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Tuesday 21 November 2023

DarkSider News: November 2023 - part 2


“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”
J.K. Rowling


RARE24 Edinburgh
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
6-7 September 2024

will feature DarkSiders:
Keri Arthur
Lana Pecherczyk

Washington DC, USA
25-28 April 2024

will feature DarkSider:
Lana Pecherczyk


Dark Moon Secrets
Book 1, Witch Moon
Lilliana Rose
Released: 16 November

Chosen for a life she doesn’t want, Tanjie is been thrown into a magical world she never knew existed. She’s got powers that need to be controlled before she hurts someone.

Managing a store which is a cover for those who aren’t human. She’s the hope for the future.

Tanjie must learn quickly otherwise her mistakes will cost her life.

Buy at the limited time special price of .99c!

Claiming the Fae Crown
Monster Brides
Lilliana Rose
 Multi author series
Released: 15 November

Elfyda must end a war against the fae enemy.

Elfyda isn’t about to stay in the castle and be betrothed to a fae male. Escaping during her brother’s coronation, she goes to the human realm ready for adventure. She finds so much more, especially with Ryker. Elfyda has the freedom she always wanted, and a life she can live as her own.

When fae guards find her, to take her home, she can’t refuse them. War has broken out, the Formorians have come to destroy the fae. As the last remaining princess of the royal bloodline which is strong in the fae magic, she is their only hope.

Problem is, she’s married to Ryker, and as human he will never be accepted. If Ryker comes back with her he could be killed.

Can Elfyda find a way for Ryker to be accepted and claim the fae crown?

The Finding
Part 1, The Mendovan Alliance Chronicles
Angelica Grymm
Released: 14 November


Reece Halliday will find a way back home, even if it kills her. Abducted from Earth and auctioned off on the other side of the galaxy, a scarred starship XO buys her as a birthday present for his boss–as a pleasure slave. 

Ruthless starship officer Calin Aubron will do anything to climb the ranks of the Mendovan Alliance and regain the respect stolen from him. Life has taught him a harsh lesson: there is only duty, position, and honor.  

Neither Reece nor Calin expect to find a deep, abiding solace in each other’s company, a solace that leads Calin to dig deeper into Reece’s background and her claims of kidnapping.

But the Rathian slave traders behind the kidnappings refuse to let one small, worthless human derail their lucrative income stream from reaped worlds. 

They will kill her first.

*** Although this book is Part 1, there is a guaranteed HEA/HFN in all Angelica Grymm books***


Blood Cursed
Book 3, Gods Cursed
Leisl Leighton
Released: 14 November

A secret blood curse; a love worth fighting for.

Failed witch Korinna Soteira needs to figure out how to control her powers before the moon rises on the first night of Oestra. She can’t allow the disaster that killed all the people of Pompeii 2,000 years ago to occur again. Especially if it endangers the life of her beloved Tamuel.

If it was up to her, she’d never use her magic, but if she and Tamuel are to release the trapped HeartsBlood Gem spirit and vanquish the evil witch Clodia, she will need every ounce of her power and more. The problem is the one spell that might allow her to control her magic – a spell she can only access with her cursed blood – is forbidden to her because of how dangerous it could be.

But Korinna will do anything to get her hands on that spell, even if the consequence might destroy the one thing worth living for: her love.

If you love stories with magic, beta heroes, witches, second chance romance, curses and meddling gods and goddesses all wrapped up with a sexy HEA, then Soul Cursed is the story for you. Discover the magic of the Gods Cursed Series and download your copy today.

Book 3, Kingdoms of Earth and Air
Keri Arthur
Released: November in audio format

Will a woman with no memory be the salvation of her people… or the means of their final destruction?

Nara Velez wakes in a prison pod with no idea how she got there. She quickly learns that things have drastically changed during the time she can’t remember—and not just with her situation. The Mareritt—an ancient enemy—now control most of Arleeon and treat her people little better than slaves.

Worse still, the Mareritt also control the drakkons.

Nara has no choice but to work with Kaiden Silva, the warrior she’s been chained to and a man who distrusts her deeply. But escaping the Mareritt is only the first of their problems; they soon discover their enemy is working on a brand-new weapon—one with the power to wipe out the last remaining free city in Arleeon, just as they’d wiped out the drakkon warriors of yesteryear.

