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Friday, 16 November 2012

What We Are Reading

 Welcome to the November What We Are Reading column. Today, we have Mel Teshco and Jenny Schwartz.
Mel Teshco
Time Thief by Anna Hackett:

I bought this e-book (novella) after reading the excerpt on Anna's blog and thinking what a great start to the story it was. It only got better. The heronine, Bay North, is a tormented soul after watching her family murdered by a drug lord wanting to gain the 'gift' she now uses to make him pay. But when he sends Sean Archer, a bitter ex-navy seal to kill the time thief--one of the same 'gifted' people who murdered his team--she makes him realize the drug lord was the one behind the murder of his team and they join forces to exact revenge. Lots of action and a bit of down and dirty - great read.

Sin's Dark Caress by Tracey O'hara:

This is the 3rd installment of Tracey's Dark Brethren series, and possibly my favourite. The hero isn't your normal hero (love that) and the dragon is a cool addition.

Bianca Sin is a witch who'll never reach her full potential powers -- that is until a dragon egg hatches and becomes her familiar. She'll need all the power she can get to fight the sudden wave of brutal murders sweeping the city, a dark magic that sees homeless girls impregnated then ripped apart. Assigned to work with surly, drug addicted homicide detective Lancelot MacManus doesn't make her job any easier. But against all odds they make a great team and track down the evil Dark Brethren, confronting the chilling menace none would dare face.
Jenny Schwartz
I'm currently reading Dodger by Terry Pratchett . Terry Pratchett is my author hero.

I finished Gather the Bones by Alison Stuart a few days ago. It is a fantastic post-WWI novel with a paranormal element. Just lovely.

And Peta Crake has set her debut paranormal romance (with all the fun and attitude of chick lit) in my hometown, with lots of gods and goddesses dropping in. Harbinger promises a great new series.

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