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Tuesday 21 March 2023

DarkSider News: March 2023 - Part 2!


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Little Fire
Hollee Mands
Book 1, Warriors of the Five Realms
Released: 20 December

She's broken from a past she can't remember. He's scarred from a past he can't forget.

Declan can kill with a blink of his eye. Jaded and cold, he rules his kingdom the same way he does his heart—with ruthless pragmatism. So why does he risk all to protect a little mortal during a slave-trade uprising? Now stranded in the demon realm, the loss of his powers is the least of his troubles. The woman may have a frustratingly tender heart, but she has enough fire in her soul to thaw the ice in his veins.

He could take her by right, but he wants more than acceptance. He wants her willing surrender . . .

Evangeline is chained by a past she can't remember. Her fractured memories keep her shy and single. When she is thrust into a savage world in the arms of a deadly archmage, he becomes her only chance of survival. But soon she realizes her unnerving protector may not be as callous as he appears, and her heart may be as much at risk as her life.

His desire for her is no secret, but she wants more than scalding lust. She wants his icy heart . . .

Can they survive the nightmarish realm long enough to break down each other's walls?

Contains mature themes.


Winter Sun
Hollee Mands
Book 2, Warriors of the Five Realms
Released: 27 December

He'd do anything to keep her safe . . . except give her up.

Declan lost her once. Never again. He is an archmage. Fearsome. Terrible. Divine. Yet deadly whispers dare echo in his ear. None more threatening than those of his still-incomplete mate bond and his love's failing health. In a twist of irony, he must now protect his mate from the greatest danger she's ever faced . . . himself.

Evangeline was raised to be an apothecarist, not an archmage's queen. She knows nothing of the subtle maneuverings of court life, and despite her awakened memories, she remains painfully human. Too human to claim an archmage for a mate. But Declan's contentious council and her questionable mortality aren't the only things she has to worry about. The secrets of her past are catching up, and even her all-powerful lover may not be able to keep her safe . . .

Winter Sun is the seductive sequel in the Warriors of the Five Realms adult fantasy romance series that will submerge you in a dazzling court of deadly secrets and deception lurking in every shadow . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Pack Bound series collection
Leisl Leighton
Books 1-4, Pack Bound
Released: 21 February

Is an ancient pact enough to ward against a terrifying evil?

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save Witch-kind. The Pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that blocked the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Today, the Packs and their Covens have lost the knowledge of why the Pact was created and the danger that lies ever near. But an ancient curse has brought that danger into their midst once more. Now they must root out the secrets of their pasts and the lies that have separated them and rediscover the bonds that once made them strong enough to stand against it. If they don’t, the Darkness will destroy them all.

If stories of wild magic, shifters, witches, fated mates and the struggle against evil are your nirvana, then the Pack Bound Series Collection Box Set is for you.

This Box Set includes all the books in the original arc of the award nominated Pack Bound Series: Pack Bound, Moon Bound, Shifter Bound and Wolf Bound.

Banshee, Vikings and Voodoo
Kelly Ethan
Holly Harrow: Point Muse Cozy Mystery
Released: 28 February

** Previously Published in the All Too Familiar Anthology ** 

Viking zombies, a shadowy killer, and a talking raven…Let the mayhem begin.

Holly Harrow, witchy banshee, hated chaos. So an all-expenses-paid vacation to New Orleans to bid on a magical auction courtesy of her necromancer bosses… No brainer.

Except for the auctioneer winding up dead and Holly found standing over the body. Now Viking zombies stalk her and the streets of the French Quarter. And for once she can’t blame her wicked witch grandmother, Elspeth Harrow.

If you like snarky dialogue, murder and mayhem then you’ll love this cozy paranormal mystery story featuring Holly Harrow and set in Kelly Ethan’s Point Muse world.

Mary Brock Jones
Book 3, Arcadia
Released: 6 January in paperback

Sentenced to exile by his home world, he's hungry for revenge. Only he isn't innocent and Alliance space is no safe haven.

When off-worlders promise Seolta den Coille revenge against those who helped falsely imprison him, he grabs hold with both fists. Not surprisingly, it doesn't end well and he's banished into exile. All that does is give his hunt for vengeance a few more targets. Top of the list, the two off-worlders who lured him into betraying his home world.

Anyara a Prithand2 wants only two things in life: to be left in peace to manage the biota systems of her space station, and to avoid giving her uncle an excuse to kill her. When a newcomer to her home world offers to help her escape, she accepts. Now she just has to survive the adventure - and the unexpected desire flaring to life between them.

