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Monday 9 July 2018

DarkSider News for July - Part 2!

Welcome to the latest DarkSider News!

We've got more to share this month, so here's another edition of the DarkSider News...


Please make welcome to our latest DarkSiders!

Karina Coldrick
Karina started writing Empire Strikes Back Fan Fiction as a seven year-old and hasn’t stopped writing speculative fiction ever since. Her work has won writing awards in Australia and the USA, including the Valerie Parv Award in 2014.

She is currently the Emerging Author Ambassador for Romance Writers of Australia. After discovering it's possible to have too much sunshine and not enough castles, Karina and her family now live in the heart of Ireland, close to the river Shannon. ​

Karina writes Mythological Romance and Fantasy Romance.

JL Peridot
JL Peridot likes stories with a little danger, and only realised in her 30s that falling in love may be the most dangerous thing we do. She performs the duties of a writer from her home in sunny Australia, where she writes erotic romance and sometimes just erotica.

JL writes Futuristic, Science Fiction, and Contemporary.

Mary Brock Jones
Mary Brock Jones lives in Auckland, New Zealand, but loves nothing more than to escape into the other worlds in her head, to write science fiction and historical romances. Sedate office worker by day; frantic scribbler by night.

Her parents introduced her to libraries and gave her a farm to play on, where trees became rocket ships and rocky outcrops were ancient fortresses. She grew up writing, filling pages of notebooks and filling her head with stories, but took a number of detours on the pathway to her dream job. After four grown sons, more than one house renovated, grandchildren, and now a new farm to play on in the weekends, her wish came true.

Mary writes Sci Fi Romance and Historical Romance.


Aftermath by Mary Brock Jones is Book 3 in the Hathe series. It was released on 26th June.

When you've lost too many of your own to war, how can you risk losing- or loving- one more?

War or Peace. It doesn't matter. There is always an enemy. Jacquel des Trurains,acclaimed hero of the resistance, has been charged with overseeing the restoration of Hathe after the Terran occupation. But it won't be easy. Years of oppression have left their mark on every dirtsider who stayed behind. And what of the Hathians who fled to the moon? The greed of a few for the sparkling jewel of the colonial worlds could destroy everything when they return.

So, Jacquel's bosses decide he needs some help, and they send him Rheia asn Postrova. Rheia spent the war embroiled in twisted diplomatic games to protect the secrets of Hathe from the Terrans. Now she's been sent to teach a stubborn man how to play nice with his fellow Hathians.

Together, they must find a way to heal their home.

But Rheia has secrets of her own, and Jacquel soon discovers that diplomacy is just a subtler war with a different enemy.

Buy links available from: Books2Read

The Depredides Dance by C.M. Simpson is short story Mack 'n' Me Odyssey series, following events in Book 1. It was released by C.M. Simpson Publishing on 6th July. 

All I had to do was disappear. That was it: disappear and stay out of sight. Hard enough with Abs running an auction for the last location she left me, but then I poked the Depredides communications network—and everything else looked downright easy… I’m not even sure there is a way out of this…

The Depredides Dance is a stand-alone short story set in the Odyssey universe. However, if you’re into reading things in order, it tells the story of what happened to Cutter after the end of Mack ‘n’ Me: Origins, and thus forms story 1-1 of the Mack ‘n’ Me ‘n’ Odyssey series.

Here's a sneak peak of the first 500 words.

Buy link available from: Books2Read

The Reset by Imogene Nix is in the anthology Love at the End of the World and was released on 15th June.

Five stories of couples who just might find love at the end of the world. That is, if they can survive. 

His Bounty by Jaye Shields 
Heaven for Us by Beth D. Carter 
Heart of Survival by Ashlynn Monroe 
The Reset by Imogene Nix 
The New Era by C. L. Scholey

The Reset 

Elaine is just an ordinary woman, but when the apocalypse occurs, she must find a way to survive in an increasingly hostile world. Enter Liam, the policeman who saves her at their first meeting and provides assistance as they try to cope with the zombie outbreak brought about by an unknown infection that's spreading out of control. 

Together they form a community, trying to save as many lives as they can, a place where people can be safe. Even in the throes of disaster though, emotions creep up, taking both of them by surprise. Who knows? They might just get their happy ever after…if they can survive. 

Buy links are available from Books2Read.


The Only Question That Matters by JL Peridot is a standalone novella in the AMS Celestial Dream collection. It will be released on 10th August.

“Do I call this love already? I am almost disgusted with myself. How pathetic to fall so easily. Perhaps I was the cause of my past heartbreaks. Not stupid schoolboys or an arrogant rich man, but a gullible girl from a flower farm who opens her heart too readily and expects too much.”

