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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

DarkSider News for December 2020 - part 2!


Jingle Bells...DarkSider Bells. Here's some more stocking stuffers for you...


Salvation by Christina Phillips (Book 3, Realm of Flame and Shadow) was released on 8 December. 

I just spent the best night of my life with the hottest guy I've ever met. Too bad he turns out to be my deadliest enemy - the Archangel Nathanael...

Half-demon Isabella has dreamed of bringing archangels to justice and there's no way she'll forgive Nate for his deception. Except it turns out he has no idea who she is... can this be the chance for retribution she's been searching for?

There's only one rule I live by. Never trust a demon.

Close to finding a rogue demon he's been hunting for millennia, Nate's not looking for any distractions. Until Isabella turns his world inside out and leaves him wanting so much more. But when he uncovers her true heritage, her betrayal rocks him, and he faces the choice of leaving her to her fate or breaking the only rule in his book.

With dark secrets threatening their survival, there's no way an archangel and a half-demon can work together. But with the clock ticking, and danger stalking every move they make, the only way to save themselves might just be to save each other.

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See ARRA's release day blog post here.

A Nose for Trouble by D.D. Line (Book 1, Trinket Bay) was released by Gumnut Press on 2 December. 

Betrayed by her lover and left for dead, Senior Constable Ellie Marsden and her canine patrol dog leave Perth and move to the small coastal town of Trinket Bay. Time heals Ellie’s wounds, but not her heart.

When thieves break in and steal drugs from the local doctor’s surgery, she realises it’s similar to her last case back in the city. If her ex-lover is in her town; can she close the case and arrest the man who almost destroyed her?

Brennan Cole has been on the run for almost three years, leaving behind everything he’s ever known and everyone he’s ever loved. He’s never forgiven himself for betraying Ellie, but he’s in too deep to stop now.

Trinket Bay is another perfect target. The police force isn’t as prominent here, the drugs they need are easy to acquire, and its tourists provide a ready market. It’s a simple in and out before they move on to the next town. But then he glimpses the woman he still loves. Can he escape detection before it’s too late?

Or will they learn cases of the heart never grow cold?

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Black Hearts by Lilliana Rose (Book 5, Follow Your Heart) was released on 3 December.

A mysterious invitation to the Black Hearts Club has Vickie reeling with curiosity. Is this a chance for her to have fun, or is there a mystery for her to solve?

In order to find out more about the Black Hearts Club, Vickie keeps secrets from George. Will this cause their marriage to break down, or can they find a way forward?

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Siren Condemned by Mila Young and C.R Crane (Book 1, Thief of Hearts) was released on 16 March.

The sirens have been hunted for so long that we no longer remember our pasts...

Our songs have been stolen, the source of all our power, and it's been made punishable by death to use it. They've taken everything from us.

The vampires.

I've been sent to the darkest of all places, Nightmare Penitentiary, for my disobedience to my masters. But I've promised myself that I’ll be free someday.. no matter the cost. I'll do whatever it takes to regain my power, even if I end up shattering the hearts of three captivating men who have the power to change my future forever.

One will break me. One will lead me to sin. And one will guide to the darkest of paths.

Welcome to Nightmare Penitentiary. Escape is my only option.

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Siren Sacrificed by Mila Young and C.R Crane (Book 2, Thief of Hearts) was released on 16 July.

What is a siren without her power?

I'm about to find out, and I have no problems embracing the darkness to do so.

I was thrown into a literal hell, and every day feels like it could be my last.

But amid such darkness, I thought I found light with three men who've shown me happiness is possible even in a place like this.

Except, maybe I was too quick to trust and give my heart away.

They say trust takes years to build, seconds to break... and I don't think forever will be long enough to repair what they did to me.

One will sacrifice himself for me. One will shatter my soul.And one will kill me to save me.

Enjoy your stay at Nightmare Penitentiary. Death is only a matter of time..

Maree Anderson  re-released a number of books in July.

Even Demons Get the Blues (Book 1, Angels and Demons)

When Demons fall in love, there’s Hell to pay.

Rezon was the Demon King’s lieutenant for four thousand years until he quit to join the Beguilers. Only trouble is now he’s been beguiled by Leisa, the tormented human woman who’s captured his heart.

When Leisa picks up one loser too many, Rezon’s provoked into whisking her off to his lair to show her what a real man can do for her. But Leisa’s been tagged by a Destroyer and her soul is forfeit, so when she inadvertently shatters Rez’s defenses and bonds with him there’ll be Hell to pay

Let Sleeping Demons Lie (Book 2, Angels and Demons)

Kitten vs Lion — a match made in Hell!

