Lawless In Leather
Winterfall Destiny
Mated to the sapphic orc
Fae's Fate
Broken: A Romantic Science Fiction Eco Adventure
Wolf's Prize
Wicked Ways
Unbreak My Heart
Curiosity Killed the Vampire
From Across the Sea
Angel In Armani
Edge of Night
The Witch's Tangle
Three Vampires And A Baby
Banshee, Death and Disarray: Holly Harrow: A Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Damaris: A Scifi Alien Romance
The Shattered Court
Moon Blessed
Falling for Mr. Fake It

2024 covers

Welcome to the Dark Side!

We are writers mainly from Australia and New Zealand who write speculative fiction with romantic elements. Be it fantasy, paranormal, dark urban fantasy, futuristic and everything in between.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

DarkSider News: June 2023!


It's officially winter here DownUnder. 
Grab that hot chocolate, settle in and enjoy reading our news.


Welcome to our latest DarkSiders!

K.E. Turner

K.E. Turner can't remember a time when she wasn't writing stories or reading books—as a teenager in class instead of doing math, in her lunch break at work, or at home when there's housework to be done. With a love of history, suspense, paranormal, and romance, she enjoys combining more than one element in her stories.
She writes spicy paranormal romances with strong but good-hearted heroes, smart, sassy heroines, and an unexpected villain or two, to shake things up.
She lives with her husband in Western Australia.

Check out her page on the DarkSide DownUnder website.

Debbie Johansson

Debbie Johansson is a writer of Gothic Fiction and Romance.

She is fascinated by the paranormal, mysteries, and the unexplained. Debbie loves history, exploring old houses, cemeteries, and abandoned buildings.

​In recent years, she has experienced ghostly encounters at various haunted locations, including Monte Cristo Homestead and Q Station, Sydney.

When not writing, you can usually find her either gardening or going for nature walks, daydreaming the stories in her head.

Debbie lives in rural New South Wales with her husband, two children, and a dog named Fox.

Check out her page on the DarkSide DownUnder website.


Washington DC, USA
25-28 April 2024

Lana Pecherczyk

Readers Take Denver
Denver, USA
18-21 April 2024

Lana Pecherczyk
HM Hodgson

Rave - Readers & Author Event
Las Vegas, USA
10 November

Claire Boston

Details at the RAVE Readers & Author Event Faceboook group.


Cassie Laelyn
Book 5, The Fallen Guardians
Released: 29 May

Ending the curse...will end them.

Mortals call him the Angel of Death. Fitting, because escorting souls is all Cole has ever known. Until her. When his mortal soulmate dies, and he refuses to take her soul, Fate retaliates—cursing him to endure Evie's death over and over. Centuries later, he'll do anything to end the torment. If only his soulmate could survive it.

Evie has lived hundreds of half-lives, all of which end the same—killed by an angel at twenty-five. Each reincarnation, her so-called soulmate thinks he spares her from Hell, instead he plunges her soul into a hellish loop she's helpless to escape. Well, no more. In this life, when Death comes for her, she'll be ready with a weapon of her own.

When a deadly enemy lures them in, Cole and Evie must risk everything to end their curse. Even if it means defying Fate one final time.

Each book in the series features a different main couple with a swoony HEA (no cliffhangers!). But if you'd like to follow along with the villain's story, the series is best read in order.

The Fallen Guardians reading order:

Soul Cursed
Leisl Leighton
Book 2, Gods Cursed
Released: 6 June

Cursed to never be loved; fated to never be alone …

Cursed cupid, Tamuel, has been told he will never love or be loved, a fate he’s long been resigned to. Yet, from the moment he meets powerful trainee witch Korinna Soteira at the Amazonian training camp deep in the Ceraunian Mountains, he knows this to be a lie. For he loves Korinna like he’s loved nothing and no-one in his life. But his curse is right in one respect: he may be able to love, but he can never be loved. Korinna will only ever be his friend, a fact he has spent the last twenty years coming to terms with.

Korinna lives in turmoil. She loves Tamuel with everything in her, but how can she tell him when her duty lies elsewhere, as does his? Not to mention, there is his curse – which means he cannot love anyone, not even her. Their future is set and she cannot change it.

However, an ancient evil is trying to get back into the Earthly Realm to destroy what the Gods have built and finally rule over all. The only thing that can stop it is the cursed cupid and an impossible love – a love, Korinna has discovered, that if allowed to come into being now, could destroy everything she’s worked so hard to protect. 

How can she break Tamuel’s curse and save their present without also breaking the future?  

Wicked Dreams
M.J. Scott
Book 4, Techwitch
Released: 6 June

In exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

I never dreamed of magic. Having a mother who dabbled in the darker side of witchcraft made sure of that. But magic found me anyway. And the world of power is stranger and more dangerous than I ever could have imagined. So if I don't want it to turn into a nightmare, I have to take what magic offers me…

Wicked Dreams is the fourth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Wolf Hunt
TJ Nichols
Book 6, Outcast Pack
Released: 28 May

To save his pack, he’ll need to be caught. But can he be saved?

