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Awaken: Wolves of Timber Falls
Sorrow's Song
Wicked Nights: A TechWitch Futuristic Urban Fantasy Novel
Bite Me, Monster: A Monster Romance
Nightfall University: Midnight Coven: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
Nightworld Academy: Winterfall Witch
Phoenix: The Rise
Fated Wolf
Pray for Mercy
Keeper Of My Desire
Monster's Plaything: A Monster Romance
The Sheikh's Captive Lover (Desert Kings Alliance, #2).
Wolf Fates: Wolf Shifter Romance
Crown of Shadows
Kings of Eden: A Dark Paranormal Romane
Wild Soul: A Rejected Mate Romance
The Girl Sudan Painted like a Gold Ring: Folktales from the Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo
A Wreath Of Thorns

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

DarkSider News for February - Part 2!


There's something for everyone...


Demon's Dance by Keri Arthur (Book 4, Lizzie Grace series) was released on 19 February 2019.

After dealing with human hunters killing werewolves for their pelts and a heretic witch determined to claim the wild magic for his own, the last thing either Lizzie Grace or Belle Kent need is a new evil burning into town.

When Lizzie’s asked to find a missing woman, she’s well aware death awaits. What she doesn’t expect to find is a very human pile of skin next the woman’s body. Nor does she expect to be called to a murder scene that has the classic hallmarks of a vampire attack… except the bite marks don’t match any recorded vampire bite.

As the body count grows, Lizzie, Belle, and Aiden struggle to find—and stop—whoever or whatever is behind the atrocities. But there’s an even greater danger on the horizon.

The newly appointed reservation witch has arrived… and it’s someone Lizzie knows.

Buy links on Keri's website.

Fate Uncertaiby Kim Cleary (Book 3, Daughter of Ravenswood series) was released on 28 February.

She thought they were safe. But the undead aren’t the only enemy...

Meagan Greystone struggles with the Dark Arts. A major problem for a witch who can raise the dead.

Her boyfriend, Glynn Buckley, answers a plea for help in nearby Brimbank. When Meagan hears rumour of an uprising she assumes the worst and bullies her way into the locked down city. Meagan has the power and the skills to help, but this is no ordinary uprising. Something dark is going on in the old city. Something evil. Something unholy.

Glynn wants Meagan safe at home, but this determined witch has other ideas. She’s lost too many loved ones already. No way will Glynn be next.

Can Megan find a way to save many lives, as well as the one that matters most, or will she again suffer at the whim of a power that just might be too powerful after all?

Available from:

Emerald Fire by Donna Maree Hanson (Book 2, Cry Havoc series) was released 28 February.

A book of manners, magic and mayhem.

After Edward and Jemima’s honeymoon is cut short by a severed head landing in their marriage bed, they must away to London to devise a way to defeat the ravenous beast, Geneck and Jemima must be the bait.
Newspaper headlines reveal carnage in London streets and the police and the secret brotherhood of magicians are pounding at the door, demanding answers from Edward.

Joined by Fulton, Edward and Jemima begin to scour the dark places of London: sewers and newly-constructed underground railway tunnels. Their only chance is to find Geneck’s lair and end him in daylight, when he is weak. But the monster’s minions protect him and the road to safety is not clear.

When Jemima is taken, Edward is beside himself. Who has taken her and how is he going to get her back? Deeper into magic he must go, and Milly and Aunt Prudence join in the fight to rid the world of Geneck. But will that be enough?

Available from:
Amazon US | Amazon Aus | 

The Chocolate Affair by Imogene Nix was released on 14 February.

Secrets, hidden truths and demons will find their way… Especially when chocolate is involved.

When Scheherazade Chocolates is bought out by an off-world consortium, Deanna's livelihood and that of her employees’ are jeopardized.

When that same consortium sends JD Ruan to assess the situation, Deanna is sure things can't get any worse...until they do.

What no one knows is JD's secret. He’s a demon and not just any kind of demon. He’s a pleasure demon.

Deanna has to come to terms with loss, second chances and pleasure demons before she can release herself to a future filled with so much more than she could ever imagine.

Buy links on Imogene's website.

