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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Good News Day!

Welcome to this week's good news...


If you haven't noticed, the Dark Side DownUnder has a new logo - something that reflects the gamut of genres our Aussie & New Zealander authors write. The design was created by the uber-talented Eleni Konstantine!


Maggie Mundy has received a contract for her manuscript, World Change, from Rogue Phoenix Press. Congratulations!


Cheryse Durrant has received her new cover for The Blood She Betrayed, the first in her Heart Hunters series, being published by Clan Destine Press. The e-book will be launched in July 2013 and the paperback in August 2013.

To save her kingdom...
Thrust into the technology-driven Earthlands via magical mists, Shahkara is forced to rely on Max McCalden to help search for the ancient Elnara death lantern, her homeworld's last chance of survival against the heart-devouring Taloners.
Max has his own problems – a manipulative billionaire father, a murdered brother – but nothing prepares him for this fugitive warrior’s razor-sharp talons and magical abilities.
...she must betray her blood
Shahkara’s half-Taloner blood demands what she knows she can’t have – a human heart. She longs for love, but as deadly enemies attack at every turn, will her lust for Max destroy them both? Or will she find the strength to free both worlds from a threat more horrific than the demons that share her blood?

Ruby's Ghost is Shona Husk's latest book from Samhain, out today!

Breaking up is hard to survive.
One moment, Tate Cooper is giving his ex-girlfriend a lift home on his motorcycle. The next, his soul is suspended between life and death, wandering in confusion between the accident scene and the house he grew up in.
Except it’s not his home anymore. In his old bedroom sleeps a beautiful young woman, the only person who can see him. And the only person who can keep him from succumbing to the temptation to escape the horrific pain awaiting him in his mortal body.
Eloise Jones should be studying for her college exams, but it’s tough to stay focused when a lost soul keeps appearing in her room. She figures it must have something to do with sirens she heard screaming in the night, but she’s helpless to assist—and helpless to resist.
As Eloise tries to help Tate unravel the tangled facts surrounding the accident, longing and desire grow into an almost tangible bond between them. But then a second spirit appears, one with a darker intent that could separate them before love draws its first breath…
Warning: Contains a vengeful ex and a romance that crosses the boundary between life and death


Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster received 4.5 stars from That's What I'm Talking About.
"Heart of Iron is a suspenseful tale of political maneuvering among the classes with a paranormal twist that ups the ante...Although the suspense makes Heart of Iron a thrilling read, it’s the budding romance between Lena and Will that make this book such a wonderful story...Ms. McMaster was able to convey every emotional moment with such clarity that I laughed and cried right along side the characters."
Full review here.

And here's another review for Heart of Iron from Tynga's Reviews.
"HEART OF IRON is an engrossing, thrilling sequel to KISS OF STEEL. If you liked KISS OF STEEL, you'll love HEART OF IRON because it has all of the elements that made KISS OF STEEL a strong debut, with even more world-building, intrigue, and steam."
Full review here. There's also a giveaway up for grabs here - ends May 14th.


Bec McMaster continues her Heart of Iron blog tour.
May 14th - Novels on the Run.
May 15th - Cocktails & Books.
May 15th - Goldilox & the Three Wares.
May 16th - Romancing the Book.


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