Taylor Walsh is a snake shifter with a reputation for doing what it takes to get the job done. This time it means catching the hunters before they take any more shifters. When the perfect bait appears, all he has to do is convince Justin Brook to play the part.

There are only three problems: Justin isn’t an agent; he’s a lawyer.
He’s already injured.
And Taylor doesn’t want anyone to realize how much he wants the snarly wolf shifter.

Justin Brook is part of the Coven’s legal branch, and he’s very familiar with Taylor’s methods because he’d pulled him out of the fire a few too many times. But his latest request is a step too far. He will not be the bait to catch the hunters. However, if he refuses, then they’ll take someone else. And if he agrees, his life will be in Taylor’s hands.

Wolf Hunt is a steamy mm shifter romance where falling for the wrong person might end up being the right thing. But learning to trust each other is another matter.

Discover the Outcast Pack mm paranormal wolf shifter steamy romance series. Join the gay wolves as they establish their pack and fall in love along the way. Each book has a new couple and a HEA and no mpreg.

Wolf Heart
TJ Nichols
Book 1, Outcast Pack
Released: in audio format

Paramedic Con Albury loves nothing more than spending his time off either as a wolf or at night clubs. He’s always looking for a good time, and he usually finds it. While he has aligned himself with the Outcast Pack for protection, he tells himself he prefers to be alone.

Zach Ellis has spent his life preparing to take over the pack just like everyone expects. Pack and family come first. But he needs more than duty and giving into temptation and falling into Con’s bed is easier than it should be.

But the fallout will threaten everything the Outcast Pack stands for: freedom and found family.

House of Echoes
Debbie Johansson
Book 3, Marsden Hall
Released: 19 February

Be careful what you wish for.

Sixteen-year-old Julia McKenzie craves the approval of her absent father, a widower who has recently remarried. But Julia distrusts her stepmother, who is the cause of so much suffering and local gossip.

Her father’s residence may be the idyllic location to start a new life, but Marsden Hall is far from peaceful.

As the house gives up its ghosts, Julia finds herself confronting restless spirits, including one who wishes to communicate with her…one who is seeking revenge.

Non spec-fic

Adrift in Retribution Bay
Claire Boston
Book 6, Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay
Released: 30 May

She's fighting for the security she's found. He's trying to figure out how to live again. Can two wounded souls be healed by helping each other?

After a lifetime in the army, Arthur 'Sherlock' Hammond has been cast adrift. Struggling to cope after being medically discharged, his friends drag him to Retribution Bay to face life, and a sister he's not seen for a decade.

After years of struggle, Gretchen Wintie has found a home in Retribution Bay for her and her son. With a secure job, friends she can count on and the end of her university degree in sight, life is looking up. Until her low-life ex walks back into her life demanding she betray all she holds dear. Adding to her stress is the bitter, injured ex-soldier she's forced to work with, and who thinks a smile is a sin against humanity.

But when her ex's threats escalate, Gretchen discovers a sweet man underneath Arthur's prickly exterior. He might just be the solution to all of her problems, as long as she doesn't lose her heart to him.
When a cyclone threatens the town, will their dark secrets be revealed, or will it blow all of their issues away?

Adrift in Retribution Bay is the sixth book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay series. If you like wounded heroes, feisty heroines and odds stacked against them, you'll love Adrift in Retribution Bay.


Wolf's Keep
K.E. Turner
Book 1, The Wolves of Langeais
Expected Release: 25 July

He’s all she loathes and everything she needs, but time isn’t the only barrier she’ll cross to gain her heart’s desire.

Archaeologist Erin Richardson loves her job, but the dig in France is something else. A crumbling keep, a dungeon and the search for legendary chevalier Gaharet d’Louncrais… Her imagination is running overtime. Thank God he’s long dead and only comes to life in her dreams. Until a mysterious amulet sends her back to the tenth century. Now her fantasy has become her reality.

Gaharet d’Louncrais needs a wife. Powerful and handsome, he constantly has women vying for his attention. But if they knew his secret, they’d run for their lives. Forget love. Forget finding his true mate. He’d forsake it all to save his wolf pack from extinction. But when Erin appears, with her strange clothes and her even stranger tale, she stirs his inner beast. He wants nothing more than to claim her as his own.

Erin knows a player when she sees one. Arrogant and charming, he’s everything she’s guarded her heart against. The Dark Ages are no fairy-tale, and she will need to fight to survive, but the most dangerous thing of all is the way Gaharet makes her feel.

She needs to find a way home. Gaharet needs her to stay. And now he’s found her, he plans on never letting her go.


Wicked Ways
M.J. Scott
Book 5, Techwitch
Expected Release: 28 May 2024

An exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the magical world, it’s that you never know what’s coming next. Monsters lurk in the dark, and even in the light, danger is never far away. And when you get caught between old troubles and new loyalties, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a way out…

Wicked Ways is the fifth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Author's note: For tropes and CW, please check the author's website.

