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Winterfall Destiny
Mated to the sapphic orc
Fae's Fate
Broken: A Romantic Science Fiction Eco Adventure
Wolf's Prize
Wicked Ways
Unbreak My Heart
Curiosity Killed the Vampire
From Across the Sea
Angel In Armani
Edge of Night
The Witch's Tangle
Three Vampires And A Baby
Banshee, Death and Disarray: Holly Harrow: A Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery
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Tuesday 23 May 2023

DarkSider News - May 2023: Part 2!


Welcome to another edition of the DarkSider News.
Grab a drink, sit back and relax...


Fiction & Friction
Adelaide Convention Centre
30 September 2023
Tickets not yet available

Check out the following DarkSiders in Adelaide.

Helen Walton
Keri Arthur
Khloe Wren
Lilliana Rose
Maggie Rose

Keep up to date here.

Writers & Illustrators Conference
July 2023
over 3 weekends

Keri Arthur 
- 23 July: There is No Career Ladder—Your Publishing Journey with Christine Wells

Khloe Wren
- 16 July: Doing it 'their' way. Trials and tribulations of being an author.

Register here.

9-10 June 2023

If you were luckily enough to get tickets, you'll see some DarkSiders at this event...

Cassie Laelyn
Khloe Wren
Lana Pecherczyk
Lilliana Rose
Mila Young


Marked Wolf
Lilliana Rose
Book 2, Protector Wolf Shifter
Released: 11 May

Marked by the vampires, Tamaska doesn’t realize the danger she is in. Kodiak is pressured by his pack to fight the vampires and forget about Tamaska. But a bond is forming between him and Tamaska which he can’t ignore.

His pack rejects Tamaska, making it harder for him to be with her.

Can he find a way to protect Tamaska, and fight for his pack?

Winterfall Legacy
LJ Swallow
Book 3, Nightworld Academy
Released: 19 May

Winterfall Legacy is the third book in the Nightworld Academy: Winterfall series. Other books in the series must be read first.

Now that the group are back together, they have new challenges to face—including finally confronting Gabriella.

But what is the First and how dangerous is she?

And what problems will Dorian Blackwood's involvement create?

Mel Teshco
Book 2, Alien Fugitives
Released: 10 May

He’s a bounty hunter sent to Earth to capture her. She’ll fight tooth and nail for her freedom.

Sienna Moore is a revered rare—a Strazan native with unique powers—burdened with grief and guilt after her species died in battle against vicious Dronians while she and six other rares escaped to Earth. Sienna takes up residence in the carriage of an ever-moving train, where she uses her mind powers to conceal her true identity. But nothing can stop the Dronians from closing in on her and the last few rares.

Gray Bastine has tracked down Sienna with the goal to capture her before the Dronians find and kill her. With his own planet in danger of becoming the Dronians next world to destroy and conquer he will force Sienna to uncover everything there is to know about their common enemy. Except Sienna isn’t so easy to acquire and the longer it takes to claim her the more he realizes their attraction is making this a mission impossible.


Lauren Rose
Released: 23 May

Handsome. Strapping. Revered. It seems like Narcisse has it all – and he does. That is, until he sets his sights on Bluebell, the local beauty, and making her his wife. And Narcisse always gets his way. But you know what they say - happy wife, happy life. And his new wife is decidedly unhappy.

Things only get worse when people from the village begin disappearing and fear begins to haunt their movements, as an evil enchantress comes to claim old debts.

Can this brute win over his wife, and stop the evil plaguing his home?

For signed copies, contact Lauren.

A Relic of Magic & Myrrh
HM Hodgson
Book 2, Three Gifts Trilogy
Released: 30 April

Isadora Smith’s daemon mother left her one gift—the sight of the future—before she sacrificed her human-world life for Isa to live there as a mortal.

When a vision of a missing relic brings Isa into the world of the Templar Knights, she’s determined to prove her gift’s purpose.

Grayson, the icy, dangerous, Templar Knight in charge of the relic of myrrh, has zero time for a civilian on the team—especially the little sister of his best friend. But Isa claims she can control her visions and find the myrrh, so he grudgingly agrees. Because retrieving the dangerous relic is his only priority. Though when their hunt delves deep into LA’s underbelly, the investigation turns deadly, forcing Gray to pretend Isa is his girlfriend to keep her safe.

