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Friday, 7 December 2012

Real Life Paranormal

With J.L Addicoat
This happened in 1991/2. I was working as a Security Guard for a well known firm at the time. The buildings are in Spencer St. Melbourne.

Shortly after starting my job as Relief Guard, I was sent to a building for a night shift. I had already been through the onsite training and this was my second night going solo. There was another Guard on site. Patrols were staggered, and it was my turn to do the patrol of the floors.

            One particular floor had the hair rising on the back of my neck. I knew something was there, but not what. As I made my way through the floors and up the steps, the familiar feeling began. I walked through the door and saw a woman sitting at her desk. She looked up and nodded at me, as if to say hello, as I walked past.

            I don’t know what made me look around as I neared the rear door, but I did. My gaze was upon the door I had walked through to gain entry to the floor. As I watched, a well dressed young man, complete with top hat, materialized through the closed door, and walked toward the woman sitting at her desk. I called out, warning her she was about to feel extremely cold. She didn’t even look up.

            The gentleman turned toward me, tipped his hat, then turned again, walked through the woman and disappeared through the opposite wall. The woman hadn’t moved and continued reading documents at her desk.

            Leaving the floor, I completed my patrol and returned to the security room. I made myself a mug of coffee and sat down, stunned with what I had seen. The other guard asked me what had happened. I told him I had seen a ghost, walk through the door and out through the wall. He laughed.

            Yes, they all knew about the ghost but no one had seen her he told me. I assured him the ghost I saw wasn’t a woman, it was most definitely a man, wearing top hat and tails. He shook his head. The ghost he had been told about was a young woman who sat at a desk, always reading documents.

I sat back in disbelief. I hadn’t seen just one ghost that night, I’d seen two.
Jenny Addicoat writes as. J.L. Addicoat.

Living in a small country town, Jenny shares her home with her partner (Hubby) Kevin and two very spoilt felines.

She enjoys reading, writing of course, and gardening.