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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Bite Of... The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding

 Today I am introducing Viveka Portman with A Bite Of... The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding.

Can you in less than five words describe your book?
Regency, Romance, hot, threesome, tension.

Who was your favourite character to write?
It would be between Jacob and Matthew, they are both such lovely gentlemen who find themselves in a very awkward situation (albeit of Jacob's making).

What inspired you to write it?
I've been writing the Regency Diaries for a while now, and I really wanted to explore the awkwardness and tensions surrounding a threesome  - specially if two of the trio are married. I wanted to look at reasons how these situations could occur within the era, and how they may eventually play out.

And here's the excerpt!

I feel that I have become somewhat wanton; all this talk of carnal activity with Matthew is making me lose my sensibilities. When I look upon the man, and see the angular lines of his jaw, I find myself wondering what it would be like to kiss them. His lips are fuller than Jacob’s, but the line of his mouth naturally more severe. I find myself dreaming about them when my husband brushes his lips across my body. I imagine how it would feel if Matthew were to do the same.

Is this wicked of me? I fear I am coveting a man other than my husband, a certain sin against God.

‘Jacob.’ Matthew interrupted my sensual but guilt-laden musing. I turned to face Matthew. He looked uncomfortable, his jacket must have been sweltering in the confines of the carriage and his hair curled at his ears with perspiration. ‘Jane,’ he added in a softer tone.

‘What is it, my good man? It is damnably hot here!’ Jacob asked, wrenching the window open little further so as to lessen the stifling atmosphere of the carriage.

‘I…’ Matthew hesitated and my body constricted, as if I knew the words he planned to speak. ‘I fear I cannot go along with this…this plan any longer.’

Jacob released an uneasy laugh. ‘My dear fellow, you have not yet done anything! Unless…’ he hesitated, ‘you have visited upon my wife without my knowing…’

The look of outrage on Matthew’s face may have bordered on comical had the situation not been so very perverse.

‘Good God! What devilishness do you speak of! I would never…I would never - ’

‘Fuck my wife without my prior knowledge?’ Jacob replied, clearly taking Matthew’s outrage for innocence.

Bile burned my throat. ‘Jacob. Do not speak so, you are offending me.’

Jacob laughed, dryly. ‘My apologies, I had to ask, everyone has been on such tenterhooks, I scarce know what is going on.’

‘This is exactly why it cannot continue,’ Matthew said. ‘I feel that every time I glance at Jane it may be misinterpreted. I do not wish her to cringe away from me like I’m an old letch, when in truth I am here at her husband’s behest.’

My face burned in shame.

Matthew turned and stared out the window, running a strong hand through his hair as he did. My heart tightened and I threw a concerned glance at Jacob who cast my glance away with a careless shrug. Clearly it was left to me to rectify and clarify the situation, if it was indeed rectifiable or capable of being clarified.

If you liked the sound of The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding, you can buy the book at the link below, of check out what else Viveka is up to at her blog.

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