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Wednesday 19 December 2012

A Bite Of... Dream Lover

This evening, better late than never (you can spank me later), I'm super happy to present C. T. Green with her novel Dream Lover.

Can you, in less than five words describe your story Dream Lover?
Sexy, Secrets, Bunyips, Summer, Love.

What inspired you to write it?
I had a glorious early morning experience while camping with my husband and children and I drew on the imagery of my surroundings and being with those I love best to write a love story that can overcome obstacles, including secrets that could change the way these lovers view each other.

And without waiting a single second longer, here's the snippet! 

Can I sleep with you? Am I sleeping with you? Will you let me sleep with you? Christ, there was no good way to ask without it sounding sexual. Perhaps I should just knock him over the head with my natural charm and be done with it.
Maybe Reece wouldn’t be willing to share the shelter with her, so it’d be a moot point. Besides, the way he made her skin tingle, being in such a confined space with him might not be the best idea.
Reece took the sleeping bag from her and spread it out next to his in the tent. Swatting at a mosquito intent on draining her dry, she decided it might not be such a good idea to remain out in the open.
“It’s too wet for a fire,” Reece said, “but I’ve got some dried fruit and nuts and a couple of other things.” Darkness had fallen and he stood in the glow of the battery-powered lantern he’d set up.
God, what’s he going for, some bushcraft award? 
She forced her gaze away from the full curve of his lower lip, shadowed cheekbones and the long dusky sweep of his lashes. “I … I’ve got a couple of chocolate bars and some dried beef strips.”
But I could be more than satisfied just licking your sexy, tanned skin. Cate shook her head. Where the hell did that thought come from? My inner tigress?
He nodded and turned away, sitting on the dry grass growing on the floor of the boulder cave, and after a moment she joined him. They shared the food from their packs, eating in silence.
Okay, mouth not occupied with chewing. Say something, anything. She shivered as his arm brushed hers and goose pimples popped up.
Her nipples tightened and she could feel herself getting wet. Her body’s reaction to him was so over the top. How could the simplest touch create such a powerful response?
Well...if you want to read more of C.T. Green's work...and who wouldn't? Here are the buy links and her web-hangouts!

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Have a lovely evening :)


  1. Sounds fascinating C.T. I seriously can't wait to read it. :D Sorry for the late post too. My bad. :S

    1. That’s okay Nicola - will send someone hot and sexy to spank you. *vbg*

  2. Hey, C.T., Damn I love your sense of humour. Cate is such a spunky heroine and Reece...well, Reece is everything a dream lover should be. :)

    1. It took him a while, but he came through in the end! (Didn’t need a bucket of water for him ; ) he was a gentleman).

  3. I loved this story CT and your witty heroine.


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