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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Bite Of...Betrayed

It is with great pleasure this fortnight, that I introduce to you Christina Phillips, with A Bite of... her book Betrayed.

Can you, in less than five words describe your book BETRAYED?
 Enslaved heroine, conflicted hero, manipulative gods

      What inspired you to write it?
While I was writing CAPTIVE, book #2 of my fantasy historical romance series, I didn’t have a clue if there would be a third book. Towards the end of CAPTIVE an acolyte of the Moon Goddess Arianrhod walked onto the page and I was immediately intrigued by her. The last we saw of her in CAPTIVE was when she ran off to do the bidding of the Briton king, Caratacus, and I was itching to find out what happened to her. Did she complete her mission? Did she evade capture from the Roman Legions? I couldn’t wait to find out her story. As it happened, it took me a lot longer to find out how Nimue finally reached her Happily-Ever-After than I imagined!

And here's the excerpt (from the beginning of chapter 3)...

Nimue was back in the forest of her childhood, in the sacred oak grove, watching her mother give sacrifice to the most powerful Goddess of them all.
               She looked up into the night sky. The full moon, as bright as if it was illuminated by a thousand candles, dominated her vision and awe filled her soul at the breathtaking beauty.
               Arianrhod, let her be worthy.
               Her mother beckoned her to join her in the center of the glade where all the women of their clan waited. Heart pounding with a combination of fear and pride, Nimue obeyed. Instantly the other women encircled her and removed her gown until she was as naked as them.
               They raised their arms, chanted the ancient rites to their foremothers and gave thanks for the Goddess’s blessing upon Nimue.
               Today, her first moon-time had occurred. A great blessing indeed, to take the first step on the path of womanhood when the full moon glowed in a cloudless sky. A sign that Nimue had, without doubt, been accepted and chosen by the Goddess she adored.
               This was the happiest day of her life. The proudest moment she had yet experienced. But something—something was wrong. Something had happened that had taken this moment and shattered it, destroyed it, tarnished its beauty and wonder forevermore.
               Something that had changed the course of her life and twisted the future she had always believed her birthright. Just as surely as her destined path had been irrevocably altered today.
               Jagged pain lanced through her body and the sacred grove shimmered, as if it had been plunged into a bottomless pool of glimmering water. She struggled for air, clawing through the grasping tendrils of fog that wrapped around her. For one tangled moment she thought she saw a tough warrior above her, his hypnotic eyes gazing at her intently, trying to infuse her with additional strength.
               Without knowing why she tried to reach for him but her limbs were heavy and uncoordinated. Desperately she thrashed her head from side to side, trying to escape from unseen restraints. Then, from the dark corners in her mind, a shadow walked unerringly toward her. And then it was no longer a shadow as from nowhere a shaft of sunlight surrounded the figure. Disbelief speared through her as, without knowing how she knew, she recognized him as one of the most powerful gods of her people.
               Gwydion, warrior magician, in all his youthful glory, smiled down at her. Terror froze her to the spot, but the god did not appear to mind her lack of reverence.
               What did Gwydion want with her? She had always given him due reverence when she worshipped the gods of Annwyn on their sacred days. But he had never shown her any preference before. She had never experienced any special affinity with him, the Greatest of the Enchanters. To her knowledge, Gwydion had never bestowed his benevolence to a female Druid nor taken one as his blessed acolyte. That he had appeared to her now was utterly terrifying.
               “Nimue, acolyte of my sister goddess Arianrhod, you are truly a chosen one.” His voice echoed in her mind, vibrating with power. She fell to her knees, holding her head, fearful her mind might collapse under the unwanted invasion. “The High Druid Aeron comes to you. Return what you have taken.
Nimue forced her eyes open and peered up at the magnificent, glowing god. He extended his hand toward her, uncurled his fingers and showed her what he held.
               Mesmerized, she stared at his palm. He held the shard of sacred bluestone she had taken from the magical enclave.

Thank you for sharing Christina!

If you want to find out more about Christina Phillips and her awesome books, check out these links;

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