Mine to Bear by Khloe Wren was released by Evernight Publishing on 30 November 2018.

Jolie’s past isn’t pretty. Orphaned as a teen, she was given over to a monster who used her in every way he could. Now she’s grown. She finds a way to escape and is on the run.

Black bear shifter, Neo, knows Jolie is his destined mate. He also knows she’s running from something. But he doesn't know what. Not only will she not confide in him about what it is, but she also keeps resisting the chemistry that sparks between them.

Will she give in to her destiny before her past catches up with her and steals it away?

Buy links available from Khloe's website. 

Follow Me by Annie Seaton (Book 2, Love Across Time series) was released on 12 February.

Beth McLaren knows that her great aunt’s cottage holds the key to the mystery that has been a family secret since she was a child. Determined to discover if what she has read in Great Aunt Alice’s diary is true, Beth travels halfway across the world to Glastonbury to solve the mystery.

Silas Rogers, an eccentric musician who moves into the cottage, is equally determined to keep Beth from knowing the truth… and keep her from danger. The last thing he expected was to fall in love.
But when Beth finds herself in the fifteenth century… can she trust that Silas will find her and get her home?

When the truth comes out, can their love cross the centuries, or will it be lost in time?

Buy links are available from Annie's website.

Severed by Shona Husk (Book 1, Precinct One series) was released by NineStar Press on 25 February.

Halle Ish, one of Velli’s elite police Arrows, is shot down during a Precinct One riot. Wounded and unable to fly, she tries to hide and avoid capture, knowing that if she is found by the razor gangs or Clipper Sect they will sever her wings. She needs to get out of Precinct One.

Avin Lent was once a promising medical student, but he started sniffing Mumble to beat the stress and is now the doctor to one of the biggest gangs in Precinct One—while not part of the Clipper Sect, they are just as dangerous. He knows he is only as useful as his next surgery and they would have no qualms about killing him. Only Jarro is keeping him safe.

Jarro Coblic is deep under cover and has been for a year. Immersed in the gang, he suspects his hands will never be clean again. When he finds the wounded Arrow, he knows he can’t turn her over even though everyone is looking for her. With his lover’s help, they hide her and heal her wing. All the while, falling for her. He prays Avin will not crumble and reveal their secret as Jarro tries to figure out a way to get them all out of Precinct One before the Sect and the gangs bring the full wrath of Velli on Precinct One. Tearing the place down can’t come soon enough, but there will be blood before the slate can be washed clean.

Available from:

Non spec-fiction

Mission: Her Defense by Anna Hackett (Book 4, Team 52 series) was released on 12 February.

One former special forces Marine. One tall, handsome police detective who pushes all her buttons. One dangerous investigation that forces them to work together. 

Blair Mason is badass to the bone. She’s no stranger to loss and barely survived the mission that ended her military career. Now, as part of Team 52, she never shies away from a fight to ensure pieces of powerful ancient technology don’t fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, she’s often forced to “liaise” with the team’s contact at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The tall, hard-bodied detective ignites her temper quicker than any man she’s ever known…and after a terrible massacre, she’s horrified to find that she and MacKade are being ordered to work together.

Detective Luke MacKade was born a protector. He takes care of his family, and as a dedicated homicide detective, he protects his city. He is less thrilled with his job of cleaning up after Team 52 after they tear through Vegas on a mission. Blair is a woman who sets him off just by breathing, but even he can’t deny the powerful attraction he feels to her strength and skill. When several cursed samurai swords are stolen in a bloody attack, it is up to Luke and Blair to get them back…before more blood is shed.

But others are after the swords and their hidden powers. As Luke and Blair’s dangerous investigation intensifies, they face danger at every turn. Luke battles his intense need to protect the woman he’s falling for, a woman who neither wants or needs his protection. But as their desire burns white-hot, Luke will learn that the toughest defenses are the ones around Blair’s heart.

Available from:

Where Angels Fear by D.K. Hood (Book 5, Detectives Kane and Alton series) was released by Bookouture on 21 February.

As she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings a feeling of terror ran through her weakened body. She knew exactly where she was. And she knew exactly what was about to happen to her...

