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Friday, 2 November 2012

Real Life Paranormal

With J.L Addicoat
Manic Ghost at Old Queen Victoria Hospital 1980’s

The day had been long and boring. The job, mind a film crew shooting a Television Series inside the abandoned Queen Victoria Hospital.

Instruction were given that no one was to go beyond the ground floor as machinery had been removed from floors, leaving gaping holes in them.

With this being the last day, I was extremely thankful I wouldn’t be back for another shift. 12 hours sitting in an ATCO hut was enough for any person.

I had been hearing banging coming from the third floor for a while and questioned the foreman in charge of the filming crew if any of his crew or actors where on the third floor.

He checked back within the building and returned saying all personnel were accounted for.

As he turned to leave, the banging started again. He was dumbfounded as well.

When all personel had left and I was ready to lock up, he came out and suggested we scout the floor where the noise had been coming from. There were no elevators working, but the stairs were still climbable as long as you were careful.

We re-entered the building, and climbed the stairs to the third floor. As we approached the floor, the banging commenced again.

Opening the door, we were confronted with a hospital word full of beds and people in them. Visitors walking around and sitting beside beds. He grabbed my hand, (I’m not sure if it was for reassurance or to stop me high tailing it out of there.) and we proceeded through the ward. As we approached a door at the far end of the ward, everyone and everything vanished. Only an empty room, with the skeletons of old hospital beds leaning against the walls could be seen.

The banging sound had continued as we walked through the ward. He opened the door and we looked in.

It was another ward with beds, but only one patient. He was clothed in old style pyjama’s and was standing at the end of a metal bed, picking it up and slamming it back down again.

I called out to him and he turned around.

His face looked like a torture victim’s would look. Strained and somehow misshapen. He opened his mouth and shrieked. Not a scream, but a shriek. The man then came toward us at a fast rate. His feet didn’t touch the floor as he came at us. The foreman and myself looked at ach other slammed the door and ran, but not before I saw the letters which had been painted over – Psychiatric Ward.

We both ran down the stairs and out the open door. The Ghost didn’t appear to be following, but we were taking no chances. I secured the building and the ATCO hut and we both left.

I did make a report to my Boss when I returned the key, but a laugh was what I received.

Jenny Addicoat writes as. J.L. Addicoat.
Living in a small country town, Jenny shares her home with her partner (Hubby) Kevin and two very spoilt felines.
She enjoys reading, writing of course, and gardening.



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