If Nara is to have any hope of freeing Arleeon, she must first regain her memories and determine why they were restricted.

But in doing so, she might just unleash hell on the very people she is trying to save.

Because there is magic in her mind… and its source is Mareritt.

Author’s Note: While all books in the Kingdoms series are set in the same world and use the same magic system, each book features a different couple and will be set on different continents.

Direct from author
Use the coupon code BURN25 to get 25% off the 
regular price of 10.99 until the 30th Nov.

The Sinner and The Scholar
Book 1, The Sinner Sisterhood
Lana Pecherczyk
Released: 21 November

Amidst darkness and sin, two unlikely souls find themselves twisted into a forbidden affair that could cost them everything.

Thea, a stunning beauty with a troubled past, was ripped from an orphanage by the Hildegard Sisterhood for her wicked ways. Trained as a seductive assassin, she's given a purpose as a Sinner: to bring balance to a world designed by men. She never expected the arrival of an arrogant scholar from the all-male Team Saint to bring her to her knees.

Wesley is a relentless demon hunter for the most mysterious entity in the world—the Vatican. His mission is simple: destroy evil wherever it may hide. But when sassy and smart Thea ruffles his feathers, he can't resist falling into temptation. She's the one he's been searching for his entire life, but she belongs to the Sisterhood, an organization he's sworn to destroy.

Thea and Wesley's worlds collide when they discover a lost prophecy has the key to saving a loved one in each of their lives—but it will only work for one.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned… I killed a man."

The Sinner Sisterhood is a dark, steamy paranormal romance series featuring five bad girls fated to save the world… but only if they first make peace with their dark sides. If you enjoy stories like Buffy, Constantine, The DaVinci Code, and Supernatural… but want more soul-shattering romance, found family shenanigans, unapologetic heroines, and the men who would sacrifice the world to love them, then this is for you.

Intended for mature listeners.

Non Spec-Fic

The Lust Giving
Helen Walton
Book 6, Hollywood Hearts
Released: 17 November

Can a childhood crush last forever?

I’ve lusted after my best friend’s brother since we were teenagers and I first discovered boys. Pretending I didn’t was easy with my acting skills. Apart from the one and only time we kissed, but Travis left. Now he’s back, and my stupid heart still beats erratically for him.

Then I learn he still has feelings for me…

Leaving Claire was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was only a teenager with my dream career within my grasp. After all my hard work, I couldn’t give it up for my teenage crush on my sister’s best friend, but I never stopped thinking about her.

So, I chose a movie role where I knew I’d get to come back home to win Claire over. If I still loved her after all this time, then I’d act on those feelings.

The Lust Giving is the emotional fourth standalone book in the Hollywood Hearts short story series. If you like instalove, holiday romance, and a quick read then you’ll love Helen Walton’s charming romance.

The Step Mother
Sally Rigby and Amanda Ashby
Released: 30 October

She’ll do anything to protect her family…

Libby Curtis never wanted children, until she met Nathan, a gorgeous widower with two young children. Now ten years later she can’t imagine her life without Sam and Sienna – she’d do anything for her precious kids. Anything….

So when a missing teenager is found lying on the side of the road, Libby’s first thoughts are for her own kids. Are they safe? Are they home?

What Libby doesn’t expect is for her children to be involved in the girl’s disappearance. But when she discovers an item in her stepson’s car linked to the victim Libby’s fears increase.

She can’t believe that the sweet boy she’s raised could do something like that. But if not Sam….who?