As the icy Templar shows his sizzling side, Isa can’t get enough of him. But Isa knows that when her secrets unravel, Gray will never want to see her again, so she's determined to make the most of their time together - even if it is make believe.

Except Gray and Isa must work together, because the relic of myrrh and Isa have something in common - if either of them falls into the wrong hands, it could destroy the entire human world.

Darkest Kiss
Mila Young  
Book 1-3, Chosen Slayer series
Released: 15 May


A vampire. A fallen angel. A demon. Me.

I’m supposed to slay the monsters, not jump into bed with them. But that’s exactly what happens when my work as a private investigator forces me to collaborate with three of the sexiest most deadly fiends I’ve ever set eyes on. And they do things to my body I’ve never felt before, but can I trust them with my life?

…Or my heart?

This is your kind of book if you love kick-ass heroines with sass to match, scorching hot monsters who take what they want, and is perfect for devourers of enemies to lovers books. Expect steam, action, and a supernatural world filled with vampires, demons, shifters, angels... and unhinged alphas who will do anything to protect their woman.

Darkest Kiss is the complete collection of the Chosen Slayer books.
Night Kissed
Moon Kissed
Blood Kissed

Her Dragon Warriors
Khloe Wren
Book 1, Dragon Warriors
Released: 23 May

Dragon warrior, Dimitri, is struggling in his role as clan leader. A plague took all their females and children, leaving them a dying race without hope. When an uprising separates the clan into two factions, he can do nothing but hope the rogues will soon come to their senses when they leave the castle to search for the non-existent females they believe are hiding somewhere.

Shortly after they depart, as if in answer to his prayers, the Great Wind delivers five women to them. Dressed strangely, the dragon warriors are wary of the newcomers. After all, their last visitors brought the plague with them. Concerned with the safety of his clan, Dimitri is unprepared for his instincts to flare. But as soon as he and his twin, Max, touch the beautiful human, Eilagh, it seals all three of their fates.

When Eilagh agrees to go camping with her friends in Outback Australia, the last thing she expects to happen is for them all to get blown through a portal to another world. Waking up to two sexy Alpha males hovering over her, claiming she was their one and only is a lot to take in. And don’t get her started on the whole being kidnapped by rogue dragon shifters thing.

(Originally published in 2013 under the title “Enchanting Eilagh”, this story has been extensively revised.)

Non spec-fic

The Ex Wife
Amanda Ashby and Sally Rigby
Released: 19 April

My life was perfect until she came along. Norah.

Younger, prettier and about to marry my own ex-husband, they are a walking cliché.

I hate her. I hate them both.

She’s taken everything from me – my husband, my life, my home - but I refuse to allow her to take Cassie, my beautiful daughter. That's a step too far.

Now I’ve discovered that Norah plans to have a baby of her own and that causes me no end of problems. She could destroy everything and reveal my deepest, darkest secrets.

That can never be allowed to happen.

No matter what it costs…


A Crown of Silver and Shadow
LJ Swallow
Book 2, Fae Fantasy Romance
Expected Release: 6 September

The courts are in ruin.
The fae realm shattered.
Jaren has claimed his throne but has he lost Tarlia?

A Crown of Silver and Shadows is the second book in a fae fantasy romance with a morally gray hero and a sheltered heroine who comes into her power. Part Rapunzel retelling, this series is perfect for fans of banter and tension leading to steamy scenes, set in a unique fantasy world of human and fae courts.
The first book, A Court Beyond The Mists must be read first.

The release date is temporary and will be changed.

Thornwood Academy: For Dear Life
LJ Swallow
Book 3, Thornwood Academy
Expected Release: 31 October

For Dear Life is the third in a new supernatural academy series from LJ Swallow,author of the Nightworld Academy books. The Thornwood Academy series features a girl who isn't afraid to use her dark side, a magic school where humans mix with vampires and witches, and three guys with secrets in a town stalked by a serial killer.

Thornwood Academy is also a slow-burn romance… almost as glacial as our slightly psychotic heroine.
Books 1 and 2 must be read first.

More details soon.
Release date will be moved forward.

Winterfall Destiny
LJ Swallow
Book 10, Nightworld Academy
Expected Release: 13 May 2024

Winterfall Destiny is the fourth book in the Nightworld Academy: Winterfall series. Other books in the series must be read first.

The Winterfall series is a 'life after academy' series featuring all the characters from the original Nightworld Academy series.

