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The Traitor's Game
Awaken: Wolves of Timber Falls
Sorrow's Song
Wicked Nights: A TechWitch Futuristic Urban Fantasy Novel
Bite Me, Monster: A Monster Romance
Nightfall University: Midnight Coven: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
Nightworld Academy: Winterfall Witch
Phoenix: The Rise
Fated Wolf
Pray for Mercy
Keeper Of My Desire
Monster's Plaything: A Monster Romance
The Sheikh's Captive Lover (Desert Kings Alliance, #2).
Wolf Fates: Wolf Shifter Romance
Crown of Shadows
Kings of Eden: A Dark Paranormal Romane
Wild Soul: A Rejected Mate Romance
The Girl Sudan Painted like a Gold Ring: Folktales from the Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo
A Wreath Of Thorns

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

DarkSider News for October - Part 3!



Why not spend the night in reading from the DarkSide.


Pirate's Plaything by Denise Rossetti was released 6 August. 

Kate’s all at sea, literally. One minute she’s felled by a toppling shelf of erotic romances—the next, she’s on a sailing ship with a gang of pirates hot enough to star in a bad boy calendar.
As for Jack Cavanagh, the pirate captain… Somehow he’s morphed from a handsome corporate pirate on a book cover to a real man. And what a man! His tiger’s gaze sets Kate on fire—body, soul and stubborn, competitive spirit. She may have given up on love, but no one ever said Kate was easy. She gives as good as she gets—and this erotic dream is about to get pretty darn good.

A sexy, light-hearted romp with lots of kinky, romantic magic and a very happy ending!

Available from:

The Lost Sea by Toby J Nichols was released  by Severed Press on 15 July. 

A routine helicopter muster in Queensland becomes a fight for survival 65 million years in the past.

Finding dead cattle during the muster was the first sign that something was wrong. The trees and lake were the second and third. But instead of going home, Jessie Hall, his nephew, stockman, and a neighbor investigate.

Jessie feels safe in the R22 helicopter but when something large knocks him out of the sky and he’s forced to ditch into the water, he realizes while they might still be in Queensland they have ended up in the past when the Eromanga sea existed, pterosaurs rules the skies and what lives in the ancient forest is even worse.

To get home they’ll have to cross the prehistoric sea where the Kronosaurus hunts.

Available from: 

The Longing of Lone Wolves by Lana Pecherczyk (Book 1, Fae Guardians) was released on 8 June. 

Rush is a Fae Guardian, a wolf-shifter whose enhanced abilities have made him a ruthless protector of Elphyne. His job is to protect the realm from the human enemy, and to ensure the sins of the past never come to pass again lest magic die forever. But one night of weakness resulted in a curse worse than death – exile. Now he spends his lonely time longing to be part of the living, once again protecting them from monsters… until one mysteriously washes up on the shores of his lake.

Clarke is human. She's beautiful, feisty, and fierce. She's also the only person who can see him, speak to him, and touch him.

If he hands her over to the Order, she’s his ticket to having his curse removed. Unable to resist the opportunity, he tricks her into a bargain of obedience, never once suspecting his world is about to be turned upside down. The more he learns about this human enemy, the more he realizes she’s not the monster he’s been trained to believe. In fact, she’s capable of inciting passion he’d never dreamed possible again. But Clarke has a message from the past… sins are already repeating. This time, if they don’t stop the coming evil, it won’t just be magic that dies. It will be everything. 

The Witcher meets Beauty and the Beast in this gripping, new epic fantasy featuring steamy romance, a splash of time travel, monster hunting, a band of brothers, fated mates, growly fae protectors and their strong willed women from our time. If you love your books full of page turning action, romantic tension, and world building you can get lost in, then this book is for you. 

Available from:

The Solace of Sharp Claws by Lana Pecherczyk (Book 2, Fae Guardians) was released on 24 August. 

Sharp claws keep you safe.

That’s the brutal lesson Thorne learned as a young wolf-shifter. Abandoned as a child, singled out by an evil uncle, and then forced to work for the ruthless Order of the Well, Thorne’s anger was a weapon as much as his claws. Now a vicious Fae Guardian, he hunts monsters, the human enemy, and anything that gets in his way. On a mission to find his missing mentor, Thorne finds himself suddenly mated to Laurel, a beautiful, driven, but damaged human awoken from a time long since past. 

A forced marriage is something neither of them want. 

But everything they need.

Spending time with her teaches him that arm’s length might not be a good thing. Learning to love will mean scratching the surface of both their souls, revealing truths more painful than any wound. If he can get past the hurt, the pain, and the pride, Thorne will find a new use for his claws... to bury deep and never let her go. 

But when a dark figure from Laurel's past catches up with her, it's not Thorne's claws in question. It's hers. If he can't stop her from exacting bitter revenge, she'll cost him the safety of his mentor and perhaps trigger a war. If he can learn to put his angry past behind him, open his heart and trust new friends, he just might be rewarded with more than an advantage in their ongoing war. He'll find love.

Available from:

Envy and Greed by Lana Pecherczyk of the Deadly Seven series is now available in audio format.

Envy (Book 1) was released on 10 August.

Deadly sin has consumed Cardinal City. Violence, murder, and mayhem are only the beginning. A family of genetically modified heroes is the city's only hope...if only they can resist sin long enough, they just might stand a chance.

Disgraced hero Evan Lazarus punishes himself in the underground cage fighting scene. He blames himself for the tragedy that tore his family apart and left the city without its saviors. Traveling a dark path toward vengeance, if he’s not careful, he’ll become the evil he was created to fight. And then he meets her - a woman who embodies his sin’s opposing virtue. She’s smart, relentless, and electrifying…. She’s everything he secretly craves.

Grace Go almost died in the blast that killed her parents and now seeks justice for the survivors. When her investigation crosses paths with a fiercely protective but damaged hero, she is intrigued. The more she sees him, the more he ignites a desire she thought long gone, and the easier it is to stay ignorant to the secret that could ruin her opinion of him forever.

When a figure from Evan’s past emerges, in league with the evil Syndicate, their scheme threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. Pushed to the limits, he will have to pull his family from the brink of oblivion and become the hero the city needs...or will envy drive him to destroy Grace and his only chance at love and redemption forever?

Available from: 

Greed (Book 2) was released on 10 August.

