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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The 2nd Anniversary Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to our 2nd Anniversary Halloween celebrations. This year we are having a blog hop!!

Before we get to that, let's talk creatures. The last year or so has seen an increase in Zombie action, especially with the hit TV series The Walking Dead.

Zombies are scary because with one bite - you are infected and will turn into one of them.

But there are other creatures that are scary - clowns. Yep, big goofy footed clowns. Oh, they pretend they are fun loving, but they have sinister plan..... Stephen King knew IT (oh, pun was totally unintentional and scary)....

I mean look, the clown is smiling....and looks totally creepy. Which brings me to....

Well Ronald McDonald is okay because there is the Ronald McDonald charity...but all other clowns are on notice....

Funny thing is, I saw the below on Facebook the same day of my post....it was kismet I tell you.

Now, what other creatures and costumes do you find scary (or mock scary)? Tell us and you'll be in with a chance to win 

The big prize of the hop is a $30 Amazon Voucher.

Here are the rules of the blog hop
  1. To be eligible to win a prize on the blogs, the reader must do as what’s instructed on each blog by 11.59pm 4th November Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. 
  2. To be eligible to win the Amazon voucher, the participants must comment on each participating blog. Only one comment needed. Multiple comments will be ignored for the purposes of the contest. 
  3. Have fun! 

With the below list you may have to scroll down to the actual post as some are posted pre 31st October.

Halloween Special - 2nd Blogiversary
1. Eleni Konstantine
2. Mel Teshco
3. Nicole Murphy
4. Imogene Nix
5. Christina Phillips aka Christina Ashcroft
6. Amanda Ashby
7. Jenny Schwartz
8. Shona Husk
9. Maree Anderson
10. Kylie Griffin
11. Lilliana Rose
12. Nicole Hurley-Moore
13. Eden Summers
14. Erica Hayes
15. Sandra Harris
16. Keziah Hill
17. S E Gilchrist
18. DSDU


  1. Scary creatures? Hmm... werewolves... shifty eyes... long nuzzling muzzles.... oooooohhhhhh... *winks*

  2. Well, I think that the original Nosferatu (German movie version) was HUGE on the creepy/scary/repulsive scale. The aliens in V were definite nasties as well.

  3. What was actually scary to me was two teenage girls dressed in tiny wee french maid outfits. Seriously!

  4. Werewolves for me too. Especially the one from Little Red Ridding Hood. When I was little and went to bed at night I used to think the wolf from the fairy tale was looking at me through the window. I was so scared at that thought - I have a big imagination!

  5. Jason and Michael Myers costumes those two scare the pee out of me .Werewolves and vamps well thats what I call a party .Happy Halloween everyone .

  6. LOL Imogene...yep shifty indeed are those werewolves.

    Natasha - I've only seen abit of Nosferatu - boy that vamp is creepy with a capital C.

    emmad - oh, yes, scary indeed. :)

    Lilliana - you know I think I was never scared of the wolf in LRRH because the woodcutter gets him in the end. Though he did eat grandma. So really should rethink that :)

    LOL wanda re partying with the werewolves and vamps. I agree Jason and Michael Myers are completely creepy and scary.

    Thanks to all for commenting.

  7. Each time I see a beer- gut 45 year old man in red speedos, a black cape, and fangs, all I want to do is bleach my eyes out!

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  8. Clowns really are super creepy. I'm not a fan of mutton dressed up like lamb either.


  9. The mask from Scary Movie (the reaper one) scares the crap out of me because I know that something sinister is going to happen when that appears. Oh and the muppets! I would burn all their little costumes!

  10. I hate clowns and its because of IT. All clowns are just plain creepy and I have no idea why Mcdonalds thought it would be such a great advertisement/gimmick. I'd kick ronald in the nuts

  11. Booklover - oh, yes, that image must go!

    Mary - there are just certain things one shouldn't wear as people get older.

    Gabbie - oh, that mask does give me the creeps every time I see it.

    Kerri - LOL, Ronald better start running!

  12. Thanks to everyone for commenting. The winner will be announced soon.