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Tuesday 1 May 2018

DarkSider News for May

Welcome to the latest DarkSider News!

Let May ignite your reading...


Welcome to the DarkSiders, Theresa Fuller!

Theresa Fuller was born in Singapore to Peranakan parents. She was encouraged in her writing by her teacher, Chia Hearn Chek, a well-known local author. Educated in Singapore and Australia, she worked as an analyst/programmer and later as a high school teacher. Her first short story THE CRICKET SON was published in VOICES OF THE PAST, An Anthology of Stories Passed Down In Australian Families.

Her breakthrough novel is the Steampunk YA THE GHOST ENGINE, published in March 2018. It won a mentorship at the Australasian Horror Writers’ Association. THE GHOST ENGINE combines her love of technology with her enthusiasm for Victorian England.

Theresa currently resides with her family in Sydney, Australia.

Welcome to the DarkSiders, M.L. Tompsett!

M. L. Tompsett has been creating worlds to escape to since she was a little girl. Years later she is still enjoying her writing in her imaginative make-believe worlds with interesting characters and steamy scenes. Finally moving forward to the big wide scary world of publishing in print and the new world of digital eBook publishing.
Married to her childhood sweetheart, they live in Victoria, Australia and have two fully grown, handsome and extremely talented in their own way - sons.

Over the years, M. L. Tompsett has worn different hats throughout the years, apart from being a full time caring mum and loving wife. She has also been a secretary, a football manager, basketball coach, receptionist, managers assistant, mum taxi, business owner, administrator, author and a lover of fine chocolate, ok nearly any type of chocolate, especially milk chocolate covered liquorice. (YUM)
With her first series, out on the digital shelves and in print (softcover).

M. L. Tompsett is excited to see something she has been working on for far too long become a reality in the published world.

“Now with three books out as well as a digital box set, it is a humble experience seeing my books out there for the public to enjoy.”


The Ghost Machine by Theresa Fuller was released by Bare Bear Media on 8th March.

She thought she could change the world... 

When Lady Elizabeth Ada Lovelace, a beautiful, arrogant suffragette, purchased the 19th-century Algorithmic Engine in order to become the world's first programmer, she planned to break the shackles of inequality for Victorian women. 

Until her world became that of the machine... 

Instead she learns the true meaning of equality when she ends up trapped, brought down to the level of the machine. Inside the double-crossing computer, Elizabeth must match wits with a stubbornly idealistic ghost and a chillingly handsome doppelganger in the computer's endless series of mind games. But as the machine learns to become a sentient being, time is ticking away. Elizabeth finds herself falling in love with the ghost trapped in the machine. Together they are pitted in a race against the machine to escape before the Algorithmic Engine shuts down – killing them all. 

Now all their worlds hang in the balance. 

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | 

You Never Know by M.L. Tompsett is Book 3 of the Sex, Lies and Family Secrets series and was released by Tompsett Publishing on 13th April.

Leaving her family behind, and escaping her future, Alex Smithlyn attempts to live amongst the humans in their realm and away from Dark Ones and her destiny. From their first meeting at high school, both Alex and Branx Rayden knew their destinies are to be with one another. 

Years later, our young couple is recruited by Dillion Sparks, the head of The Corporation, both Alex and Branx work as partners in the SFD or the Special Forces Department, in the City branch. Where they solve crimes, catching the bad guys and the bad paranormal entities gone rogue. Fighting for good, capturing and eliminating the evils of this world, until someone close to our young couple decided Alex is next on the list for extermination. 

Alex alongside with the love of her life - her secret husband, Branx, are captured, tortured and close to death. Using her hidden abilities, Alex manages to rescue them both and barely managing to save her husband’s life. It soon becomes apparent, Alex was not meant to escape and live to tell about it. 

As her past soon catches up with her, Alex will require her family’s help more than ever, to keep her and Branx safe. As a mysterious man appears, who is he, but more importantly what is he and why is he looking for Branx and why did he want to capture, Alex? Secrets are revealed, shattering one family and changing their lives forever. 

Can the love Branx and Alex feel for one another be strong enough to survive the evils around them? Will they live long enough to find out the truth before it is too late? With Branx by her side, Alex must survive if she is to become the next Queen of Darshia. Who said the life of a Princess, is ever easy?

The book can be read alone or in series order.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Smashwords | Google Play | iBooks | B&N

Sex, Lies And Family Secrets series (Books 1, 2, & 3) by M.L Tompsett was released as a box set by Tompsett Publishing on 20th April.