Griffin Lazarus’ restraint is notorious within his heroic family. His mastery over the sin of greed is second to none. What they don’t know, is a shameful secret drives his discipline and one slip could mean fatal consequences for anyone close to him. When he’s forced to work with a beautiful, feisty reporter poking around his personal life, his control swiftly unravels. Everything about her throws his beliefs into chaos. She’s arousing, loud and infuriating, and craving her could be his undoing - or his redemption.

Lilo Likeke, an altruistic reporter for the Cardinal Copy, is hunting the story of a lifetime. Who are the Deadly Seven? If she can nail her unicorn story, she’ll finally prove her apple falls far from her corrupt family tree. But when her mobster father is kidnapped, and she’s drawn into his web of chaos, she soon learns you can’t outrun your past, but you can choose your family. Trusting the man behind the mask might kill her story, but it also might save her heart.

With the Syndicate breathing down their necks, none of it could matter if they don’t live to see another day, and Griffin has no intention of losing the woman he covets, even if that means embracing bedlam…

Available from: 

S.E. Gilchrist is re-publishing her Darkon Warriors series. 

Legend Beyond the Stars (Book 1) was released on 24 September. 

A race on the edge of extinction. The women who can save them. And an enemy determined to destroy them all.

Seeking redemption from a mission gone terribly wrong, Captain Alana Knight volunteers for a dangerous operation to transport colonists to a new earth-like planet. But on board the alien traders’ spaceship, she learns of a galactic war raging for power. A power that can be transformed into a terrible weapon. When the colonists are betrayed, Alana’s mission is re-defined. Nothing will stop her from keeping those in her care safe and finding a passage home.

Commander Tarak El Rajan is humanoid, male and a warrior determined to preserve the honour of the Darkon people. A rendezvous with devious traders, leads to an unexpected payload consisting of females from an unknown planet. In particular, one who stirs long forgotten emotions in his heart. But with strict orders to transport all females to the planet Isla for research purposes, any deviation means treason.

In a world of uncertainty, where the wrong decision could mean the death of an entire race, the last thing either of these two soldiers expects or needs is to fall in love.

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The Portal (Book 2) was released on 15 October. 

Lost in an alien world, she searches for her parents. Then she discovers the unexpected.

When Janni, a young salvager, boards a space wreck, she is caught for daring to steal Darkon tech by a patroller and the one man she had thought never to see again. Several months ago she had allowed him to slip past her defences for a brief and wonderful interlude.

But with both of them on either sides of the law, they had walked away. Now trapped together, an alien life-force is hunting them.

They have one chance – the Portal. But only the Darkons know its secret.

Will the patroller save her or abandon Janni to her fate?

Buy links:

The Assassin's Gift by Claire Boston (Book 1, The Emperor's Conspiracy) is now available in audio format.

She's trained to kill. But is her prey the man she's ordered to eliminate… or the one who sent her?

Princess Lien reserves her loyalty for her uncle, the emperor. Groomed as his secret assassin after he took her in, her first target is the khan of the barbarians responsible for her parents' murder. But her supernatural speed is no help when the monarch betroths her to the man she's meant to slay.

Waking naked in the enemy camp far from the palace and her pet dragon, Lien is horrified to find she's imprisoned by the ruthless tribe—and they know her true mission. Refusing to believe her uncle betrayed her, she vows to become his spy. But as evidence that she's on the wrong side mounts, it will test her fidelity and honor.

Can Lien unravel a web of deceit in time to stop the real traitor?

The Assassin's Gift is the first book in the riveting Emperor's Conspiracy fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, loyalties challenged, and treacherous battles, then you'll love Claire Boston's enthralling adventure.

Available from:

The Druid Chronicles by Christina Phillips is now in a box set and was released on 20 April. 

They were destined to be enemies, but fate had other plans...

Be swept into four passionate, forbidden romances set in first century Britain. With lush sensuality and rich mythology, The Druid Chronicles is a forgotten world of ancient goddesses and powerful love that transcends the mighty Roman Empire.

“Primal and sexy, I love this series."


Between a warrior and a princess comes an all-consuming love that transcends the hatred between their warring worlds…

"a delightful read and one you are sure to enjoy if you like historical romance with a lot of sizzle and a dash of magic that will take your breath away."


A Druid priestess falls for the wrong man – the warrior who’s taken her prisoner…

“Who can resist the appeal of a tortured hero? I certainly can’t…Take Bren, the hero from Christina Phillips’ book, CAPTIVE…Irredeemable? Maybe. Tortured? Hell, yes. Irresistible. Oh, yeah…”


When a Druid priestess falls for her Roman captor she’s torn between her duty to her goddess and her love for the enemy…

“Tacitus is a wonderful hero, masterful and passionate…"


A dangerous love Rome will never allow...

"In this taut enemies-to-lovers story, the chemistry is blazing from the first scene and, as their secrets and hidden scars are slowly revealed, the depth of emotion that develops make this story a well-rounded success." Romantic Times Book Reviews

Available from:

Blackbird Broken by Keri Arthur (Book 2, The Witch Crown) was released 26 October.

On the darkest day, in the darkest hour, when all hope has been extinguished, a hand will draw the one true sword, and a lost throne shall be reclaimed…

Generations of De Montfort women have protected the sword in the stone. Gwen is the last of them, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Moscelyne.

But the sword has now been drawn, and the new Witch King may well be working with Darkside.

Now the race is on to find the missing artifacts that will stop the king accessing the full power of the sword. But as the attacks escalate and the fractured clues of history are slowly pieced together, Gwen, Mo, and Luc Durant—the motorbike-riding warrior from an ancient order of knights—quickly realize all is not as it seems. Worse still, the true source of the plot to unleash Darkside and restore witch rule is far closer to home than any had guessed.

But as new prophecies rise, and the truth of the sword in the stone becomes clear, another race begins.

One that will end with a crown, a throne, and the fate of all England as its prize.


DarkSiders contributing to the Warlords, Witches and Wolves (A Fantasy Realms Anthology) include Lana Pecherczyk, Claire Boston, Daniel de Lorne, Shona Husk, Leisl Leighton, TJ Nichols, M.J. Scott, and Cassie Laelyn. The anthology is expected for release on 9 November. 

Warlord, Witch, or Wolf: what’s your poison?

Whatever your fantasy, dive into 12 original stories from bestselling and new Australian authors for a limited time only.

Featuring rousing action, sizzling or sweet romance, and journeys to far-off lands, the heroes and heroines of Warlords, Witches and Wolves will keep you on the edge of your seat and conjure your darkest desires.