Gluttony and Other Hungers
TJ Nichols
Book 7, Mytho
Expected Release: 28 June

You are invited to the wedding of Jordan and Edra...of course it will go smoothly.

The final book in the gay urban fantasy crime series that follows Jordan and Edra as they solve crime and figure out how to improve mytho and human relations. For readers who like dragon shifters and fated mates romance.

A Relic of Magic & Frankincense
HM Hodgson
Book 3, Three Gifts Trilogy
Expected Release: 19 August

Two years undercover. One relic. No distractions. Templar Knight Cynane Montbard is on a mission, and nothing – not love gurus, hellbeasts, or even the sexiest daemon this side of hell – will stand in her way.

Rohan the Red, the deadliest daemon earthside, has been tasked with preserving the balance between hell and earth. But one mesmerizing, stubborn, kick-ass High Priestess is in his way.

Cyn has a strict no-daemon romance policy, especially for rogues like Rohan. Yet, they must join forces to succeed. And as their chemistry intensifies, secrets unravel and true identities emerge. But when the power of the relic of frankincense is revealed, their biggest risk won’t be love—it will be death for every soul in the human world.

Author note: This book is a steamy romance full of magical battle scenes where the body count is high, and with plenty of steam between the sheets (and out). Definitely one for 18+ readers!

Ring of Ruin
Keri Arthur
Book 3, Relic Hunters
Expected Release: 27 June

The Race is on to find the final Claw before chaos can be unleashed…

The race to find Agrona’s final claw begins…

Having claimed the Sword of Darkness, Bethany Aodhán must now destroy it—no simple task when the only means of doing so has long been hidden from humanity by the old gods.

Hand in hand with that quest comes the need to find the Ring of Ruin before their enemies. But those enemies are closer to achieving their goals than Beth and her brother Luke realize, and they have destruction on their minds.

Not just of a world but of all those who get in their way.

As the quest for answers leads them from the realms of the old gods to deep underground, it becomes increasingly clear that someone close to them is working with the enemy.

As danger closes in, survival becomes a battle. One Bethany might not win.

Because the traitor in their midst has her in his sights… and plans to use her as bait.


Marie Dry
Book 2, Zyrgin Scars
Expected Release: TBA

Shield of Fire
Keri Arthur
Book 4, Relic Hunters
Expected Release: March 2024

Claire Boston
The Flanagan Sisters series has new covers


Montana Daughter
Juanita Kees
Book 2, The Calhouns of Montana
FREE for a limited time via BookBub

Trinity Calhoun is a name everyone knows on the race circuit, but her days in the hot seat are numbered. She’s tired of the limelight, meaningless relationships and long hours behind the wheel. When her father calls her and her sister home, she’s ready. She slips right back into the family business, finishing off the custom car projects her father has lined up. But racing is in her blood and she’s lured back to risking her life on the hot rod drag strips outside of town. It’s there she meets paramedic and volunteer firefighter, Reece Balmain, who has her re-thinking the road her life is taking.

Reece Balmain arrives in Big Fork a broken man. He’s lived and breathed through horror accidents, haunted by the faces of the people he’s cut from vehicles. He knows one thing–speed kills. He’s hoping not to see too much of it in small town Montana, until he hears about the drag races taking place outside of town. He knows Trinity Calhoun. He’s watched her race, seen her win, held his breath when her car somersaulted into barriers in Daytona Beach. He doesn’t like what she does, but he can’t stay away from the woman who’s claiming his heart. 

The Wicked Witch and the Ultimate Smackdown
Kelly Ethan
Point Muse Cozy Mystery
is free in June as part of 'Supernatural Supersleuths'.

There’s murder in the ring, a killer stalking competitors, and a nosy librarian turned sleuth… Let the mayhem begin.

Lights. Camera. Death…

The Ultimate Witch Fights reality show has come to town. And Elspeth Harrow, wicked witch extraordinaire, has been invited to compete.

Xandie Meyers, aka the Librarian to the Supernatural Great Library of Alexandria, has been drafted into her grandmother’s cheer support team for the witch-on-witch televised fight.

But with protestors and rabid fans picketing the show, and murderous undercurrents bubbling away, Xandie may have to swing into Sherlock Librarian mode and save the day.


TJ Nichols

TJ is putting a project up on Kickstarter called Ogres & other Dating Dilemmas. It's a new special edition standalone novel set in the same world as the gay urban fantasy Mytho series. 

TJ is now on BookBub.

Carolyn Wren

Carolyn is guest at Writing From Square One (a KSP supported podcast) talking about judging competitions. Also available on most streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and more.

Lana Pecherczyk

If you want a foiled paperback copy of the Sinner and the Scholar, you need part of Lana's Patreon

Keri Arthur

Wraith's Revenge was a Feature Book on the ARRA - Australian Romance Readers Association blog 


Congratulations to our DarkSiders.

Thanks for joining us. Until next time, be safe and well.

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