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Tuesday 25 February 2020

DarkSider News for February - Part 4


February has been a hot month for the DarkSiders. 
Here's another news instalment. 


Tobias' Spark by Samantha Marshall (Book 2, The Kin Chronicles) was released 22  February. 

Embrace the lightning… or be destroyed by the storm.

With the chaotic hormones of transition coursing through his body, murderous bearkin on the loose and an unfairly attractive tigerkin making moves on the woman he loves, Tobias Greenwood didn’t think his life could get any more stressful.

Then Andre Redding, Aislinn’s powerful father, arrives home from Ireland to handle the threat of the bearkin personally. The dark weight of a deceitful past weighs heavily on Aislinn and Tobias, leading them to question Andre’s motivations and hide their blossoming relationship from his prying eyes.

As friend and foe whip into a frenzy, Tobias’ pack looks to him for protection and guidance – but with transition stealing his thoughts right out of his head, Tobias isn’t sure how to get through his day, let alone provide the support they need.

Only Aislinn is his guiding light, but Olaf Gruybere, the vicious bearkin General, is determined to snuff out her life through the unholy connection they share. To save her, Tobias must fight the single most important battle of his life; one that will require not only his ever-increasing Alpha strength, but the entirety of his heart and soul.

** This book is intended for adults and therefore contains adult scenes, violence and adult language where the characters deem it necessary. **

The Lord and the Mermaid by Bernadette Rowley  (Book 4, Queen Makers Saga) is now available in paperback.

A DESPERATE MERMAID, determined to flee her people and create a new life. Merielle has rejected her family and gambled her future on inducing a human man to fall in love with her.AN EXILED SEA CAPTAIN, sworn to avenge a devastating loss. Nikolas blames the monstrous sea nymphs for his brother’s disappearance but when he finds an injured mermaid on his beach, he agrees to help her.

Despite his hate for the mer people, Nik is increasingly drawn to Meri, who slowly works her way into his damaged heart. Will Nik break the laws of land and sea to be with Meri or will the devastating secret she holds crush their tumultuous relationship.

The Lord and the Mermaid is the fourth book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, political intrigue and mythical creatures, wrapped up in a dark and sexy retelling of The Little Mermaid, then you’ll adore The Lord and the Mermaid.

***This book contains sex scenes and is intended for mature readers***

Available from:

Paying the Forfeit by S.E. Gilchrist  (Book 1, Search for Home) was released on 20 February (it was originally in the Hot Down Under series)

I’ve loved him the moment I set eyes on him, but he was pledged to my sister as part of a newly-forged alliance between our two tribes.

So I left my family behind and sought a different life in the domed city called the Fortress, alone.
Four years later, my mother begged me to return. Since my sister has refused to honour the agreement, the forfeit – a cache of the prized yellow sapphires – must be paid or my remaining family will be banished.

Should I hand over the sapphires I’ve discovered?

Or keep silent and take one long, hot night with the mate of my heart - before I leave forever.

Available from:

Non spec-fiction

Once in a Blue Moon by Amanda Ashby (Book 2, Belles of St. Clair) was released on 17 February.

Florist Laney George has a successful business, amazing friends and big, big dreams––oh, and a broken heart. But she’s working through that last one. Then the man she hoped to never see again shows up––and Laney’s carefully ordered plans are experiencing technical difficulties.

Celebrated Author Adam Fitzpatrick planned to be in St. Clair for no more than a day. Sign the books, and get out. Same story, different day. What he didn’t count on was Laney George, who happens to be the star of his somewhat fictional tale. She broke his heart years ago, and he’d gone a bit mad. Okay, maybe a lot mad––and he put everything in his book, never imagining it would be a world-wide best seller.

Now that he’s seen her again, he wants answers. But it isn’t just her that draws him in. It’s the town, something is happening and for the first time in years…he can write again. If only he could convince the woman who hates him most to start a new chapter in their story.

Buy links available from Entangled Publishing.

Full Circle by Annie Seaton (Bindara Creek Short and Sweet Romance) was released December 2019.

Five years ago, Cleo Ainslie, fled Bindarra Creek with a broken heart, and is now content with her life.

Or she thinks she is, until two close but meddlesome friends, decide to interfere in her life, when she refuses to go back to Bindarra for the Easter school reunion.

Can Cleo deal with having Jonathon Kendall in her life again?


Non spec-fiction

Daniel de Lorne and Fiona Greene (together with Nikki Logan) will be part of a series to be published in e-book format by Escape Publishing and the three books printed in one volume by MIRA. The series is called Rivervue Community Theatre.

Book 1 - Tread the Boards by Nikki Logan
Rivervue Theatre's props-maven Mackenzie Russell is drawn to enigmatic loner Dylan North. But both Kenzie and Dylan have secrets to keep. Secrets that if revealed could tear the town, the theatre - and Dylan and Kenzie - apart.

Set the Stage by Daniel de Lorne (Book 2, Rivervue Community Theatre) is expected for release 27 July.
(no cover image as yet)

While the redevelopment brief for Rivervue Community Theatre moulders on his desk, a phone call from a unrequited past love sends architect, Gabriel Mora, running back to his artsy hometown. Afraid of worsening his mother's health, Gabriel is forced to hide his involvement in the redevelopment. It's just one more secret to keep, along with his feelings for a certain red-headed stage manager.

Bruce Clifton can build anything. But the jobs mean nothing if he's not getting paid. On the cusp of losing his home, Bruce needs to find a way to call in those debts without showing his community how much trouble he's got himself into. With Gabriel's return to town stirring up past hurts, soon it's not just his home Bruce has to worry about losing, but his heart.