What are you waiting for?

Unleash the beasts, summon the magic, and conquer new worlds today!

Pre-Order from:

Luminality by TJ Nichols is expected to be released on 25 January 2021. 

Like everyone in the Dark City, Elliot Brand never has enough coin for anything. There is never time for more than survival. He does everything he can to make sure he and his brother, Dayne, have a place to live. But when his brother goes missing, Elliot suspects the worst—that he has been taken by the Kin. 

The Kin live in a castle on the lake that only appears at night. They trade with the rich up the hill. In exchange for giving the rich the orbs that light the city and healing nectar, the Kin are permitted to hunt humans in the Dark City. 

Elliot swore on his mother’s death bed that he wouldn’t let harm come to Dayne, so he makes a plan to go to the castle and get his brother back. Dazzled by the wealth and the attentions of Umbra, a Kin with their own plans, Elliot gets caught up in machinations far beyond his wildest dreams. 

But Dayne has tasted Kin blood and become one of the devoured. Elliot’s plans quickly unravel. If Elliot and Umbra are to survive, they’ll need one another. 

For readers who like dark gay fantasy romance, revolutions and rebel princes.

Pre-Order from:

The Vet's Familiar by TJ Nichols is expected to be released on 28 November. 

Wounded and left for dead, shifter Kit Linfield is stuck in his eagle form.

A Christmas Eve flight with his family turned to slaughter when some hunters took aim. Kit played dead, but he needs help, or he’ll die. He wants to live to have vengeance.

Errol Hart is spending Christmas alone for the first time since his divorce. When a badly wounded eagle is delivered to his care, it’s the first animal that Errol can’t communicate with. The eagle is so badly injured Errol isn’t sure it will survive. But the way it looks at him, like it understands every word he says…

When Errol learns the truth, he vows to help Kit find the men responsible for the illegal hunt.

For readers who like fated mates, age gap and small town gay romance.

Pre-Order from:

The Detective's Familiar by TJ Nichols is expected to be released on 28 March 2021. 

Walking out on his husband, and fated mate, is the hardest thing wolf shifter Sam Carver has ever done.

Detective Mark Buchan knows he’s screwed things up with his husband, but he never expected Sam to leave. Now there’s a killer targeting witches, and Mark is worried he’s next. He needs Sam’s help one last time.

Sam agrees, but only because if Mark dies, he’ll pine away because of the bond. He hasn’t forgiven Mark, and he won’t forget. And the last thing he wants is to fall in love, again, with the man who broke his heart.

This time Mark will do anything to prove to Sam that he’s worth the trouble. Even surrendering his magic.

For readers who like second chance romance, werewolves and fated mates.

Pre-Order from:

Lust by Lana Pecherczyk (Book 6, Deadly Seven) is expected to be released on 23 November. 

Lies among friends…

Liza Lazarus’s devotion to the law is only eclipsed by her loyalty to her vigilante family. The tough, no-holds-barred, city detective crushes it on the outside, but on the inside, she’s losing a battle for her sanity and heart. Sensing lust makes her physically sick. It’s great for catching rapists and murderers, but for finding love? Impossible. Then a childhood friend comes crashing back into her life, and she finds the impossible isn’t so out of reach… if they can get past decades worth of lies between them.

Love among enemies…

FBI Special Agent Joe Luciano has been in love with Liza since they were kids. The kind of soul-wrenching, heart-clobbering love that can send a man insane... except she only ever saw him as a friend. When a secret investigation brings him right into the Lazarus family war-zone, he learns they’re not as virtuous as he once believed. They’re the very criminals he’s been hunting. The more embroiled he becomes with Liza and her vigilante family, the more his black and white world crumbles until he’s forced to make an impossible choice… arrest her, or love her.

Betrayal among family…

As a child, Despair Lazarus was forsaken by her family, and left to the mercy of the evil Syndicate. She became a brutal, heartless warrior, and the Lazarus family never forgave themselves. So when she finally comes knocking at their door, they welcome her with open arms, blind to the danger they’ve invited into their midst. With the Syndicate, old enemies, and the FBI closing in on her family’s secrets, Liza must learn to control her new deadly powers and piece together where the real danger lies… with her lover, her long-lost sister, or herself.

Pre-Order from:

The Dreams of Broken Kings by Lana Pecherczyk (Book 3, Fae Guardians) is expected to be released on 22 February 2021. 

Humans destroyed this planet. The Fae rebuilt. Thousands of years into the future, humans want it back.

Humans and Fae are at war over the last habitable piece of land left on earth. Neither fully human or fae, but something in between, a woman from our time must work with a lethal Fae Guardian of the future to uncover the sinister plot threatening to destroy the land once and for all.
Saving the world starts with opening their hearts.

The Dreams of Broken Kings is the gripping conclusion to the 'Season of the Wolf' Trilogy in the Fae Guardians fantasy romance series. It features steamy romance, a dash of time travel, monster hunting, a band of brothers, shifters, fae protectors and their strong willed women from our time. If you love your books full of page turning action, intrigue, and romantic tension then this book is for you. For fans of Kristen Ashley's Fantastical series or Sarah J Maas's adult fantasy romance.

Pre-Order from:

Salvation by Christina Phillips (Book 3, Realm of Flame and Shadow) is expected to be released on 8 December. 

I just spent the best night of my life with the hottest guy I've ever met. Too bad he turns out to be my deadliest enemy - the Archangel Nathanael...

Half-demon Isabella has dreamed of bringing archangels to justice and there's no way she'll forgive Nate for his deception. Except it turns out he has no idea who she is... can this be the chance for retribution she's been searching for?

There's only one rule I live by. Never trust a demon.

Close to finding a rogue demon he's been hunting for millennia, Nate's not looking for any distractions. Until Isabella turns his world inside out and leaves him wanting so much more. But when he uncovers her true heritage, her betrayal rocks him, and he faces the choice of leaving her to her fate or breaking the only rule in his book.

With dark secrets threatening their survival, there's no way an archangel and a half-demon can work together. But with the clock ticking, and danger stalking every move they make, the only way to save themselves might just be to save each other.

Pre-Order from:

Soul Survivor by Daniel de Lorne (Book 1, Immortals of  the Apocalypse) is expected to be released on 25 November. 

An ancient craving. A dead world. Can one near-immortal save his heart as the planet descends into ruin?

