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Demon's Dance
Truth Unveiled: A New Adult Urban Fantasy
Path Unchosen: A New Adult Urban Fantasy
Nothing to Lose
Hood and the Highwaymen
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The Four Horsemen Series Box Set: Books 4 - 7
Binding Blood
BloodWish: The Dantonville Legacy Series Book 4
The Four Horsemen: Bright
The Legend of Gentleman John
Blood for the Spilling
Arcane Awakenings Books Five and Six
Destination Romance
The Four Horsemen: Sinister and Tricked: The Halloween Episodes
Twisted Fairytales; Nine paranormal romances: Multi-author box-set
Spirits & Spells True Paranormal Anthology
The Crying Season
Embrace the Passion
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Wicked Heat: Part 3
Sorry We're Closed
Nothing to Hide
The Expanding Universe 4: Space Adventure, Alien Contact, & Military Science Fiction

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

DarkSider News - July 2018!

Welcome to the latest DarkSider News!

It's hot cocoa and marshmallow time...


Wyatt by Mel Teshco is Book 5 in the Dragons of Riddich series. It was released on 26th June. 

The dragons will search the universe for their one true mate...

Misha is a hunter through and through. Raised by the Paranormal Detection Agency to be a deadly assassin, the tables are turned when she escapes the PDA facility and makes a run for freedom...and her life. But with the operatives closing in on her, she never expects a winged dragon to rain down fire, and save her from her pursuers.

But what does the Riddich dragon want in return?

Wyatt has been with more than enough women in his two centuries to know lust when he feels it. But surely that's the last thing he should experience on seeing a female werewolf. So why is he compelled to save her? The answer becomes all too apparent when she changes back to human...and then shifts for the first time into dragon. A pity her unique abilities mean the PDA and his sworn alien enemies, the Tantonics, want her just as badly, because Wyatt will do anything now to keep her safe and by his side.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Amazon UK | Kobo | iBooks | B&N 

Mack 'n' Me: Arach by C.M. Simpson is Book 3 in the Mack 'n' Me Odyssey series. It was released by C.M. Simpson Publishing  on 19th June.

Nothing ruins a good cup of kaff than a spider teleporting on board… and these were in the six-foot-business-suite-and-tie range, carrying blasters and a sense of entitlement like you wouldn’t believe. They gave me a job to do, and held my ship hostage while I went to do it—and *that’s* when everything went all to Hell. Exactly how I’m gonna get us out of this one, is a mystery to me. First step, though, is to bust Mack and the ship right out of their eight-legged claws. Piece of cake. Right?

Mack ‘n’ Me: Arach is the third science-fiction novel set in the Odyssey universe. Cutter is running with Mack and his merry band of space-faring freelancers, and, outside the occasional contract, Odyssey are leaving them well alone.

NOTE: The main character swears like a sailor, and the support cast aren’t much better. If swears bother you, then this story may not be to your taste.

Buy links available from: Books2Read 

The Rocky Adventures Omnibus by Carlie Simonsen is a collection  of all six Rocky Adventures series books. It was released by C.M. Simpson Publishing on 29th June.

Being a big brother isn’t easy—especially when your sister believes her Teddy is on a mission to save the world. And all because you said so. From trying to rescue his parents, to saving Christmas, to protecting his sister from rogue kitties, moon dragons and ravenous velociraptors, Rocky discovers some things never change—and that being a brother is one of them.

The Rocky Adventures Omnibus collects the six stories following Rocky’s adventures as he travels from Earth to the distant world of Tallonna, where his family will make its home with the aliens that have asked for their help.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Smashwords | Google Play | Kobo |

Game Over by Lana Pecherczyk is Book 4 in the The Game of Gods series. It was released today - 3rd July.

A supernatural war looms, and she is the key to unlocking it—and stopping it.

Roo is desperately trying to pick up the pieces her evil father left behind, while still keeping the existence of gods a secret from humans. But the Game of Gods is ending and the pressure to live up to her true identity is overwhelming. Not to mention she keeps missing her best friend’s wedding, her unpredictable fiancĂ© is becoming violent, and her father’s war is catching humans in the crossfire.

The enemy is closer to home than Roo realizes and facing her past is the least of her worries. If she wants to defeat evil, she must embrace her true nature before it’s too late, because it’s not just the end of the game … but the world.