Libby must discover the truth before her family is ripped apart. But someone is determined to make sure their secrets stay hidden – even if the consequences are deadly…


Kadadu Dawn
Annie Seaton
Book 6, Porter Sisters
Released: 1 November

When horticulturist Tarni Morgan takes on a part-time position at the McClaren Mango Farm, it's a chance for a new beginning in the Northern Territory. Hiding a tragic past, Tarni treasures her privacy. She is surprised when the property owners leave on a three-month trip not long after she accepts the position, but is happy to house-sit in their absence. The only downside is Cy Prescott, the relieving manager. As they work together, Tarni begins to realise that Cy holds secrets just as she does, and fights her growing attraction to this taciturn man. Can Cy and Tarni both overcome the past that has defined their lives? Is a new beginning in reach? Or will Cy move on again as he refuses to give in to his feelings for this enigmatic woman

Book 1, Fury Brothers
Anna Hackett
Released: 7 November in audio format

I’m not looking for a hero, and definitely not a fake relationship with my new boss, nightclub owner Dante Fury—over six feet of dark, hot, and dangerous.

But he isn’t taking no for an answer.

The plan was to run, live under the radar, survive. My life’s been destroyed by some very bad people and everything I know is gone—career, friends, family. I thought I could hide as a bartender at New Orleans’ hottest new club, Ember.

I can’t trust anyone, but after I’m attacked, Dante is determined to play protector by claiming me as his. No one would dare touch the woman of one of the Fury brothers. Suddenly, I’m living at his place, and he’s touching me, kissing me, taking care of me…

Dante makes it very hard to remember this relationship isn’t real. He makes my heart race, but he’s way out of my league, and he’s protecting his own broken pieces.

Nothing this fake should feel this right.

The bad guys won’t give up, but I’m starting to think the biggest danger to me is Dante Fury.


A War of Ruin and Reckoning
Book 9, Season of the Elf, Fae Guardians
Lana Pecherczyk
Expected in paperback & hardback format in late November

A reckoning is coming… but who will it hurt the most?

When environmental activist Nova Morales wakes thousands of years after a nuclear fallout, she is surrounded by magic, monsters, and war. The earth she fought to protect is in pieces, along with her heart. Everyone she loved is dead. All she wants is to find answers, but instead, she finds herself the unwilling prize in an Unseelie mate hunt.

Elf Guardian Leaf has always prioritized duty to the Well. His fate is his own, despite what the Prime and that insufferable psychic Clarke say about him being fated to a human from the old world. He doesn’t have time for love when a blight on their magic source has the enemy breathing down their necks. But when avoiding his duty throws him into the path of a beautiful war prize who claims they used to be lovers, he’s forced to question everything—even his memory.

The trouble with questions is they lead to answers better left buried. And as more painful secrets come to light, Leaf starts to wonder who the truth will ruin most—the Prime with her machinations, the unhinged Unseelie Queen and her war of vengeance, the crow shifter with a chip on his wings, the lost daughter of an ally… or Nova, the woman he’s falling in love with.

Book Nine in the Fae Guardians series features Leaf, the Cadre of Twelve team leader, and Nova Morales. 

Castle of Nevers and Nightmares
Book 1, Fae Devils
Lana Pecherczyk
Expected Release: 26 February 2024

The first book in the Fae Guardians Standalone Spin-Off series, Fae Devils (Season of the Sluagh).

The Sinner and the Priest
Book 3, Sinner Sisterhood
Lana Pecherczyk
Expected Release: 27 June 2024

The Sinner and the Priest is the third book in the Sinnerhood Sisterhood series.

Shield of Fire
Book 4, Relic Hunters
Keri Arthur
Expected Release: 19 March 2024

A new relic, a new threat...

This book is currently available for pre-order on Apple, Amazon, and Nook. Kobo & Google Play will be added once the proofreading has been finished.

The Nefarious Nemesis and the Wedding Jinx
Book 8, Point Muse Cozy Mysteries
Kelly Ethan
Expected Release: 30 November

There's a furious damsel in a wedding dress, a killer stalking the Harrow clan, and a nosy Librarian turned sleuth. Let the mayhem begin...

Just one day. That’s all Xandie Meyers, aka the Librarian to the Supernatural Great Library of Alexandria, wanted. One calm, mayhem free day to get married. But this is Point Muse, and nothing ever goes to plan.

It’s wedding planner versus Elspeth Harrow in a fight to the altar. But accidents keep happening to derail the wedding and multiple bodies turn up. Just how far will her grandmother go? Because Elspeth has a policy. Whatever happens, the last Harrow standing wins. And Elspeth never loses, even if she has to cheat.