When Ella Tate stumbles into Black Rock Falls, her exhausted and bloodied body is a terrifying sight, but not as frightening as the story she has to tell. Ambushed on their way into town when they stopped to help a man by the side of the highway, Ella and her friend Sky ran when he pulled an ax on them. But only one of them got away.

As Detective Jenna Alton investigates the case, she looks into the history of missing persons in the town, and uncovers more cases - all young people. All stopped on the same stretch of highway into town. All vanished without a trace.

When a distinctive pink sweater belonging to Sky turns up in Black Rock Falls, Jenna follows the trail to a derelict building on the outskirts of town. But she isn't prepared for what lies behind those doors. Can she stop the killer before more lives are lost?

Available from:

Bindarra Creek Short & Sweet anthology is a collection of short romances in the best-selling Bindarra Creek world.  Annie Seaton and Suzanne Gilchrist (aka S.E. Gilchrist) both have stories featured.

Nine stories by nine Australian authors that explore life and love in a small, country town.

What's in a Kiss? by Linda Charles
My Forever Valentine by Sandie James
Pearls & Green Beer by  Susanne Bellamy
Date with Destiny by Erin Moira O’Hara
A Letter From the Queen by Lee Christine
The Widow Maker by Lauren K McKellar
Out of the Blue © 2018 Noelle Clark

Full Circle by Annie Seaton
Five years ago, Cleo Ainslie, fled Bindarra Creek with a broken heart, and is now content with her life.

Or she thinks she is, until two close, but meddlesome friends decide to interfere in her life, when she refuses to go back to Bindarra for the Easter school reunion.
Can Cleo deal with having Jonathon Kendall in her life again?

Love's Sweet Challenge by Suzanne Gilchrist
Opal Morse has turned her back on her dreams and is in Bindarra Creek for the inaugural Scavenger Challenge.

When another lonely soul, Grady Flannigan, comes to her aid, the kindness of this gentle farmer re-ignites her fantasies.
She realises she can choose a different life, if only she dares put the past behind her.

Available from:

Scout's Legacy by Khloe Wren (Book 7, Charron MC series) was released on 22 January.

There’s nothing he won’t do to keep those he loves safe.

It might have taken Charlie “Scout” Dalton, the president of the Charon MC, over twenty years to see what was right in front of him, but once he did, he didn’t waste a moment tying her to him. Now happily married to the love of his life, Marie, they were expecting a baby and had adopted little Ariel. His life was coming up roses.

Once ready to give up on Scout, Marie was now living her dream. Married to the man she’s loved forever and carrying his baby in her belly.

But nothing in life ever goes to plan, and the birth of their baby is no exception. An unknown enemy comes to Bridgewater and chaos ensues. In the aftermath, Scout finds his loyalty to everything he holds dear tested. Will he be able to find a way to both save his club and be there for his family?

Buy links available on Khloe's website. 


Lust and Other Drugs by TJ Nichols (Book 1, Mytho series), will be released by Dreamspinner Press on 21 April.

Police officer Jordan and dragon shifter Edra might have to work together, but they don’t trust each other—even if sparks do fly between them.

If anyone finds out Jordan’s a mytho sympathizer, it could kill his career. No one can know that he frequents the satyr dens and uses the drug Bliss. Another satyr overdose might not get much attention, but two dead humans? That shouldn’t be possible.

And it might not be an accident.

Edra, Mythological Services Liaison, has been covering up mytho crimes to protect the community’s reputation. With a mayoral election looming, the last thing his people need is a scandal.

To get a murderer off the streets, Jordan and Edra will be spending a lot of time together, and it won’t be easy to keep up with their deceptions… or to keep resisting each other.

Pre-order available at Dreamspinner Press.

Non spec-fiction 

The Love Left Behind by Daniel de Lorne is expected to be released by Escape Publishing on 4 May.

What happens when a man with his heart in the clouds falls for one whose feet are firmly stuck to the ground? Pilot Nick Galanos is on a mission to visit the fifty countries his mother couldn't before she died. But the closer he gets to his goal, the more he worries that he won't have anything to show for it but stamps in a crowded passport. On a rare visit back home, he meets a hot electrician with a killer set of dimples. Suddenly a future of shared adventures seems possible.