Chased across Alliance space by their enemies, Seolta and Anyara's only chance lies with the Alliance Council, the overall governing body of settled space. An organisation as riven with political strife as the enemies they are fleeing.

Can the cleverest of the den Coilles and the habitat worlds' best biome scientist stay alive long enough to expose those threatening their worlds?


The Virgin Hunt Games Volume 4
Mel Teshco
Book 4, The Virgin Hunt Games
Released: 13 March


Warrior Alita Silver has one chance to prove herself, and competing in the Virgin Hunt Games will show everyone on her planet she deserves the promotion that’s been held just out of reach. But this time, the rules of the games have changed. The virginal women have gone from being the hunted to being the hunters. And then she meets her competitors…

Stetson Jamb remembers Alita from their last encounter—a little too well. Mostly, he remembers that she left him for dead and destroyed his life. Winning the games would not only earn him the credits he needs to rebuild his life, but would also satisfy his need for revenge. If only he didn’t want her so damn badly. Apparently, revenge isn’t the only dish tempting him…

All’s fair in war and sex, and with the rules turned upside down, the lines between the pursued and the pursuer are quickly blurring. It’s not just a question of winning anymore. It’s a question of who lives, who dies, and who comes…last.

Anna Hackett
Book 1, Oronis Knights
Released: 16 March

She was sent to forge an alliance with the deadly Oronis knights…and instead finds herself framed for abducting their queen.

Xenoanthropologist Kennedy Black loves exploring new cultures with Space Corps. Everyone in her life has left her, so she happily fills the void with exciting adventures. When she’s assigned to escort the new ambassador to the planet Oron for an opulent ball, she’s thrilled to get an up-close look at the Oronis knights, and their culture of honor and duty to their knightqueen. But she never expected her reaction to cool, controlled Knightmaster Ashtin Caydor, head of the Oronis Knightforce.

And she really didn’t expect a savage alien attack that leaves the knightqueen missing and Earth fingered as the culprit.

Knightmaster Ashtin Caydor lives to protect his planet, his people, and his knightqueen. He came from nothing, and the code of knighthood is the cornerstone of his being. When Knightqueen Carys is abducted by their mortal enemies, the ferocious Gek’Dragar, he’s icily enraged, especially when he finds evidence that Earth, and the far too enticing Sub-Captain Kennedy Black, are involved.

But Kennedy vows to clear Earth’s name by helping Ashtin and his knights find the queen. As she and Ashtin embark on a risky mission to a dangerous jungle planet, they’re forced to rely on each other, and their sizzling chemistry is soon undeniable. But love can’t be an option, not for a knight bound only to his duty and a woman whose heart already has too many scars.

Non spec-fic

The Count's Amnesiac Wife
Cathleen Ross
Book 1, Billionaires & Sheikhs
Released: 8 March

Count Lorenzo di Fontini doesn't want his ex-wife back. After all, he's been separated from her for a year, but he vows to her ailing father he will take her in after she collapses, and look after her until she is better. The trouble is Sophia has developed amnesia. Imagine Lorenzo's surprise when he finds out she thinks she's eighteen and she adores him. Although she can't recall getting married, she claims marrying him is all she's ever dreamed of.

Sophia Carino has never wanted anyone else except for Lorenzo di Fontini but fresh out of hospital, she certainly doesn't expect to find out that she's married to him. After all, she's only just left school and is still a virgin, isn't she?

When Lorenzo confesses they are separated, he won't tell her why she left him. What secret is he hiding from her?
And if he's so keen to accept their marriage is a failure why is the sex the best she's ever had?

She's not letting that go or him either.

Maggie Rose
Book 3, Hollywood Heartthrobs
Released: 14 February

So, my agent says I stuffed up and I may lose my part on the hit show Dark Storm. It was my big break. Trouble is, I don't like seeing women getting hurt and when this guy slapped his wife I punched him. How was I to know he is some big wig, here in Hollywood. I need to disappear fro a few weeks. Somewhere far away from the maddening crowds, like Australia. If I'm lucky might find a willing lady to have some fun with.

I am never going to trust a man again with my heart. The last one said he loved me. Trouble was, he was married. From now on I am going to just use men for their bodies and leave them wanting more. I mean I have a great business that is about to take off in America and all the friends I need. First off, I am going to reward myself with the vacation of a lifetime in far north Queensland far away from the maddening crowd.