Book 1 - The Guy Next Door

Dark Ones, assassins and fighting to survive, become Alexia’s new way of life. In this new series of Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: The Guy Next Door. This is book one of the series.

Weeks away from turning eighteen, Alexia Steele is about to face the hardest challenge in her young life. The love of her life - Drake, is gone and Alexia’s mother just revealed a massive family secret, changing her life forever. Arriving in a mysterious new world where Dark Ones roam, Alexia is on a mission to protect the people she loves at the same time fighting to stay alive and work out who is trying to kill her.

Alexia starts her search for her next-door neighbour, the absent love of her life - Drake. Alexia soon finds Drake surrounded by women, wanting prestige of marriage. Will their love be strong enough to reunite them, or is Alexia already too late?

It soon becomes clear not all family can be trusted and will the person who wants Alexia dead; succeed in their evil plans for power.

Book 2 - Dark Surprises

Alexia is back, and finds herself drawn into the paranormal world she thought she had left behind.
We finally get to meet Lucy and see how her life dangerously entwines with Alexia and Drake in the next instalment of Sex, Lies and Family Secrets: Dark Surprises.

What happens when your sexy husband is mistaken for someone else and kidnapped by violent, evil, men? You take charge and organise a rescue of course. Finding out Witches are real, and her best friend Lucy comes from a family of Witches. With Lucy by her side, they soon find themselves fighting for their lives against the Dark Witches, who are out for blood. 
Alexia finds herself learning and using Lucy's spells and gifted magical charmed necklace to rescue Drake from a Dark One traitor. Can Alexia save Drake in time or will this spell the end for our loving couple. And, then there is the mysterious woman in the shadows, who is she and why does she seem so familiar?

Book 3 - You Never Know
see above for blurb

With strong sex scenes, this read is for 18 years and older.

This eBook contains coarse language, sexual themes (yes-steamy sex scenes), blood, vampires, young love, violence, nudity, handsome - muscled men. Some readers will notice this book is written in UK English/Australian, which means words will be spelt different to USA English. If you are offended by any of these themes, this book is not for you.

Available on: Amazon US | Amazon Aus

Phase by Maree Anderson is Book 2 of the Liminals series and was released  on 18th February.

My name’s Wren, and I’m a liminal who can phase in and out of the real world. Super-cool, right? Yeah, not so much. See, I’m still struggling to learn how all this liminal stuff works. Not to mention my father’s experiments are mucking with my already volatile liminal abilities. Then there are my twin brothers: Liam, who’s obsessed with destroying Daddy-Dearest’s empire no matter what it costs, and Reilly, who’ll sacrifice everyone—including me—to save the monster lurking Between. Oh, and that monster? She just happens to be my mother. 

If not for Kade, I’d be losing it big-time. But my boyfriend’s got major issues of his own—issues that are slowly stripping him of his sanity. If we don’t escape this hellhole soon it could be too late.

What’s the point of being so damned powerful if you can’t save the ones you love?

Available from: iBooks  | SmashwordsB&N  | Kobo |  Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

Mack 'n' Me: Origins by C.M. Simpson is Book 1 in the Mack 'n' Me Odyssey sci-fi series and was released by C.M. Simpson Publishing on 20th April. 

I ran away from home to find a better life—not be forced into one. You can call me picky, but a girl likes to be asked if she wants to work for you, not coerced—and Odyssey should know better. Now, I have to find a way to kick free—of Odyssey, and my trainer, Mack—without getting myself killed. Surviving the mission is just the first step. Getting out from under, that’s gonna take some doing.

Available from Smashwords | Amazon US | Amazon Aus | DriveThruFiction | Kobo |

Shifter Bound by Leisl Leighton is Book 3 of the Pack Bound series. It was released by Escape Publishing on the 20th April.

One pack, one coven, a destiny intertwined...
Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Shifter-Witch Eloise O’Brien has betrayed her Coven and almost killed her brother to save the Were Pack she’d infiltrated as a spy. Now living with the Were she once feared and hated, she learns the truth of who she really is—the prophesied Nexus. A witch of unspeakable power, she must make a choice between the light and the dark, between Iain McShane, the Lone Wolf she is coming to love, and her once beloved brother and Coven who are now working for the Darkness.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | iBooks | Google Play | Kobo |

Playing God by Lana Pecherczyk is Book 3 of The Game of Gods series and was released by Prism Press on 1st May.