A lost temple in the Amazon, a medieval castle in Budapest, and a summer beach in southern Australia. This final installment in the Urban Fantasy series, The Game of Gods, will take you around the world on a whirlwind adventure full of kickass heroines, fiery romance, and supernatural thrills. With a perfect dose of sci-fi, fantasy and mythology, this is not for young readers.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

Non spec-fic titles

Unidentified by Anna Hackett is Book 7 in the Treasure Hunter Security series and contains two novellas. It will be released by on 12th June.

Unidentified contains TWO novellas. Novella #1 (The Emerald Tear) is the story of how Professor Oliver Ward met his feisty treasure hunter wife Persephone (Dec, Cal, and Darcy’s parents). It’s set in the 1970s (yeah, baby!) and be prepared for a dangerous treasure hunt in the dense jungle of Ecuador on the hunt for a lost Incan emerald.

Novella #2 (The Emerald Butterfly) is set in present day in the Florida Keys. It stars sexy former SEAL Diego Torres who is captain of the salvage vessel the Storm Nymph (from Morgan’s book Unfathomed). Diego has scars from his past and a meddling family, and add in a ballsy DEA agent (who once handcuffed him and boarded his ship!) plus the hunt for a lost emerald called the Emerald Butterfly in a ship wreck, and we have an adventure.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

Cotton Field Dreams by S.E. Gilchrist is Book 1 in the Mindalby Outback Romance series which was released by Escape Publishing on 2nd July.

Sasha comes to the small town of Mindalby to recover from a traumatic event, plan her next move, and seek out information to avenge her beloved uncle – the last thing she wants is a relationship. But when she meets local single dad, Cole, she can't help but be drawn to his warmth and his humour, and his two engaging children. Cole says and does all the right things, and Sasha finds herself falling, but will all of her secrets destroy the relationship before it has a chance to begin?

Mindalby, a small town, a community, a home. But when the mill that supports the local cotton farmers and employs many of the town's residents closes unexpectedly, old tensions are exposed and new rifts develop. Everyone is affected and some react better than others, but one thing is certain: living on the edge of the outback means they have to survive together, or let their town die.

Available from:  Amazon US | Amazon Aus | HarperCollins | Kobo | iBooks | 

Overdrive by Juanita Kees is the Book 1 in the Calhoun Customs Garage series was released by Tule Publishing on 26th June.

Chase Calhoun has worked hard at making Calhoun Customs a world-wide sensation and keeping his father’s dream alive. He hasn’t had time to think about settling down, so he’s not expecting to find love or new life hiding in the attic of their garage among the ghosts of his family’s past.

Charlotte Jackson is on the run from a rebellious past, determined to prove she can be a good mom to three-month-old baby, Zoe. Tired of being delegated to the back office of the racing team her famous NASCAR family owns, she sets out to establish herself as a custom design artist. But she’s out of money, luck and time, and she can’t hide in the attic at Calhoun Customs forever.

While Chase slowly loses his heart to his refrigerator thief and the baby bundle asleep in his laundry basket, Charlotte learns that sometimes family is more than just blood and DNA.

Buy links available from Books2Read.

As I am by Mel Teshco is also available in by Tule Publishing.

Molly is no stranger to being sick having been regularly in and out of hospitals since the age of 5. She knows her limits and capabilities better than anyone, until she meets a handsome stranger whose compassion and understanding might just have her questioning her entire perspective.

Insightful, eye-opening, and bold, As I Am explores the story of a woman who must question everything she thought about being independent and fearless.

Print available from: Amazon US | Amazon UK |

Her Outback Playboy by Annie Seaton is Book 1 in the A Second Chance Bay series and was released by Emerald Romance on 15th June.

Jenni Douglas’ family have worked hard to build their fishing and charter business in the remote coastal outback town of Second Chance Bay. 

Jake Jones, her childhood sweetheart, was once the poor boy from the wrong side of town. When he blows into town after making his fortune and expects to pick up where they left off, Jenni fights every move he makes. 

Jake knows that Jenni will always see him as a playboy, and can’t trust him, and his self confidence disappears when the town judges him on his past. Every time he tries to help her family business, she sees an ulterior motive. 

If Jenni can't trust him, what is there to keep Jake in Second Chance Bay? 

But can he leave the woman he loves a second time?

