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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Enchanted Orb with Eleni Konstantine

Good Morning, DarkSiders!

The wonderful Eleni is here to share her inspiration today - Take it away, Eleni!


This means you all know I get inspiration from reading, watching TV and movies, love cover art - and art in general. So, I’m not going to talk about those here.

What else inspires me? Many things. I’ve always looked at things and wondered about them and their stories.

Today, I’m going to talk about the beauty of the world, which is truly inspiring. I remember as a young girl in primary school, looking up at the fluffy clouds and imagining a realm up there and people bouncing along the top.  

Mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, even man-made buildings can all inspire such dream-like thoughts and stories. All with their own beauty. All contributing to our amazing landscape.

The one place that I find more inspiring than others is - water. I LOVE looking out onto a body of water (oceans, rivers, ponds, waterfalls). I don’t live too far from the beach and even going for a drive along the coast, or taking a moment to stop and look out to the ocean is truly moving. 

The ocean shows the vastness of our world, and instead of making me feel small, makes me feel as if I’m a part of a bigger picture. I love the feeling of the cool breeze teasing my hair, love smelling the salty air, and watching the waves lap onto the shore. When it’s hot and I go into the ocean, I relish the water against my skin as I float and look up at the remarkable sky. 

I have a dream of one day owning a place along the beach front.
It’s no wonder that I have been known to take a notebook, book, or laptop to the beach and work or read. (Though I haven’t done this in a little while :-(

While the stories may not contain the ocean and it’s majesty, they are sure inspired by it.
I do like taking some photos on my phone and have even used one in a graphic design assignment from TAFE. See beach = inspiration!


  1. I have always wanted to live near the beach.The sound of the waves are so relaxing.I recently rode on The Great Ocean Road and wondered about all the stories of people who had come ashore or wrecked. It was beautiful and breathtaking but also quite intimidating in its grandeur.

    1. eeek, i thought I had answered this but didn't look like it worked out. I haven't yet been on The Great Ocean Road. I'm hoping to do the drive on day and enjoy the beauty of the coast. Would have been gorgeous.

  2. I do live by the beach, and I love it! The ocean is amazing. Just this morning, my husband and I took down our morning cups of tea and drank them on the sand, looking at the flat, calm water. It was gorgeous - and yes, inspiring too.

    1. like i said to Maggie, I thought I'd answered these blog comments. I'm so green with envy that you live by the beach. How wonderful to be able to enjoy the morning (being in WA you are like us in Adelaide who have the sun set at the sea, so the mornings would be glorious).