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Friday, 6 February 2015

Real Life Paranormal with Kathrine Leannan

Not Our Time to Sever the Threads        

I have always believed in the power and direction of the universe and that the progression of our lives, is a linear state of purpose. As humans, I believe we all have a preordained reason for being - whether it is to be the Prime Minister of Australia, the scientist who discovers the cure for cancer or simply the person who saves the life of another and in so doing, redeems self to the path of right.
The Greeks believed, the Moirai, or the Fates, were three sisters, all incarnations of destiny and life. Named Clotho–the one who spins and weaves the threads of life; Lachesis - the decider, who draws lots and determines the length of the threads and Altropos, also named The Inevitable, chooses how someone dies and cuts the life threads with shears.
The time of death is at the choosing of Fates. Does that also mean that if a death is foreseen and timed, that the decision can be reversed at their choosing? If so, why? Is this a whim? My experience leads me to believe that there are times when the universe intervenes to preserve the life of someone, for some specific reason, only known to her.
Here is my story...
I was twenty nine years old when I had my first child. I was like a she bear - my son was never out of my sight. It was the day of my six week postnatal check up with my obstetrician. His office was in a busy part of Sydney. I made my way through the frantic afternoon traffic and stopped to make a right hand turn. I waited and waited and waited for a break in the traffic. The traffic lights were not synced, so, only one or two cars were getting through at a time.
I foolishly made the decision to make a break for it–big mistake. I misjudged the proximity of the oncoming vehicle to my left, which was on a collision course straight for me. All I could think of was my son who was strapped into his capsule in the back of the car.
It was surreal. I didn't close my eyes. I just stared at the oncoming vehicle and braced for impact. I remember seeing my knuckles gripped on the steering wheel. The bouyant feeling of being carried along by a wave in the surf, washed over me, then an electrical zing flashed through my body. I looked up. I was still in the same position, pointed down the hill, blocking the road. The other vehicle that five seconds before, was only centimetres from my passenger side door, now, was to my right and was powering away down the road.
I wasn't harmed and thanks to the Goddess, neither was my son. I truly don't understand how we weren't involved in a serious car accident. The only way the other car, travelling at speed could have arrived on the other side of me, was to go over the top of my car or through my car. It sounds impossible, but I felt that vehicle pass through me.
I know what I felt. I can still feel that wave and zing as if it happened today. I believe both parties involved had some molecular interchange and we were saved. Who knows, as a forty year career midwife, maybe I was meant to survive to ensure the life of a destined newborn was preserved. Or perhaps it was my contribution to the establishment of governance in Healthcare in NSW. Maybe it is my son who has a destiny that is universe given. All I know is that the magicks are all around us and that miracles do happen. I am grateful that my precious boy and I were one of them.

Trailer to Warrior Born - Book 1 of the Katana Series. 


I smell rain before clouds gather across the sky. I feel the dawn before the sun paints my world the colours of the earth. It is the flit of gossamer wings above my head as I walk through the garden that warms my soul and makes me glad that faeries exist. The universe is my mistress and my strength. Things that growl in the shadows or snap at my ankles in the night are my dark friends—the source of my creativity. I, am Kathrine Leannan


  1. What an amazing story Katherine! It gave me chills reading it. I wonder if the incident made a lasting impression on the other driver? Makes you wonder about life plans and soul contracts for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Roni Lynne

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kathrine. what a story! I'm glad for you and your son that you weren't involved in what would have been a horrid accident. Such a miracle.