Except for one thing...

Lyall Turner's big brother died in a plane crash. He's been afraid of flying most of his life, but there's no shortage of destinations in Australia that don't require a boarding pass. But then he meets Nick and suddenly his 'no biggie' phobia stands squarely in the way of a beautiful future together. Now he has to decide whether he's going to let his fear or his heart take the lead.

And will Nick stay grounded while he decides?

Buy links available from Books2Read.


It Starts with a Kiss by J.L. Peridot will be released by Kyanite Publishing on 13 September.

A steamy, friends-to-lovers office romance on a pre-AI space station.

Celeste is a talented engineer who doesn’t realise her job’s going nowhere fast. She’s a little na├»ve. She’ll cut code and solder cables forever as long as Owen’s around. Owen, on the other hand, knows exactly how badly things suck—he just doesn’t care. Sure, his skills aren’t what they used to be, but they’re still better than what Halcyon Aries deserves.

Then it happens. The company’s toxic management team finally cross the line. As both techies race to upgrade the station, to free the team from their oppressive contracts, they come to learn that life—and love—can only ever be what you make it.

 by Mel Teshco (Book 1, Mytho series), will be released by Entangled: Scorched on 18 March.

Alien Damon Banscott despises everything about the Virgin Hunt Games. Except the fact he can now legally destroy his enemy—another hunter—in the games, who murdered his father. Then Damon sees one of the beautiful hunted, Melody Simmons, and for a moment his heart stops beating. He’ll fight to the death before allowing another hunter to touch and deflower her, even as he'll use Melody to help defeat his enemy once and for all. 


Cursed by Keri Arthur was awarded the Favourite Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance at ARRA's 2018 awards!

Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

Thanks for sharing in our news. Until next time, happy reading!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

DarkSiders Around the Web for February - Part 2!

Join us as we whizz around the web...

Free Read!

JL Peridot has the short story, A First for Everything posted on her blog.

Blog Posts

C.M. Simpson shares chapters from her alter-ego's Carlie Simonsen book, Dear Tiger: I Miss You (Book 1, The Tiger Letters).

She continues with Dear Tiger: I Don't Think I'm Human Anymore.

C.M. Simpson has started a new blog feature called Wednesday's Verse where she features a poem from one of her works. 
featured in Another 365 Days of Poetry, a collection of mixed-genre poetry to be released later in the year.

C.M. posts a January 2019 Progress Overview.

C.M.  will also feature flash fiction every Friday in the feature, Friday's Flash.

C.M.'s  Tuesday's Short blog feature, where she shares a short story on her blog for a week. This week it features Banquet at Magic Mountain

Follow C.M.'s blog to keep up to date with this feature.  

M.J. Scott tells us about A Year in Books - Lucky 13.

Keri Arthur features upcoming release Demon's Dance in her Six Sentence Sunday.

Lawson's Bend by Nicole Hurley-Moore

Cassie Laelyn  has a Release Day post for her debut release, Unforsaken (Book 1, The Fallen Guardians) over on the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) blog.

Cassie was also featured in The Gladstone Observer.

AusRomToday featured The Chocolate Affair by Imogene Nix in their #FreebieFriday Feature.

M.L. Tompsett
 posted Australia Day is Nearly Here and February is Nearly Over (where she talks about her new venture, Book & eBook Creations).

Website Updates

The following pages have been updated: T.F. Walsh, and C.T. Green.

Thanks for joining us around the web. 
Until next time, happy reading!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Sneak Peek at a New Paranormal Cozy Mystery

It's always exciting to release a new book especially in a series that means a lot to me. I'd always wanted to try writing cozy mysteries, but other projects always took priority until one day, I was like: Enough! Just have a go. So I did. Fast forward eighteen months and I'm thrilled to release the third book in the Little Shop of Spells series. 

A fun night out ends in murder.

When small-town witch Maddie Goodcharm attends the opening of a new nightclub, she doesn’t expect to find the body of a famous singer. Maddie suspects foul play, but the authorities are convinced the death is accidental. Case closed.

