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Thursday 13 December 2012

Magic Thursday: Demons

by C.T. Green

Yes, we’ve probably had a Magic Thursday post on these bad boys – but I’m hoping for a different angle on these bad boys.

So, when you think ‘demons’ you tend to think of this… 

public domain image

Whereas, when I’m talking demons I’m thinkin’ something like this… 

Sourced from Dreamstime

Yes indeedy – I have a smutty mind. Okay, now onto serious stuff.

As understood by many people, Demons are supernatural malevolent beings, which feature heavily in religion, occultism, literature, folklore…Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Interestingly the original Classical Greek work daimon does not carry the same negative connotations as the more modern derivation of the word demon and can be understood to denote a spirit or divine power – a source of inspiration if you will (according to Socrates).

The religions of the Ancient Near East and ancient and medieval Christianity viewed demons as unclean spirits, evil angels and the cause of demonic possession. This usually called for an exorcism and possibly a sick bag. Have you seen the amount of puke that girl produces in The Exorcist?!

In occultism the demon is viewed as a spiritual entity that can be conjured and then controlled by the person who did the calling up. Great for those times when you want to get rid of unwanted guests or entertain the kids.
Demons are great fun to play with in world building as they come in so many shapes and sizes and can exist in water, air, earth and fire. There’s a massive amount written about them from various cultures. They are the all-purpose supernatural creature. You can even anthropomorphosis them. 

My favourite demons are Kresley Cole’s Rydestrom and his brother Cade – they’re great examples that demons don’t have to be bad…just slightly wicked.

So there is a snippet of demonology for Magic Thursday. I’ll leave you with the musings of psychologist Wilhelm Wundt who commented that, “among the activities attributed by myths all over the world to demons, the harmful predominate, so that in popular belief bad demons are clearly older than good ones.” 

Come on, Wil – you know it’s just that everyone loves a bad boy. Should you like a copy of Dream Lover – my short erotic story (no demons alas), please comment with the demon that’s most taken your fancy in film, TV or book.


  1. I like to think of demons as sexy *and* evil. No reason they can't be both! And it's traditional, what with lust being a sin and all.

    I already have DREAM LOVER :) but one of my favourite demons is Crowley from the tv show Supernatural. He's kind of a middle management guy -- at least to start with! -- and he will happily screw anyone over if there's something in it for him.

    And, a special vote for Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser. He's just eeevil!

    1. Hey Erica, gotta love a demon with ambition - only a fallen angel with ambition is worse IMHO.

  2. OMG, I love Rydstrom too!! :)) Great post!

    1. Nicola, a fellow IAD fan - always welcome! It’s a toss-up between Rydstrom and Cade for me, though I’m not sure anyone can beat Lothaire.

  3. Cole from the TV show Charmed! Haha. He tried so hard to be a better man for Phoebe, but things kept working against him.

    1. Yes Jaime - it was hard to keep up with good Cole vs bad Cole - shame he couldn’t be just a little bit bad... ; )

  4. He really didn't take my fancy but more that I love the character - the fun loving demon, Lorne, from Angel. He could sing and make me laugh.

    As Erica pointed out, Crowley is a great one too.

    1. Eleni - thank you! I was trying to remember Lorne’s name - he is one of my fave TV demons.

  5. Great post, C.T. Love your sense of humour. Does Hellboy count as a demon? :)

  6. Of course Red’s allowed Sandy : )

  7. I loved Lorne from Angel too.
    Giguhl from Jaye Wells Sabina Kane series was hilarious and so snarky.Loved him.

  8. I love Algaliarept from Kim Harrison´s the Hollows. *rawr*

    best wishes, Linda


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