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Saturday 28 November 2020

DarkLight On... Reader Groups

More and more authors are using Reader Groups to connect with their readers. 

There are many platforms that an author can choose including forums and email groups, but in recent years, Facebook has become a favourite because of the ease of use and the fact that many readers are on the platform already. 

A few of our DarkSiders share their thoughts about reader groups.

Mila Young's Wicked Readers

What I love about my reader group is being able to connect directly with my readers. It's an easy venue for anyone who reads my books to join and chat with me about anything. I am in my group nearly everyday, so I am super accessible. I use the group to create excitement for my upcoming releases, chat about things in general and get everyone to engage, run games and giveaways. To help ensure I please the FB algorithms, I post at least once a day in my group and always respond to comments :)  For me, my reader group is essential to my career as an author and I have met so many amazing readers and friends through it.

~ Mila

Lana's Angels – Reader Group for Badass Women Who Read Romance

I love reader groups because they allow you one on one time with your readers, and a level of connection that works both ways. 

~ Lana (Pecherczyk)

Book Love with Juanita Kees

I love reader groups because a group encourages readers to talk about books and share their love for reading. A reader group is more personal than Facebook page and it provides an opportunity for readers and authors to get to know each other a little better through interaction. It’s also a great way to learn about new releases and share other author’s books that readers might enjoy.

~ Juanita

Cassie Laelyn's Log Cabin

What I love about FB reader groups is that they’re more personal than a page. They provide an opportunity for readers to not just connect and interact with the author, but to also interact/meet/connect with other readers and bond over a shared love for that author and that genre. As an author, I love how I can share an upcoming releases and work in progress teasers with a group of awesome readers who share in the excitement. It fills my soul with happiness! 

~ Cassie

Anna Hackett's Reader Squad

I LOVE my reader group. It has a great, positive vibe where I can connect and interact quickly with my readers every day. There is nothing better than talking about books, reading, and the action-packed stories I love with people who enjoy them. The great thing about a private group is that I can share more private, behind-the-scenes tidbits with readers.


Maggie's Book Babes

I love readers groups because they give you the chance to not only share your books with people, but you also let them know about special offers you have going. 

~ Maggie

So what's keeping you? Join our DarkSider author groups and share in the fun. 

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