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Tuesday 2 April 2024

DarkSider News: April 2024!


“Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. 
Books are reflection. Books change your mind.” 
Toni Morrison


Burwood Language Festival
Burwood, NSW
Saturday, 22 June 2024 
11:30 AM to 04:00 PM

will feature DarkSider:
Theresa Fuller
(who will talk about saving the Baba Malay language)


Book 4, Alien Fugitives
Mel Teshco
Released: 30 March

Can two lost souls complete one another?

Damaris Trant has never been alone…until now. Not only is he stuck on planet Earth, his six Strazanian comrades—rares with special powers just like him—are scattered around the city of New Faxian like confetti to avoid an enemy that has already wiped out the rest of their species. Damaris doesn’t even know if his comrades are still alive since landing on Earth.
Despite his purple scale coloring making him a lower caste, his rare powers, which had elevated his standing on his planet Strazan, are now erratic at best. Add to that the memories of his deceased family, and he’s rendered even more powerless.
Then he meets Callie, and his already topsy-turvy life is turned upside down. She’s an addict who sees things differently. That she doesn’t find Damaris abnormal is beyond appealing to his peace of mind. If only she didn’t also see him as just another man without a conscience.

After Callie Trueberry lost her family to a house fire, she fell into a dysfunctional world of her own making. Chemicals and alcohol might decay her mind, but at least she’s no longer half-mad with grief. Then she stumbles into Damaris and wishes she was the woman she used to be, a woman who would have turned his head and perhaps even won his heart. He is everything she’s ever wanted in a man, their shared grief binding them closer still. But will he stand by her side as she cleans her body and her mind while enemies are hunting him down, or will he be lost to her forever?

Three Vampires and a Baby
Marie Dry
Released: 24 March

Her precious baby was half vampire!
Rejected by her hunter family, Breona is desperate to have a family of her own. She has a daughter through artificial insemination, and she was content. Then an arrogant vampire appears, claiming her daughter was half vampire and he was the father.

He had a half human baby!
Soon Jonas would have to get married and produce an heir. The problem? He had a four-year-old half human baby he never knew about.

As if that was not enough, her mother was a beautiful witch he’d never met before.

The Shattered Court
M.J. Scott
Book 1, The Four Arts
Re-release: 28 March

For a royal witch, magic always means marriage…whether she likes it or not

Lady Sophia Kendall has always known three things. That she's thirty-second in line to the throne of Anglion. That when she turns twenty-one, she'll find out if she's a royal witch. And that, if she is a witch, she'll be married off immediately to whichever lord the king chooses. Now she's about to turn twenty-one and fulfill all the expectations that the Anglion court has for her.

But when the palace is attacked just before her birthday, Sophie is spirited away from the city by Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a royal guard determined to keep her safe. Being alone with a man she hardly knows is dangerous, especially so close to her birthday. And when Sophia discovers she does indeed have magic—strong magic—she and Cameron accidentally forge a bond that breaks every tradition Anglion holds dear. When they return to the palace, the aftermath of the attack has stirred up the worst kind of court politics and their unexpected union and Sophie's magic brings her to the deadly attention of those seeking to control the court and those who seeking to destroy it…and her. To survive, Sophia will have to see beyond the lies she's been taught and embrace the power nobody wants her to have…

The Shattered Court is the first book in the Four Arts trilogy, a complete historical fantasy romance series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. Perfect if you love fantasies with royal turmoil, witches, gaslamp vibes, marriages of convenience, protective heroes, sexy times and political intrigues. Enjoy!

Silvercrest Court
Book 2, Daugther of Shadow
LJ Swallow
Released: 26 March in audio format
Narrated by: Will M. Watt, Ella Lynch
Length: 5 hrs and 56 mins

Calla, daughter of shadow. The girl with the dragon, accused of bewitching three powerful men. Can her magic unite the kingdom, or will she tear the realm further apart?

