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Saturday, 31 March 2018

DarkSider News for March - Part 2: the non-Paranormal titles

Welcome to the latest DarkSider News!

We continue the bumper March issue with news of our non-paranormal titles....


Tomorrow's Promise by Imogene Nix was re-released by LovesBooks Publishing on 1st March.

Life’s pretty much thrown everything it can at David: His wife, Karin left him after their child died. Watching his best friend marry his ex-wife sums up the ruins of his life. Attending the wedding could sink him further.

Being a bridesmaid at her best friend Michael's wedding, wasn’t on Genie’s bucket list. No, she’d rather be his bride. Watching the man she's lusted after, for more years than she’d like to admit, marry another woman, was not the highlight of her life. But meeting the brides ex-husband might be.

Caution: There are some themes in this story that people could find offensive.

Buy links are available from Imogene's website. 

Hot Tokyo Nights by Dakota Harrison has a tentative release of 1st March.

After her humiliating divorce, Mya Montgomery runs back to the only place she's ever truly thought of as home – Tokyo – and to the yakuza family who filled the void in her heart after the death of her parents. A new life lies just out of reach, but maybe propositioning a delicious yakuza punk to show her the hottest night of her life isn't the best way to find it.

​Shin Nakamura wants out of the family business – for good. His thriving night club in the popular Shibuya district is his ticket out of the hell his life has become. But Shin is tied by the dictates and obsessions of his older brother Hiro to a web of Family obligation. Mya's return destroys all Shin's certainties, though more than ever she is firmly out of reach. When Shin stumbles upon Hiro betraying the Family, the consequences of keeping that information quiet places Mya directly in the line of retaliation.

​Shin has one chance to make things right and save the woman he has come to love above all else – family, honor, and even his own life – but will he find her in time?

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus B&N Kobo | iBooks

Liberated by Mel Teshco is Book 4 in the VIP Desire Agency series. It was released by Tule Publishing on 20th March.

Can two men conquer one woman’s heart?

Eloise Chand isn’t just any woman, she’s also Savannah, stunning call girl. But it doesn’t stop unprofessional thoughts about her favorite clients, Saxon and Julian. She knows she’s in trouble. She doesn’t want her career destroyed by personal attraction. She’s a business woman first and foremost, and the Wolfe brothers aren’t part of her career plan.

Adopted brothers, Saxon and Julian, share more than just their billion dollar real estate development business. But never in their wildest dreams did they expect to fall for the same call girl. She’s a woman whose hot-blooded sexuality and independence stirs something deep in them both. That she’s beyond willing to share the same bed with them is just a bonus they want to further explore.

But how do they permanently attain the one woman who just might be unattainable?

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | B&N | iBooks | Google Play |

Beach Music by Annie Seaton is Book2 in the Bondi Beach Love series and was released on 16th March. 

From award winning author Annie Seaton, this romance will make you smile.

Sally Smith is content with her life despite her twin sister, Sonia, telling her she doesn't have one. One dose of heartbreak was enough to do her for a lifetime, so she plays it safe.

Until her twin meddles and then takes off to Hawaii leaving Sally to deal with the fallout. The tarot cards told Sonia it would bring Sally her happy-ever-after, and the cards don't lie.

Sol Brown is focused on completing his doctorate, and the interesting advertisement in the local paper should provide the solution to all his research problems.

But the last thing Sol expects is to fall in love with a gorgeous, feisty yoga instructor who is totally out of his comfort zone. 

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | 


Break the Rules by Clare Boston is now in audio from. It is book 1 of The Flanagan Sisters.

Bridget Flanagan knows how to assess risks, but are the consequences of exposing her heart too dangerous?

Bridget has a passion for safety and in the world of oil refineries that makes her great at her job. So when her big promotion goes to someone else, she heads out on the town to forget her troubles. Jack Gibbs seems like the perfect man to distract her.

At least until Monday morning when she discovers Jack is her new boss. There's no way she's going to keep seeing him, no matter the connection between them. She's been burned before.

Jack can't understand why Bridget's so against their relationship. They positively sizzled during their one night together. He knows he has to be careful now she reports to him, but she tempts him in every way.

Can Jack convince Bridget to give him a chance, or is the risk too high?​

Available from: Audible | iTunes |


Burned by Christina Phillips is Book 3 in the Viking Bastards MC series. It is due for release by Entangled Publishing on 16th April.


Ten years ago I offered her everything, and she threw it back in my face. When she walked, I vowed no other woman would ever screw with my head the way she did. I moved on. Now I'm the V.P. of the Bastards, run my own nightclub, and nameless sex keeps me sane. No commitment or ties, just the way I like it.

Now she's back, for one week only, gorgeous, successful, and I can't keep away. She offers a long goodbye, a way to heal our fractured past. She burned me so bad––there's no way I should even want to be near her. But the more she gives, the more I need. Until I discover the real reason she left, and my whole damn world implodes...

