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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Magic Thursday: Inspiration Behind Beltane Bliss

by Lilliana Rose

Way back in January, in the spur of the moment, at a point where I thought I didn’t have much going on for the year ahead, I joined a writing group. The aim was to bring out a series this year with five of the pagan holidays; Beltane, Summer Solstice, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule. I love writing paranormal romance, and I have an interest in pagan celebrations, so I thought that this would be a fun challenge for me. I was ready to start a new series, and I jumped on board.

First of the rank, was the celebration of Beltane, hence the title of my book Beltane Bliss. The main inspiration for this book was of course Beltane. I had a story idea brewing in my mind for years where the main character owned an alternative healing shop, and so I put this idea into the story (I pinched this from another character whose story I’ve not written, the poor woman! I’m sure she won’t mind when I go back and give her a new story line, or maybe in the future she might well be part of Crystal Sands). I’ve spend time over the years, learning about crystals, and I’m a Reiki master, and so some of my own knowledge of alternative healing was put to very good use to help create this story.

I began to develop the main character, Edi, who was a white witch, and such a business venture is well beneath her skill in the Magiks. But she’s running away from a relationship and her covenant, so I like this being a solution for her that might work out, especially if there was a love interest! Cue the very hot non-Magik hero, Volt. It was going to be interesting to see how a believer and a non-believer would find love. The story was quickly beginning to take on its own life.

In the past, I’m more of a darker writer when it comes to paranormal, for some reason this one is more in line with white witches. So, I went with this new inspiration, and I’m glad I did, Beltane Bliss was a lot of fun to write.


Beltane Bliss (Pagan Pleasures book 1) 

Edi Court is training to be a modern-day white witch, her unique ability is healing. Emotionally wounded from her ex, Anto, she has run away from the covenant with a need to heal herself. Following her psychic ability, she finds herself south, along the coast from Melbourne Australia, where she decides to set up her own healing shop, Crystal Sands.

Voltaire is a down to earth guy, a plumber by trade, he believes only what he sees in the physical world. The loss of his mom and sister to breast cancer and his ex, who stole his money and left him with a debt to work off, has caused him to close his heart.

Can Edi stop herself from rescuing another man and landing in deep water? Or with the Beltane energies thick in the air, can this be the start of a new relationship between two wounded souls?

Volt must become a believer in the Magiks and allow his heart to heal. And Edi must learn to trust herself again.

Will a non-believer and a believer find love over Beltane?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lilliana. Glad the fun challenge worked out so well for you!