2141. Five-hundred-year-old Emrys Stone hates that his hunger for human souls kills everything he touches. But supplies are scarce in Earth’s scorched landscape, and his kind are falling into anarchic chaos. When a ferocious insanity devours the remaining food source, Emrys’s last hope for survival lies in a desperate trek across the apocalyptic wasteland.

Almost at death’s door, Emrys stumbles on another colony and asks for shelter in return for his services as an assassin. But when he becomes a pawn between warring factions and falls for a handsome human warrior, his violent passions could cost him his cursed life.

Can Emrys survive the madness without destroying his own future in the land of the living?

Soul Survivor is the compelling first novel in the Immortals of the Apocalypse romantic gay paranormal suspense trilogy. If you like tormented heroes, ruined lands, and eternal beings, then you’ll love Daniel de Lorne’s twisted tale.

Pre-Order from:

Awakening the Warriors by S.E. Gilchrist (Book 3, Darkon Warriors) is expected for release on 29 October. 

Trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet, she has one chance of escape.

Fran must have been crazy to leave her ordinary (and safe) life and volunteer as a colonist to terra-form a new earth. Now she is trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet a zillion miles from home and bound for a hideous death in notorious research chambers.

She has one chance of escape. Awaken the long dormant sexual urges of the Darkon Warriors shackled in the next cell.

A desperate job, but someone has to do it.

Pre-Order links:

Unseen by Cassie Laelyn (Book 3, The Fallen Guardians) is expected for release on 30 November. 

Heaven is his new hell.

Fate's at it again. But this time, he's ready...

After centuries of torturous visions from Fate, party boy EJ, hides his guilt behind a perfectly crafted visage. When a woman appears in his dreams, full of sunshine and innocence, he thinks it's another punishment. But when the dream warps, EJ must question not only his destiny, but also his aversion to commitment.

Dreaming of a sexy book boyfriend is the closest thing Hailee has to a happily ever after. Years of running from her mom's imaginary demons ensured that. But when tragedy strikes and Hailee's caught in the middle of a brutal war, all her hope falls on the reluctant hero she thought was a fantasy. 

As an ancient battle threatens to tear them apart, EJ and Hailee must fight for their happy ending before their nightmares become a reality.

The Servant's Grace by Claire Boston (Book 3, The Emperor's Conspiracy) is expected to be released 7 February 2021.

A tyrannical ruler. A hidden heir. Can a simple handmaiden save her realm from doom?

Lady’s maid Shan works for a privileged family, though she longs to see all servants treated fairly. But when she’s caught with equality propaganda, no favours can keep her from execution. With no other way to save herself, Shan reveals her ability to turn invisible and agrees to a risky mission spying on the emperor.

Slipping through the palace corridors to collect evidence of the callous monarch’s plans, Shan discovers the true heir to the throne may be alive. But with attempts on her mistress’s life and the emperor determined to root out any plot against him, even her power to vanish might not be enough to save her.

Can a lowly servant become the key to saving an empire from a bloodthirsty despot?

The Servant’s Grace is the thrilling conclusion to the Emperor's Conspiracy fantasy series. If you like determined heroines, high-stakes espionage, and epic power struggles, then you’ll love Claire Boston’s action-packed finale.

Buy The Servant’s Grace for the final battle against tyranny today!

Magic Misled by Keri Arthur (Book 7, Lizze Grace) is expected to be released 23 February 2021.

Her husband might be dead, but her problems are far from over.

Lizzie Grace had hoped that Clayton’s death would bring some normality back into her life. But not only does her father remain intent on interfering now that he knows she can manipulate wild magic, but the High Witch Council has sent in an investigator to uncover her part in Clayton’s murder.

But a bigger threat has arrived on the reservation.

One that wears flesh and blood, and is intent on revenge.

And it’ll kill anyone who gets in its way…


Her Savage Scott and Her Vengeful Scott by Christina Phillips (Books 1 & 2, The Highland Warrior Chronicles) now have new covers.

Scots warrior Connor will do anything to protect Aila from the Vikings. But to save her he must defy his king, betray his country, and forsake his honor

When tough Scot warrior Connor MacKenzie rides into the barbaric lands of the Picts on a mission for his king, he never expects to be captivated by a beautiful Pictish widow. Drawn under her spell, yet unaware of her true identity, he risks everything for one passionate night in her arms.

Aila, princess of Pictland, swore, after watching her husband die, that she would never marry again. But after meeting Connor, her frozen heart thaws and once again she imagines a future filled with love and passion.

When Connor delivers the message from his king, Aila becomes a pawn in a deadly game of politics. Her heart belongs to Connor, but she must marry the prince of Dal Riada – Connor’s half-brother. But as dangerous secrets unravel, both Connor and Aila must find a way to outwit their enemies if they want a chance of surviving, together, in this fractured new world.

Available from: 

My enemies will pay for what they’ve done

The only reason Scots warrior Cameron MacNeil agrees to go to Pictland is so he can have vengeance on the Pict noble who killed his sister. He has no intention of falling for anyone, especially not a pagan princess who is married to his enemy. But when fate throws them together, he struggles to contain his attraction.

Caught in a loveless marriage, Elise has no means of escape. But as a fragile friendship forms between her and the tough Scots warrior, she knows if they want to survive this alliance between their people, they must trust each other. As she opens her heart to her taciturn warrior, she imagines a life together, even if it’s an impossible dream. And then her husband turns up dead, releasing her from the vows she’s come to dread.

When danger threatens her life, Cam risks everything to keep her safe from his king’s machinations. He should be happy now his enemy is dead, but guilt cripples him at the secrets he must keep, for if Elise ever discovers the truth, he’ll lose her forever.

But Elise has a secret of her own, one she is blood bound never to reveal. Even if keeping it means she’ll lose the only man she’s ever loved.

Available from: 

Broken Bonds by Keri Arthur (Book 8, Lizze Grace) is expected to be released 26 October 2021.


Congratulations to our DarkSiders.

Thanks for joining us. Until next time...happy reading!

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Magic Thursday: Writing a Prequel with Leisl Leighton

Earlier this year I was asked to write a novella for the upcoming Fantasy Realms: Warlords, Witches and Wolves Anthology. The other authors involved are a group of amazing Aussie romance authors I admire, so of course my answer was ‘hell yes!’

Then came the panic. I’d never written a novella before. I’m known for my large, sweeping
tales with multiple characters and subplots underlining the larger narrative. How could I write
something so much smaller? And what story would I write? All my other story ideas were
full-blown 100k+ word ideas. Quite the dilemma.