Maddie decides to follow her instincts and dig deeper, but life doesn’t stop simply because she has a murder to solve. She also has to run her shop, mix potions, and rehabilitate Jason, who is suffering the aftereffects of a spell gone wrong.

Keeping all those balls in the air won’t be easy. Especially when her investigation uncovers old secrets and lies that put her life in danger. Can she catch the killer before the killer catches her?


Read on for a sneak peek:

Potions, Popstars & Murder

Chapter One
On the day before the murder, I was creating a new spell. Like most witches’ workrooms, mine was detached from the house, a necessity when you considered that many spells stink worse than rotten eggs. The smallish space was lined with shelves containing bottles and jars filled with liquids, powders, dried herbs and flowers. In the center stood a large wooden table, which was scratched and scarred from many years of use by my great-aunt Maeve. Every time I mixed my powders and potions, I remembered the woman who had gone before me. Sometimes I even believed she was looking over my shoulder, guiding my hands.
The spell I was working on had been commissioned by Olley Q—real name John Brown—a former musician and now a businessman, who wanted an “exciting atmosphere” for the opening of his new nightclub. "Exciting Club" spells weren’t in my usual repertoire, however, I hoped to remedy that by changing a few ingredients in my Happy Household spell. With luck I’d create some new magic that would make Olley’s opening pop.
I had just mixed all the ingredients when someone knocked on my workroom door.
                “Come in,” I called.
The door opened to reveal my houseguest, Jason Arandon. He was in his thirties, a few inches taller than me, with kind eyes and a strong jaw. If we had met under other circumstances we might’ve dated, but there wasn’t much hope of that now.
Jason remained at the door as though wary of entering a place where spells and potions were made. It was understandable since he was recovering from a spell that had gone disastrously wrong.
“I just came to tell you dinner’s ready,” he said.
I’d told him he didn’t have to cook, but he insisted that making dinner was his way of repaying me for my hospitality, which was totally unnecessary. I mean, if it hadn’t been for my spell, he’d have left Silver Moon Falls ages ago.
After covering my Exciting Club spell with a linen cloth, I locked up the workroom and followed him into my house.
The two-story dwelling, which had been left to me by Great-Aunt Maeve, was plenty big enough for two. Upstairs were three bedrooms and a bathroom. Downstairs I had the use of a living room, eat-in kitchen and a small bathroom. The back of the house, which was once the oversize family room, den and dining room, had been converted into the apartment where my friend and employee, Autumn, lived.
                Jason had prepared a simple but delicious meal of spaghetti with meatballs and salad. As I spooned food onto my plate, I asked, “What did you do today?”
                “Slept mostly.” It was a side effect of the spell. More than once he’d asked if I had a potion that would make him less tired. The short answer was no. I had done all I could to help his recovery along this far; the rest would happen in its own time. “I wish I could do more to help out around here.”
                “Not necessary. Your only job is to readjust to life away from Old Gnarly,” I said, naming an ancient tree in the nearby woods. It had been the scene of the accident that had changed Jason’s life forever. I’d been practicing lightning spells hoping to take out first prize in an upcoming competition. Jason had been hiking in the woods. We never should’ve met, but fate had other ideas.   


Now available

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

DarkSider News for February!


Fall in love with the DarkSiders this Valentine's Day...


Welcome to Tima Maria Lacoba to the DarkSiders!

A former ancient historian and archaeologist, Tima Maria Lacoba accidentally smashed a 3,000 year-old Egyptian vase while on her first dig. Her supervisor made her glue it back together again. It took a week. From there she went on to specialise in Late Romano-British archaeology and the military forts along Hadrian's Wall, because buildings don't smash as easily. Now she's combined
her love of history with another passion - storytelling - to create a dark tale of Roman soldiers who've been waiting nearly two-thousand years to be released from an ancient curse.

Tima has always been a storyteller, but it wasn't until five years ago that she seriously ventured into writing. The result was BloodGifted and Laura's Locket.

In 2011 BloodGifted was shortlisted in the Atlas Award and eventually came fourth place. 

In 2012 it was listed among the top ten in the Choclit Search for an Aussie Star Contest.

In 2013 Tima was offered a publishing contract but declined in favour of going indie, preferring to be in charge of her own creative work.