Calla arrives at the stronghold with her three guardians, but not everything goes to plan. Her unusual magic skills arouse suspicion, and when Calla's true powers reveal themselves, her life is in danger.

Leander attempts to reconcile his role as High Lord with his need to protect Calla—a girl his advisers tell him must die. Rohan struggles with his feelings for the girl he's commanded to watch and kill if necessary. And Galen is determined to prove that there is more to Calla's story while trying to make sense of his feelings toward a human girl.

All believe that Calla's dragonkin, Luin, holds the key to who she is.

A new elven ally knows more about the situation inside the Ebon realm and promises the group answers. He introduces the four companions to somebody who reveals Calla's hidden background and the source of her power.

Calla faces an impossible decision—risk her life by returning to the stronghold or travel to a place of greater danger to fulfill a destiny that will change the kingdom forever.

Silvercrest Court is the second book in the Daughter of Shadow fantasy romance series, which must be listened to in order. Daughter of Shadow is a slow-burn, slow-build why choose fantasy romance series featuring action-packed sword and sorcery with a strong heroine, a pet dragon, and irresistible guys.

The Four Horsmen: The Christmas & Halloween Episodes
Box Set
The Four Horsemen
LJ Swallow
Released: 26 February

This box set bundles the three bonus episodes from the Four Horsemen series into one so you can read for less!
The original series must be read first.

A Christmas Episode

The Four Horsemen face Christmas and the holiday season is a bigger challenge than they expected. The parties are hell, the traditions confusing, and the angel they encounter isn’t the one Vee places on top of their Christmas tree.

A Halloween Episode

The Four Horsemen and Vee prefer to keep away from the local village residents, but they’ve attracted unwanted attention from more the one.

A Halloween Episode

This Halloween the Four Horsemen meet their greatest challenge yet.
Supervising a children’s Halloween party.

About the Four Horsemen series
What's worse than being pursued by the Four Horsemen? Discovering you're the Fifth.
The Four Horsemen urban fantasy series is complete. The books slow burn to steamy scenes, with a kickass heroine and four guys who'll do anything for the girl who's the centre of their world.
Start the series with Legacy.

Fae's Dream
Book 6, Fated Mates of the Fae Royals
Kelly Ethan
Released: 31 March

Death on vacation, blackmail, and the walking dead…let the mayhem begin.

Holly Harrow, witchy banshee, hates chaos and mayhem. Working at Elysian Fields Funeral Home satisfies her need for peace and serenity. The dead never talk back.

Until now.

The last thing she expects to find is an amnesiac man chained up in a coffin, scheduled for burial…

A live burial.

Now the dead won’t stop walking and talking, and someone’s out to kill her amnesiac charge. And for once, she can’t blame her wicked witch grandmother, Elspeth Harrow.

Holly has no choice but to make a deal with death and track down a killer.

And don’t even mention her talking, stuffed Viking raven…

If you like snarky dialogue, murder and mayhem then you’ll love the first installment in Kelly Ethan’s new Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery spin off series – Holly Harrow: A Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery!

Hunter Hunted
Keri Arthur
Book 3, Lizzie Grace
Released: 5 February in hardcover

When the church bell tolls thrice in the middle of the night, evil this way comes...

Lizzie Grace and Belle Kent, her witch familiar, are living and working on the Faelan Werewolf Reservation-one that has banned the use of magic within its borders. Although they have their supporters-including ranger Aiden O'Connor, who once hated all things witch-Lizzie and Belle now face possible eviction.

But the Faelan Reservation is a place filled with wild magic which-when left unprotected-quickly becomes a draw to those who walk the darker paths. As Christmas approaches, a new evil comes to town-one that eats the souls of the living and animates the flesh of the dead.

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Australia - signed copies can be purchased direct from Keri. 
Contact via email: keriarthurauthor@gmail.com

Non Spec-Fic

Falling For Mr. Fake It
Book 2, Hope Bay
Helen Walton
Released: 22 March

Fake it. Laugh. Love.