Pre order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | iBooks | B&N | Kobo |

Nothing to Gain by Claire Boston is Book 2 in the Blackbridge series. It is due for release by Bantilly Publishing on 10th April.

With sparks like these, someone's bound to get burnt...

Mai On is devastated when her landlord sells her building to a property developer and the bakery she’s worked so hard to build is threatened. The last thing she needs is an outsider tearing down everything that matters to her. She’s determined not to be swayed by the sexy, charming developer.

After costing his company millions of dollars, Nicholas Shadbolt is desperate to prove himself. Taking on the re-development of a rundown building is just the stepping stone he needs towards redemption. What he’s not expecting is Mai’s determination to save her livelihood--or the fire she ignites in him.

But attraction isn’t all that's simmering in Blackbridge. Someone is out for blood. And when danger threatens the woman who’s stolen his heart, Nicholas knows he has more at stake than just his reputation.

Pre-order links on Claire's website.

Whitsunday Dawn by Annie Seaton is Book 4 in the Porter Sister series and will be released by Harlequin MIRA on 23 July.

With the pristine beauty of the Whitsundays under threat, can they expose the truth in time? Australian author Annie Seaton brings to life a new area of romance - Eco-Adventure. Perfect for fans of Di Morrissey. 

When Olivia Sheridan arrives in the Whitsundays as spokesperson for big mining company Sheridan Corp, it should be a straightforward presentation to the town about their proposed project. But when a handsome local fisherman shows her what ecological impact the proposal will have, Olivia is forced to question her father's motives in the project.

Struggling with newly divided loyalties, Olivia is thrown further into turmoil when she is mistaken for a woman who disappeared more than 60 years before. When it becomes clear that Captain Jay is also keeping secrets, Olivia realises that there is more to these sunshine–soaked islands than she ever expected.

Seeking to uncover the truth, Olivia is drawn into a dangerous game where powerful businessmen will stop at nothing to ensure their plan goes ahead, even if that means eliminating her…

Against the epic Far North Queensland landscape, this is the story of two women, separated by history, drawn to Whitsunday Island where their futures will be changed forever.

Harper Collins Australia | Booktopia | Dymocks | The Nile

Amazon Au | Amazon US | iTunes Australia | Kobo


Lady in Red by Mel Teshco is book 1 in the VIP Desire Agency series and is currently available for free thanks to Tule Publishing.

Bullied and battered as a child, Kate Matthews grows up and transforms herself into beautiful and confident, Brandy Alexander, a sexy, high-class call girl. With a select number of rich and successful clients and a jaw dropping income, Kate feels like she’s living her dream being desired and bedded by some of Australia’s most powerful and influential men. But she has one rule. Don’t fall in love. Except the more time she spends with her favorite client Blaine Waymann, the more she fears he might be the one man who could topple the perfect world she’s built.

Billionaire philanthropist Blaine Waymann is determined to break Kate’s rule. He wants exclusive rights to Brandy and Kate, in bed and out, and is willing to risk everything to win her body and her trust. But when Kate starts opening her heart to Blaine, she faces an agonizing decision. Run like she always does, or stay with the man she not only lusts after, but loves.

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | B&N | iBooks |

Until next time when you bring more news from the DarkSide...

DarkSider News for March - part 1

Welcome to the latest DarkSider News!

It may be late but this is a BUMPER of a March issue. So much so that it'll be in 2 parts!


Guardian by Anna Hackett is book 9 of the Galactic Guardians series. It was released 6th March. 

Rescued from alien slavers, former cop Dayna wakes to discover she’s host to a powerful alien symbiont, and the only man who can help her is the mysterious and dangerous casino owner, Rillian. 

Dayna Caplan has dedicated her life to protecting others…and now that she’s no longer a captive at the desert arena of Zaabha, she desperately wants to help find the last of the other human women who were abducted by the Thraxians. But now she has to deal with the intense hunger and powerful new abilities the alien living inside grants her…and the person forcing her to confront her new reality is the cool, enigmatic, and far-too-attractive Rillian. 

Rillian has wheeled and dealed his way to the top of the food chain on the lawless desert world of Carthago. He lets no one close and keeps iron-clad control on his life…which vital to keeping the lethal power within him in check. But one human woman—tough, stubborn, and fascinating Dayna—works her way under his skin, and he finds himself obsessed with protecting her. But as dead bodies start appearing in his casino as a deadly warning, dangers are closing in on them. 

With their allies, the gladiators from the House of Galen, Rillian and Dayna find themselves fighting for survival on every front. On the hunt to find Zaabha and the lost humans, they will face murderers, slavers, and the deadliest of all challenges…the aliens living within them. 