In 2017 BloodGifted was nominated for the Golden Stake Award in the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival.

Laura's Locket, BloodGifted, BloodPledge and BloodVault, are the first four books in the Dantonville Legacy Series.  Book 5, BloodWish, is due for release later this year. 

She also intends to satisfy her fans' requests by writing individual books on the other characters who feature so prominently. Terens, Cal, Jake and Sam will each have their own story.

Currently, Tima lives on the Central Coast, an hour's drive north of Sydney, in Australia. Between bouts of writing, she can be found in the kitchen baking her favourite chocolate recipes, or in her garden pulling out yet more weeds.  These activities are responsible for forming more gothic, paranormal romance stories in her mind for future books.


Blood Wish by Tima Maria Lacoba (Book 4, The Dantonville Legacy series) was released on 15 December 2018.

Escaping from a venomous gargoyle 
Searching for a hidden diary 
And running from a vengeful vampire hunter wasn’t how Laura Dantonville expected to end her family curse. 

Alec and Laura’s story comes to an electrifying conclusion in this final instalment of The Dantonville Legacy Series.

What do you do when the price of ending a curse means losing the one you love?

As Laura and Alec await the birth of their child, the end of the curse seems in sight.

To fulfil the prophecy, they must travel to Drunvela, in Scotland, the place where everything began and where it must end.

But two deadly foes stand in their way.
Each determined to exact their revenge and destroy every last descendant of the House of Dantonville.

Buy links available at Tima's website.

Wicked Heat: Part 3 by Mila Young and T.F. Walsh (Book 3, Wicked Heat series- part of the larger Lick of Fire series) was be released on 2 October 2018.

A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

When you spend your life with one foot in the grave, it’s best not to have the other foot in hell.
And with four guys trying to save my soul, things could be worse, well, only if I don’t find a way to save theirs first.

Available from:

Path Unchosen by Kim Cleary (Book 1, Daughter of Ravenswood series) was re-released on 30 January.

When everyone lies, who can you trust?

Judy Hudson has no idea of her power, or vulnerability. Adrift without purpose, or ambition, all she knows is fear and suspicion. That is about to change.

Purah—a beautiful, otherworldly stranger—whisks her to a mysterious, old mansion and reveals a life-changing secret.
Judy is a witch who can raise the dead. She's dangerous, and she can do great harm. But her's is not the only secret in Winterhurst.

A powerful sorcerer is waiting for her and the perfect moment to strike. He must be stopped before an innocent town is destroyed. As Judy discovers her identity and heritage, she learns she is the key to stop an ancient evil.

Can she learn to harness her gift, and resist a lure that promises power beyond her wildest dreams?

Available from:
Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

Truth Unveiled by Kim Cleary (Book 2, Daughter of Ravenswood series) was re-released on 12 February.

Betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust forever, Meagan faces the most powerful necromancer who ever lived. Alone.

After a cold and lonely childhood, Meagan thinks she’s finally found peace in her ancestral home of Ravenswood Manor. But just as she tentatively starts to find friends, a strange voice in her head compels her with tempting power and abilities beyond her wildest dreams.

Her great-grandfather, Quintus – a man known both for his magical talent and cruelty – is at play, and she turns to her father’s spirit for help. But when he disappears, Meagan must properly raise him from the dead for the chance to be rid of Quintus. During the incantation, the one person Meagan thought would never betray her – does. Quintus rises instead of her father.

Now walking again and determined to recover his power, Quintus will turn everyone Meagan holds dear into mindless slaves unless she joins him. Can Meagan find a way to defeat one of the most powerful necromancers who has ever lived, or will she lose everything in the battle?

Available from:

Wicked Games by M.J. Scott (Book 1, TechWitch series) is now available in paperback.  

My mother was a wicked witch. And all her spells ever brought was trouble. Since her death, with no power of my own, I’ve stayed far, far away from magic . . .

In a San Francisco struggling to recover from earthquakes and rising seas, and where technology can do things that are close enough to magic anyway, Maggie Lachlan is a computer whisperer. The one they call when no one else can find the elusive bug bringing a complex system to its knees. They call her the Techwitch. But she knows there’s nothing magical about what she does. It’s just hard-earned skill.