Now You See Me
D.K. Hood
Book 18, Detectives Kane and Alton
Released: 7 March in all formats

Shivering by her broken-down car at midnight, she’s relieved when a passer-by finally stops and offers her a ride. But her heart pounds as she hears the locks click shut. They’re going the wrong way. Rooted to the spot with fear, she looks into his dark eyes, as he laughs wildly…

When a car belonging to Black Rock Falls’ much-loved bartender Maisy Jones is found abandoned on an ice-covered road outside of town, Sheriff Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane are called in. The exhaust has been tampered with, which can only mean one thing: someone wanted Maisy stranded on that isolated road…

Finding a red backpack on the same perilous stretch of highway, Jenna hopes it will contain clues to Maisy’s whereabouts. But the debit cards inside belong to local teaching assistant, Billy Stevens. He didn’t show up for work that day. Billy too has vanished into thin air.

Jenna needs to find Maisy and Billy fast, but her frantic search only throws up another missing person. Canvassing the small town festooned with Christmas lights, Jenna has the impossible task of tracking down a twisted murderer plucking victims from their everyday lives and leaving no trace.

Almost giving up hope, she makes a sickening discovery in the church at the center of town, one that sends shockwaves through the tight-knit community. Everyone is afraid to let their loved ones out of sight. But how many more innocent lives must be lost before Jenna can catch the killer among them?

Sleuth on the Beach
Janni Nell
Book 1, Kangaroo Cove Mysteries
Released: 17 February

What’s worse than losing your marriage, your job and your house? Moving in with your brother.

With nowhere else to go Briony swallows her pride, leaves the city behind and heads to the small coastal town of Kangaroo Cove. But it’s not all lazy days on the beach and lunches at the local pub. Less than forty-eight hours after arriving, she finds a dead body. The police believe it’s an accident, but Briony can think of several people who have a motive for murder. There’s the cousin who benefits from the deceased’s will, the would-be lover who was rejected and the deceased’s best friend.

Then there’s Sam. He’s not a suspect—it’s just that Briony can’t stop thinking about him. Too bad she’s not ready for a relationship so soon after her marriage breakup. Anyway, she’s got her hands full with the investigation now that a second body’s been found.

Determined to solve the mystery—and get back to her lazy days on the beach—Briony sets a trap to catch the killer. Will she succeed or will she get caught in her own trap?


The Lustful Leprechaun
Helen Walton
Book 3, Holiday Romance Short Stories
Released: 17 March

An actress determined to make a name for herself. An actor who never gave up on love. When Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations bring them back together, will they give love a second chance?

Olive Sanchez lost the love of her life. Chasing her dream career came at a huge cost. When she returns home for a holiday, can she avoid the man she once loved, or will she seek him out?

Tate Saint James never gave up on his former girlfriend. Even though she broke up with him when their careers took them in different directions, he always believed they’d end up together. When he sees her in his favorite bar dressed in an enchanting costume, he’s determined they clear the air.

Sparks fly, passion and hurt collide, but will love mend their hearts?

The Lustful Leprechaun is the sizzling third standalone book in the Hollywood Hearts short story series. If you like instalove, holiday romance, and a quick read then you’ll love Helen Walton’s charming romance.


Mel Teshco
Book 2, Alien Fugitives
Expected Release: 10 May

He’s a bounty hunter sent to Earth to capture her. She’ll fight tooth and nail for her freedom.

Sienna Moore is a revered rare—a Strazan native with unique powers—burdened with grief and guilt after her species died in battle against vicious Dronians while she and six other rares escaped to Earth. Sienna takes up residence in the carriage of an ever-moving train, where she uses her mind powers to conceal her true identity. But nothing can stop the Dronians from closing in on her and the last few rares.

Gray Bastine has tracked down Sienna with the goal to capture her before the Dronians find and kill her. With his own planet in danger of becoming the Dronians next world to destroy and conquer he will force Sienna to uncover everything there is to know about their common enemy. Except Sienna isn’t so easy to acquire and the longer it takes to claim her the more he realizes their attraction is making this a mission impossible.


Mel Teshco
Book 3, Alien Fugitives
Expected Release: 1 July

She’s fed up with her mundane life. He yearns to escape the danger that surrounds him.

