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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Magic Thursday with THE SORCERER'S SPELL by Dani Kristoff Why Sex & Magic?

When writing The Sorcerer’s Spell, I found it was natural to combine sex and magic. Both seemed quite taboo growing up and now as an adult, I’m free to explore both in fiction. When the idea came for the opening of the book, it seemed to me that one is the most vulnerable when dreaming of sex with someone you’ve lost. Sex can be an intimate connection that is beyond just flesh, so what better way to get a hook into someone than to use the energy that desire creates when they are asleep, or dreaming, or even masturbating.

My heroine Annwyn is just an everyday woman, except that she dreams of having sex with her dead husband a lot. Enter wicked sorceress, Nira, and Annwyn’s life changes forever. She is released from her old life, free to have sex, albeit in another’s body. That’s an entirely scary proposition, right? Yes, and liberating too. It’s like having a chance to start over and to explore what might have been.

Combine one hunk of a sorcerer in Dane, and a binding curse that rids Annwyn of her inhibitions and she’s set to have some serious fun. Add to that mix some serious danger to Dane. If he can’t get rid of his curse, he’s going to be a werewolf forever, and not just your normal regular everyday werewolf, but one that has no sense of self. A rather a sad proposition if you ask me.

There are compensations too, like a really good friend in Rolf, the dreamy werewolf. But I don’t want to spoil things. I’m just letting you know that sex and magic mix very, very well.


A sexy, body-switching urban fantasy. Annwyn goes to bed dreaming of making love with her dead husband and wakes up in the body of another woman, a woman who is having hot sex with Dane, a powerful sorcerer. Her body has been stolen by Nira, a sorceress, who feeds her magical power through sex, the kinkier the better. The curse she laid on Dane turns him into a werewolf every full moon. To complicate matters Dane's werewolf friend Rolf, succumbs to Nira when she temporarily repossess her body, causing jealously and confusion. Time is running out, as soon Dane will be a werewolf forever unless he can break the curse. Rafael from the Collegium of Sorcerers is the only one Dane trusts to help them, but when a wider conspiracy is revealed, it's up to Annwyn and her developing magical powers to save Dane before it's too late. But can she seduce an unwilling werewolf to lure the sorceress into a final confrontation?

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