Then I remembered some of the romances I’d hinted at that had already occurred in my award
nominated Pack Bound Series. I’d always meant to go back and write their stories as prequels
to the series - laying out some history for those who’d read the series but introducing the
world and characters to those who hadn’t as a possible lead into the series.

This would be the perfect way of doing just that.

And I knew exactly who to start with: Skye and River’s parents, werewoman Ivy McVale and
warlock Paul Collins.

I was filled with enthusiasm and dove right in. It was a joy to be back in my Pack Bound
world again, exploring earlier narratives suggested at in the main series. But writing their
story wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. In Pack Bound and Moon Bound, it is revealed
that they died trying to save Skye and River from an evil coven and there is a covenant in the
romance world that you break at your peril: Thou Shalt Not Kill off Lovers from an Earlier

Of course, this was happening the opposite way around - I’d written of their deaths before
attempting to write the prequel story of their love, but it still meant I had to step very
carefully. I very quickly fell in love with Ivy and Paul - characters I’d only mentioned briefly
in the main series - and wanted the very best for them. It helped that the story of their love
occurred in their early twenties, this giving them a good twenty years of happiness before the
death that is remembered by Skye and River in their books. But, with some careful writing,
some deep emotional searching, and a hint of a HEA possibility despite what had already
been written, I think I have managed to pull off this most difficult of dives into the pool of
romance rules. So far, the feedback has been positive and I can’t wait to hear what you all

Witch Bound

One Fate, one mate, a bond too strong to deny …

Paul Collins, duty-bound Pack Warlock and seer, must marry a strong witch for the good of
Pack McVale. But his hidden feelings for his best-friend’s sister, maternal wolf Ivy McVale,
make this a more difficult pill to swallow every day. Especially when they begin to mate.
Then Paul has a vision: If they mate, Ivy will die. Desperate, Paul uses his powers to change
destiny and make Ivy think she’s always hated him. He can deal with any punishment the
Fates make him pay for tampering with destiny, as long as Ivy lives.

After recovering from a bewildering month-long illness, Ivy notices her nemesis, Paul, is
tormented by something. And strangely, she is the only one who can feel it. Unable to endure
such unhappiness—even if he does call her Poison Ivy—she is determined to help him, no
matter the cost. Because Pack McVale cannot survive without him, and curiously, neither can
she ...

Witch Bound appears in the Fantasy Realms: Warlords, Witches and Wolves Anthology
coming out on November 9th.

Warlord, Witch, or Wolf: what’s your poison?

Whatever your fantasy, dive into 11 original stories from bestselling and new Australian
authors for a limited time only.

Featuring rousing action, sizzling or sweet romance, and journeys to far-off lands, the heroes
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Contributing authors are:
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Leighton, TJ Nichols, Demelza Carlton, M.J. Scott, Cassie Laelyn & S.E. Welsh.

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About Leisl:
Leisl Leighton is a tall red head with an overly large imagination. As a child, she identified strongly with Anne of Green Gables, and like Anne, is a voracious reader and born performer. It came as no surprise when she went on to a career as a performer, script writer, script doctor,
stage manager and musical director for cabaret and theatre restaurants.

After starting a family, Leisl stopped performing and began writing the stories plaguing her dreams. She is addicted to Sci-fi and romance books and DVDs, she sometimes sings in a choir, loves to ski and horse ride, and was President of Romance Writers of Australia from 2014-2017. When she’s not writing, she helps other writers make their manuscripts shine.

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Thursday, 15 October 2020

DarkSider News for October 2020 - Part 2!


Get ready to add to your TBR piles with some
DarkSider new releases and pre-orders.


Deadly Vows by Keri Arthur (Book 6, Lizzie Grace) was released on 23 June.

Evil comes in all forms … and sometimes it wears a human mask.

When the body of a newlywed is discovered on the reservation, Lizzie Grace throws herself into the investigation, needing a distraction from what she fears is coming not only for her but also Belle—her best friend and witch familiar.

But as the body count grows and a desperate race begins to track down a supernatural entity capable of powerful magic, it becomes evident another deadly game has begun—one they may not win.

Because the past—and the man—they ran from thirteen years ago has finally caught up with them.

And he’s out for revenge…

Available from:

Blackwood Magic by LJ Swallow (Nightworld Academy) was released on 23 June.

The Blackwood witches were banished years ago and their dark magic locked away. Now someone at the Nightworld Academy has the Blackwood grimoire and possesses the ability to unleash the darkness hidden inside.

Matt is the most gifted elemental witch at the Nightworld Academy, but he's breaking academy rules. If he doesn’t stop misusing his magic, Matt faces expulsion from the academy and time in detention at the Ravenhold Supernatural Reform Academy.

Amelia struggles with her elemental magic and is in awe of Matt's powerful abilities, but Matt barely notices the shy witch who hangs out with his best friend, Jamie.

After another magical mishap, Matt is given one last chance and a different type of punishment. Now forced to work together on the academy musical production, Amelia and Matt grow closer and discover they share a rare witch spellbond.

Can Matt’s powerful connection to Amelia stop him using illegal Blackwood magic before it’s too late? Or does the magic already control him?

Blackwood Magic is a standalone book in the Nightworld Academy series and focuses on Matt and Amelia’s relationship. This was originally written as a short novella and published in an anthology, but has been lengthened to a full book in order to finish their story. 

Available from:
Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

Witch Born by LJ Swallow (Book 1, Ravenhold Supernatural Reform Academy) was released 1 August. 

I'm a hybrid witch born with the forbidden ability to wield all schools of magic. My family successfully hid me for years, but last week I accidentally raised the dead and revealed my illegal gifts. Now I'm facing time at Ravenhold supernatural reform academy.

Ravenhold detains dangerous juvenile offenders on a remote island until they're rehabilitated. All teens at the paranormal academy either possess forbidden powers from dark bloodlines or have used illegal magic. Ruthless hybrids walk amongst the shifters, witches, and vampires. They hold control over the academy, but they won't control me.

I plan to keep my head down, attend the classes, and hope for an early release from this supernatural prison. Until I meet the infamous Dorian Blackwood, the vampire-witch hybrid born with unparalleled supernatural abilities. Few people dare confront the cruel and charming savage, but Dorian's powers won't work on me--and his charm definitely won't.

