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Sunday, 8 May 2022

Magic Thursday : A Little Magic Research with HM Hodgson!


Hey Darksiders, my name is Heather and I write as HM Hodgson. For this Magic Thursday post, I want to share a little magic research…

My debut series, The Immortal Keepers, is set in the forests and farmlands of country Victoria with a strong nature theme. Researching magic led me to The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. From broom purification to making lavender sugar, the book was an outstanding window into how green witches “live their path”. The lavender sugar even appeared in books 1 and 3 of the series.

While I love nature-led witchcraft, I had another story idea about a contemporary world where witchcraft is a trade like any other skill, and legends aren’t consigned to the past… and so a new series was born: Relics and Legends.

The first R&L novella, A Wreath Of Thorns, is about a witch who consults with major corporations to provide insights & intelligence through tarot readings. This was the perfect excuse to learn about something that’s always intrigued me, and while there are some great online resources—biddytarot.com was particularly good—I also bought my first ever tarot deck at the inaugural Witches’ Night Market in Brisbane.

The first full novel in the series (currently in copy edits) features a witch responsible for protecting some of humankind’s most precious—and dangerous—relics. But her first day at work doesn't go as planned. A stolen relic. The mafia. Some death daemons. Everyone wants the relic and will do anything to get it. This book is heavy on the spell craft, and after meeting a wonderful witch through Instagram, I started reading her books, Living Witchery (both Coven and the Beginner Witch Guide) as research. That was a crystal-filled rabbit-burrow, and I loved it.

First Tarot Reading

The second R&L novella (my current WIP) is about the legendary sword, Excalibur. Do you know what happened after King Arthur threw the weapon into the lake? This is my version: Excalibur’s power is that whoever wields it can never be harmed. The Lady of the Lake enchanted the sword to disappear into the lake waters to stop Excalibur falling into evil hands. But after a thousand years, the enchantment has worn away, and the Knights Templar, guardians of relics and legends alike, are desperately searching for the Lady of the Lake’s descendants to recast the enchantment. But someone else is looking for the descendants. And killing them…

And happy days, because some of my favourite tv shows have made for perfect research, from Escape To The Country to The Curse Of Oak Island. I’ve also started a Pinterest board to capture images that fit the tale—thanks to fellow Darksider Melanie Pickering for that tip!

The Last Keeper

Book 1, The Immortal Keepers

Deadly secrets. Sacred vows. Duty over desire.

India Jones is a city-witch with a problem - her witchcraft is turning dangerously unstable. And worse, the only people who can help are the family she hasn't seen in forever, on their isolated farm in Victoria, Australia.

But the farm and dark forest surrounding it hold dangerous secrets: an unearthly magic that beckons her into the forest, the truth behind her parents’ death, and a riveting stranger all too at home on her family’s property.

Ruthless and deadly, Thrane is the last Keeper. MIllenia ago, the Old Gods created the World Tree to connect the three Worlds. From its roots to its branches, it connects the Underworld, Mortalworld and Higherworld. But a secret war rages as those who would enslave the Mortalworld seek to destroy the Tree. Only the Immortal Keepers stand in their way.

Now, duty and explosive desire compel Thrane to keep close to India. For though she doesn’t know it, the stubborn witch is the gravest danger the World Tree, and his heart, have ever encountered.

To save the Mortalworld – and herself – India must face the most dangerous secret of all. Hers.

Author's note:

The Last Keeper is a standalone story with no cliff-hangers & a HEA. This is mature content with language and scenes designed for 18+ readers and has possible trigger warnings for fight and death scenes on the page. If you love reading stories by Ivy Asher or Kresley Cole then you will love this series.

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HM Hodgson

Brisbane author, HM Hodgson has always loved stories. Creating her own is the natural evolution of a passion for reading, a love for what makes people tick, and the fantastic places that can be imagined. 

Today, she writes about romance (steamy scenes a must!) and magic. Magic that moves worlds and takes her to another place.

When not writing or reading or reluctantly cleaning up after her children, she loves looking after her veggie patch and little flock of chickens. ​

You can find HM at her website: hmhodgson.com

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