalty by locating a fleet of missing starships. Thrown into partnership with a mysterious rogue and dogged by a murderous spy, he’ll need every ounce of wit and magic he possesses if he’s to successfully navigate the murky waters of intergalactic politics.

Waking to the gut-wrenching news that Fenris is a slave, Arcana vows to do everything within her power to set him free. With her magic no more than a whisper in her veins and Caelum her only ally, locating the Guardian who holds her heart could prove more dangerous than it first appears – particularly when the Empress of Hiraptha wants Fenris for herself.

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The Warrior, The Witch and The Wombat by Khloe Wren (Robyn Peterman Zahn's Magic and Mayhem Universe) was released on 22 June.

What’s a witch to do when her Aussie slang talking wombat familiar leads her straight into the arms of a stinking hot Berserker warrior? One claiming to be her mate.

She freaks out. Trust me, I totally freaked out, but then got down to business.

There’s no time to weigh my options. It’s a matter of life or death. Not my life exactly, but still… I don’t want the death of the last Kangaroo shifter on my hands when all I need to do to save him is bond with a sexy as sin warrior and kick a Drop Bear’s butt.

Choices, choices…

Blaze of Honor by Khloe Wren  (Book 1, Royal Bastards MC: South Australia #1) was released on 18 August.

I first joined the Royal Bastards MC as a joke. After all, as the immortal illegitimate son of King Tut, I was truly a royal bastard. But I soon discovered I liked club life and was proud to watch my brothers’ backs, just as they watched mine.

It was a good, simple, life. One I knew wouldn’t last, because it never does.

It was a phone call from my blood brother in Australia that ended my peace this time. The country was burning with supernatural fires and he needed my affinity with the element to fight them. Things got complicated when I discovered the woman who started them — a rather alluring woman who awakened something deep inside me — was an innocent pawn in a much larger plan. A plan that would fall to me to find a way to stop before it destroyed everything I held dear.

Spell Struck by Shelley Russell Nolan (Book 1, Merry Magic) was released 19 July. 

Magic may be her undoing.

When Merry inherits a bookshop from a grandmother she never knew existed, the last thing she expected was to be transported to another world. But while claiming her inheritance, she accidentally triggers a spell that takes her to Tirana; a world where magic is real, and where her grandmother left behind powerful enemies.

Now those enemies are after Merry, and she has to return home before they catch up with her. With the transportation spell broken, and mages and enforcers on her tail, she flees with her grandmother’s familiar, Sadie. But the black cat can’t save her when she draws the attention of the guild. On the run and searching for a way to remake the spell to take her home, Merry encounters dangers that may prove costly to both worlds.

Merry must learn to wield elemental powers of Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit to have any hope of returning home. If she fails, she will be stuck in Tirana forever, while an ancient enemy may gain the foothold it needs to rid the world of magic for good.

Available from:

Spell Shock by Shelley Russell Nolan (Book 2, Merry Magic) was released 20 August. 

Magic always comes with a price.

Merry has the first charm she needs to remake the transportation spell to take her home, and four more to get. With the mage guild still after her, she knows reaching the rest of the elemental focal points will not be easy. Not even she expected to be drawn into a plot to destroy the guild. 

On the way to the Earth focal point, Merry and her allies are caught up in a Tiranian lord’s plan to wrest power from the mages. Her growing ability with Wind magic will not be enough to save them. Faced with a life of servitude, her magic bound to another’s will, she will have to decide what she is fighting for. Her freedom or the fate of those already enslaved?

As an enemy becomes an ally, and with time running out to stop the witch hunters gaining access to Tirana, Merry must master the elemental Earth to have any hope of escape. But magic has a cost, one Merry will find hard to bear.

Continue the magical portal fantasy adventure with Merry and her friends now!

Available from:

Non spec-fiction

The Trouble with Jack by Annie Seaton (Book 1, Sunshine Coast) was released in April.

The one passion they had in common was the one that would keep Jack and Sienna apart.