Dorian may rule the academy's halls, but others challenge him. There's his main rival, Zeke, a shifter hybrid whose laidback manner hides a vicious streak. Ethan, the dragon shifter with elemental witch powers who's reserved but volatile. I'm the new hybrid at Ravenhold, and I intend to bring the ruthless Dorian to his knees.

Ravenhold places the four of us onto a new rehabilitation program. The academy tells us the program is a fast-track to release, but I'm not so sure. Something sinister is happening, and I no longer believe the hybrids are the most dangerous thing inside Ravenhold.

Will we be forced to unite to survive?

Witch Born is the first book in the Ravenhold series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. The stories are set in a supernatural reform academy with deliciously dangerous guys, a badass heroine who won't bow to anyone. Ravenhold is a slow burn, enemies to lovers reverse harem romance.

Available from:
Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

The Healer's Curse by Claire Boston (Book 2, The Emperor's Conspiracy) was released 7 September.

She’s their only hope. If only she could wield the power to save them…

Geriel hates that she’s the weakest healer in her tribe. And when a deadly disease sweeps through her village, she despairs she’s not good enough to rescue her people. With the outbreak spreading and her gift unstable, she’s sent on a desperate mission to locate the herbal cure deep in enemy territory.

Seeking to better control her powers with guidance from a skilled dragon, she falls in with a ragtag band of freedom fighters. But even with her mentor’s mystic teachings, villagers are still dying. And as war closes in, Geriel fears she’s losing the race against time.

Will Geriel find the cure and unlock her talents before her kind fall to the blight?

The Healer’s Curse is the second book in the action-packed Emperor’s Conspiracy fantasy series. If you like Far Eastern-inspired settings, magical creatures, and breathtaking suspense, then you’ll love Claire Boston’s captivating tale.

Order links available on Claire's website.

Temptation's Flight by Delwyn Jenkins (Book 5, Dragon Alliance) was released 20 February.

Kate Lancaster knows she can never return to Earth, so she works hard to build a life for herself in her new home on a alien world. She creates a family with her adopted sisters, makes friends, and has the dubious honor of being claimed by two dragons. Her life is good – or it would be if she could get the enforcers who ride her dragons to invite her to their bed.

Nash cares for Kate, but his heart is too broken to offer her the love she needs. He's managed to find a space for his den-mate Rowan and their dragons, but that connection is a intrinsic part of their enforcer bond.

Rowan believes Kate is the perfect addition to their family, but Nash resists the connection. Kate might be smart, beautiful and desirable but Nash understands she's not for him. Even though he wishes she was.

When they undertake a dangerous mission far to the north, all three face mortal danger. Will the threat cause Nash to close his heart forever? Or will this be the flight that tempts him to risk it all?

Available from:

Salvation's Kiss by Delwyn Jenkins (Book 6, Dragon Alliance) was released 21 July. 

Sarah Armitage fought long and hard to build a life for herself on an alien world. She's fought even harder to put the trauma of her captivity and abuse behind her, but she isn't sure she'll ever be fully whole. Sarah knows Tori and Shay want her as their mate. Deep in her heart she wants that too, but she's frightened the shame in her is too permanent to conquer.

Shay loves Tori and Sarah, and he wants to build a life with them. But when Sarah packs her bags and moves out of their home, her denial of what they are to each other cuts Shay deep. He's been repudiated before and in the fall out, he lost one of the most important people in his life. Now he's losing Sarah too.

Tori is blindsided by Sarah's defection. While he respects her right to make her own decisions, he suspects she's running from demons that have nothing to do with him or Shay. He wants to help her, but he can't do that if the cost is Shay's heart. Or his own.

Will the traumas of the past force Sarah, Shay and Tori to relinquish the life they want to build together? Or will they be courageous enough to find salvation in each other? One kiss at a time.

Available from:
Apple Books | B&N | Kobo |

The Witch's Familiar by TJ Nichols (Book 1, Familiar Mates) was released on 28 April.

He can hold lightning in his hand, but will love slip through his fingers?

Jude Sullivan has one more chance to prove he isn’t a danger to the paranormal community. If he fails, he’ll be stripped of his magic, a painful process to make a witch human. As a test, the Coven sends him to Mercy South, Colorado, to stop a creature that’s been mutilating cows and scaring the locals. Jude hates cows and small towns. The Coven should’ve sent a nature witch.

Rob Mackenzie is the local mechanic and bear shifter. If the locals knew his secret, they’d run him out of town. He wants someone to really know him and not be afraid. With several chewed-up cows and some other weird happenings, he’s wondering if he’s no longer the strangest creature in Mercy.

After meeting Mack, Jude thinks he’s found the cause of the trouble. But the trouble is only just getting started when Mack realizes he’s Jude’s fated mate. As the cow-mutilating creature starts hunting in town, Mack and Jude will have to quit fighting their attraction and each other, to stop the creature from killing again.

Available from:

The Vampire's Familiar by TJ Nichols (Book 2, Familiar Mates) was released on 28 May.

He came looking for revenge, will he walk away from love?

Twenty years after fleeing Madison Gully as a scared sixteen-year-old who witnessed the murder of his sister, Kirk Gracewell returns as a powerful energy vampire. He wants to find the cougar shifter who killed her and make them pay.
Every ten years, the Madison cougars get together. It’s a time of celebration and meeting new partners but also listening to the seer announce who’ll get the greatest honor—becoming a familiar to a witch.

When the seer gives Sage the task of watching the vampire that’s suddenly arrived, Sage feels slighted, it’s a job for a much younger cougar. But he comes to enjoy the games of cat mouse he plays with Kirk, until he learns why the vampire is in Madison Gully. Now Sage will have to choose: protect his family or help Kirk find the killer.

But the killer will stop at nothing to prove to the seer the honor is his, claim a witch and bury the past.

Available from:

The Rock Star's Familiar by TJ Nichols (Book 3, Familiar Mates) was released on 28 June.

All he wants is to be loved, but no one trusts a snake…

Ten years ago, Dylan Lynch left home to pursue a music career against his mother’s wishes. Now he’s riding the waves of being rock star with number one albums and more money than he ever imagined, and he did it without using his deadly magic. But with his brother’s death he knows it’s only a matter of time until he is summoned home to take his place as heir to a business he doesn’t want.

Eamon Cutler is a snake shifter working as an enforcer for the Lynch family, hex witches who grant wishes with a price to be collected in the future. Usually he is sent after humans who welch on their side of the deal. But when he’s sent after Dylan, a man he has wanted from afar and admired for his willingness to stand up to his family, Eamon questions his career path.