I never expected to see my first and only love again. When he appears on my small hometown beach in Hope Bay, I do the only sensible thing and pretend my dog trainer is my boyfriend. He seems willing to go along with the fake title, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
The longer we spend in our fake relationship, the more I realize Shawn is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, and I’m falling in love with him.
But where will that leave us when we no longer need to fake it?

I should have given up on the impossible of training Hannah’s naughty beagle months ago, but I’d fallen in love with her. Except she didn’t know I existed as a man until she asked me to play along as her fake boyfriend.
Of course, I use every chance I get to prove to her I’m better than her ex-boyfriend.
But what if she’s still in love with him?

His First Temptation
Maggie Rose
Released: 22 March

Jamie was my first.

I was seventeen and he made me feel cared for, even if only for a moment. So much has happened over the last thirteen years. He is now a movie star and I am a woman on the run from an ex.

Is there a possibility that I can have a new start and find love, or am I damaged goods.
Being with me could destroy everything he has worked for.


Shadow's End
Book 12, Lizzie Grace
Keri Arthur
Expected Release: 22 July

With a wedding to plan and a prospective mother-in-law who hates her, an ancient vampire seeking brutal revenge might be the least of Lizzie’s problems…

The Witch's Tangle
Book 3, Seasonal Spice Novella
L.A. Monteiro
Expected Release: 10 April

Cassia's desperate to hold on to the new-found peace she's found outside her coven, but is irresistably drawn to Lincoln, even though she's seeing his brother Brad. Meanwhile Lincoln and Brad investigate Cassia's continued connection with the living vine Irene, and unveil more about her coven and her mother's past. What they find out could tear them apart, or bind them all closer together.

This spicy fantasy menage involves bondage and mind melding. This short and delicious romantica features characters from the novella Tangle with the Mages, from the Seasonal Spice world.

Written by L.A. Monteiro, Winner of Romance Writers Australia's Spicy Bites competition 2023, and third place 2024.

Mated to the Sapphic Orc
Book 4, Seasonal Spice Story
L.A. Monteiro
Expected Release: 10 May

Sometimes destiny has other plans…

Erica is a driven career woman finally settling down... as soon as she finds the right man. But when she meets Olivia, she’s gripped by an uncontrollable attraction that was not in her plans.

Olivia has made peace with her lot in life - as a sapphic orc princess, she’s destined to be on the sidelines of history. When she discovers Erica is part orc, she knows her duty - to find Erica a suitable mate, and breed the next generation of orcs. But maybe destiny has a different idea.

This high-heat sapphic romance is a short read set in the world of Seasonal Spice, after 50 Shades of Orc and Tangle with the Mages. It includes characters from Taming the Office Orc.

Kidnapped by the Orc
Book 5, Seasonal Spice Story
L.A. Monteiro
Expected Release: 10 June

He may have captured her, but she could help set him free.

Emily is a smart-mouthed scientist who’s determined to steer her own life, even though she’s a rare half orc mystic. When she’s kidnapped by a surprisingly civilized orc, she knows she has to escape before her body goes into an uncontrollable heat. That’s the only reason she’s attracted to him - right?

Lachlan lives to serve his king, Evan, and he only wants Emily to accept her place as queen. But he finds himself irresistibly attracted to her fierce will. Can he really give her up to his increasingly unstable king?

This high-heat romance is a short read set in the world of Seasonal Spice, after 50 Shades of Orc, Tangle with the Mages and The Witch’s Tangle. It follows the main storyline of the series.

Fae's Fate
Book 7, Fated Mates of the Fae Royals
Helen Walton
Expected release: 10 May

Will fate bring them together or tear them apart?

I was born in a time of darkness. My powers showed that darkness tainted me, but wherever I went, there was my best friend, Malachi. He was the light to my dark. I couldn’t imagine life without him in it. One day, I’ll find my fated mate and then the love I have for Malachi would pale in comparison. I dreaded and looked forward to the day. First, I had to find a cure to the Fae’s dying Spring of Life, otherwise there would be no future for any of us.

