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Tuesday 12 March 2024

DarkSider News: March 2024 - part 2!


“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book."
~ Jane Smiley


ARR Awards

The annual ARR Awards was held on Friday 8th March.
DarkSiders had been nominated and did well in the placings.

Runner up of Favourite Paranormal Romance for 2023:
A Relic of Magic and Frankincense - HM Hodgson

Favourite Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance 2023:
Ring of Ruin - Keri Arthur

Runner up of Favourite Romantic Suspense 2023
Need You Tonight - Leisl Leighton

Runner up of  Favourite Continuing Romance Series 2023:
With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing series - Dakota Harrison and Fiona Marsden

For the full listing, visit the ARRA blog


Newcastle Book Boyfriend Author Expo
Concert Hall, Newcastle City Hall
20-21 April

will feature the following DarkSiders:
Efthalia - pre-order form
Lilliana Rose / Lily Rose - pre-order form
Maggie Rose / Maggie Mundy pre-order form
Mila Young - pre-order form

Once Upon a Fairytale Author Signing Event
Western Sydney
9 June

will feature DarkSiders:
HM Hodgson
Mila Young  - pre-order form

Rebels & Outlaws Book Signing
Liverpool, UK
13 July

will feature DarkSider:
Khloe Wren

Readers and Writers
Seattle USA
20 July

will feature DarkSider:
Mila Young - pre-order form

Romance Con
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
6-7 September

will feature DarkSider:
Mila Young

Getting Witch With It
Salem, USA
14 September

will feature DarkSider:
Mila Young


Indie Book Worm Event
Chapter 3: Read Like Royalty
Kryal Castle, Ballarat
3 November

will feature DarkSiders:
Helen Walton
Leisl Leighton
Mila Young

Wild & Windy West
12-15 February 2025

will feature DarkSider:
Mila Young


Books In-Sight Melbourne
Q Events Melbourne
15 February 2025

will feature DarkSider:
Khloe Wren
Lilliana Rose
M.J. Scott
Maggie Mundy / Maggie Rose



Cassie Laelyn
Book 3, Small Town Packs
Released: 12 March

Dive into the world of small towns and swoony shifters with this action-packed, heart-melting prequel to the Small Town Packs series!

Destiny. Adventure. A second chance worth fighting for.

When Ivy Morgan embarked on an epic road trip, the last thing she expected was to stumble into her supposed fated mate. Liam Cole. The guy with a wolfish smirk who takes protection to a whole new level. Also, the guy who watched her leave four months ago. But when a vicious storm catches them unaware, their reunion takes a dangerous turn.

Stranded together, Ivy must now choose between the freedom she craves and trusting the only man who’s ever held her heart.

But what if that trust costs her everything?

Fall in love with small towns, swoony shifters, and unbreakable bonds in these interconnected paranormal romances. These bad boys are packed with steamy romancey goodness and swoony heroes!! Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with a guaranteed HEA... absolutely NO cliffhangers!!

Blood Cursed
Book 3, Gods Cursed
Leisl Leighton
Released: 19 February in print

A secret blood curse; a love worth fighting for.

Failed witch Korinna Soteira needs to figure out how to control her powers before the moon rises on the first night of Oestra. She can’t allow the disaster that killed all the people of Pompeii 2,000 years ago to occur again. Especially if it endangers the life of her beloved Tamuel.

If it was up to her, she’d never use her magic, but if she and Tamuel are to release the trapped HeartsBlood Gem spirit and vanquish the evil witch Clodia, she will need every ounce of her power and more. The problem is the one spell that might allow her to control her magic – a spell she can only access with her cursed blood – is forbidden to her because of how dangerous it could be.

But Korinna will do anything to get her hands on that spell, even if the consequence might destroy the one thing worth living for: her love.