Jasper Finch wants to leave the Earth city of New Faxian behind where he and six other rares—the last surviving Strazans with extraordinary powers—are forced to live thanks to the freshwater river cutting through the city. Water nourishes his species and stabilizes their powers, which are volatile on Earth. A pity his relentless enemy is tracking him down. Then he meets an intriguing woman, and leaving becomes the furthest thing on his mind.

Suzy Grant is over her career as a car saleswoman, but then it’s fair to say she’s over everything and everyone…until a young man with afro hair and a ripped body walks into the car yard. That she is too old for him is as painfully obvious as his reluctance to buy a car. So why is he so reluctant to leave? But getting to know the real him comes at a price. He isn’t what he seems…and he has pitiless alien enemies that make her reconsider the serenity of her humdrum life.


Wicked Dreams
M.J. Scott
Book 4, Techwitch
Expected Release: 6 June

In exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott.

I never dreamed of magic. Having a mother who dabbled in the darker side of witchcraft made sure of that. But magic found me anyway. And the world of power is stranger and more dangerous than I ever could have imagined. So if I don't want it to turn into a nightmare, I have to take what magic offers me…

Wicked Dreams is the fourth book in the TechWitch series, exciting dark and sexy futuristic urban fantasy from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott. This series has witches, demons, an ongoing relationship that will have an HEA, sexy times, and a lot of computer geeks. Perfect if you like the idea of a strong heroine, a hot protective billionaire and magic and technology colliding. Enjoy!

Non Spec-Fic

The Sheikh's Fake Fiancee
Mel Teshco
Book 6, Desert Kings Alliance
Expected Release: 31 March

She’s an outcast. He’s a newly appointed sheikh. It can’t possibly work—can it?

Zania Akhtar has only one regret in life: falling for the smooth lies and seduction of an older man, the same man her once best friend and Sheikha of Imbranak imagined herself in love with. Now Zania is scorned by her friends and strangers alike, and with no money and apparently even less values, she has no one to turn to—until Sheikh Kain Al Hadi of Dumak, proposes an idea to her.

Sheikh Kain is in a dilemma. Not only is his beloved widowed mother desperate for him to marry and create heirs to the throne, he can’t keep his eyes off a young and beautiful commoner whose reputation is in absolute tatters. There is only one thing for it—a fake engagement. It will restore Zania’s reputation while getting his mother off his back about marriage and babies. Then once the dust settles, his libido is quenched and her mother realizes her mistake, he and Zania can go their separate ways.

But things don’t always go according to plan.

The Sheikh's Royal Widow
Mel Teshco
Book 7, Desert Kings Alliance
Expected Release: 31 September

He’s running from the past. She’s afraid to face the future. Can they create a perfect today?

Princess Takisha Hakim never thought she’d desire another man again. Not after Sheikh Fayez’s rejection, and certainly not after her sick and depraved marriage to Sheikh Arif. She’s learned the hard way that wealth and power comes at a cost and accepts she doesn’t deserve to be loved. Then she sees gardener, Akeem Al-Jalal, and all her doubts fade away. Perhaps a commoner is just what she needs?

Akeem enjoys his simple life as a gardener. For the most part, hard, physical labor drowns out the memories of his past and helps him to forget about his family and the brutal war that made him the hero he never wanted to be. He might have been a killer in the past, but nurturing plants soothes his black soul. A pity his life gets complicated the moment the princess begins to take a personal interest.

He doesn’t belong in her world anymore…does he?

Covers by Eleni Konstantine's alter ego, HelzKat Designs.

Bought at Auction
Mel Teshco
Book 2, Bachelor Brothers of Sydney
Expected Release: 31 March

If losing each other the first time was devastating, leaving the second time might prove impossible.

Aiden Black decided the moment he lost his parents at sixteen that loving someone meant losing them too. Now he enjoys his one night stands and the notoriety of being a love ‘em and leave ‘em playboy. As long as the women he sleeps with understand the rules, he’s fine with that. Then his old school crush takes part in the nightclub auction and he can’t resist bidding and winning her for the night. After all, he was on the cusp of admitting his feelings for her before his parents’ deaths put an end to it all, it’s now beyond time he expels her from his past for good.

Luna Morgan never got over the hurt and betrayal of Aiden turning his back on her at the tender age of sixteen. All these years later she’ll do whatever it takes to reignite his interest before she gets to be the one who leaves him this time. But will spending one incredible night with her flame from the past be enough to douse her feelings, or will it reignite them hotter than ever?