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus |


Arcane Awakenings: Books 1 & 2 by Shelley Russell Nolan is a collection of two novellas in one book. It is due for release on 21st July. 

A hidden past. An uncertain future.

In Angel Fire, all Andie wants is acceptance, a task made difficult thanks to the nightmare that's plagued her for the past fifteen years. Then she learns it's a terrifying memory of the night she lost her identical twin. When Angel's spirit calls to her, begging to be saved, Andie is determined to discover what really happened the night her sister died.

The story continues in Wild Lightning, when Celeste wakes in a mental institution with no memory of who she is or why she can shoot lightning from her fingertips. Spurred on by a vision of Angel, Celeste escapes and searches for answers as her captors close in.

Andie and Celeste must battle ruthless adversaries as they seek to uncover the truth, but will this lead to a future more dangerous that what they've left behind?

Arcane Awakenings – a fast-paced paranormal fantasy novella series.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Kobo | iBooks

The Depredides Dance by C.M. Simpson is short story Mack 'n' Me Odyssey series, following events in Book 1. It is due for release by C.M. Simpson Publishing on 6th July. 

All I had to do was disappear. That was it: disappear and stay out of sight. Hard enough with Abs running an auction for the last location she left me, but then I poked the Depredides communications network—and everything else looked downright easy… I’m not even sure there is a way out of this…

The Depredides Dance is a stand-alone short story set in the Odyssey universe. However, if you’re into reading things in order, it tells the story of what happened to Cutter after the end of Mack ‘n’ Me: Origins, and thus forms story 1-1 of the Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey series.

Here's a sneak peak of the first 500 words.

Pre-order links available from: Books2Read

Hunter Hunted by Keri Arthur is Book 3 in the Lizzie Grace series due for release in August.  

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | B&N | Kobo | 

Non spec-fic titles

Once Upon a Player
 by Christina Phillips is Book 2 in the British Bad Boys series, which will be released by Entangled Publishing as on 16th July.  

Falling for the player was never part of the plan…


When my mum gets sick, I volunteer to fill in for her and clean some hot jock’s penthouse. I’ve heard all the rumors about him, so the plan is get in, clean some toilet bowls, and get out. After my last experience with a “sports hero,” I’m done with that sort of guy.
But Lucas Carter is full of surprises. He wants to help me clean and is nothing like the toad the press has made him out to be. Resistance may be futile for some girls, but not me. Then he asks me to help him with the interior design of his new place. I can’t say, no. It’s going to look great on my resume.

Unfortunately, spending time with Lucas is dangerous. He’s so charming and sweet, but I can’t let myself forget––once a player, always a player.

Pre order from: Amazon | Amazon Aus |  iBooks | B&N | Kobo | 

Sorry We're Closed by Annie Seaton is Book 4 in the Bondi Beach Love series, which is expected to be released on 17th September.

Rosie, Sally and Sonia have all found their happy ever afters in the house on the hill..but what will become of Aunt Agatha and the house now that it has been sold?

Property developer, Greg Tindall, has big plans to turn the graceful mansion into an apartment block.

But Greg is thwarted as Ginny Silver, retro shop proprietor, joins forces with Aunt Aggie. Can Ginny convince Greg that the house and its contents are too beautiful to be revamped...but even more problematic...can she avoid falling in love with a man who is totally unsuitable for her? 

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus


Imperator by Anna Hackett is Book 11 in the Galactic Gladiators series and will be released on 10th July.

In Imperator, Galen has to work with the former head of security of Fortuna Station and Champion of the Zaabha Arena, Samantha Santos, to survive and escape from the dangerous desert arena of Zaabha.

Mack 'n' Me: The Transporter's Favour by C.M. Simpson is Book 4 in the Mack 'n' Me Odyssey series. It is due for release by C.M. Simpson Publishing in July.

Abby hauled me off the ship before Tens had a chance to stop her—and that’s okay, because I already owed Abs a favour. In fact, it was better than okay, because it showed us how much trouble we hadn’t known we were in. But going against the Star Shadow hunt pack? Nullifying their contract to keep ourselves unchained and at large? That was gonna be something else entirely.


Anna Hackett is will be releasing a new series called Team 52. The first book is released in August 2018. This mysterious team in black have crossed paths with  those in the Treasure Hunter Security series before. 



Carlie Simonsen now has an author page on Facebook

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Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

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