Sofia is en route to Planet Paradiso, ready to start a new life after her divorce. But when she accepts Alexei's dinner invitation on her final evening, she realises she's in for more than she bargained for. As the AMS Celestial Dream arrives at its destination, and their one-night stand draws to a close, Sofia must choose between a newfound possibility with Alexei and the freedom she so desperately craves.

THE ONLY QUESTION THAT MATTERS is an emotional examination of healing and resilience through sex and love.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus

Non spec-fic titles

Undetected by Anna Hackett is Book 8 in the Treasure Hunter Security series and will be the final in the series. It will be released on 4th September.

Darcy Ward, co-owner of Treasure Hunter Security and computer hacker whiz, has made a deal with the devil. She’s agreed to work with Agent Arrogant and Annoying—aka Special Agent Alastair Burke of the FBI’s Art Crime Team—to lay a deadly trap for infamous black-market antiquities ring, Silk Road.

But even before they get started, things go bad. Really, really bad…

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus


Cursed by Shona Husk will be Book 1 the upcoming Coven of the Raven series. It is expected to be released on 13 September.

Non spec-fic titles

Miss Elspeth's Desire by Imogene Nix is Book 1 in  The Search Duology. It will be released by Beachwalk Press on 16th July.

Elspeth Forster, the eldest spinster sister and part owner of Forster Shipping Line, has never known passion. But that’s about to change.

After their youngest sister marries, Elspeth and her middle sister Isabelle decide to use their ships for more than just business by taking the adventure of a lifetime. In India she might find a man who can teach her all the things that will keep her warm in her advancing age. But she never expected that an unscheduled stop would put her within Aeddan Fitzsimmon’s sights.

Returning from a top-secret mission, English spy, Aeddan Fitzsimmons, finds passage on the Zephyr, a vessel in the Forster fleet. From the moment he steps aboard, the statuesque redhead entices him like no other ever has. Now in India he has a new mission: keep the elegant Elspeth safe from those who’d use her connections for their own purposes, while wooing her into his bed.

Since the website is slowly being updated, the following releases had been missed...

Unfreezing Lucy by Kim Cleary is short story released on 23rd January.

Lucy has everything under control.

If she doesn't care, she can't get hurt.

But, when the ship's sexy and attentive engineer disappears, comfortably numb isn't an option any more.

Available from: Kobo | Amazon US | Amazon Aus

Non spec-fic titles

White Gum Creek by Nicole Hurley-Moore is a rural romance released by Allen & Unwin on  24th January.

A rural romance with plenty of heart.

Nick Langtree has lived reclusively on his farm, Winters Hill, ever since the tragic death of his wife. On the occasional trip into nearby White Gum Creek he keeps to himself and that's the way he likes it. And though over the last six years the townsfolk have tried to reach out to Nick, he's pushed them all away.

Whenever Nick comes into the Gumnut Bakery, Natasha Duroz tries to engage him in conversation when she serves him. There's something about him that intrigues Tash, but she's not sure if it's because she feels sorry for him or there's something more.

At last encouraged by the warmth of a few old and new friends, Nick gradually begins to re-engage with the outside world. Then, suddenly some minor vandalism on his farm escalates and odd things begin to happen on Winters Hill. Is someone out to hurt Nick or have his years of solitude been playing tricks on his mind?

This entrancing novel is about overcoming heartache and loss through the power of friendship and love.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Kobo | Google Play | iBooks |


The Guy Next Door by M.L. Tompsett is Book 1 in the Sex, Lies And Family Secrets series. It is currently available for FREE!

Dark Ones, assassins and fighting to survive, become Alexia’s new way of life. In this new series of Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: The Guy Next Door. This is book one of the series.

Weeks away from turning eighteen, Alexia Steele is about to face the hardest challenge in her young life. The love of her life - Drake, is gone and Alexia’s mother just revealed a massive family secret, changing her life forever. Arriving in a mysterious new world where Dark Ones roam, Alexia is on a mission to protect the people she loves at the same time fighting to stay alive and work out who is trying to kill her.

Alexia starts her search for her next-door neighbour, the absent love of her life - Drake. Alexia soon finds Drake surrounded by women, wanting prestige of marriage. Will their love be strong enough to reunite them, or is Alexia already too late?

It soon becomes clear not all family can be trusted and will the person who wants Alexia dead; succeed in their evil plans for power.

Get your free copy from Amazon US | Amazon Aus

JL Peridot has free stories on her blog. Check them out here



C.M. Simpson now has a Pinterest presence


C.M. Simpson  has the first chapter of Mack 'n' Me: Blaedergil's Host featured over on her blog. 


Leisl Leighton has a great blog post talking about romance books and the humanist ideal over on her blog.  


Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

Thanks for joining in our news. We'll see you next time...

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