More details soon!

Release date expected to be brought forward

Wings of Ivory and Ice
LJ Swallow
Book 3, Her Dragons Reborn
Expected Release: 2 December

Wings of Ivory and Ice is the final book in the dragon shifter romanceseries Her Dragons Reborn.

If you like sexy dragon shifters, steamy romance, fated mates, magic, courts and royalty, plus a strong heroine who doesn't have to choose her prince, start the series today with Wings of Ruby and Flame.

The book will be available much sooner than the listed date.

Mark Me
Mila Young
Book 4, Immortal Vices and Virtues: 
Her Monstrous Mates
multi-author series
Expected Release: 30 August 

Description coming soon...

Hell or Highwater
Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks
Book 8, Sin Demons
Expected Release: 31 August 
(date expected to be moved up)

There's a baby on the way for Aria and her four demon lovers... so how about a tropical getaway before all hell breaks loose?

What could go wrong?

The Virgin Hunt Games Volume 6
Mel Teshco
Book 6, Virgin Hunt Games
Expected Release: 15 June


Morgana Dion, Princess of Aladdia, is hiding a secret. Her biological mother isn’t the queen. But although Morgana has commoner blood running through her veins, it won’t stop her from sacrificing everything she is to be in the Virgin Hunt Games and stop a vicious enemy from destroying her planet and her people. If that means submitting to King Leon—another royal from another, far more powerful world—and signing a contract to impregnate herself to his son, Garrett, who is one of ten hunters in the Games, then so be it. That Garrett is now more cyborg than man shouldn’t matter, he has more royal blood flowing through his veins than she’ll ever have.

Garrett might know his first name, but he has no clue who he really is. Only that he woke up with cyborg parts after an explosion all but tore him apart. These days he has more pressing concerns, thanks to living in a squalid, dog-eat-dog prison ship in the middle of space. When he’s given as opportunity to fight for his place as a hunter in the Virgin Hunt Games, he jumps at it. After all, the victor will never again return to the space prison.

But though he’s prepared for a society who will never really accept him, nothing can prepare him for the one hunted he wants in the games, a woman who looks at him with equal parts loathing and desire.
But if beauty really is skin deep, can he convince Morgana that there is more to him than what she sees?

Each book in the Virgin Hunt Games series is a STANDALONE.


Cover by Eleni Konstantine's alter ego, HelzKat Designs.

Mel Teshco
Book 3, Alien Fugitives
Expected Release: 1 July

She’s fed up with her mundane life. He yearns to escape the danger that surrounds him.

Jasper Finch wants to leave the Earth city of New Faxian behind where he and six other rares—the last surviving Strazans with extraordinary powers—are forced to live thanks to the freshwater river cutting through the city. Water nourishes his species and stabilizes their powers, which are volatile on Earth. A pity his relentless enemy is tracking him down. Then he meets an intriguing woman, and leaving becomes the furthest thing on his mind.

Suzy Grant is over her career as a car saleswoman, but then it’s fair to say she’s over everything and everyone…until a young man with afro hair and a ripped body walks into the car yard. That she is too old for him is as painfully obvious as his reluctance to buy a car. So why is he so reluctant to leave? But getting to know the real him comes at a price. He isn’t what he seems…and he has pitiless alien enemies that make her reconsider the serenity of her humdrum life.


Ring of Ruin
Keri Arthur
Book 3, Relic Hunters
Expected Release: 27 June

The Race is on to find the final Claw before chaos can be unleashed…

Cassie Laelyn
Book 5, The Fallen Guardians
Expected Release: 29 May

Ending the curse...will end them.

Mortals call him the Angel of Death. Fitting, because escorting souls is all Cole has ever known. Until her. When his mortal soulmate dies, and he refuses to take her soul, Fate retaliates—cursing him to endure Evie's death over and over. Centuries later, he'll do anything to end the torment. If only his soulmate could survive it.

Evie has lived hundreds of half-lives, all of which end the same—killed by an angel at twenty-five. Each reincarnation, her so-called soulmate thinks he spares her from Hell, instead he plunges her soul into a hellish loop she's helpless to escape. Well, no more. In this life, when Death comes for her, she'll be ready with a weapon of her own.

When a deadly enemy lures them in, Cole and Evie must risk everything to end their curse. Even if it means defying Fate one final time.