The attraction between Eamon and Dylan simmers, but both are reluctant to give in. Hex witches don’t sleep with shifters, and if Eamon wants to keep his job, and life, he shouldn’t sleep with the boss’s son.

But to find freedom some rules should be broken. 

Available from:

The Unbound Queen by M.J. Scott (Book 3. The Four Arts) was released on 28 April.

She’s been offered a crown but taking it could cost her everything…

Lady Sophie Mackenzie might be fifth in line to the Anglion throne but she never wanted to rule. But she’s bound to a demon, gifted with forbidden magic, and under threat from those who would use her unusual power for themselves. And now her hopes of finding peace in exile have been shattered by visions of a terrible darkness gnawing at the heart of her homeland.

Then the emperor of Illvya makes her an offer she can’t refuse—return home and overthrow the queen of Anglion, or lose everything she holds dear.

To face down the darkness and save her husband and everyone she loves, she may have to betray the country—and the queen—she once served and play the games of power she never wanted any part of.

But can she play them to win…

Buy links on M.J.'s website

Non spec-fiction

Binadarra Creek Romances by Suzanne / S.E. Gilchrist  (A compilation of S E Gilchrist / Suzanne Gilchrist romances set in the best-selling fictional small town world of Bindarra Creek) was released on 19 March.

Bindarra Creek Makeover: Tessa Gibson reluctantly embarks on a desperate plan to fund her escape from a dangerous collision with her past and secure protection for her daughter. Frantic to escape the nightmare stalking them, it never enters her head she’ll fall in love – not only with a cop but the small-town community that makes her feel like one of their own.

Love’s Sweet Challenge: Opal Morse has turned her back on her dreams and is in Bindarra Creek for the inaugural Scavenger Challenge. When another lonely soul, Grady Flannigan, comes to her aid, the kindness of this gentle farmer re-ignites hope.
She realises she can choose a different life, if only she dares put the past behind her.

Take Me Home: Almost forty, Abby Taylor has built a new life for herself in the small country town of Bindarra Creek. When an old friend convinces her to give two adolescent boys a temporary home, she is torn between a growing love for these orphans and the grief in her past. When her estranged husband, Roman, re-enters her life she releases she has a second chance. But will fate, once again, destroy her dreams?

Available from:

Nell by Annie Seaton (Book 3, Pentecost Island) was released 24 May.

From best-selling author, Annie Seaton, the third book in the Pentecost Island series, a beautiful story of female friendships, and the unbreakable bond that sees friends stay together through the ups and downs of life.

Nell O'Leary sees the world in a logical way, and she's content managing her friend, Pippa's eco-resort. She holds a secret from her past and is painfully insecure around the opposite sex. When Nell runs into a technical problem at the resort, she contacts a computer company, and is dismayed to find the owner is her former friend, Nat Dwyer. Nat was at university with her but that's the only thing he and Nell have in common.

Even though they had once been good friends, Nat was a womaniser—with no intention of ever settling down. When Nell asks Nat to help onsite, the help he offers takes a personal turn. But the last thing Nat expects is to fall in love with this quiet woman.Nell fights her growing feelings; there is no way she would ever trust Nat.

Can Nell overcome her lack of trust or is her past destined to cause them heartache?

Tasmin by Annie Seaton (Book 4, Pentecost Island) was released 26 June.

Tamsin Jones has invested a lot of time and energy catering at the new eco-resort developed by her friend, Pippa, on Pentecost Island. The dynamics of the work team—and their lifelong friendship has changed with the return of Eliza Pengelly and Phillipe. Tensions are running high and the official opening is imminent, so Tamsin takes a few days off and meets sexy Gabe Brown. But despite succumbing to his charm, Tamsin knows that Gabe is holding a secret. She is determined to discover why he is so interested in her.

Gabe has a task to fulfil, but Tamsin is not what he expected; the closer he gets to completing the task he has been entrusted with, the more he falls for her. It should be easy to ignore this woman and complete the task he’s been set . . . but Gabe has never been so attracted to a woman before.

When he loses Tamsin’s trust, can Gabe redeem himself and save his heart in the process?

Evie by Annie Seaton (Book 5, Pentecost Island) was released 31 July.

Evie sailed into life at Pentecost Island excited to have a place to belong after ten years of living alone on her boat. She uses her skills to landscape Ma Carmichael’s Resort and cements her friendship with the girls on the island.

When Jed Stephenson, her brother’s best friend— who also happens to be her ex-husband— turns up on Pentecost island to convince Evie it is time to go back home to her family, she is faced with a choice that may mean the difference between life and death for someone she once loved.

Can Jed break though the defences of the woman he has never stopped loving?

Cherry by Annie Seaton (Book 6, Pentecost Island) was released 25 September.

Cherry Chilcott has always dreamed of being a chef. When she is offered a traineeship at the new resort restaurant on Pentecost Island, her dream is within reach. Tamsin Jones, her boss, is an award-winning chef and Cherry is keen to follow in her footsteps.

When Angus Alexander takes on the job as sous chef at the restaurant, he becomes Cherry’s supervisor. Little does Tamsin know that this pair have a history, and it ended badly—very badly.

Can Cherry ignore the sparks that still ignite between them, and can Angus learn to trust the woman he once loved?

Burn It Down by Jess Anastasi (Book 3, Texas Heroes) was released 21 April.

When an arsonist targets a kind-hearted park ranger, a firefighter steps up to protect him… and overcome his fear of dating in the process. Park Ranger Troy Hurst has his hands full with a long, hot summer causing fires to break out all over the Sam Houston National Forest, and it looks like the weather isn’t the only culprit. But helping two abandoned teenage boys and facing the memory of his own difficult childhood will require all Troy’s strength and courage—he doesn’t have anything left to deal with the increasingly dangerous fires. Firefighter Jared Winters has never been one to turn his back on those in need, and Troy and his young wards are in more danger than they know. Even though Jared is still reeling from an abusive relationship and Troy’s never acted on his attraction to men, the heat between them is impossible to extinguish, and before they know it, they’re planning to become foster parents—a family. But first they’ll need to find and stop the dangerous criminal threatening homes and lives in Everness.

Available at:

Her Broken Wings by D.K. Hood  (Book 8, Detectives Kane and Alton) was released on 9 March.

The sound that wakes her from sleep is unmistakable--someone is in their house. She listens as heavy footsteps start up the stairs, and as the bedroom door is flung open, she doesn't even have time to scream...