Naamah’s been stripped of everything — her memories, her demonic powers, and her clothes — and dumped in a savage wilderness known as The Realm. She believes she is human and has no idea that non-humans even exist — just as well, considering that she’s got a phobic fear of Lycans and the man who finds her is a Lion shape shifter!

Brennan is a Prime, that most alpha of alphas, and he has no time for demon females — not when he can crook a claw and any Lycan female he chooses will come running. Even though he suspects the woman he’s named “Kitten” is not what she appears to be, he lays claim to her body… and her heart. When they’re ambushed by sadistic Hyenas and Brennan is severely injured, Kitten’s only chance of saving them both is to reclaim her Demonic heritage… even if it means revealing her true self and losing Brennan’s love.

Guide to pronunciation: Naamah = NAY-uh-mah

From the Ashes

From the ashes, a hero will rise….

Calista’s a freelance space courier recovering from a disastrous marriage during which her ex sold her as a slave. Sure, she’s emotionally damaged, but you should see the state of her ex! She’s also an expert pilot who can illegally reprogram and augment all manner of tech. She’s been ripping off the system and flying under the radar her entire life. Until now.

Asher’s her “cargo”, the mouthwateringly gorgeous Phoenixae alien who accidentally hatched from the egg she was transporting, and bonded with her. He’s been bred as a sex slave and he can read her mind. Oh, and then there’s the small issue that if Asher is killed and his body burnt, he can be resurrected. He’s one hot commodity that illegals will kill to possess.

Take one sex-deprived space courier who’ll risk everything to save a Phoenixae alien from a life of slavery. Add one mouthwateringly hot alien sex-slave who knows her deepest desires, feels her pain, and lives to please her in every way. Mix with a ruthless ex-husband intent on vengeance. And stir in a sadistic Libertine noble who will do anything at all to get his hands on a Phoenixae.

Scent of a Man (Book 1, Scentinels

The one woman who can resist him is the only woman he’s ever wanted….

Joseph is an Anglian noble living in a harshly religious society where the Council and their clerics enforce chastity, and women are oppressed and treated as chattel. Overnight, Joseph undergoes a rare transformation and becomes a Scentinel, a man who exudes powerful sexual pheromones that make him irresistible to females. His people believe he is evil and will execute him on sight. He’s on the run, starving and desperate. He has nothing more to lose–or so he believes.

Liliana is a “morally corrupt” Europan woman with an agenda. She’s a creature even rarer than Joseph, a Null who can neutralize Scentinel pheromones. Her mission is to do whatever it takes to bring Joseph safely to Europan shores. There, he’ll join Empress Vashti’s elite band of Scentinel spies — provided he survives his training with his sanity intact, and learns how to suppress his pheromones at will.

And falling in love with the man she must ultimately betray was never part of Liliana’s plan.

Kat on a Hot Tin Roof 

Kat Meyer sleepwalks – buck naked sleepwalking, just to make it even more humiliating – and she goes to great lengths to lock herself in her house at night so she doesn’t inadvertently entertain the neighbors. She’s been there, done that, and she’s never quite gotten over it! Adding to the stress, her lazy cat, Cupcake, seems bound and determined to be a cat-burglar extraordinaire. But instead of just leaving “gifts” like house keys and trinkets on her pillow, Kat’s pet has now gravitated to stealing rings. Specifically, Jace Burton’s ring. And Jace just happens to be the big-shot architect she’s vying with the  other designers to work with.

When Jace wakes in the middle of the night to find a naked and highly distraught Kat in his living room, he’s inclined to believe her bizarre tale of sleepwalking and cat-burglars-of-the-feline-persuasion. And did he mention she was gorgeous? And naked? As an added bonus, he’s beyond grateful to learn that Kat’s found his grandfather’s missing ring.

Jace is appalled to think of what harm might have befallen Kat while she prowled the streets naked at night. She’s gotten right under his skin and all his protective instincts kick in with a vengeance. It’s sure no hardship to escort her safely home – nor to offer to help her find out how’n the heck she  getting out of her deadlocked house at night. But Kat’s the unwitting victim of a zodiac curse, and when the unbelievable truth smacks him right between the eyes, Jace doesn’t know what the hell to think! Should he hide what he’s seen from the woman he’s fallen head over heels in love with? Or should he tell her the truth and risk losing her forever?

Non spec-fic

Ten Days in Paradise by Annie Seaton (Book 1, Four Seasons Short and Sweet) is expected to be released on 5 December.