Each book in the series features a different main couple with a swoony HEA (no cliffhangers!). But if you'd like to follow along with the villain's story, the series is best read in order.

The Fallen Guardians reading order:

Fae's Heart
Helen Walton
Book 4, Fated Mates of the Fae Royals
Expected Release: 30 June

Would you sacrifice your duty to the kingdom or love?

The moment I met the Fae Prince, I knew he was my fated mate. Claiming him was as easy as shifting into my jaguar form. Keeping him by my side is a different matter. Next in line to the throne, his duty is to the Summer Court. Mine is to the jaguar colony. Our sworn duties tear us in different directions. With the threat of poachers hunting the jaguars, there will never be a time for us to be together. I would never leave my people in danger, but how can I live without my heart?

Escaping the locked Summer Court wasn’t a hard secret to keep until the day I met the Queen of the Jungle. I couldn’t stop myself from marking her as mine, even though we’d barely met. She was my fated mate, after all. I desired to show her the Fae Kingdom. Worship her day and night as she deserved and share my life with her, but we live in two different worlds. How long can I keep her a secret from the Fae King before the divide between us tears us apart?

Fae’s Heart is the fourth standalone romance in the Summer Court fantasy romance series featuring powerful Fae royals who find their fated mates on their quest to save the Fae.

The Sinner and the Gunslinger
Lana Pecherczyk
Book 2, Sinner Sisterhood
Expected Release: 3 July

The blood of the wicked shall flow like a river...

The Sinner Sisterhood is a dark, steamy paranormal romance series featuring five bad girls fated to save the world… but only if they first make peace with their dark sides. If you enjoy stories like Buffy, Constantine, The DaVinci Code, and Supernatural… but want more soul-shattering romance, found family shenanigans, unapologetic heroines, and the men who would sacrifice the world to love them, then this is for you. 

Non Spec-Fic

The Sheikh's Royal Widow
Mel Teshco
Book 7, Desert Kings Alliance
Expected Release: 31 September

He’s running from the past. She’s afraid to face the future. Can they create a perfect today?

Princess Takisha Hakim never thought she’d desire another man again. Not after Sheikh Fayez’s rejection, and certainly not after her sick and depraved marriage to Sheikh Arif. She’s learned the hard way that wealth and power comes at a cost and accepts she doesn’t deserve to be loved. Then she sees gardener, Akeem Al-Jalal, and all her doubts fade away. Perhaps a commoner is just what she needs?

Akeem enjoys his simple life as a gardener. For the most part, hard, physical labor drowns out the memories of his past and helps him to forget about his family and the brutal war that made him the hero he never wanted to be. He might have been a killer in the past, but nurturing plants soothes his black soul. A pity his life gets complicated the moment the princess begins to take a personal interest.

He doesn’t belong in her world anymore…does he?

Cover by Eleni Konstantine's alter ego, HelzKat Designs.

Love is in the Air: 
a limited edition second chance 
romance collection
contains story by
Helen Walton
Expected Release: 8 August

Sometimes we don't get it right the first time around. That's why life gives us second chances.

This limited edition romance collection features 20+ stories of hope, happy ever afters, and the second chances it took to get there.

In this collection you will find stories of second chances at love and life as our heroes and heroines embark on life changing journeys, whether changing careers or moving half way across the globe.

What second chance have you been longing for? These stories just might inspire you to go out there and grab it.

About the collection:

All NET Author proceeds are being pledged to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States and largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide.

The organizer of this collection, Mandy Melanson of Amaryllis Media, LLC, watched her aunt go through diagnosis, treatment, remission, then it returned as Stage 4. It was in that moment she watched her aunt refuse additional treatment because it made her so sick she felt the alternative was a better choice for her and she resigned herself to her diagnosis.

It is our collective hope no one will ever have to feel that way again. That is why she's brought together these 20+ romance authors, who build their careers on hope and happy ever afters, to write this collection of second chances.

Our mission, as the participating authors in this collection, is to use our voices to help BCRF in their mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research.

Scroll up now and claim your copy of this collection to help us make a difference in other people's lives!


Bernadette Rowley

The Queenmakers Saga
's cover was voted 3rd in the Best Fantasy Cover over at Allauthor.com in April. 

The Queenmakers Saga is now available on Kobo.

Keri Arthur

Keri now has a store where you can get her indie ebook titles at 20% off. See code on the site. 

Helen Walton

Helen is now on Pinterest.


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