Following a frantic emergency call in the middle of the night, Detective Jenna Alton arrives at a secluded family home to find the body of Lucas Robinson lying in a pool of his own blood in his bed. His wife Carol, shivering in shock, has just watched an intruder shoot her husband in cold blood.

As Jenna investigates the murder, she soon discovers that Lucas was having an affair. And when his mistress is also found strangled to death in the center of the small town, Jenna is convinced that the murderer is living amongst them.

When the killer escalates with a mass murder at a remote ranch on the outskirts of Black Rock Falls, Jenna knows for sure that she's dealing with a murderer more twisted than any other she's faced before.

As the town begins to fill with revelers for the annual Halloween festival, Jenna has to work fast to stop any more lives being taken. But as the killer always seems to be one step ahead of the investigation, has she finally met a murderer who can outsmart her?

Available from:

Montana Son by Juanita Kees (Book 3, Calhouns of Montana) was released on 2 June. 

Can he forgive himself, move on, and let love in?

Mason Calhoun is still trying to shrug off the label of bad boy, even though he’s proved his worth to the town. But his penchant for fast cars and Harleys makes it difficult for the town to forget the accident that killed his youngest brother, Mitch. It’s hard for him to forget when the girl responsible for him losing his head is back in town, hotter than ever, swinging spanners at his father’s garage, Calhoun Customs.

When Paige Drew loses her job at the track, she takes it as a sign to come home to Bigfork and make peace with the past before she takes the next step in her life. She’s been on Trinity Calhoun’s pit crew ever since that fatal night that changed her life forever. She’s hidden behind the scenes at the racetrack for too long, ignored by her family for causing a scandal in their otherwise perfect lives.

But coming home means confronting Mason Calhoun, the reason she ran in the first place.

Buy links available on the Tule Publishing website. 

Daniel de Lorne
 and Fiona Greene (together with Nikki Logan) have published a series to in e-book format by Escape Publishing and the three books printed in one volume by MIRA. The series is called Rivervue Community Theatre.

Book 1 - Tread the Boards by Nikki Logan
Rivervue Theatre's props-maven Mackenzie Russell is drawn to enigmatic loner Dylan North. But both Kenzie and Dylan have secrets to keep. Secrets that if revealed could tear the town, the theatre - and Dylan and Kenzie - apart.

Set the Stage by Daniel de Lorne (Book 2, Rivervue Community Theatre) was released 1 July.

While the redevelopment brief for Rivervue Community Theatre moulders on his desk, a phone call from a unrequited past love sends architect, Gabriel Mora, running back to his artsy hometown. Afraid of worsening his mother's health, Gabriel is forced to hide his involvement in the redevelopment. It's just one more secret to keep, along with his feelings for a certain red-headed stage manager.

Bruce Clifton can build anything. But the jobs mean nothing if he's not getting paid. On the cusp of losing his home, Bruce needs to find a way to call in those debts without showing his community how much trouble he's got himself into. With Gabriel's return to town stirring up past hurts, soon it's not just his home Bruce has to worry about losing, but his heart.

Can Bruce and Gabriel work together for the good of Rivervue, or will their hope for a second chance exit stage right?

Buy links at Romance.com.au

Take a Bow by Fiona Greene (Book 3, Rivervue Community Theatre) was released 1 August.

Creative director, Lexi Spencer, stands centre stage in the fight to save the iconic Rivervue Community Theatre from redevelopment by the local council. With Draven's new play, Lexi's got the weapon she needs to keep Rivervue open. She just needs to ensure it remains a secret. Staging the controversial Larrikin is guaranteed to cause trouble, but it's a risk she's willing to take. She's already lost so much in her life, losing the theatre isn't an option.

Council CEO Mark Conroy is new to artsy Brachen, but not to dealing with passionate constituents who disagree with his decisions. And he's definitely not new to Lexi Spencer. Over a decade has passed since he ruined his relationship with Lexi, but old feelings aren't as easily written off as a building. When they're forced to become allies, the town's secrets aren't the only ones at stake.

Can they pull off the impossible and save Rivervue, or will their past bring down the curtain on a shared future?

Buy links at Romance.com.au

The print collection will be called One From The Heart and will contain all three stories. 

Buy links at Romance.com.au


The Servant's Grace by Claire Boston (Book 3, The Emperor's Conspiracy) is expected to be released 7 February 2021.

A tyrannical ruler. A hidden heir. Can a simple handmaiden save her realm from doom?

Lady’s maid Shan works for a privileged family, though she longs to see all servants treated fairly. But when she’s caught with equality propaganda, no favours can keep her from execution. With no other way to save herself, Shan reveals her ability to turn invisible and agrees to a risky mission spying on the emperor.

Slipping through the palace corridors to collect evidence of the callous monarch’s plans, Shan discovers the true heir to the throne may be alive. But with attempts on her mistress’s life and the emperor determined to root out any plot against him, even her power to vanish might not be enough to save her.

Can a lowly servant become the key to saving an empire from a bloodthirsty despot?

The Servant’s Grace is the thrilling conclusion to the Emperor's Conspiracy fantasy series. If you like determined heroines, high-stakes espionage, and epic power struggles, then you’ll love Claire Boston’s action-packed finale.

Buy The Servant’s Grace for the final battle against tyranny today!

Buy links on Claire's website. 

Non spec-fiction

Odessa by Annie Seaton (Book 7, Pentecost Island) is expected to be released 30 October.

Odessa Walker can’t remember the last time she felt safe.

Her recovery after an accident on a motorway outside London, is fraught with difficulty. Her physical rehabilitation is successful, but her accident has had a significant impact on her mental health. Her parents, Jenny and Bryant, Rafe’s publishers, ask Pippa if Odessa can come to Pentecost Island to hasten her recovery, and hopefully restore her confidence. Pippa readily agrees, but the new arrival creates tension, not only between Pippa and Rafe, but also within the friendship group of the women on the island.

Dylan Nash has replaced Evie Stephenson as head landscaper on Pentecost Island. His first encounter with Odessa is confronting, and when Dylan attempts to make amends for the misunderstanding, she refuses to accept his apology.

Odessa’s presence changes the friendships in the close-knit community on the island. Will Dylan’s gentle nature, and his attraction to Odessa, help her regain her confidence, or will his determination compromise her recovery?

Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

Thanks for sharing in our news. Until next time, happy reading!