Gods and Monsters
Books 1-4, Gods and Monsters
Mila Young
Released: February as a special hardcover edition


But I’d give it all up for one last kiss with the god who stole my heart…
I never wanted to carry my family's legacy. But blood ties cannot be broken, and I’ll keep the promise I made my father on his dying bed. Legendary monsters hunt in city streets of Chicago, and my job was to take down the worst.
I’ve trained with Heracles.
Been blessed with superhuman powers.
What I’ve never done is fallen in love—until Apollo crossed my path. But he isn’t the only god to catch my attention. Poseidon and Ares have arrived. Hades is here too, and with him comes a darkness that leaves behind a trail of human bodies. Heracles and my gut instinct urges me to destroy this creature, but each step brings me closer to the truth…

Darkness cannot win…or the Earth will tumble into chaos and I’ll lose what I’ve come to love…

Gods and Monsters Special Edition is a complete collection and includes: 
1. Apollo Is Mine
2. Poseidon Is Mine
3. Ares Is Mine
4. Hades Is Mine

Relics and Legends
Books 1-3, Three Gifts Trilogy
HM Hodgson
Released: as special edition hardcover set

Deluxe, limited edition hardcovers available for the first time.

A Relic of Magic and Gold
A Relic of Magic and Myrrh
A Relic of Magic and Frankincense

These beautiful books are only available to purchase in the 3 book set, and include:
  • Custom designed covers inspired Major Arcana tarot cards
  • Secret spine image revealed when all 3 books are aligned
  • Gold foil dust jacket
  • Gold foil hardcase
  • Full color, custom designed endpapers
  • Stencilled edges
  • Reading ribbon

Non Spec-Fic

Protecting His Queen
Book 1, Kings of Sydney
Khloe Wren
Released: 28 February

As one of the Kings of Sydney, Daniil Mikhailov ruthlessly controls everything in his world with a cold brutality that ensures no one would ever dare cross him. But he knows how fast things can change, to never get close to anyone who could be used against him by his rivals.

He accepted paying this price to live the opulent life he loved until a chance encounter with a bright and bubbly artist changed everything. Suddenly, his thoughts are consumed with the much younger woman, with keeping her protected. A feat not made easy considering the way trouble follows her around.

While he never wanted to be anyone’s hero, he can’t resist being hers. Even when he knows it means she’s his biggest weakness, and that there’s no way his rivals will pass up this chance to knock him off his throne.

(This story was previously published in 2017 under the title "Daniil" but has since been extensively revised and edited.)


Hearts Cursed
Book 4, Gods Cursed
Leisl Leighton
Expected release: 19 March
sale price: US$2.99

Cursed to live alone, fated to be blood-bound …

After being trapped in the HeartsBlood Gem for almost 3000 years, Ilia Silvia is pissed. She’ll never be so needy or naive to trust the Gods again. Once she’s finished helping Korinna and Tamuel, the witch and the cupid who freed her, she plans on finding a way to take her revenge on those who betrayed, trapped and used her.

But first, she must separate her life-force from Dawn, the baby who made her corporeal with her powers, and help find long-lost God Triptolemus who seems to be at the heart of the cure for all that ails her. The trouble is, he’s a God – or something like it – and she hates Gods with a vengeance. Even worse, she’s been having sexy dreams about him and wants to give into them. The Fates really do hate her!

Trip O’Dem has lived without a memory for over 2000 years. All he knows about himself is that he enjoys farming, is immortal, and can grow things with his blood. It’s been a lonely existence, until he sees the angel in his dreams. Sexy dreams that come day or night. Dreams that indicate she is the answer to the mystery of who he is.

Problem? There is a fury inside her so great it threatens to swallow them all whole.

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, fated mates, enemies to lovers, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Hearts Cursed is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and download your copy today.

Shadow's End
Book 12, Lizzie Grace
Keri Arthur
Expected Release: 22 July 2024

With a wedding to plan and a prospective mother-in-law who hates her, an ancient vampire seeking brutal revenge might be the least of Lizzie’s problems…

The Shattered Court
M.J. Scott
Book 1, The Four Arts
Expected re-release: 28 March

For a royal witch, magic always means marriage…whether she likes it or not

Lady Sophia Kendall has always known three things. That she's thirty-second in line to the throne of Anglion. That when she turns twenty-one, she'll find out if she's a royal witch. And that, if she is a witch, she'll be married off immediately to whichever lord the king chooses. Now she's about to turn twenty-one and fulfill all the expectations that the Anglion court has for her.