Love at first sight

Jane Sullivan flees her own wedding and escapes to Deception Island.
Hiding out on a tropical island to get over the hurt of her fiancĂ©’s betrayal Jane is dismayed when her ex and his new woman turn up on the island.
Island police chief, Linc Martin, needs a girlfriend and needs one fast.
Jane and Linc make a deal, but are either of them strong enough to resist when Cupid intervenes?

Previously published in 'Romancing the Summer 2020'.

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Mission: Her Justice by Anna Hackett (Book 8, Team 52) was released 1 December.

When a dangerous redhead invades his office and his base, and warns that his team is in danger, Director Jonah Grayson doesn’t know if she’s friend or foe.

Former elite Army aviator Jonah Grayson was forced to give up flying, but now serves as director of the covert black ops team, Team 52. He takes care of the brass in Washington D.C. to ensure his team can do their job: keeping the world safe from dangerous, ancient artifacts. But when he’s confronted by a tough, skilled, mysterious redhead with a warning that his team is being targeted, he’ll do whatever it takes in order to find out who she is and what she wants.

Evan Fletcher’s life has imploded. She’s on the run, been labeled a rogue and traitor, and she knows a very bad, powerful man has Team 52 in his sights. He’s after a deadly artifact and wants the team out of his way…but Evan plans to stop him. She’ll use all of her particular skill set to bring him down, clear her name, and protect Team 52…and that includes the team’s handsome, oh-so-tempting director.

Surrounded by danger at every turn, Evan and Jonah are drawn to each in ways they can’t explain. To keep Team 52 safe, stop the enemy, and find justice for Evan, they will put everything on the line. But when you’re under fire, trust is hard, and falling in love is even harder.


Follow Your Heart by Lilliana Rose (Book 6, Follow Your Heartis expected to be released on 15 December. 

Vickie finds herself in an unusual situation. There are no cases for her to solve. No clients, new or old. She doesn’t know what to do.

A mysterious note sends her to the dangerous port area. Will this be the beginning of a new adventure or something more sinister for her to survive? And will husband George, support or hinder her?

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Siren Awakened by Mila Young and C.R Crane (Book 3, Thief of Hearts) is expected to be released 18 December.

Book 3 of the Thief of Hearts Series...coming soon.

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Blackbird Crowned by Keri Arthur (Book 3, Witch King's Crown) is expected to be released 3 April 2021.

More info coming soon.

Non spec-fic

The Widow of Red Lion Row by Viveka Portman  is expected to be released 4 January 2021.

London, 1810. Margaret Forsythe never expected to become a condom maker. But she is a widow, and due to her late husband, she has lost everything. Now she has been exiled to the filth of Southwark, with no money or means of survival. Never again will she be beholden to a man.

But when her situation becomes dire, she has little choice but to throw herself on the mercy of the dangerously handsome brothel owner, Charles Grimsby. 

Charles’s prostitutes need ‘johnny caps’ to avoid venereal disease – and so, torn between morality and poverty, Margaret begins to manufacture them, using animal gut and ribbons. Will this new enterprise be her salvation, or her ultimate ruin?


E.V.I.E. (Eliminate Vampiric Influence Everywhere) contains a story by Mila Young. It was republished 6 October and is available for a limited time only. 

13 Slayers. 13 Missions. 13 Brand New Standalone Stories Set within a Universe of Violence.

Welcome to the world of E.V.I.E.
A place where vampires come to die.

These Slayers don't play. They're fierce, badass, and court the creatures of the night. Some protect our existing reality, while others venture to realms far away to hunt down bloodsucker bounties. Each plot and twist comes at a price.

There will be blood.
There will be death.
There will be forbidden affairs.

These stories have bite and feature passion and kickass heroines.

Enter if you dare.
And don't forget your stake.

This is a limited edition charity anthology. All proceeds benefit Best Friends Animal Society, and each story includes a Happily Ever After/Happily For Now ending.

Introduction by Addison Cain

Stories by:
Amelia Hutchins
Anna Edwards
C.R. Jane
Claire Marta
Dee Garcia
Elle Christensen
K Webster
Kimbra Swain
Lexi C. Foss
Lily Archer
Mila Young
Rochelle Paige
Sandra R. Neeley

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Non spec-fic

Forever His Ride or Die contains a story by Khloe WrenIt was republished 20 November. 