Unfortunately, the matriarch of the Harrow clan has too many secrets and some of them are about to come to light… Like who is that mysterious, amber-eyed man lurking around town? And what is his connection to Elspeth Harrow? Xandie has no choice but to swing into Sherlock Librarian mode and investigate.

Suddenly it’s not about the tragic, puffy, bridesmaids’ dresses, but who will survive the day…

If you like snarky dialogue, murder, and mayhem, then you’ll love the last installment in Kelly Ethan’s Point Muse Mysteries, a cozy paranormal mystery series.

Non Spec-Fic

Her Outcast Scot
Christina Phillips
Book 6, The Highland Warrior Chronicles
Expected Release: 26 December

When forbidden love and cursed duty collide, only the determined may survive...

Pledged to protect dark secrets that could destroy his family's honor, Ross MacIntosh cannot afford to lose his heart. Sent by his king into Pictland, he knows his duty. To report back on any signs of treachery. He might not trust his king but as a warrior his fealty is absolute, and his path is clear. But when he’s attacked and left for dead, he awakes to discover his healer is the intriguing Pictish princess, Orabel, and his carefully planned future unravels.

After enduring an arranged marriage to a brutal Northumbrian warlord, Orabel wants nothing more to do with politics. Now, she will follow her true destiny and pledge her life to her beloved goddess. But when fate thrusts Scots warrior Ross MacIntosh into her life, her conviction falters. How can she feel anything but contempt for a man whose king is responsible for the death of her royal father?

Compelled to wed to prevent bloodshed blighting their land, trust is a fragile illusion. But with a vengeful goddess demanding restitution, Ross will need more than Orabel’s healing skills to mend the rift that threatens to tear her from his arms forever.

An Augathella Spring
Annie Seaton
Book 3, Augathella Short and Sweet
Expected Release: 30 November

In the heart of Augathella, where love blooms in the most unexpected places, Emily Jansen arrives with a heavy heart and a precious secret. As a new teacher at the local primary school, she’s determined to start anew and provide the best for her one-year-old daughter. But her heart still aches from the loss of her husband, taken from her in a tragic military accident, leaving her wary of love. She rebuffs any overtures of friendship, guarding her heart with unwavering determination.

Josh Foley, a charming and caring man, arrives in town on a mission of his own: to inspect his sister Amelia’s fiancé before her impending wedding to local, Ben Foley. When Emily’s car breaks down on an isolated road, Josh is quick to lend a helping hand. An undeniable attraction ignites, and a friendship develops

Josh is only passing through. Despite the growing connection between them and his willingness to assist her in every possible way, Emily is hesitant to let her guard down.

Can she risk her heart again, especially to a man whose life is far away from this town? Will he find a way to convince Emily that love is worth the risk, even if it means upending his own plans?


 Place to Belong
Annie Seaton
Bindarra Creek Small Town Christmas
multi author series
Expected Release: 1 December

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Violet Valentine, equine vet, is heading to Broken Hill for Christmas when her vehicle breaks down on a back road near Bindarra Creek. Fleeing a difficult situation in Brisbane, a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere is the last thing she needs. With no phone service, and resigned to spending the night sleeping rough, she is relieved, and somewhat amused when she is rescued by a dashing stranger on a white horse.

Joe Rossiter is riding the boundary fences of his recently purchased property on Sam, his favourite old horse, and is dismayed by the amount of work he needs to do before he can stock the property with sheep. Perhaps he made the wrong decision deciding to settle in Bindarra Creek? His mood lifts when he encounters a beautiful woman who has set up camp near his creek.

Violet has to wait in Bindarra Creek for four weeks for her car part to be imported, and when the word gets around that she is a horse doctor, she receives offers of employment and a contract at a local horse farm quickly arrive. But the last thing Violet wants to do is settle in one place or give in to her attraction to Joe Rossiter.
Can Joe convince Violet that Bindarra Creek is a place for her to belong?

From Across the Seat
Annie Seaton
Book 1, Daughters of the Darling
Expected Release: 17 April 2024

Home again at Ceann Mara Station, where she spent a happy childhood with her four sisters on the banks of the Darling River, Catriona O'Byrne feels safe. Scarred by a harrowing attack during her final year at university, she falls into the familiar, nursing both her body and her trust in all that she once believed in.

