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Saturday 22 October 2016

Darklight On ... Eleni Konstantine

Today's Darklight On is ... Eleni Konstantine

Welcome, Eleni

How did you come to write speculative fiction? What attracted you to the genre?

When I was a little girl, my mum brought me these gorgeous illustrated fairy tale books. I felt as if I'd been transported to other worlds. That was it, I was hooked. I continued to read and watch in all genres but spec fic continued to have a special place in my heart. 

Are you a plotter? Pantser? Or somewhere in-between?

I am mainly an organic writer - aka pantser. My first draft is what I call my outline draft - I liken it to a plotter's outline. It is where I work out what the story is and where it is going. I go back and layer it. Having said that, I do have certain sign posts, which grow and change as I go along. 

Having said that, I have worked on stories where I've known more of the plot but I still find things to surprise me along the way. For example, a whole new character and subplot popped out of the blue while writing one of these plotted stories.

Do you have a favourite of your characters?

I've been with my character Irini for the longest time. She's in a yet unpublished novel that I've been working on and off again for years. Mainly off unfortunately. She's strong though she doesn't see herself that way and has the ability to heal others but not herself. 

What are you currently working on? 

I'm doing the final go through on Irini's story and I hope to work on some flash fiction as I do that. I've had a very tough few years personally so it has affected my creativity. I think once Irini's story is submitted, it will free a lot of my brain space!

What is your favourite part of the process of writing? 

When it really flows. You write and write the story takes over and before you know it, you have a chapter. I prefer it to the pulling teeth approach that is currently haunting me. J

What can we expect from Eleni Konstantine in the future?

I'll be doing an online course by Cathleen Ross (via RWA) on self-publishing and aim to have one of my Musa titles self published not long after that. 

Who are your favourite authors?

So many fabulous story tellers out there. Those who inspired me initially were Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, Jennifer Roberson, Stephen King, Diana Gabaldon, Barbara Erksine and David and Leigh Eddings. Now I've added JK Rowling, JR Ward, Rachel Vincent, Jennifer Crusie, Nalini Singh, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman, JD Robb, and many more including Australian writers - Anne Gracie, Nikki Logan, Barbara Hannay, Marion Lennox, Anna Campbell.

And let's not forget our own DarkSiders - Keri Arthur, Denise Rossetti, Erica Hayes, Shona Husk, Christina Phillips, Maree Anderson, Anna Hackett, Mel Teshco, Rebekah Turner, Peta Crake, Kylie Griffin, Kylie Scott, Janni Nell, Lilliana Rose, Cathleen Ross to name just a few…

I have many more people to discover. It's a hard job but someone has to do it. J

What are you currently reading?

Darkness Rising - book 2 in Keri Arthur's Dark Angels series (dark urban fantasy)

Misted Cliffs - book 2 in the Lost Continent series by Catherine Asaro (fantasy)

Welcome to the Jungle - graphic novel prequel to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series (urban fantasy)

I'm listening to - The Spider Goddess - book 2 in the Pandora English series by Tara Moss

I DO read a lot of series. J

Do you have a favourite spec fiction movie or TV series?

Anything by Joss Whedon. He's done wonders with The Avengers. And going on the super-hero theme, I'm loving The Flash and Arrow ATM. Other shows include Grimm, Dark Matter and Killjoys

Do you have advice for emerging writers? 

Don't compare your journey to anyone else's. Your journey is your own and it will happen at its own pace. Don't be discouraged.


Thanks, Eleni!

Enchanted is a fantasy short story

Katharine’s life has become static. She has no friends and her workaholic husband hardly notices her. 

Enchantment and fascination comes in the form of a mysterious painting.

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About the Author

Eleni Konstantine is Fantasy and Paranormal fiction writer, with a number of shorts published. As a child, her mother gifted her with many books, including illustrated fairytales, and she was hit by the writing bug. That and a love of Greek mythology, and Eleni was destined to become a writer.

Eleni lives in Adelaide, Australia, with her family and feisty American Staffy.

You can find Eleni at her Website / Eleni's Taverna Blog / Eleni's Library Blog


  1. Greatly enjoyed this interview, Eleni. I grew up on fairy tales and Greek myths too! Good luck with finishing Irini's story.

    1. Hi, Marilyn. I am sure you have the fond memories of those fairy tales and myths as I do. Thanks for the good wishes and for popping by. E x

  2. Best wishes for the self-pubbing Eleni!
    And I'm still waiting for that sequel to Snoop. Loved that voice!

    1. Thanks so much, Janni for the well wishes and for Snoop. It's made my day! Thanks for popping in.


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