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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Allow me to introduce to you, Kylie Griffin in our fortnightly "A Bite Of..." with her novel VENGEANCE BORN.

1. Can you, in less than five words describe your book, VENGEANCE BORN?

An intriguing fantasy romance.

2. What inspired you to write it?

The inspiration was the heroine, Annika. She first “appeared” to me exactly as readers discover her in the opening scene of the book - descending into father’s dungeon about to meet a human Light Blade warrior for the first time, about to begin her escape and achieve her goal of beginning a new life.

I played a game of ‘what if…’ to learn more about her. It seems a strange thing to say that I had fun considering the possibilities of a crossbreed child born as the result of a rape. But the idea of a bastard child bred for revenge against an old enemy gave me a huge range of character traits and plot lines to play with.

How would the environment influence her development? Could any one person or influence balance her horrendous upbringing? How could they or it affect her? Which traits would dominate?

I decided that Annika would have strength and courage backed by a determination to free herself – there would be no waiting around for someone to save her (I love a strong heroine) – but, because of her upbringing, she’d also harbor a flawed sense of worth and need for acceptance.

And so, VENGENACE BORN came into being…*grin*

And without further ado...here's the snippet!

“You drink blood, just like the Na’Reish?”

Annika flinched at the hatred in Kalan’s voice. His emerald-colored gaze narrowed and his hand flexed. He’d have drawn a weapon had it been sheathed at his waist. The distance between them across the clearing seemed far too small. She tensed, preparing to flee if he lunged at her.

“No, not just like the Na’Reish.” She hated how her voice wavered. “I eat food just like you, but I need blood, too. I won’t survive if I don’t drink it.” Disgust flashed across his face. “Do you think I like it? I’d stop if I could. I’ve tried, believe me.”

The face of a human boy rose like a specter in her mind, his mouth stretched wide in a silent scream. He’d had such vivid blue eyes, like the color of the sky on a sunny winter morning. Shuddering, she wrapped her arms around her waist.

“I haven’t drunk human blood since I was a child.”

She blinked and the image changed. The same beautiful eyes, no longer so vivid but glassy in death, his skin pale and waxy, one cheek smeared with a rivulet of blood. Saliva flooded her mouth.

Annika swallowed hard and shoved the memory back into the darkness where it belonged. Twice she cleared her throat before she was able to speak. “The Na’Reish took great pleasure in locking me in a room with a human to watch me feed when hunger overwhelmed me. They thought it . . . amusing.”

Disbelief and revulsion warred in the expression on Kalan’s face. The hot rush of familiar embarrassment streaked through her.

“You promised to listen with an open mind.” With her heart pounding in her chest, it took every shred of strength she had to stand and face him instead of running away. “Do you think I liked what they did to me? They turned me into an animal. I hated them for it and I hated myself for letting them do that to me.”

Unable to remember a time when she hadn’t had to justify her own existence, she avoided his gaze, too raw from the memories to let him see her humiliation, and laughed bitterly. “Their little game cured me for life. I swore never to drink human blood again. I abhor the practice.”

“You don’t look like you’re starving.”

His reply cut like a whip. Her temper flared. “That’s because I drink animal blood.” She’d been mocked for that, too. In the world of the Na’Reish, she was despised for drinking animal blood instead of human blood and the humans despised her for having to drink any blood at all. “I wouldn’t take your vein, human, even if I were dying.”

“You’re part-demon.” His tone was flat, unconvinced.

“So, you’re saying that the nature of the beast can’t be controlled?”

“You weren’t able to stop yourself from attacking and feeding on a human.”

“I was a child!” Her cheeks warmed even as she ordered herself not to react, not to show pain, or shame, or anger.

All the taunting, the name calling and beatings paled to the horror and loathing she’d felt once she’d come down from her blood-high and discovered the lifeless body of the blue-eyed boy lying on the ground next to her, his throat shredded and torn out. With her tears mingling with the blood smeared around her mouth, she’d vowed never to drink human blood again, to die before letting herself become the animal she’d shown herself to be.

Her body trembled. How many times had she relived that savage attack? Too many, and not enough. Never enough to atone for her weakness.

“You can stay here if you want”—she forced the words past stiff lips—“but being caught by a Patrol is a certainty if you do.”

Without waiting for a response, she turned on her heel and strode into the forest. Being born a half-blood wasn’t her fault. Her throat tightened. Would she ever find a place in this world where she felt at peace? Where no one judged her for who or what she was?

Moonlight filtered through the thick canopy but even without it she’d have been able to find her way. Enhanced sight, inherited from her demon father. Yet another reason for Kalan to condemn and reject her.

Why was she letting his attitude affect her so much? Both human and Na’Reish despised her. She’d suffered their hatred and disgust all her life. Why had she expected this human to be different?

She blinked back tears. Perhaps because she had healed and then saved him. What did she have to do to make anyone value her beyond what her gifts could provide them?

And if that excerpt has left you gagging for more - here's where you can find Kylie and her books...

Website: http://www.kyliegriffin.com

Blog: www.kyliegriffinromance.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kylie-Griffin-paranormal-romance/152760788151938

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/KylieGriffin1

GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4882841.Kylie_Griffin

Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/Kylie_Griffin-author

Penguin – http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9780425245361/vengeance-born

Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com/Vengeance-Born-Novel-Light-Blade/dp/0425245365/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1324458243&sr=1-1

The Book Depository – http://www.bookdepository.com/Vengeance-Born-Kylie-Griffin/9780425245361

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/vengeance-born-kylie-griffin/1102496659

Fishpond – http://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Vengeance-Born-Kylie-Griffin/9780425245361?cf=3&rid=335575780&i=1&keywords=vengeance+born

Books-a-Million – http://www.booksamillion.com/p/Vengeance-Born/Kylie-Griffin/9780425245361?id=5244581890012#publishers-weekly%C2%AE%20reviews

Indie Bound – http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780425245361

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