Desperate for a pursuit that will fill the days as she recovers, and eager to escape the shadows of her past, Catriona stumbles upon a hidden family legacy. Her father's relentless research of their ancestors, the O'Byrne brothers—Thomas and Samuel—leads her on a journey through time and Catriona begins to uncover family secrets.

In the nineteenth century, two siblings faced a life-altering choice: to abandon their ancestral farm in County Kerry or remain and endure the relentless struggle of famine. As Catriona unearths the layers of history, a gripping family saga unfolds. Thomas’s pursuit of success along the Darling River stands in stark contrast to Samuel’s arduous battle to adapt to a foreign land. Hidden resentments festered, and Catriona is surprised to uncover the existence of a third brother who did not emigrate with Thomas and Samuel.

For a century and a half, silence has shrouded their Irish kin, but Catriona becomes captivated by the whispered betrayals of the past and Samuel's tenacious fight for survival. As she immerses herself in the stories of their forbears, she uncovers a multitude of secrets.

Three university friends arrive unannounced at the sheep station, and Catriona is confronted by a betrayal that threatens not only her newfound peace but her very survival.

In her confusion, where past and present collide, can Catriona navigate their sad family history and learn who she can trust before it’s too late?

A riveting tale of resilience, secrets, and the unbreakable bonds of family, where betrayal and survival hang in the balance.



Rosie: Bondi Beach
Annie Seaton
Book 1, The House on the Hill
On sale for .99c (check)

Rosie Pemberton has her life mapped out, and her tarot cards agree. The cards take a turn, though, when her aunt leaves the old house on the hill above Australia’s Bondi Beach to champion surfer Taj Brown. Three months sharing a house with a pinup would test any woman’s self-control…

Get a copy

A Clever Christmas
Annie Seaton
Bindarra Creek Christmas Romance
multi author series
On sale

Reclusive botanist, Mark Altmann, visits Bindarra Creek to look for the rare native mistletoe, not seen in Australia for many years. According to local lore, the red flowers have been sighted in the Akuna National Park.

Leah Maclean moved home to Bindarra Creek when she left her job at the Botanical Museum in Sydney. The last person she expected to see in her hometown was workaholic, Mark Altmann, the man she had fallen in love with.

Can the Christmas spirit and the elusive red flower weave magic around them?

Porter Sisters Print Bundle
Annie Seaton
Books 1-6, Porter Sisters
Print bundle on sale

​Helicopter pilot Ellie Porter loves her job. Soaring above the Kakadu National Park, she feels freed from the questions around her father’s suicide and the heavy loss of her beloved family farm. But when a search-and-rescue mission on the boundary of the old farm reveals unusual excavation works, Ellie vows to investigate.
The last thing she needs is her bad-tempered copilot, Kane McLaren, interfering. He's the son of the current owners of the farm, and her attraction to him is a distraction she can’t afford, especially when someone threatens to put a stop to her inquiries - by any means necessary.
Ellie must trust Kane if she is to have any hope of uncovering the truth. Between Ellie’s damage and Kane’s secrets, can they find a way to open up to each other before the shadowy forces shut her up...for good?​
​The Daintree breeds survivors - those who can weather the storms, heat and floods that come hand in hand with its beauty.Doctor Emma Porter is one such survivor, living in an isolated cottage as past hurts heal, dedicated to her patients and to preserving this precious land where she has made a home. But her quiet life is disrupted when Doctor Jeremy Langford starts working at the hospital, bringing back painful memories: Jeremy was her first love and embodies all that she left behind in Sydney. Jeremy has demons of his own, however, and the tight-knit community of Dalrymple seems to promise the peace he has been looking for. But while some come to the Daintree to find shelter, others are here to exploit the rainforest’s riches. And they will stop at nothing to get their hands on its bounty.