I loved my best friend, Princess Ciara, from the day we were born, but she didn’t look at me that way. Plus, I was nothing compared to a royal Fae, so we’d never have a future together. I insist on going with her when she tells me she’s leaving the Fae Kingdom for the first time to find a cure to the spring. I’ll protect her and be by her side, no matter the consequences to my heart. And I must let her go when she finds a man who might be her fated mate and the answer to all the Fae’s problems. Or do I?

Fae’s Fate is the seventh standalone romance in the Summer Court fantasy romance series featuring powerful Fae royals who find their fated mates on their quest to save the Fae.

It’s perfect for fans of portal worlds, intrigue, suspense, heartfelt emotions, explosive chemistry, love, and happily ever after.

Wicked Ways
Book 5, Techwitch
M.J. Scott
Expected Release: 28 May

An exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the magical world, it’s that you never know what’s coming next. Monsters lurk in the dark, and even in the light, danger is never far away. And when you get caught between old troubles and new loyalties, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a way out…

Wicked Ways is the fifth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Author's note: For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Live to Tell
Book 5, Thornwood Academy
LJ Swallow
Expected Release: 28 August

Thornwood Academy’s darkling detective is back for more as she continues to investigate the truth behind Madison's death and pursues those plotting against the supernatural council.

Dance With Death is the fifth book in a new YA supernatural academy series from LJ Swallow,author of the Nightworld Academy books.

The Thornwood Academy series features a girl who isn't afraid to use her dark side, a magic school where humans mix with vampires and witches, and the three guys who she’d like to stay alive.

Other books in the series must be read first.

More details soon.
Release date will be moved forward.

Winterfall Destiny
Book 10, Nightworld Academy
LJ Swallow
Expected Release: 13 May

Winterfall Destiny is the fourth book in the Nightworld Academy: Winterfall series. Other books in the series must be read first.

The Winterfall series is a 'life after academy' series featuring all the characters from the original Nightworld Academy series.

More details soon!

Release date expected to be brought forward.

Wolf's Prize
K.E. Turner
Books 2, The Wolves of Langeias
Expected Release: 7 May

She’s not supposed to exist. Finding her changes everything.

Kathryn Beauchene has spent most of her life in the shadows. As a daughter of a minor chevalier, she’s rarely the focus of the Langeais nobility. That changes when her wealthy and powerful cousin vanishes, and the Count of Anjou bestows on them his estate. He’s using her cousin’s wealth and unwed Kathryn as bait.

But Kathryn has a secret. One that haunts her nights and threatens everything she holds dear.

Three years ago, Aimon Proulx almost died. Becoming a werewolf has given him another chance at life and opened him up to a world he never knew existed. Now the pack who rescued him is under threat and he will do anything to save them.

When he catches the scent of a female werewolf, something they’d all believed extinct, he vows to protect her and keep her safe.

But Kathryn stands to lose more than her secret. Aimon fears their enemies aren’t the only thing Kathryn’s in danger from. With her burnished copper locks and fiery temper, she’s a temptation that’s hard to resist. She’s not safe. Not even from him.

Phoenix Mate
Book 3, Brothers of Fire
TJ Nichols
Expected Release: 28 May direct; 
4 June Amazon

Kaine finds his fated mate and secrets come between the brothers. 

Explore the hidden kingdom of Mont de Leucoy in Book 3 of the Brothers of Fire series. 


Provoking the Punter
Book 2, Austin Troopers
TJ Nichols
Expected Release: 24 June

For Garrett (don't you dare call me Gary) Stevens getting picked up by the Austin Troopers is the second chance he needed. All he needs to do is avoid another scandal and kick well. That means giving 110%, no drinking and no hookups.