Available from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus

Dear Tiger: Don't Look Back by Carlie Simonsen is Book 3 of The Tiger Letters series and was released by C.M. Publishing on 16th March.

Simone escaping FedExplore was only the first step. Now, Tiger has to do the same. Simone says Odyssey can help, but Tiger is already on the run. Catching up with him and getting him to safety might be harder than it looks. Can he give FedExplore the slip, or will its bounty hunters bag him first? And what about the aliens that killed his parents? Are they really following him? Or is it just coincidence? Once again, a trail of email tells the story as Simone and Tiger try to reach each other against all odds.

Dear Tiger: I Like Your Lab by Carlie Simonsen is Book 4 of The Tiger Letters series and was released by C.M. Publishing on 30th March.

Finally located in the same complex, Tiger and Simone are separated again, as Simone begins to mutate—and it isn’t pretty. Tiger says he’ll talk her through it, but will he be there when she finally emerges? There are some things no friendship can survive. Could the hunter fever be one of them?

Available from: Smashwords | DriveThruFiction | Amazon US | Amazon Aus

Memory's Vampire by C.M. Simpson is a horror short story released by C.M. Publishing on 4th March.

Not all vampires feed on blood. The ones we hunt take your memories before they take your life—and now they are hunting back. We’ve been compromised, and I don’t know who to trust. That comes later. Right now, I just want to make it back to my body alive.

Beneath the Floating City and other science fiction stories  by Donna Maree Hanson is now available in print. 

Beneath the Floating City is a SF short story collection. Shortlisted for a Australian 2017 Aurealis Award for collected work. A collection of seven science fiction tales by Donna Maree Hanson, featuring: Beneath the Floating City, Green, Green Grass of Homeworld, Night of Masks and Spears, Warning Buoy, Lake Absence, Other and Abandoned Time.

Available from Amazon US

Pack Bound by Leisl Leighton is Book 1 of the Pack Bound series. It was released by Escape Publishing on the 12th March. 

One pack, one coven, a destiny intertwined...

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch–kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand–new world.
But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Skye Collins has been brought up to fear her magic and shy away from witch and Were alike. But when Jason McVale, the Alpha of Pack McVale, comes in search of her, she is intrigued and tempted. Her mistrust of magic and wariness of the intensity of passion she shares with Jason threatens her control–and if she loses control, she just might turn into the weapon the Darkness intended her to become all along.

Buy links available from the Escape Publishing website. 

Moon Bound by Leisl Leighton is Book 2 of the Pack Bound series. It was released by Escape Publishing on the 20th March. 

Only her love can heal his broken soul...

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Wiccan Healer-Witch Bronwyn Kincaid wants a quiet life. Her new powers have other ideas. Her increased healing magic and empathy mean she can’t ignore the plight of River Collins, a wolf brought up thinking the animal inside him is an evil he must forever suppress. If Bronwyn can’t control her powers and help River accept his wolf, the evil Darkness that hunts the Were will use them to destroy those they love.

Buy links available from the Escape Publishing website.


The Master and the Sorceress by Bernadette Rowley is Book 4 of The Wildecoast Saga and will be released on 16th April. 

Desperate sorceress, Katrine Aranati, no longer knows how to deal with the woman she has become. She runs headlong into a man whose heart’s desire is order and control. James Tomel, master jeweler, is outwardly a pillar of society but he hides more than one dangerous secret.

When they are thrown together on a trip to Brightcastle, fierce creatures from legend pursue them but even more dangerous are the feelings swirling between them. When their hearts and bodies come together, one will flee while the other demands an accounting. Can they find common ground where their love will flourish or will secrets and betrayal kill all hope of a life together?

Find out if love and chaos can defeat order and control in the fourth exciting instalment of the Wildecoast Saga.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Kobo | Smashwords | iBooks |

Wyatt by Mel Teshco is Book 5 in the Dragons of Riddich series. It is due for release  on 26th June. 

The dragons will search the universe for their one true mate...

Misha is a hunter through and through. Raised by the Paranormal Detection Agency to be a deadly assassin, the tables are turned when she escapes the PDA facility and makes a run for freedom...and her life. But with the operatives closing in on her, she never expects a winged dragon to rain down fire, and save her from her pursuers.

But what does the Riddich dragon want in return?

Wyatt has been with more than enough women in his two centuries to know lust when he feels it. But surely that's the last thing he should experience on seeing a female werewolf. So why is he compelled to save her? The answer becomes all too apparent when she changes back to human...and then shifts for the first time into dragon. A pity her unique abilities mean the PDA and his sworn alien enemies, the Tantonics, want her just as badly, because Wyatt will do anything now to keep her safe and by his side.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus | Kobo | iBooks

Rogue in the Making by TJ Nichols is Book 2 in the Studies in Demonlogy series. It is due for release by DSP Publications on 22nd May. 