Can Bruce and Gabriel work together for the good of Rivervue, or will their hope for a second chance exit stage right?

Pre-Order links

Take a Bow by Fiona Greene (Book 3, Rivervue Community Theatre) is expected for release 3 August.

(no cover image as yet)

Creative director, Lexi Spencer, stands centre stage in the fight to save the iconic Rivervue Community Theatre from redevelopment by the local council. With Draven's new play, Lexi's got the weapon she needs to keep Rivervue open. She just needs to ensure it remains a secret. Staging the controversial Larrikin is guaranteed to cause trouble, but it's a risk she's willing to take. She's already lost so much in her life, losing the theatre isn't an option.

Council CEO Mark Conroy is new to artsy Brachen, but not to dealing with passionate constituents who disagree with his decisions. And he's definitely not new to Lexi Spencer. Over a decade has passed since he ruined his relationship with Lexi, but old feelings aren't as easily written off as a building. When they're forced to become allies, the town's secrets aren't the only ones at stake.

Can they pull off the impossible and save Rivervue, or will their past bring down the curtain on a shared future?

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The print collection will be called One From The Heart and will contain all three stories. 

Pre-Order links

Burn It Down by Jess Anastasi (Book 3, Texas Heroes) is due for release 21 April. 

When an arsonist targets a kind-hearted park ranger, a firefighter steps up to protect him… and overcome his fear of dating in the process. Park Ranger Troy Hurst has his hands full with a long, hot summer causing fires to break out all over the Sam Houston National Forest, and it looks like the weather isn’t the only culprit. But helping two abandoned teenage boys and facing the memory of his own difficult childhood will require all Troy’s strength and courage—he doesn’t have anything left to deal with the increasingly dangerous fires. Firefighter Jared Winters has never been one to turn his back on those in need, and Troy and his young wards are in more danger than they know. Even though Jared is still reeling from an abusive relationship and Troy’s never acted on his attraction to men, the heat between them is impossible to extinguish, and before they know it, they’re planning to become foster parents—a family. But first they’ll need to find and stop the dangerous criminal threatening homes and lives in Everness.

Pre-Order at:
Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

Her Outback Haven by Annie Seaton (Book 3, Second Chance Bay) is expected for release on 26 March.

Dane McDougal has purchased land to build a luxury fishing lodge at a remote beachside  location on the Gulf of Carpentaria.  

Reclusive potter and single mother, Nicole Curtis, has a three year lease with the former owner. Dane was unaware that the house had a tenant, and he expects her to move out. Nicole digs her heels in, fearing for their lives if she and four-year-old Binnie have to move from this house in the wilderness.
Can Dane  remain immune to the gentle charms of this woman and convince her to leave?

Pre-Order links


Temptation's Flight by Delwyn Jenkins (Book 5, Dragon Alliance)


An excerpt from The Assassin's Gift by Claire Boston is available on Claire's website

She’s trained to kill. But is her prey the man she’s ordered to eliminate… or the one who sent her?

Princess Lien reserves her loyalty for her uncle, the emperor. Groomed as his secret assassin after he took her in, her first target is the khan of the barbarians responsible for her parents’ murder. But her supernatural speed is no help when the monarch betroths her to the man she’s meant to slay.

Waking naked in the enemy camp far from the palace and her pet dragon, Lien is horrified to find she’s imprisoned by the ruthless tribe—and they know her true mission. Refusing to believe her uncle betrayed her, she vows to become his spy. But as evidence that she’s on the wrong side mounts, it will test her fidelity and honor.

Can Lien unravel a web of deceit in time to stop the real traitor?

The Assassin’s Gift is the first book in the riveting Emperor's Conspiracy fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, loyalties challenged, and treacherous battles, then you’ll love Claire Boston’s enthralling adventure.


A reminder that DarkSiders will be at the following event around the country. 

A number of DarkSiders are participating in ARRA's A Romantic Rendezvous March event across multiple cities across Australia.

Brisbane: 6 March - Dakota Harrison

Sydney: 8 March Donna Maree Hanson / Dani KristoffKeri Arthur

Melbourne: 14 March - Donna Maree Hanson / Dani Kristoff, Keri Arthur, MJ/Melanie Scott / Emma Douglas, M.L. Tompsett, Samantha Marshall

Perth: 15 March - Anna Hackett, Claire Boston, Juanita Kees, Lana Pecherczyk, Shona Husk, TJ Nichols

Adelaide: 17 March - Eleni Konstantine, Lilliana Rose, Maggie Mundy

To get tickets, go to the ARRA website. We hope to see you there!

Books that are on sale for a limited time. 

Shelter by Claire Boston (Book 1, First Response).

She’s desperate to fit in. He’s searching for forgiveness. Can they break their emotional chains to free true love?

Border Force Agent Zamira does everything by the book. But when she hears rumors of a missing friend held captive, she opts to ditch the rules and go rogue. Met with suspicion upon her arrival in Blackbridge, she sweet-talks a handsome resident and watches sparks fly at exactly the wrong time…

Jeremy volunteers to fight fires to atone for his father’s death. With his feelings heavily guarded, he’s surprised when the beautiful Zamira sets his heart racing. But after the agent’s quest puts them both in harm’s way, he hopes the dangerous hunt won’t cost him yet another person he loves.

As shadowy figures track Zamira’s every move, finding her friend may mean ignoring the deepest connection she’s ever felt.

Can Zamira and Jeremy liberate the girl and free their hearts?

Available from:

Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

Thanks for sharing in our news. Until next time, happy reading!

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