Join this amazing group of authors as you read Forever His Ride or Die. Each author taking the theme and making it their own. From Khloe Wren – Breaking Tabitha, Crimson Syn – Shamrock: A Fallen Kings MC Novel, T. Elizabeth Guthrie – Property of a God, Kathryn C. Kelly – Misconstrued: A Death Dwellers Novella, and Erin Osborne – Honor's Battle.

Each story making you want to read more from each of these authors. Join them as they take you on a journey to find out who is Forever His Ride or Die?

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Tangled Up in Blue contains a story by Fiona GreenIt was republished 30 November. 

When the estranged Sinclair sisters meet in ailing Blue Ridge after the death of their grandmother, only one of them wants to stay. But Blythe Sinclair's dying wish - for them to work together to run the Satin Bowerbird Inn - throws their lives into chaos.

Out of the Blue - Fiona Greene

Commitment-phobe Katherine Sinclair started running after her parents' death and she's never stopped. But returning to Blue Ridge, and her teenage crush, Rhett, awakens something deep inside her. Can she put down roots and use her time in town to make a difference: for the community, for the family and for herself? And if she does, will Rhett be a part of her future?

Little Bird - Danielle Birch

Corporate lawyer Edie Sinclair's personal and professional life implode just as she returns to Blue Ridge to mourn her beloved grandmother. Soffocated by the misplaced blame over her parents' death, Edie has to choose between staying to resolve the estate or returning to the city to straighten out her life. When Edie meets Will, a local sculptor, she's instantly attracted to him, but a misunderstanding between them makes her question whether she can build a new life for herself in Blue Ridge.

The Satin Bowerbird - E E Montgomery

Holly Sinclair has finally found peace and security, living and working with her grandmother at the Satin Bowerbird Inn. Her grandmother's unexpected death and the invasion of her estranged sisters rock Holly to her core. There's only one person she can still trust, her best friend since high school. Turning to Morgan ignites Holly's long-suppressed passion and she's torn. Pursuing a relationship with Morgan puts their friendship at risk. Can she have it all? Or will she lose it all?

As the sisters face unexpected challenges and expose long-buried family secrets, their grandmother's legacy could force them apart forever. Or can Katherine, Edie and Holly learn to forgive each other and become a family once more?


The first four books in the Follow Your Heart series  by Lilliana Rose have a new covers. 

Change of Heart (Book 1) 

Christmas has arrived and should be a happy time of the year, but Vickie is lonely and missing her husband, George. His job as a doctor comes first and she has way too many hours alone to fill. Her and George are rapidly growing apart.
When an unusual illness descends over the festive season, and hits way too close to home, Vickie throws herself into finding the source and solving a mystery to save lives.
Will she find there is still love in her marriage after all? Is what she has with George worth fighting for? Or, will her world crash down around her?

Change of Heart is a blend of the past in a futuristic setting to create a world to get lost in, find love, and escape reality. There's a mesh of genres, sexy romance, contemporary, drama, and mystery, creating a fun quick read to enjoy.

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Heart of Gold (Book 2) 

Self defence lessons are what Vickie needs if she’s serious about being prepared and making her private eye business a success. The lessons turn out to be more than she bargained for when her trainer is injured and all is not what it seemed. When she realises there is something strange going on, Vickie feels compelled to investigate.

Can she solve another mystery without losing the passion she has finally found with George? And what is it her trainer has kept hidden?

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Heart's Desire
 (Book 3) 

Vickie only has one client. She immerses herself in the case by helping a distressed woman, Alison Jenkins, who mourns for her deceased husband, Frank. The more Vickie learns about this case, the further she realises something sinister occurred with Frank’s death and the assumed suicide could well be a cover for murder.

The private eye work distracts Vickie from her renewed commitment to husband George, and her marriage is once more in rocky territory. Vickie is forced to decide what is important to her and decide what her heart really desires, being a private eye or a wife. Or can she find a way to have both?

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Lonely Hearts
 (Book 4) 

Vickie’s private eye business has grown beyond expectations and she finds herself overloaded with cases. Solving personal mysteries for clients is taking every hour of her day and many of her nights. Her work is being put ahead of her husband and he’s had enough.

What will she decide when he gives her an ultimatum – me or your work? Will the stress of trying to solve a case prove to be too much? Does she have any chance of balancing both loves in her life??

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The Dating Phase by Claire Boston is a short story that will be re-released soon and has a new cover.  

The Virgin Hunt Games Volume 1 by Mel Teshco is expected to be released 18 January 2021.  


Death Mark: a teen nerd occult detective serial by Rebekah Turner has been running on her blog.


Congratulations to our DarkSiders.

Thanks for joining us. Until next time...happy reading!

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