Once confused with the enemy and abandoned by her father, Roo Urser spent most her life hiding her fearsome powers. But then she met Cash, a hunter with secrets of his own, who revealed her true purpose in life: to play the Game of Gods. Now she must use those powers to survive.
Forced to attend The Ludus and pitted against bloodthirsty contenders, freedom is only a few trials away. If Roo passes the trials, she can declare independent. If she fails… she faces a fate worse than death. Trapped in Urser House where her monstrous father is making secret deals threatening to topple the Game, and the world, Roo becomes determined to uncover his plans. Soon, failing is the last thing on her mind.

As lies and deceit surround her from all sides, Roo must decide who to trust amongst her powerful companions—her emotionally scarred mentor, her oddball brother, or her rival Players. But when the souls inside her battle for supremacy, her thoughts become unstable. How can she survive when she can’t trust herself?

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus |

Dear Tiger: Help Me Find My Sisters by Carlie Simonsen is Book 6 and final book in the The Tiger Letters series and was released by C.M. Publishing on 20th April.

Simone and Tiger are almost within touching distance, when their lives take dramatically different directions, but Simone needs Tiger’s help, and he faces a difficult choice. Does he try to join her, as she races to rescue her sisters, or can he be of more help where he is? And will this be the mission that ends with them together? Or will they be torn apart… again?

Available from: Smashwords | Amazon US | Amazon AusDriveThruFiction | iBooks |

Non spec-fic titles

Whispers at Wongan Creek by Juanita Kees is a print anthology called Country Whispers along with authors Elizabeth Dunk and Tricia Stringer. It was released by HarperCollins Australia  on 30th April.

Whispers At Wongan Creek

Travis Bailey sometimes feels like he holds the community of Wongan Creek together with his bare hands. Between his farm, his orphaned niece and his elderly neighbour, he doesn't have time to fall in love. Social worker Heather Penney is living on borrowed time. Her mother died of motor neurone disease, and nothing for Heather is guaranteed. Wongan Creek, and Travis, might be getting under her skin, but she can't afford to get attached. But as old secrets resurface, Travis and Heather find themselves fighting to save the farms and the futures of Wongan Creek's residents – and possibly their own lives.

Available from: HarperCollins Australia | Booktopia


Non spec-fic titles

His Outback Temptation by Annie Seaton is the 4th and final book in the Prickle Creek series and is due for release by Entangled Publishing on 14th May.

Freelance photographer Sebastian Richards has put aside travelling the world to show his grandmother he is capable of helping out on the family farm, even though it’s hard to let go of his wanderlust. But when he rescues a beautiful woman from a difficult situation, and Sebastian learns Isabella Romano is going to his hometown, heading back to Prickle Creek holds more appeal.

Isabella has come home to the Outback for a short visit to her father before she heads off to begin her dream job in England. Circumstances throw Isabella and Sebastian together at every turn—so maybe a short summer fling could be fun?

Isabella is determined to leave, even though her heart wants to stay. Sebastian is determined to stay, though his heart wants to go. But the only way for them to be happy is to take a chance on love. 

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Kobo | iBooks |


Manu by Anna Hackett is Book 16 in the Hell Squad series and will be released on 9th May.


Tangent by Maree Anderson is a novella and is Book 1.5 of the Liminals series and was released  on 13th February. It was first published June 2016 in the Downunder YA Authors’ Dangerous Boys anthology. 

Revealing his lethal power could save her… or doom them both. 

For two years, lone wolf Rix has protected Lily… and lied about his true feelings. Best to keep treating her like the younger sister he never had, because how could she possibly love a hulking great lummox like him? Then Lily vanishes, and Rix discovers someone is snatching liminal kids to use in covert experiments. Rix will risk it all to find Lily. And once he tracks her down his plan is simple: phase in, grab her, get the hell out. But Lily’s merely bait for the real target: Rix. 

Vaughn Kincaid, the man behind the experiments on lims, is a driven, sadistic bastard—even his own sons are horrified by the things he’s done. He won’t hesitate to torture Lily and use her as a means to control Rix. Rix’s only ally is Kade, one of Vaughn’s long-term lab-rats. But despite Kade’s willingness to share information, he has an agenda and Rix isn’t convinced he can be trusted. To keep Lily alive, Rix may have to reveal the dangerous liminal ability he’s kept secret his whole life, and risk becoming the one thing he’s vowed never to be again: a killer. 

It's available for FREE at the following e-retailers:  iBooks | Smashwords | B&N Kobo


Skyfire by Donna Maree Hanson is books 5 of the Dragon Wine series. 

Donna has the first chapter available to read on her blog


Burned  by Christina Phillips was featured on the ARRA blog.  


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