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Friday, 7 June 2013

Real Life Paranormal

Worldwide Paranormal News

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Abandoned house: photo by Mel Teshco
“I heard my mother’s voice say, ‘Take what you want from the house, lock it up, and let it be. On June 8th, the problem will solve itself.’” 

When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, my husband and I wanted her to move in with us so I could look after her.
However, she refused to leave her own home, and it was too small for us to move in with her. So, we purchased a vacant lot next to her home and built a house on it.
This compromise worked out fine until she suddenly passed away the following summer.
One afternoon, about one month after the funeral, I was sitting alone on my deck looking over at my mom’s old home and wondering what to do with it. It was so close to my new home that renting or selling it would cause us to lose the privacy we enjoyed. Yet, I couldn’t just let it stay vacant and pay taxes and maintain it.
Suddenly, what appeared to be a bright spot of sunlight hovered in front of me and I heard my mother’s voice say, “Take what you want from the house, lock it up, and let it be. On June 8th, the problem will solve itself.”
I told my husband about the incident. Although he thought I was being rather foolish, he agreed to go along with my wishes to follow those instructions.
One night, a vicious storm broke out and the old house was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. It was insured for replacement value, which was three times what we could have sold it for.
The date the fire occurred was June 8th.

This extract was one taken from True Psychic stories

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  1. An example of listening to one's mum. Thanks for sharing the story, Mel. These real life examples are so fascinating.