So when Damon Riley, owner of the world’s biggest virtual reality gaming company comes calling with a problem that his entire empire of geeks can’t fix, Maggie leaps at the job. Riley Arts is the kind of place she feels at home. Wall-to-wall tech. No magic. Except, perhaps, for the unsettling chemistry she has with the man in charge.

But she never imagined stepping into one of Damon’s games would reveal her mother lied about Maggie’s magic. Or that technology could break a spell she never knew she was under. Now she has a demon hunting her and a whole world she knows nothing about to navigate. To save herself—and the world—she needs to learn fast.

Because, when it comes to magic, too many games are wicked. And if you lose, the price can be very, very high . .

Available from:

Sinner by Lana Pecherczyk (Prequel, Deadly Seven Originals series) was released on 12 February.

The selfie generation grew up. 

And with them, the sin of greed exploded on an astronomical scale. Of course, where one went, the rest were sure to follow. Wrath, sloth, gluttony, pride, envy, lust… all climbed in severity until deadly sin consumed Cardinal City. Violence, murder, and mayhem were only the beginning. To save their city, top scientists created a band of brothers and sisters as deadly as the sins they were destined to fight. But before they were waging a war on crime, they were children born in a lab with no one to look out for them… except a deadly assassin pretending to be a nun and a tortured man running from his past.

Biolum Industries think Sister Mary Margaret is an innocent nun caring for children in their lab, but she has a dark secret: one that could destroy the world, or save it.
Flint Fydler wants the simple things in life, to do his job and to pay off his shameful debt. But no matter how hard he tries to ignore the secret project behind a guarded door at Biolum Industries, and the beautiful and fearless nun who works there, he can’t avoid the inevitable fact he is being lied to.
When Flint’s mission to reveal the truth uncovers more than he bargains for, Mary bribes him to help with her rescue mission. As their quest draws them closer together, Mary has no choice but to reveal her own deadly secret, and Flint must face the undeniable truth: paying his debt may have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with his heart.

If you're obsessed with superhero movies, but want more romance, then The Deadly Seven is for you. Featuring fated mates and a band of brothers and sisters, tortured alpha heroes, kick-ass heroines, vigilante justice and a steamy romance in each book. It's The Black-Dagger Brotherhood meets Batman.

Available from:

Non spec-fiction 

Hero of Heartbreak Hill by Imogene Nix was released in 1 December 2018.

Second chances can be a killer...

When Connor meets Kelly it's clear that she's been hurt before and the reason she fights the growing attraction between them.

When her past raises its ugly head, the question becomes: can the outback town of Heartbreak Hill—and Connor—heal her broken heart?

Buy links available on Imogene's website. 

Lawson's Bend by Nicole Hurley-Moore was released in February 2019.

For a long time Lawson's Bend had held little for Henny. Almost ten years ago she'd got out and vowed never to come back. But sometimes things change . . .

In the hot summer of 2008, Henny Bolton loses her best friend on a night they should have been celebrating their futures. It's a loss about which she remains grief-stricken.

Right after the accident, Henny flees the small country town and true to her word, she's not been back.

Stephen Drake never left Lawson's Bend. He once had ambitions for a different life but staying close to family became more important after that tragic night.

But when Henny's mother dies suddenly in a fall near the old quarry, and Henny is forced to return to Lawson's Bend, it's apparent that questions need to be asked. Was it really an accident?

Her plan was to get out of town again as quickly as possible. But then there is Stephen . . .

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Non fiction

Cultivating Creativity: reconnecting with yourself and becoming more self-aware through writing by Lilliana Rose was released on 8 January.

When writing it’s too easy to become stuck or confused, and unsure of what direction to take. Writers are adventurers. All explorers are scared and suffer setbacks. They may think they’ve mapped out the path where they are going, but life doesn’t go to plan.

Adjust. Adapt. Be fearless. Keep creating. Swim on in the sea of words, drinking it all, and following the natural flow of the ideas until you are making your own path, either on land or sea or even in between the stars. But how can you do this day to day? Especially when life is busy, and writing is solitary and slow. How do you find your own writing journey when there are so many directions to take?

