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Wednesday 27 February 2013

A Bite Of...Dark Secrets

      This fortnight, it is my pleasure to introduce the amazing Shona Husk, with an excerpt of her book Dark Secrets.

     Can you, in less than five words describe your book/story Dark Secrets? 
     Weird west, male prostitute, redemption 
     What inspired you to write it?
I really like this world (same world as Dark Vow) and I have a lot of fun in the western style setting with magic and a few other tweaks. Haidyn, the hero, has made some big mistakes in his past and he hides a secret that could get him killed. He has magic but he doesn’t work for the Arcane Union. He is Rogue (which means he’ll hang if caught). Writing about a fallen hero who runs and works in a Lust House was a tempting challenge. Finding the perfect heroine was easy—a woman from his past, the only woman he’s ever loved. Of course I put her in the arms of his enemy.

And here's the snippet!

Then I saw her, gold hair pinned up and glinting in the sun the way it always had. Back then she’d worn it loose or in one long braid. She was dressed in pale blue and white, and until then I’d never hated white so much. It was his claim on her and a reminder that he was spending his nights with Anisa.

I should’ve turned away.

She was his, not mine. Not anymore. But I couldn’t get the memory of his thoughts out of my head—or his words.

I walked closer, feigning interest in ribbons and lace as I studied her. Her face had lost the childish curves and had gained the sculpted look of a woman. Wide cheekbones and lush lips that I remembered kissing far too well. Seeing her, I needed her the same way I always had. I craved her touch. My blood heated as a desire that was all mine crept through my body.

Back then, that hadn’t been enough for me. I’d wanted more.

But where her mouth had once been ready with a smile, now there was tension. Her blue eyes held a concern that had been lacking when she’d been in my arms. We’d been so young.

Without a care.

I’d broken it all.

She lifted a stick of cinnabark and sniffed. As she did her gaze caught mine. What did she see? Not the boy filled with pride and sure of his place. A man in clothes that spoke of too much coin, a dandy? The whore master of the Red Lust House? Or did she see me, Haidyn?

For a moment neither of us moved. Her hand jerked and her eyes widened, and in that moment I knew she recognized me. Not because I could sense her thoughts. My mind was silent. Around Anisa my magic had always been unrequired and I’d never tried to sneak into her mind. She’d made me promise never to look inside. It was the one promise I’d made to her that I’d kept.

Then she looked away and spoke to the spice merchant. So that was it. I released the breath I’d been holding, not wanting to break the moment. Somehow I’d expected more. My boots remained still as if nailed to the cobbles. Six years on, and she still had the power to stop my world. Only this time I knew the value of that gift.

She paid for the spice and glided closer as if she were interested in buying ribbons.

Suddenly so was I.

Thank you so much for sharing Shona :)

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  1. I loved reading Dark Secrets. It was a great novella and now I really need to get a copy of Dark Vow to read.


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