Need You Tonight
Leisl Leighton
Expected Release: 1 April

Not even fame will protect him from her violent past.

Reclusive music producer, Lexi Deningham, has worked hard to escape a violent past, building her reputation so world famous rock stars come to her at her isolated recording studio in the Victorian High Country. That includes the wildly talented Daemon Flagherty who has just arrived to discuss his band's next album. After a messy divorce, all Daemon wants is to focus on his music, even if that means going to the end of the world to work with the best, albeit mysterious, music producer there is.

When Lexi gets a call from her twin sister's secure mental health hospital telling her Cat has been attacked, Lexi has no choice but to bring her twin home. Lexi isn't ready to deal with both Cat and Daemon at the same time but if she wants to work with Daemon - and she does, desperately - she has no choice.

Romance should be the last thing on their minds, but it seems that neither Lexi nor Daemon can ignore the passion between them. Until the threat from Lexi's past comes crashing into the present, determined to make her pay and with no care for who might get in the way. Lexi is used to going it alone, but will she realise she needs help before it's too late?

Love is in the Air: 
a limited edition second chance 
romance collection
contains story by
Helen Walton
Expected Release: 8 August

Sometimes we don't get it right the first time around. That's why life gives us second chances.

This limited edition romance collection features 20+ stories of hope, happy ever afters, and the second chances it took to get there.

In this collection you will find stories of second chances at love and life as our heroes and heroines embark on life changing journeys, whether changing careers or moving half way across the globe.

What second chance have you been longing for? These stories just might inspire you to go out there and grab it.

About the collection:

All NET Author proceeds are being pledged to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States and largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide.

The organizer of this collection, Mandy Melanson of Amaryllis Media, LLC, watched her aunt go through diagnosis, treatment, remission, then it returned as Stage 4. It was in that moment she watched her aunt refuse additional treatment because it made her so sick she felt the alternative was a better choice for her and she resigned herself to her diagnosis.

It is our collective hope no one will ever have to feel that way again. That is why she's brought together these 20+ romance authors, who build their careers on hope and happy ever afters, to write this collection of second chances.

Our mission, as the participating authors in this collection, is to use our voices to help BCRF in their mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research.

Scroll up now and claim your copy of this collection to help us make a difference in other people's lives!


Under An Outback Sky
Suzanne Gilchrist
Book 4, Edge of the Outback Romance
Expected Release: TBA


Climbing Fear
Leisl Leighton
Book 1, CoalCliff Stud
on sale in March on Amazon ANZ for $1.99! 

Set against the stirring Victorian Alps, comes a suspenseful novel of recovery and new beginnings from a talented new voice in Australian rural fiction. Perfect for readers of Sarah Barrie and Nora Roberts.

His beloved home is under threat and with it the beautiful, haunted woman he's never been able to forget ...

X-Treme TV sports star Reid Stratton has everything - until his best friend falls to his death on a climb while shooting their show. In the fierce media fallout, Reid begins to question everything about himself. Crippled by a new fear of climbing, Reid returns to CoalCliff Stud, his family's horse farm, to recover.

Single mother Natalia Robinson is determined to start afresh, away from the shadow of her past. A job at CoalCliff Stud where she lived as a child is the perfect opportunity to live the quiet life she always wanted. But she is unprepared to see Reid, and is even more unprepared for the passion that still burns between them.

But after a series of menacing events threatens the new home she is trying to build, Nat realises that Reid is the only person she can rely on to keep her and her daughter safe. Together, Reid and Nat must face the pasts that haunt them if they are to survive the present and forge a future of hope.

Blazing Fear
Leisl Leighton
Book 2, CoalCliff Stud
on sale in March on Amazon ANZ for $1.99! 

Fire stole his past - now it is threatening to burn everything, and everyone, he loves. All over again...

Flynn Findlay likes everyone to think he's in control, but the death of his wife during the bushfires six years ago changed everything. Now, even though it feels like a betrayal, Flynn can't seem to escape his growing feelings for the beautiful new doctor in town. He's never felt as truly alive as when he is with Prita - even his fear of fire doesn't seem as bad.

Dr Prita Brennan is ready for a fresh start in Wilson's Bend with her adoptive son, far from her overprotective family. It would be perfect, except some of the locals don't like the changes she's making to the practice. One of them is even making harassing calls. The handsome local horse stud owner, Flynn, is a further complication she doesn't need right now.