The blood sacrifices have brought rain to Demonside, but across the void, the Warlock College of Vinland is still storing and gathering magic, heedless of the warnings of the international magical community. The underground is full of warlocks who disagree with the college, but do they care about wizards and demons or only about snatching power?

With a foot in each world, Angus is no longer sure whom he can trust. The demons don’t trust humans, and even though he is learning more magic, he will never be one of them. He is human and only tolerated. Some demons would be happy to slit his throat. It’s only because his demon is powerful in his own right that Angus is alive.

Saka only has a year to prove that Angus’s people can change and that the magic taken will be rebalanced, but the demons want action. His affection for Angus is clouding his judgment and weakening his position in the tribe. Time is running out, and he must make a choice.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus

Shifter Bound by Leisl Leighton is Book 3 of the Pack Bound series. It was released by Escape Publishing on the 20th April.

One pack, one coven, a destiny intertwined...
Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Shifter-Witch Eloise O’Brien has betrayed her Coven and almost killed her brother to save the Were Pack she’d infiltrated as a spy. Now living with the Were she once feared and hated, she learns the truth of who she really is—the prophesied Nexus. A witch of unspeakable power, she must make a choice between the light and the dark, between Iain McShane, the Lone Wolf she is coming to love, and her once beloved brother and Coven who are now working for the Darkness.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon AusiBooks | Google Play | Kobo |

Wolf Bound by Leisl Leighton is Book3 of the Pack Bound series. It was released by Escape Publishing on the 20th May.

The ultimate sacrifice, a love that lasts forever…

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Shelley Conners has good reason to hate and fear the powers that connect her to the spirit world and the insanity they foretell. But with the Pack's Trickster, Adam McVale, transformed into a Shade, a creature caught between life and death, Shelley holds the only key to saving him. Opening herself up to the world of the dead will only speed up her descent into madness, but Shelley never expects an even darker evil within—the Darkness, waiting patiently for her and the opportunity to destroy the world.

Pre-order from: Amazon US | Amazon Aus iBooks | Google Play | Kobo |


Dreams of the Serpent by C.M. Simpson is a short science fiction story set in the Odyssey universe and is set for release on 7th April.

When the contract’s done, and you’re fleeing for your life, the company’s supposed to be on your side, right? Am I right? So, you tell me what happens when the company understands the contract wrong, and you get stuck somewhere you really don’t wanta be. You tell me how I’m gonna make it back to the stars.

Mack 'n' Me: Origins by C.M. Simpson is Book 1 in the Mack 'n' Me Odyssey series and is set for release in April. 

I ran away from home to find a better life—not be forced into one. You can call me picky, but a girl likes to be asked if she wants to work for you, not coerced—and Odyssey should know better. Now, I have to find a way to kick free—of Odyssey, and my trainer, Mack—without getting myself killed. Surviving the mission is just the first step. Getting out from under, that’s gonna take some doing.

Mack 'n' Me: Blaedergil's Host by C.M. Simpson is Book 2 in the Mack 'n' Me Odyssey series and is set for release in May. 

I stayed off Mack's radar for a good three months, or so I'd thought. Maybe he was just letting me run. He found me, kicked my ass and hauled me right back on board. He'd been doing that on and off for the past two years. Problem was, Odyssey was also on my tail, and, when this job was done, Mack was supposed to hand me back. Not gonna happen. And, now I was back to Square One: Kick free of Odyssey & kick free of Mack... just as soon as the mission was done, because how could I turn my back on *that*?

Dear Tiger: Let's Go A-Hunting by Carlie Simonsen is Book 5 of The Tiger Letters series and will be released by C.M. Publishing. Release date still to come. 

Several solar systems apart, Simone and Tiger must work together to rescue Marrietta before FedExplore terminates her as an experiment gone wrong. It’s a race against time, complicated by the increasing chances of an alien incursion, and Simone’s parents putting themselves in danger in Sharvin’s ruins. This time, the chances of them reuniting have never seemed so far away. 

Dear Tiger: Help Me Find My Sisters by Carlie Simonsen is Book 6 and final book in the The Tiger Letters series and will be released by C.M. Publishing. Release date still to come. 

This brings us to the cover of the omnibus collecting all six of The Tiger Letters together in one volume. 

Cyborg by Anna Hackett is book 10 of the Galactic Guardians series. It will be released 3rd April.

Cyborg is the story of Magnus Rone, the cool, emotionless cyborg imperator of the House of Rone, and human survivor Ever Haynes…who happens to be pregnant with his baby!

Skyfire and Moonfall by Donna Maree Hanson are books 5 and 6 of the Dragon Wine series. Details of publication to come.


Keri Arthur has started a Facebook Reader's group. Click the link to join. 

To be continued.... 
Due to character limitations in Labels, there will be a second post today bringing you our non-paranormal titles.