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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Bite Of...Forbidden

For our second 'A Bite Of' segment allow me to introduce the lovely Christina Phillips and her book FORBIDDEN.

Can you, in less than five words describe your book, FORBIDDEN? 
Sexy warrior, magical heroine, vindictive goddess

    What inspired you to write it? 

The idea for FORBIDDEN came to me literally out of the blue. This sexy Roman warrior stormed into my head one night, demanding to know where his Druid heroine was. Since Romans and Druids were deadly enemies I was instantly hooked! But there was also a High Priest lurking in the background, and he was deliciously twisted. Despite knowing Romans, Druids and ancient Wales were all hard sells in Romance I knew I had to write their book otherwise the hero would haunt me forever (not that I’m complaining. Maximus is gorgeous!)

And here's the snippet!

Her fingers stilled in his hair. He saw her struggle to keep the smile from her face. And then she trailed her finger over his brow, along the length of his nose and across the seam of his lips.
“Are you my man, Maximus?” Her finger paused at the corner of his mouth. So temptingly close, he could almost taste her sweet flesh.
“For tonight, my lady, I’m all yours.” His hand slid from her face to clasp her nape. “And you are mine.”            
Carys wrapped his words around her heart, savoring them, secreting them hidden corners of her mind. She knew he spoke in lust, but it didn’t matter. She could imagine he wanted more than raw sex tonight, could pretend he was driven by emotions more sacred than pure, masculine need.
“For tonight,” she whispered, just so he knew they were equal on that point. Although the truth was she wouldn’t mind being his for eternity. If only that wasn’t such an impossible dream.
He gave a low laugh. “Always you must have the last word. Very well, we are each other’s for tonight, if that appeases you, my lady.”
Before she could assure him it did, he captured her lips, as if anticipating her thoughts, but thoughts no longer mattered, not when her Roman held her in such a close embrace, or teased her willing mouth with his tongue and nipped her tender flesh with his teeth.
Shivers skittered along her skin, hot shivers that mirrored the heat in her blood, the fire in her womb. She flattened her palm against his broad chest, delighting in the hard muscle beneath his linen tunic, the thunder of his heart against her fingers.
She slid her arms around his body. Granite strength and primal power radiated from every pore, thrilling her feminine senses, making her feel safe. Protected.
And yet she was the one who protected them both from untoward attack, here inside her own sacred circle.
Her Roman could never discover such magic.

Thanks Christina for taking part!


  1. Hi Christina,

    LOL with the demanding hero. A couple of mine are stamping their feet in agitation for their turn. I keep telling them I have to finish the ms I'm working on AND the next. Doesn't stop 'em complaining and telling me their stories.

    'Forbidden' has such a lovely cover. The hero's stance of claiming and protecting is well matched by the heroine's 'I'm-capable-of-standing-alone-but-I'd-much-rather-do-it-with-my-man' bearing.

  2. Hi Sandy,

    I know, those heroes don't like waiting in line, do they?!

    That's exactly what I think whenever I look at the cover of FORBIDDEN - it captures both Maximus and Carys so perfectly! It was just how I imagined them and even after two years I'm not tired of gazing at that cover :-)

    Thanks so much for dropping by!

  3. Thanks for giving us a snippet, this one is definitely on my TBR pile! :))

  4. You know how much I loved this, Christina.

    And folks if you think this snippet is great, just read the whole novel.

  5. And this, my dear Christina, is exactly why you are where you are in the publishing world! Yes, as Eleni says if you like this snippet you just have to read the novel FORBIDDEN.

  6. Hey Nicola, thank you for having me!! And for putting up with me pulling out my hair over my computer woes!!

  7. Eleni, thank you! What a lovely start to the day to read such nice comments :-)

  8. Kaye you are a gem - thank you so much for all your support!