Sculptor, Sienna Sacchi, is about to have everything she's ever dreamed of, when Jack Montgomery comes strolling back into her life as the owner of her gallery at Noosa Heads. 

Her plan to buy the gallery is ruined, but Sienna refuses to let Jack interfere with the most important thing-her debut exhibition.

But Jack's not just taking over her workplace, he's also intruding on her art studio, her home, and maybe even her heart.

Jack Montgomery has few rules for his carefree life, but never mixing business with pleasure is one he is determined to keep. He'd planned on finally satisfying the tension between him and Sienna but discovering he's her boss puts an immediate end to that. Unfortunately, being forced to share a tiny cottage by the lake with the gorgeous, tempting sculptor is pushing Jack to his limits.
Can they both decide what is important enough to fight for?

Available from: 

Blazing Fear by Leisl Leighton  (Book 2, CoalCliff Stud) was released on 12 May.

A Coalcliff Stud novel - Fire stole his past - now it is threatening to burn everything, and everyone, he loves. All over again ...

Flynn Findlay likes everyone to think he's in control, but the death of his wife during the bushfires six years ago changed everything. Now, even though it feels like a betrayal, Flynn can't seem to escape his growing feelings for the beautiful new doctor in town. He's never felt as truly alive as when he is with Prita - even his fear of fire doesn't seem as bad.

Dr Prita Brennan is ready for a fresh start in Wilson's Bend with her adoptive son, far from her overprotective family. It would be perfect, except some of the locals don't like the changes she's making to the practice. One of them is even making harassing calls. The handsome local horse stud owner, Flynn, is a further complication she doesn't need right now.

But when harassment escalates to arson, to save the horse stud and their children, Flynn and Prita must work together to figure out who is after her - and why they are trying to burn to the ground everything she touches.

Available from:

Insta Bride by M.L. Tompsett  was released 4 July.

One wants their fantasies fulfilled, as for the other – they require a date for a wedding.

Billionaire. Secret baby. Revenge. Second chance.

Hard-working Missy Jamés has come a long way to become successful, pity she’s still single. Introducing herself as Oliviér, can she enjoy a night in Vegas with no strings attached with sexy looking, Tanner Steele.

Adrian Steele, known as Tanner to his friends, hates the title he was crowned with – New York’s, most eligible billionaire playboy. He goes to Vegas to celebrate his friend’s buck’s party and unexpectedly meets the beautiful sexy Oliviér. 

Can their time together turn into a lifetime of happily ever after or will an old acquaintance tear them apart?

Available from:


Carolyn Wren was included in the Cupcake: 2020 Sweet Treats Short Story Anthology  by the Romance Writers of Australia released in August.

Want a little something sweet to read with your coffee?

Our 2020 Sweet Treats anthology may be just the thing!

Indulge in the top sweet romances from our 2020 sweet story ‘Cupcake‘ competition.

Find charming stories of how love can be found over the simplest of ancient Chinese, complicated chilli chocolate or even blue iced cupcakes with a message.

Cupcakes that have been broken then mended, just like hearts no matter whether it is tomorrow, today or years ago.

Timeless, heart-warming stories for you to curl up with and love.

Available from:

Samantha Marshall was included in the Leather: 2020 Spicy Bites  Short Story Anthology  by the Romance Writers of Australia released in August.

All you need is love.

But a little leather now and then doesn’t hurt...

Indulge in the sexy imaginings of the authors who have taken the theme of our 2020 erotic romance competition ("Leather") and given us a sizzling, hot to the touch collection.

Leather has inspired stories that are sometimes soft and subtle, sometimes rough and tough. If you're looking for the naughtiest and most seductive around...give in to shameless temptation and live your wildest fantasies in our collection of fallen angels, AI encounters, friends to lovers; in locations from 19th century Cornwall to today's New Zealand high country with stopovers in exotic places in between.

Available from:


The  Zyrgin Warriors series by Marie Dry has been reprinted and have new covers.

You can find all the titles and buy links on Marie's website.

Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

Thanks for sharing in our news. Until next time, happy reading!

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