But when harassment escalates to arson, to save the horse stud and their children, Flynn and Prita must work together to figure out who is after her - and why they are trying to burn to the ground everything she touches.

Dangerous Echoes
Leisl Leighton
Book 1, Echo Springs
on sale in March on Amazon ANZ for $2.99! 

Blue lights in the red dust...

Echo Springs on the edge of the outback – a town where everyone knows your name, and your business. But the wholesome country living and welcoming community aren't what they used to be. Echo Springs has a dark underbelly, and it is seeping ever outward.

Brilliant forensic pathologist, Erika Hanson, fled from Echo Springs as a teenager, leaving behind a past of tragedy and pain. But when local police announce they've found her beloved brother's body in a meth lab explosion, she knows she must return to clear Peter's name and find out what really happened. Because Peter would never get involved with the drug tag sweeping across the small town of Australia and destroying lives.

Hartley Cooper has a past with Erika Hanson, but that's not going to keep him from doing his job. He's seen what grief can do, and denial is only the first step. But Erika is convinced that Peter can't be involved, and her meticulous, professional skills start to convince Hartley as well. When Erika's digging and questions get too personal, the town turns against them, Hartley knows Erika might run again. But this time he's ready. And he's not going to let her go.

Break the Silence
D.K. Hood
Book 7, Detectives Kane and Alton
on sale on Amazon ANZ for .99c! 

Her head throbbed as she stumbled up the stairs. Music vibrating and the sound of partygoers fill her head as she walks into one of the dark, empty rooms. As she sits on the bed, she hears the unmistakable sound of the door locking behind her. She is not alone.

The body of college student Chrissie Lowe lies curled into a ball – long red cuts along her arms suggesting how she had met her death. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate.

Purplish bruising on Chrissie’s upper arms and thighs make Jenna believe there is more to Chrissie’s death than others suspected, and she soon finds herself following the trail of the student’s last few moments, leading her to the scene of a party that had ended just hours before Chrissie’s body was found.

When Jenna hears reports that Chrissie was seen going into the bedroom of a college football star, she knows that finding out what went on behind that closed door could be the key to finding out how Chrissie ended up dead. But then another partygoer dies in an apparent accident at the campus gym just hours later, and Jenna is convinced the deaths are connected.

Facing a wall of silence from the student population, Jenna has to act fast to find the killer, but soon another student is found dead on the campus. As Jenna sends in one of her deputies undercover, she prays that she hasn’t just sealed his fate. Can she find the killer before any more lives are taken?

The Exile's Curse
M.J. Scott
Book 1, Daughter of Ravens
on sale for 30% off in Kobo when you use code: MAR30

To save her new life, she needs the man who destroyed her old one...

Chloe de Montesse never thought she’d return from exile. Now she has a chance to reclaim the life she fled after her husband was executed for treason. But coming home again isn’t as simple as it sounds. Her magic is rusty, her family want her to wrap her in cotton wool, and Illvyan society views her as a scandal waiting to happen. Worse, her new life keeps throwing her into the path of the man who destroyed her old one.

Lucien de Roche’s magic bares the truth for all to see. He’s used it to serve the empire, but there’s one secret he’s always kept hidden. The fact that he fell in love with his best friend’s wife. And that he’s never quite fallen out again. Now Chloe is back and it’s no secret at all that she loathes him for his part in her husband’s death. A sensible man would forget her…but he’s tired of being sensible. And determined to keep her safe.

When a mission from the emperor takes them both into the wildest heart of the empire, to a country where power and loyalties collide, and old plots simmer back to life, Chloe finds herself dragged back into the past she wants to leave behind. And her only way out might be Lucien. The man she thinks she can never trust. The man she wants to hate. Or hates to want…

The Exile’s Curse is the first book in the Daughter of Ravens series, a new romantic gaslamp fantasy series from RITA® Award nominated author M.J. Scott, set in the same world as the Four Arts series. This series has old friends turned enemies (and then enemies to lovers), a heroine looking for a second chance, a smitten hero, political intrigue, royal witches, inconvenient marriages, sexy times and more. Enjoy!


Dakota Harrison

Beneath the Sapphire Sk
y is a Feature Book over at the ARRA blog.

Cathleen Ross

The Highland Earl's Revenge is a Feature Book over at the ARRA blog. 

Cathleen is a Guest Blogger on the ARRA blog and talks about her latest release, The Count's Amnesiac Bride

Leisl Leighton

Read the first two chapters of Need You Tonight over at Romance.com.au


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