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Friday, 1 November 2013

Real Life Paranormal

With guest, Kylie Sheaffe

“When the dark side comes too close for comfort”

While the dark side makes for great entertainment for some, at the risk of sounding like a party pooper, for others like myself…. it’s all too real to enjoy.
What if the doings of the dark side found their way into your bedroom at night?  Real people with real names, real families and real life stories….murdered, suicided, lost, looking for answers, peace & justice.  Perhaps it would be easier to believe you were insane, but unfortunately it’s not that easy when you try to dismiss it and then dreams of road names draw you to the crime scene.   You then have to question what is real.

My name is Kylie Sheaffe, I am the co-author with Mel Teshco of “Believe”.  My first paranormal experience occurred about 20 years ago.  One night most unexpectedly I was drawn through a  bright light burning as if the sun was illuminating  the corner of my bedroom.  I then became aware of a presence as if on the other side of the “cliché” veil between life and death.  I heard a woman’s voice but could see no one, nothing.  I proceeded to state that I should not be speaking with her as I did not know who she was!  She was quick to reassure me that it was ok, that she was an Aunty of my husbands and she asked if I would pass a message on to him for her.  I found myself agreeing and before I knew it I was in my bed with my eyes open, wondering what on earth (or heaven) had just happened.  The message clear in my head, I looked at my sleeping husband beside me and decided that I would tell him in the morning.  I had no idea how he would take the news. Then comes the part that I still kick myself about…come morning I had forgotten the message,, yes forgotten!!!  Lesson one…you don’t remember, even if you are sure you will…. you have to write it down when it happens!!!

From that point of acceptance that the paranormal was possibly “possible”, a steady flow of experiences (enough for a book of their own) have both haunted and blessed me which lead me to my fascination with the polar opposites of fear and love, dark and light and the real meaning of life.  My old reality was being challenged on every level and I was awakening to a whole new level of awareness.

Which brings me back to our soon to be published novel “Believe” and what sparked it to life.  One night I had a dream of a movie, so life like, so energetically intense with a sense of purpose that I could not shake it.  One particular scene stuck in my mind for years, it’s message clear -Drug and alcohol abuse, depression and mental illness, so rampant today and their connection to the dark side and how it holds us down.  But deeper than that, its message of what tools we have been given in combating it, which of course is that which is the opposite of fear and darkness…Love and Light.  

So “Believe” has turned out to be an inspirational romantic story of love conquering fear, not only inspired by a dream, but also drawing on real life paranormal experiences of my own life journey.  It’s a different book that doesn’t fit neatly into any one box or genre, but my dreams & guidance don’t come hindered by restricted beliefs and limitations.  Despite “Believe’s” controversial and dramatised presentation, I do believe that it is my purpose to expose the darkness for what it is and to reveal some of the dark sides real life ugly faces.   I do sincerely hope that the story of “Believe” shines that light and proves that dreams do come true, even if it is us up to us to make them happen!  

We are responsible for our reality.

You can find Believe at Soul Mate Publishing, and all good e-tailers, release date tba (scheduled for release in the next couple of days)