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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Magic Thursday: Science Thursday

by Anna Hackett

Iron Man 3 is blazing its way across the cinema screens right now, on track to break the billion dollar barrier soon. I can’t wait to see it – because I want to see more of the romance between Tony and his ever-patient Pepper, and because what I love about Iron Man is that his superpower comes from science.

So today I’m declaring Magic Thursday is Science Thursday!

I’ve had futuristic science on my mind lately. I’m busy revising a futuristic romance and my upcoming release, DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, is a post-apocalyptic science fiction romance (both are set right here Down Under!) I was hoping to have a cover and maybe a release date for Darkest Before Dawn to share…but we’ll all have to wait just a little bit longer. 

What I love about writing science fiction stories is inventing all the cool things I wish I had right now to make life a little easier. 
Source: I Love Butter

I’m about to get on a plane with my 2 year old for a 14 hour flight (help!) Bring on the supersonic jet or better yet a transporter! Imagine stepping into a transporter in Australia and stepping out seconds later in Africa! Brilliant.

I’d also love a phone-ereader-tablet-laptop combo device. One I can scale up or down in size as needed (check out my Sync device in my sci-fi romance, WINTER FUSION, for more info!)

These days we hear a lot about space tourism (want a book a ticket on Sir Richard Branson’s VIRGIN GALACTIC?) I’d love to visit space one day, look down on our planet and get up close and personal with the moon. I confess, I spend a fair bit of time thinking about spaceships: fast rust-buckets like the Millennium Falcon, cozy rust-buckets like Serenity and old warships like the Galactica.

Unlimited renewal energy sources, coatings that stop ice melting, superfast helicopters, mind-blowing medical technology (no more disease or surgery), robots to do the housework, simple and effective beauty treatments (pain-free hair removal…I wish), the sky (or the moon) is the limit in the science fiction realm.

We might have to wait a little longer for these in real life…for now, we’ll have to make do with reading some good science fiction romance.

Well, before I brave that 14 hour flight, I’d love to hear what cool science breakthrough you’d love to see in your lifetime? Big or small, come and share!


Anna Hackett loves action movies, sci-fi shows, short stories, writing her own romantic adventures, her wonderful husband and her little man. You can find her at the usual places:  Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Her latest novella, SOUL STEALER, is out now. You can find her novella, TIME THIEF on sale for only 99c and stay tuned for her sci-fi romance, DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, coming soon.

She just wants her life back. After being kidnapped and forced to kill by a vicious crime lord, Cate Hartmann is now a killer with an addiction to stealing souls. On the island sanctuary of Haven, surrounded by other anomalies with secret abilities, she fights to recover. But only one man calms the dark storm inside and makes her believe she can be whole again…Dr. Gage Walker.

Scientist Gage Walker has spent a decade helping anomalies. But every day, he’s haunted by his previous job for the CIA—where he crossed far too many boundaries and hurt so many anomalies. Including his brother. He vows he won’t fail again and will do everything he can to heal Cate—including fighting his attraction to her.

But when the crime lord comes after Cate again, it’s a race against time to find out why he wants her. Amidst the danger, Gage and Cate drawn to each other, even as they fear that one wrong step will send her hurtling back into the depths of her soul stealing addiction.

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of a teleporter, as well as some sort of contraption to keep the house clean and tidy. Maybe something to keep me fit and healthy without having to think too much about it.

    Good luck on your flight!