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Friday 19 April 2013

What We Are Reading

This month we have Kylie Scott, Colleen Simpson and Nicole Hurley-Moore sharing what they've been reading.

Kylie Scott

Addicted by Charlotte Stein
The torrid tale of a mild mannered librarian whose attempt at writing erotic romance needs a healthy dose of reality. Kit goes off to a sexual healing class and there meets Dillon, dreamy hunk and sex addict. I love Charlotte Stein. I honestly laughed so hard I cried several times with this book. It was brutally honest about our heroine's insecurities in the most wonderful way. You couldn't help but relate to her. Charlotte writes wonderful smexy times books in first person point of view and if you haven't tried her then please, for the love of good quality smut everywhere, give her a go. Addicted was fabulous. Can't wait for her next book.

Colleen Simpson

A Victory Celebration by Greta Van Der Rol
This short story of science fiction romance fills in a little more of the relationship between Ravindra and Morgan, the two main characters in Morgan's Choice, and Morgan's Return. Fast moving, it uses an unscheduled girl's night out to weave a tale love, conflict and reconciliation in a post-war time of celebration and intrigue. I enjoyed it, I now own it, and I want more from this author.

Nicole Hurley-Moore

Life as a Victorian Lady by Pamela Horn.
This is a little book and part of a series I think. It gives you a little glimpse into their world. It covers quite a lot but it is only 89 pages long – so if you are looking for in depth detail you may need to look elsewhere. Its chapters include – Growing Up, Etiquette & the Social Round, Mistress of the Household, The Role of Lady Bountiful and Pleasure & Pastimes.

Life in the Victorian Country House by Pamela Horn.
Well worth reading and has lovely illustrations and photos. It gives you a sense of the time and the cosseted world of the country house.

Happy reading

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