Then he meets Chester Monroe, the owner of the Bathtubs and Blossoms distillery and bar at a fundraiser.

With the current punter pushing to be rid of Garrett and Chester offering to help it soon becomes clear that the most interesting plays happen off the field.

Non Spec-Fic

Mel Teshco
Book 3, Gangsters at War
Expected Release: 25 June

One sadistic madman substituted by another.

That’s what happened when I escaped from the don of the O’Malley mafia only to be captured by Valentino Barone, deadly enforcer of the Agostino mobster family. I didn’t think I could hate anyone more than the don who damaged me, until Valentino takes away my freedom yet again and awakens my darkest desires, ones I never knew existed. Escape seems futile. But I did it once I can do it again—or die trying.

I was sent to find and kill Chantilly Alcott, fugitive lover of the don of a rival mafia who is desperate to find her. Ending her life and sending pieces of her body to the O’Malley family isn’t something that should bother me—it never has before—so why my reluctance to do my job? I will do it, eventually. For now, I hold her captive and tell myself I’ll break her spirit instead of her body.
So why is she slowly breaking me, instead?

Mel Teshco
Book 4, Gangsters at War
Expected Release: 31 August

He’s a merciless killer who gets what he wants. He can have me…for a price

When my widowed stepmother kicked me out on the streets when I was sixteen, I was too proud to ask for help from any of my friends. Hunger left me with no choice but to accept money for sex so that I might survive. Four years later I’m not only surviving, I’m thriving. Asked to attend a private party at the Agostinos, a notorious mafia family who are as ruthless and cruel as they are filthy rich and generous, I can’t say no. Then my gaze meets the cold eyes of Serafino, and I’m lost even before he decides he wants all of me…body, mind and soul.

I’m known as a cold-hearted killer without a conscience, the bad boy of the Agostino mafia. That says a lot considering my brothers can be as ruthless as my father had once been, and he’d been a sick and twisted bastard of the highest order. Nonetheless, I have a reputation to uphold. People are afraid of me for good reason. What would they think though if they discovered the call girl who arrived to service the Agostino brothers is the one woman I want all to myself—a woman I would kill to protect—until I’m left with no choice but to kill her myself.

Mel Teshco
Book 1, Sons of the Sheikh
Expected Release: 31 October

His sting is as lethal as his charm.

Sheikh Aziz Hadi might be a player who knows how to charm the panties off women, but that means very little when the one woman he wants—Zamira Fasih—is also the one woman he can’t have. She’s the daughter of a sheikh from a neighboring country bordering his province. That they’re at war means there is no way he can talk to her, let alone date her. Then he sees her at the markets and he can’t deny the impulse to take what—who—he wants.

Zamira Fasih is not interested in Aziz, at least that’s what she tells herself. He and his family sided with an enemy of her father’s and now her people are paying the ultimate price. The Hadi family are scum, and Aziz is the worst of them. He’s not worthy of her attention, if only she’d stop damn well thinking about him! Then he kidnaps her and expects her to like him—but he’d better think again!
She is promised to another man who will help end the war and the death of her people, and nothing will change her mind. Not even the famous charm Aziz is renowned for.

The above three covers are by Eleni Konstantine's alter ego, HelzKat Designs.


Demon's Dance
Keri Arthur
Book 4, Lizzie Grace
Released: April in hardcover


Debbie Johansson

Debbie is now on Threads

Christina Phillips

Her Rebel Scott
 (Book 0, Highland Warrior Chronicles) ebook is now available in all stores.  You can also by direct from Christina

K.E. Turner

Wolf's Prize ARCs are available.

TJ Nichols

TJ's Kickstarter campaign for the Outcast Pack Omnibuses is open now.  


TJ was interviewed over at Hoof and Fang podcast.

LJ Swallow

Dead to Me
 (Book 2, Thornwood Academy) is now available in German


Congratulations to our DarkSiders! 
Happy Reading everyone. Be safe & well. 

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