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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Bite Of...Awakening the Warriors

For this fortnight's A Bite Of... it is with pleasure I introduce the wonderful S. E. Gilchrist, with her novel Awakening the Warriors.

Can you, in less than five words describe your story, Awakening the Warriors?
 Erotic, Fast-paced, Futuristic, M/M/F

What inspired you to write it?
The challenge of writing my first M/M/F story coupled with an idea I had of an imprisoned warrior whose sexual urges have been dormant for cycles until he is 'awakened' by a woman. So I decided to throw my heroine into a cell, add another warrior and give her no alternative but to attempt the 'impossible.' (poor woman, how my heart bleeds for her -- not!)

And here's the snippet!
At the doorway, I cast a swift look outside. A sob strangled my throat as I took in the huddled bodies dotted here and there on the sandy ground. In the centre of the courtyard, Quain crouched, both hands firing weapons and aimed towards the courtyard walls. Doing what he could to protect the people racing for freedom.

Sunlight glowed over his burnished skin and highlighted his rippling muscles as he twisted and turned, laying down a spread of covering fire. He reminded me of a bronzed effigy of a war-time hero and the sight seared into my heart for all time.

I glanced over my shoulder at the four people bunched together, terror staring out of white rimmed eyes and I tried again. “If you stay here you’ll die. You must follow us.”

One whimpered, another shook her head.

Jerrell bounded across the room and touched my arm, leaning close. “We leave now.”

Turning away from the group of four, I muttered, “Right, let’s do it.”

I flexed my fingers and re-positioned my sweaty hand over the gun. Beside me, Margaret trembled and I tightened my grip. I sucked in a breath to steady my shaky nerves and said, “Now.”

We burst out the doorway, running like mad things. Around us, the world exploded into a contortion of sound. Smoke haze obscured my vision; I kept my eyes on where I had last seen Quain and ran, aiming my weapon upwards to where flashes of light signalled the discharge of the enemy’s fire. Behind me, Jerrell’s voice urged me on.

And I knew without looking he ran backwards, guarding us.

Thank you for sharing  S. E.!
If you would like to find out more about S.E. Gilchrist her and her awesome books click on the the links below;
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