There is much advice out there, some of it conflicting, how do you decide what is right for you? And what can be done to help the creativity to keep flowing?

Cultivating Creativity will help you become more self-aware and connected to your own individual writing process so the words will flow easily onto the page. And you can go forward, writing with confidence, and enjoy the journey.

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Emerald Fire by Donna Maree Hanson (Book 2, Cry Havoc series) is expected to be released 28 February.

A book of manners, magic and mayhem.

After Edward and Jemima’s honeymoon is cut short by a severed head landing in their marriage bed, they must away to London to devise a way to defeat the ravenous beast, Geneck and Jemima must be the bait.
Newspaper headlines reveal carnage in London streets and the police and the secret brotherhood of magicians are pounding at the door, demanding answers from Edward.

Joined by Fulton, Edward and Jemima begin to scour the dark places of London: sewers and newly-constructed underground railway tunnels. Their only chance is to find Geneck’s lair and end him in daylight, when he is weak. But the monster’s minions protect him and the road to safety is not clear.

When Jemima is taken, Edward is beside himself. Who has taken her and how is he going to get her back? Deeper into magic he must go, and Milly and Aunt Prudence join in the fight to rid the world of Geneck. But will that be enough?

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The Chocolate Affair by Imogene Nix will be released on 14 February.

Secrets, hidden truths and demons will find their way… Especially when chocolate is involved.

When Scheherazade Chocolates is bought out by an off-world consortium, Deanna's livelihood and that of her employees’ are jeopardized.

When that same consortium sends JD Ruan to assess the situation, Deanna is sure things can't get any worse...until they do.

What no one knows is JD's secret. He’s a demon and not just any kind of demon. He’s a pleasure demon.

Deanna has to come to terms with loss, second chances and pleasure demons before she can release herself to a future filled with so much more than she could ever imagine.

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Non spec-fiction 

Best in Show by Lilliana Rose is part of the collection, Outback Heroes (Australian Romance) and will be released on 21 February.

The Outback Governess - Sarah Williams

Jasmine Sea - Phillipa Nefri Clark

The Art of Dust - Mel A Rowe

Shadows in the Dust - Suzanne Cass

Torn Between Two Loves - Cheryl Wright

Best in Show – Lilliana Rose

Maxwell is a farmer who once burned by love has decided never to open his heart again. When exhibiting his cattle at the Show he meets Zoe, a city girl. Can she get this tough farmer to open his heart without being hurt? When circumstances force Zoe and Max together, will their love help them find a future together?

This collection become number one in Westerns Romance in America AND #1 in ALL romance categories on Amazon Australia.

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Burn by Keri Arthur (Book 3, Kingdoms of Earth & Air series) is expected to be released 4 June.

Blame the Wine by Imogene Nix will be re-released soon with a new cover.

Cara is stuck with a job going nowhere and a hankering for the sexy gorgeous boss who doesn’t even know she exists.  Fate, in the guise of a temp position arrives… Where will it lead?

James is a geek.  No other word could possibly describe him.  He may be sexy and super brainy, but he’s totally clueless with women and especially the sexy plus size Cara.  But when his PA takes emergency leave before her wedding, the luscious Cara is the best applicant for the position.  It’s an opportunity he can’t pass up.

What will happen when two clueless, wannabe lovers get a little divine intervention.


Nicole Hurley-Moore will be having library talks at the following libraries talking about Lawson's Bend.

  • Wed 13th Feb, 6.30-7.30pm Sunbury Library
  • Thu 14th Feb, 10-11am, Boort Library Agency
  • Thu 14th Feb, 6-7pm, Kangaroo Flat Library
  • Fri 22th Feb, 2-3pm, Heathcote Library
  • Fri 22th Feb, 11am-12pm, Romsey Library

The following DarkSiders will be attending the Bookmarked & Sexy in Brisbane book signing on 2 March.

Cassandra L Shaw
Delwyn Jenkins
Imogene Nix
Keri Arthur

You can get tickets from Eventbrite. There are also buy 1 get one free tickets

Congratulations to all our DarkSiders!

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