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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Bite of...Magical Redemption

Today for our fortnightly 'A bite of' segment I'm introducing myself -  Nicola E. Sheridan with my book Magical Redemption, which as a happy coincidence is being released today!

How would I describe my book in five words?
Quirky genies, sexy demons, different.

What inspired me to write it?
Magical Redemption is the third in a series about Genies.
I was inspired by my sub-character Lucian from my previous release Magical Creations. Lucian was rather mean, but tried to redeem himself in the last book and so I thought I'll give him his redemption in his own book - though he really has a lot of work to do!
I also was desperate to write about some of the random mythological creatures I've come across in my research, particularly the Malaysian mythological beasts like the pelesit (evil grasshopper!), chupacabras, Hellcats, Nagas and Bomohs. I write for fun and interest, and this book typifies that.

And here's the snippet!

Lucian was in a world of pain. How long had he been hanging there? He didn’t know. The icy, London air sliced around his barely clad body with the precision of a surgical blade. He shivered.

From his invisible cell, he could see and smell people eating at a cafe. A few brave-hearted souls ate in the icy alfresco, huddling around their hot cappuccinos, oblivious to the tortured man hanging invisibly a few meters above them. Lucian’s stomach screamed with hunger.

“Hester. Fess,” he groaned, hoping against hope they would return. “Come!”
Lucian closed his eyes then sunk his chin down onto his chest. He bit his lip to stem the agony. His hands strapped high above his head were dead from lack of blood. For the millionth time, he cursed himself for his foolishness―he should never have betrayed the Family.
After several excruciating hours, Lucian reopened his eyes as he heard a soft padding on the cell floor. Bleary-eyed but relieved, he registered the forms of Hester and Fess.
“You came back,” he croaked.
The two Hellcats stared implacably at their master. Their coats, more flame than fur, flickered in the growing dark as they stepped closer. The odor of burning toast filled the magical cell.
“Did you bring anything?” Lucian gasped at the ripple of agony smashing down his spine as he raised his head.
Hester, the female Hellcat, dropped a bottle of water on the invisible cell floor. Lucian looked down in pain. He saw the heads of pedestrians walking beneath him. He looked at the bottle as it
rolled uselessly on the transparent floor.
“Hester, I can’t drink that. My arms are trapped.” He groaned and wrestled for a brief moment with the magical constraints that hung him. The Hellcat snarled and bared ebony teeth. She looked annoyed. “Fess?” Lucian asked. The second Hellcat stalked up behind his mate with a dead pigeon in his mouth. Its neck was broken, and a tiny but swollen tongue protruded from its parted beak. A low moan slipped unbidden from Lucian’s mouth. “How am I supposed to eat or drink this?”
The Hellcats’ red eyes reflected nothing but irritation. Previously, they had tried tugging Lucian down but had only succeeded in tearing the muscles in his arms and destroying the hems of his trousers.  Some part of Lucian wanted to be thankful for their efforts to bring him food and water, but the other part was furious at their inability to help.
Lucian’s throat burned with thirst. He caught sight of the bottle of water, again. This was torture upon torture.
“I’m going to fucking die here,” he cried.

If you like the sound of Magical Redemption, it will be available at all good booksellers sometime today.
In the meantime feel free to check out my other Genie books; Magical Gains here, and Magical Creations here
You can find me at my website: www.nicolasheridan.com , follow my rivetting tweets on Twitter @NicolaESheridanand catch up with me on Facebook.
Additionally I blog regularly about myths and mythology over at my blog; www.magicalgains.blogspot.com
Have an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Oh wow! What a predicament. But slyly funny to read the hellcats' helpfulness. Cats will be cats...I could just see them lashing fiery tails.

    Happy release day, Nicola!

  2. Thanks! This one has been a rollercoaster! I love cats, I don't know why, because mine cause me untold grief... but the Hellcats are are definitely fun to write.

  3. Congrats on your release day, Nicola! The Hellcats made me giggle too. I's such a sucker for kitties :-)

  4. LOL. I know... Thank you Christina :)

  5. Hi Nicola, I want to read the excerpt but want to read book 2 first. No spoilers for me!

  6. LOL, Eleni, no worries. If your TBR pile is anything like mine... it'll be a while! :) Magical Creations (book 2) remains my favourite in the series.