But when the palace is attacked just before her birthday, Sophie is spirited away from the city by Lieutenant Cameron Mackenzie, a royal guard determined to keep her safe. Being alone with a man she hardly knows is dangerous, especially so close to her birthday. And when Sophia discovers she does indeed have magic—strong magic—she and Cameron accidentally forge a bond that breaks every tradition Anglion holds dear. When they return to the palace, the aftermath of the attack has stirred up the worst kind of court politics and their unexpected union and Sophie's magic brings her to the deadly attention of those seeking to control the court and those who seeking to destroy it…and her. To survive, Sophia will have to see beyond the lies she's been taught and embrace the power nobody wants her to have…

The Shattered Court is the first book in the Four Arts trilogy, a complete historical fantasy romance series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. Perfect if you love fantasies with royal turmoil, witches, gaslamp vibes, marriages of convenience, protective heroes, sexy times and political intrigues. Enjoy!

Wicked Ways
Book 5, Techwitch
M.J. Scott
Expected Release: 28 May 2024

An exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the magical world, it’s that you never know what’s coming next. Monsters lurk in the dark, and even in the light, danger is never far away. And when you get caught between old troubles and new loyalties, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a way out…

Wicked Ways is the fifth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Author's note: For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Shadow Kin
M.J. Scott
Book 1, The Half-Light City
Expected Re-release: 30 July

Dive into this darkly intense and steamy romantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott…

In a city of magic and ancient enmities where the Fae and the human mages stand against the Night World of Blood Lords and Beast Kind, I am the Night World’s most feared weapon. A wraith who can walk unseen in the night. The perfect assassin.

Rejected as soulless by my Fae mother, I was taken by a Blood Lord and raised to be his deadliest blade. He turned me into a weapon honed for one purpose, keeping me chained to the shadows by a need only he can fulfil.

Now my master is growing bolder. He wants to bring down the treaty that holds the city together. So he orders me to kill a human man. Simon DuCaine. But he doesn't tell me that Simon DuCaine, a man who wields the very light that leaves me powerless. Leaving me his captive. In his place, most men would kill me, but Simon is a man sworn to peace and he sees something in me no one else ever has.

But to take a chance at freedom, to leave the darkness and believe that the sun could love a shadow, I have to trust him as I’ve never trusted anyone. And hope that his actions don’t tip the city into war…

Shadow Kin is the first book in the Half-Light series, a dark and steamy romantic fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. It's an intense enemies-to-lovers romance between a vampire lord's chief assassin and a human sunmage in a dangerously intriguing world. If you love worlds with vampires, shapeshifters, Fae and human magic, intrigue and action, a la Sarah J Maas, then this is your next binge-worthy series!

Author's note: This series is complete but in the process of being re-released (all books will be available again by the end of October 2024). For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Their Pretty Little Monster
Book 1, Monsters Night
Mila Young 
Expected Release: 1 June 2024

Monsters ate my blurb...

Non Spec-Fic

His First Temptation
Maggie Rose
Expected Release: 22 March

Jamie was my first.

I was seventeen and he made me feel cared for, even if only for a moment. So much has happened over the last thirteen years. He is now a movie star and I am a woman on the run from an ex.

Is there a possibility that I can have a new start and find love, or am I damaged goods.
Being with me could destroy everything he has worked for.

Falling For Mr. Fake It
Book 2, Hope Bay
Helen Walton
Expected Release: 22 March

Fake it. Laugh. Love.

I never expected to see my first and only love again. When he appears on my small hometown beach in Hope Bay, I do the only sensible thing and pretend my dog trainer is my boyfriend. He seems willing to go along with the fake title, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
The longer we spend in our fake relationship, the more I realize Shawn is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, and I’m falling in love with him.
But where will that leave us when we no longer need to fake it?

I should have given up on the impossible of training Hannah’s naughty beagle months ago, but I’d fallen in love with her. Except she didn’t know I existed as a man until she asked me to play along as her fake boyfriend.
Of course, I use every chance I get to prove to her I’m better than her ex-boyfriend.
But what if she’s still in love with him?


The Forbidden Heir
The Unbound Queen
M.J. Scott
Books 2-3, The Four Arts
have new covers!

Book 1 is on pre-order (see pre-orders)


K.E. Turner

K.E. was interviewed by Coffee Time Romance & More.


Efthalia now has merch available.

Mila Young 

Monsters and Me 
series are now translated into German

Congratulations to our DarkSiders! 
Happy Reading everyone. Be safe & well. 

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