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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Magic Thursday: DarkSider Reading Challenge

Welcome back to the Magic Thursday posts.

Life has been incredibly busy for me in the last year or so for various reasons, and the one thing that has suffered has been my reading. Now, that conference is over, I'd like to read more and in particular works by my DarkSider buddies here.

Which brings me to the year long challenge that I'm hosting on my Library blog.

Yep, if you have missed out on this in our weekly overview posts, you still have a chance to join.

There are three levels.

Lighter Side challenge - 6 books
DarkSider challenge - 12 books
Down Under challenge - 24 books

I've reached the Lighter Side challenge and am now going for the DarkSider Challenge.

Books = anything that has an ISBN, so that can also include short stories or novellas. Which if you like me, you are now reading more of because of the time factor. 

My page for this is here.

Here is what I have read so far:

And each month, I do a round up post and people can comment how they are going. It's actually lonely over there, but I haven't been consistent. Help keep me on track by joining. 

So, how about it. Do you want to join in?

Go to the page and place a comment there....

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