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Thursday 11 December 2014

Magic Thursday with Delwyn Jenkins - The Watchtower Chronicles

I’m really excited to be sharing Magic Thursday with you. Thanks so much for having me on board. My second book Claimed By Earth comes out today, and to celebrate my first book Called By Fire is going to be free for a limited time. Woohoo.

This series is about four modern women who also happen to be witches. Each one has a facility with an element – fire, earth, water and air – and their personalities match the source of their magic. Mostly.

It got me thinking about my own temperament and those of my friends and family. 
I have friends who are honest, down to earth, reliable and eminently practical – those would be the folks who lean more towards Earth. 
I have another friend who is ditsy, funny, and sharp as a whip – and who’s inner child is never far from the surface. Air.
We all know people who claim Fire for their element. Passionate, energetic, sometimes quick tempered, but always exciting to be around.And the compassionate, caring, nurturing souls are all about Water.

Consider your friends and where they might sit on the elemental scale. Some, like me, might straddle two elements (earth and fire, if you were wondering) but others will very obviously be strong in a single element. Try it out and see how you go, you might be surprised what you find out.


Mycah Dunleavy has two goals in life: to protect her friends and to defend the World Below. In order to take her fight to the enemy she must become the most powerful witch she can be. But that power comes at a price.
In fulfilling her first goal, she committed the cardinal sin of using her magic to harm others. And to attain the second, she must combine in a ritual with a Watchtower Knight … despite the fact she can't bear to be touched.
Despite Mycah’s defensive armor, Sebastian wants to claim her as his own and he intends to woo her long and slow. Then Mycah comes up with a crazy plan to gain more power and he becomes nothing more than a means to an end—a role he has no intention of accepting without a fight.
But there are bigger threats to deal with in the World Between. Mycah's life is threatened, four Witches are kidnapped, and once again the enemy is knocking at the door. Time is running out, and if Sebastian and Mycah don't find a way to work together, both of their worlds could be lost.

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