The isolated beauty of the Australian East Kimberley desert can be a haven for those who can stand the heat, but its isolated beauty can also be deadly.
The remote Matsu diamond mine in the Kimberley is the perfect place for engineer Dru Porter to hide. The vast and rugged landscape helps her feel invisible . . . and safe.
Security specialist Connor Kirk is investigating stolen diamonds onsite and he knows from experience that beautiful women are capable of deceit. He immediately suspects the reclusive, but obviously clever Dru Porter; he knows she is hiding something.
As Dru’s past catches up with her, their instant, mutual dislike threatens to blind them to the true danger lurking in the mine, one which could leave them both at the mercy of the desert...

Happily working on her family’s macadamia farm in the rolling hills of northern New South Wales, Dee Peters receives an enigmatic letter hinting of family secrets, and the prospect of her inheriting a cattle station in the Northern Territory outback. Torn in many directions: the request that she meet with a solicitor in Darwin, the evasive behaviour of her parents and the opposition of family friend and her—almost—fiancé, Rodney Andrews, Dee’s contented life is suddenly thrown into turmoil. The last thing she expects is to inherit a sprawling cattle station in the rugged outback, but she travels to the Territory to find the truth of the inheritance. 
Ryan Carey has managed Wilderness Springs cattle station since his father died suddenly. Devastated when he discovers the property has not been bequeathed to him, the last thing Ryan expects is the arrival of a woman. As Dee and Ryan attempt to uncover the secrets of Wilderness Springs, it soon becomes very clear that someone will do anything to stop them discovering the truth.

 At a crossroads in her life, Sandra Porter knows she must find the courage to find her true self. She has lost her husband in tragic circumstances, and seen each of her adult children overcome adversity. Deciding it’s time to push her boundaries, she makes a booking to trek the Larapinta Walk across the centre of the remote Northern Territory. World-renowned nature photographer, Graysen Hughes has come to the outback seeking solace after the death of his wife. Always a loner, Graysen isn’t happy when the tour guide insists on the participants walking in pairs. At least Sandra Porter is quiet and keeps to herself. After a suspicious accident and the sudden disappearance of their guide, the group struggles on, but then another accident occurs. Without any means to call for help, Graysen and Sandra flee into the bush in an attempt to stay safe. 

When his father was jailed for a cold case murder, stockman Cy Prescott fled his life on the land. Kane and Ellie Porter’s mango farm has expanded, and when Ryan approaches Kane seeking a job for his cousin, Kane is happy to employ Cy as assistant manager.
When horticulturist, Tarni Morgan, takes on a part-time position at the McClaren Mango Farm, it’s a chance for a new beginning in the Northern Territory. Hiding a tragic past, Tarni treasures her privacy. She is surprised when the property owner, Kane and his wife, Ellie leave on a three-month trip not long after she accepts the position, but is happy to house-sit in their absence.
The only downside is Cy Prescott, the relieving manager. As they work together, Tarni begins to realise that Cy holds secrets as she does, and fights her growing attraction to this taciturn man.
Can Cy and Tarni both overcome the past that has defined their lives, or will Cy move on again as he refuses to give in to his feelings for this enigmatic woman??


Wrecked in Retribution Bay
Book 7, Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay
Claire Boston
Expected Release: TBA

Love Me Do
Claire Boston
now has a new cover!

‘Tis the season… but in Lighthouse Bay, there’s not much to be jolly about.

Meet the lovelorn characters whose lives intersect shortly before Christmas:

Gus – the good guy, desperately trying to overcome the stigma of his crazy, dramatic family

Shay – the frustrated, lonely teen wanting to find the place she belongs

Erin – the single mother control freak who needs to do it all on her own

Gwen – the grandmother trying to keep her family together

From the heart-pounding intensity of first love to the sweet burn of an old flame, from the bravery of second chances to the white-knuckle fear of taking a chance at all - will some mistletoe and miracles turn this into a Christmas to remember?

If you want an Australian-set, Love Actually inspired Christmas romance with lots of heart, then you need to read, Love Me Do.



JL Peridot

JL was interviewed on the Seelie Kay blog.

Helen Walton

Helen is currently taking orders for signed books. The form is open until the 1st of December so it can be posted by Christmas.


Annie Seaton

You can find all of Annie's Christmas stories in one place on her website. 

Congratulations to our DarkSiders! 
Happy Reading everyone. Be safe & well. 

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